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I love you beyond the life I lead
beyond daydreams I had as a child
beyond this cage of bone
and the words I pray
I love you beyond

Beyond the earth which houses my body
Beyond the demons of desperation
Beyond belief and believing
beyond the sands of time
I love you beyond

Beyond hands which desire your touch
Beyond the music which sings out
Beyond my eyes which gaze
beyond all my doubts
I love you beyond

In the blackest hope I will find you
and I grasp your hand
Sit with you and make you understand
I love you beyond.
Soo here we are
I’ve opened my eyes to see you
Waiting at the bottom for me
I didn’t get here on my own
Really I didn’t have much of a choice
And I chose not to choose
Tell me what was your selection?
You said you understand me
But, we came here together
Where has that time lead us?
Whispers into darkness
Asking where, how, when, and why
I did, or I didn't do on the way here
Everything goes silent
Read Sink or Swim before you read this. The sequel. Part 3 in the works.. like share comment!
In nature things move slow
Things happen slow
In slow is serenity
In slow is clarity
In slow is durability
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I understand
Slowly slowly I think
Slowly slowly I write
Slowly slowly I work
Slowly slowly l couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Deeper roots, broader  spread
Little recognition
I could get
They planted me
Where there was erosion
Stopping landslides and further damage
Many grew so fast like a vine
To great heights they could twine
They bore fruits for their growers
Who protected them
From hail and storm
I couldn't fulfill their norms
Slow and steady doesn't win
Just remains free from sin
Faster the speed of throw
The higher it goes
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Pruning often they did
Making the shrub
Pleasing to their eyes
Fit and fine in public eyes
I am slow at everything
I care a hang for them
Slowly slowly I understand, think, work or write
I feel quite satisfied!
Shrubs prevent erosion and landslides. In a corrupt system, competent honest people do exist. They face resistance. They think, act and move carefully and take the time required unlike corrupt ones who want to make fast buck and climb the ladder fast by pleasing the powers that be by adopting shortcuts. Competent honest people grow into shrubs only as they're slow by the standards of the corrupt. But they prevent erosion and landslides in the system.
Raven Feels Jun 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, insult salted the injury--- that was a bad day<

maybe wounds are sold
do you mean that insult can't salt injuries to a pathetic fault?
warn the poor never the guilt as it
wish the idiotic I put the limit
stepped the humiliation right out
silenced like a charity drought
now lacked it is yet still manageable
killed in the **** core when tangible
warn foolish fingers
an incoming the tremble syndrome
now secrets are whispered blind devils shrink in hinders
a car ride rains a billion on a thinker
watch me tested as God demands
lost in translation for what a paper does
and I simply don't understand
take the gesture I can't for a billion pays you see
made me squirm more like a forsaken sun in 2018

                                                          ­         ------ravenfeels
Zoe Mae May 28
What the eff is up with this site?
Why is it most people on the front page can't write?
Folks just babble on and on...
Or spit out a two line poem
Which is fine if it's a two punch knockout
Instead of sounding like a grammar school dropout
And why do certain things get so many views?
I can't seem to get more than two
Post crap if you want, if that's what people write
But they should give everybody a chance on this site
So I don't write about flowers or blather on about paint
So I don't pretend to be something I ain't
We should all have a voice here, The good and the bad
The silly, the happy, the lost and the sad
So come on hellopetry, give gutter poets a try
If you'd rise just a bit, we could meet eye to eye.
So sick of seeing the homepage full of crap poetry.
Life is a long lesson
Made up of small lessons
Some small lessons are big lessons
Big lessons are lifelong lessons
Learning you hold your heart
Time is quite hard
The earlier you learnt
Lifelong lessons
The better it's
It's my confession
It's easier to learn
Long lesson of life
Life often teaches lessons of shorter durations. But we either don't learn them or forget them easily until something serious happens. Serious happenings give us lifelong lessons which make us understand and appreciate life better. We become careful, attentive and knowledgeable to perceive warning signs with ease in future preventing disastrous consequences. Small lesson here means a lesson over short period. Big lesson means lesson of high degree of importance.
Sunwriter Apr 30
I feel like you
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Difkf jdi kbndh vjnbns uvjfbcu.

That’s what I thought you can’t understand me!
When I talk to some people they just don’t understand how I feel or try and
compare me to other teens.
You can experience God
You can't understand Him
Sermon by the enlightened
You experience heat
You don't understand it
You experience electric shock
You don't understand it
You lose loved one
You have experience of losing
But you don't understand it
You experience true love
You don't understand it
By experience you don't understand
By reason you do
Be enlightened to know it
They've experienced God
They don't understand Him!
Your words are like a bitter juice I can't swallow
Stuck there, Hanging in mid-air
I can't understand it
It rings in my ears again and again
But it makes no sense
My mind is becoming numb from hearing your voice
Like eating something so spicy you can't feel your tongue
Like your fingers on the coldest day of winter
You keep touching them yet it feels like their not yours
Like not feeling a cut
But when I realized it
It was too late
The cut was bleeding out
It felt like you pressed a lemon against it
And rubbed the salt in
Am I going to say what I'm talking about in this poem?
No, because I don't even know what I'm talking about..
Rei Mar 29
You’ll never truly understand what goes on in my mind
The spiraling that goes on inside
Empty and full all at the same time
When I close my eyes
All I hear are cries
Try to tell you but always stop
Climbing this mountain afraid to find what’s at the top

You’ll never understand what goes on in my brain
The voices that make me go insane
Every day  becoming the same
Can’t remember my name
The cycle continues
Never ending

You’ll understand what goes on behind the mask
The fake smile stuck there like a tack
The voices violent songs
Always on the attack
I try to stay strong
Only to prolong
The day where I will see all my wrongs

You’ll never understand what happens behind my words
To read between the lines
To find that “I’m fine”
Was always a lie
That “I’m okay”
Was just to keep you away

You’ll never understand why I do this
Letting myself get consumed by the abyss
But I have realized there is no way
To keep you at bay forever
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