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Joanna 17h
an old tree stands bare
and alone until seasons
start to rearrange

relationships stall
when people ignore parts of
the puzzle of love

Blossoms appear alone
Butterflies roam free
Rainbows dissolve pain

wisdom and light beams
give hope and understanding
to the one who waits

blood is thicker than
water but love blooms where there
is light to just be
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How many are they?
Lights embedded sky, you asked,
Too significant.
Questions remain unanswered,
Yet you'll understand,
The why to your why.
yasmin 7d
in the middle
of the crowd
is where I feel
most alone.

they ask me
about the weather
and I tell them
of my storm.

theres a tornado
in my head,
a wildfire
in my heart.

they look at me
with regret.
i'm an alien
in their eyes.
Perhaps it’s time

I don’t understand

You’re right, and this is where I draw the line

Can you please explain?

I’m tired of this life, tired of the lies

I had no idea you were in pain.

Does anyone, really?
Do they really expect it?
Do they have any idea to expect the worst from me?

No, they don’t.

That’s right, they don’t. I hide it too well.

No, you don’t. I saw. I noticed.

And you were too late. Don’t you see me pulling away?

Are you? I had no idea.

Just let me go now. Let me fade until I’m just a bad memory.
I've been the one to be left so many times. Why can't I find someone who'll stay?
its not your fault
you cant understand
my body speaks a language
your tongue cant pronounce
Esther L. Krenzin
liv bennet Sep 15
All we do is run
away from the monsters
that point their guns
               they shoot.
               they miss.
then blow a kiss,
and walk away like
original poetry written in September of 2018
Many days
Ive been questioned
Why I do things, the way I do
Along with a disappointed gaze

Sometimes it feels
I can't do anything right
Sometimes it feels
No one care for my appeals

Always she is there
She will always understand
One true love is someone
Who understands you, trust me, thats rare
I'm terrified
Of loving you
Wanting you
Giving my heart to you

Losing it
Having it break in two
Believing every word you say
And it mean nothing to you

I'm terrified of it failing
I don't want to give up on you
Give me a reason to believe
Feel safe with you

Take this fear from me
Hold me close
Protect me from outside forces
And give me warmth

I'm terrified of this love
Wanting you
Loving you
Giving myself to you
I'll be terrified

But you'll help me feel safe

Be patient with me
Remind me of your love
Enough to take this fear from me
And forget about it...
sushii Sep 1
Needle into you
Bores holes into my soul
Needle into me
Saves me from tragedy

Torture tools upset you
They frighten me, too
But what can you do?
It happens all too soon

And hope runs away
Far from this place
Poked him, said he was ***
Face meets metal plate

So scream, scream, little girl
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’ve got left
Because you’re next

The blackness gets you
But you don’t understand
Just take my hand
When you’re dead, you’ll be glad

So scream, scream little boy
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’re good for
They don’t need you anymore

Scream away your vocal chords
You ******* *****
Don’t you know you’re the reason he died?
If I could cut you, I would
But I think that’s a crime
Run until your lazy legs stop
You pathetic *****
Run, before I bleed you
Run, before I realize

How much I need you

For you don’t exist

Because this poem
Is about me.
Jules M Aug 30
I am overjoyed that you have chosen me.
But I cannot see why.
You love me,
But I cannot see why.
All I am doing is bringing you more problems.
Laying my stresses on you,
Looking like a ******* mess.
I cannot see why a god like you,
Has chosen a peasant like me.
I cannot see why a king like you,
Has chosen a beast like me.
But you have,
And that makes me insane.
You have chosen me,
Who is
You have chosen me,
And that makes my heart weak.
It aches knowing the trials and tribulations you will go through
To hold me up
If you stick this out.
I cannot see why you would choose me,
But I am going to take it while I have it,
As I would be happy to spend my life with you.
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