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You ask me
what's wrong
but I know that you
just don't care.
It won't make a difference
in your life
if I tell you how I feel.
It won't change you
and it won't make me heal.
But I'll tell you
what's wrong.
Here it is:
My life is turning upside down.
I no longer smile;
all I do is frown.
I can't seem to get a grip,
and everything around me
is seeming to slip.
No now seems
to want to listen to me
and I feel trapped; not free.
I can't seem to
open my eyes
to see what's really going on.
I want to find a person
who will listen to me
and really understand the way I feel.
I want someone
that I can trust,
someone who will make me feel loved.
It feels a little better now that I've said that...

TD 2d
They held my childhood captive like a directive hand,
Holding me as I escaped,
Escaped a father’s in-your-face anger,
Escaped a mother’s fierceness
Escaped the yelling in the other room,
Ringing like sirens telling me to run off to my dreams,
To escape others emotions.

The stories whispered understanding to me,
Allowing me to relate and understand others,
Showing me not to run from others emotions.

Words allowed me to understand,
Understand mother’s grief-stricken face,
Why she cried through the pain,
Understand my best friends longing to be needed,
Understand father’s aggressiveness,
To understand people in general,
To understand my world and everything around me.

Yet could never understand myself,
Never understood my emotions,
My pains,
Why I am the way that I am.

Little did I know the books tried to help me,
The words cared too,
I never understood myself,
Except when I allowed the words to help,
To let them flow from my body,
Out of my eyes.

I felt the words,
Rushing through my finger tip,
Sprawling out in front of me,
Forming a smile as I understood,
Understood myself.

In using the words,
I found out how to understand myself.
Amanda 2d
I say I want to start over
Yet cannot let go of the past
If I cannot put your mistakes behind me
How do I expect this to last?
Even before my trust issues
Got so bad they couldn't be repaired
It was still a little bumpy
Because your sincerity was never there
Yeah you spent your days with me
When no one else could stand being around
But you never shared your secrets with me
Your thoughts barely made a sound
I knew deep down you were up to something
Always hiding things behind my back
And as time passed I began to wonder
What it was that I seemed to lack
Why can't I be enough for you?
Why do you always need more?
I wasn't good enough for you back then
I am now a far colder person than before
But my heart still feels that flicker
Of heat each time fingers brush
That's what I tolerate this ******* for
That incredible breathtaking rush
So even though it's clear that I'm no good
For you and you're not good for me
It seems like we want different things out of life
But a future without you is so hard to see
You're my best friend and you understand
All the ups and downs I've been though
So despite the past mistakes between us
I'm still head over heels for you
Spinning around with no control
sjohn 6d
Take it from me,
It’s not even worth screaming against.
The boxes among us and around us solidify
The only doors left leading from one to the next.

To the ones who’re left standing,
I know you are desperately ripping through the pages
For the verse, for the line, a bit of that escaping light
Clawing at anything that will do anything other than exist.

To you, I’m sorry to say this but,
It seems we’ve forgotten what the madness feels like.

We were promised a broken world
And now, we have nothing to struggle for or against,
Other than ourselves.

I guess all we can do is find each other
And stay close
And watch the stars slowly drift into the darkness.

Or maybe, just maybe

We’ll burn another night
Drinking to this poem
And the rest of what we’ll forget....
Not an artist Jan 13
Trapped in the open
A closed mind
How to escape
Soon, it'll be time
You could
We can't
What if I tell you
I don't understand
Eric Jan 12
That feeling I love so much , that feeling of your touch.  Your smell sends me into complete comfort. But you always make me feel like it's my turn . To say something unimaginable , just to hurt you . When all you've said was things to hurt me too . And you've done that , and you'd think that's enough . But no she wants to make everything rough . She takes to my pleading like it's venom to her veins, when all I want her to know is that she causes me so much pain. But she don't care and that's what destorys me , I ask her how could it be . You said you love me . But destory every part of my being . And I let go , like I wasn't enough . You hurt me with your way of love . Forgive me for everything I gave up . Just i make you comfortable when you still thought I wasn't enough.
And I ramble through anything to make things better . They ask me how can I let her . Because love isn't just a one go getter . You felt whole till you got a missing peice . Just disappeared without a trace . Even know you still had a home in the first place . And I'm the disgrace . You family hates me , and will find anyone to replace . Me....I'm not me anymore , you've made me so sore , that even flying doesn't get me happy . I rather have a hundred women slap me . Then have you hate me . But forgive me . I've forgot who I was . But love is no more in me . Like you wanted it to be..... like I forgot how it felt to be yours in time . Eternity isn't the same when , I'm still traveling the world saying I'm fine .
I find it surprising  
that animals can sometimes
understand us
better than people.
Their eyes;
full of love and hope.
Their attitude;
showing care and gentleness.
Words are not needed
for them to tell us their love for us.
And yet we,
cannot love each other
the way animals can love us.
sushii Jan 6
I wonder if you'll read my poetry one day, and reminisce upon all the good times we could have had. I's pointless to hold a grudge. Life would be simpler if I just moved on without anger. However, I do confess, I want to know one last thing--did you ever understand what I meant?
sushii Jan 6
You are poetry,

I am prose.

You would never understand me

if the occasion arose.
Ella Jan 4
I love you like autumn in the springtime and February in June
I don't love you
No, love is overused and annoyingly underpowering
Love is not a word
Love is the stupendous urge to show others how much a human could mean to oneself
And, supposed love cannot be put into a word
Love is not a word
The feeling could never fit into small characters that we have devised to satisfy our need of passing on information
Of understanding
Love was never meant to be confined to black ink and paper
Love is not an "emotion" per say
It is a squirming eel that lies just above the stomach, not quite in the heart, that send worms vaulting in your stomach, yelling
Not need, not want, not love
When you met your first love did you ever realise how much they would shape you?
Of course you didn't
Because love surprises you like the pop of breakfast toast because you are late for work again
Because you spent all night thinking up a better word for the writhing feeling that won't leave
(Which, naturally, I have not)
I'm in love with her.
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