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Ken Pepiton Nov 2019
This year near now later as I slide into safe for

the feeling,
never once in real life as they call the experience of
mortal ripening misspellts
corrected asgoodas
tstsefly sleepy sick o hno this is that book

louis said it sounds like science fiction --- but
you init lou
it's that guy who married your mom and rescued your from the
with no regard for the damage

I just knew. Okeh, we were caught in a net we did not know exists.

Evil in its e-sense, virtual balnce factor intended to keep good
in constant chessish cheshirish grin
en garde, to point a fault in the plan… ellipses suffice for a minor
spect to authors admitting un belief of most

order quired fixt ac-counting tual vir-beginning ever
things, with no
withdrawal date, the riches pile up so hitchenslipped in the bull
Creflo Dollar, props, brohawny black ****** mofoe than fren
in the end,

y'did your proper whatever you knew in your self right right
it just feels wrong

jets, ball'n'f'Jeesus, risen above the fray,

in Beulah Land,
c'mon childrens, t'all join me walk wit jesus hear me say
ain't another way I know and you know,
I cain't lie

nonono chile my heart be fixt
fixt means, ain broke
no joke, blowin hard hard har on that deep left end
blue bleu sacre bleu

I best rest and find mind gone a wander why you hear?
Both, heare, here and hear, oft stretched to cover
to means of leaking wwwwu.

we may, as we the corpus hoct to pay some debt
somebody never owed,
an oath to believe a lie is true,

I absolve you. You are free to no longer bher
the burden of eventually accounting
for every, every, every ever
sworn idle word
lock for
ever int the con fused wicks match lock candles,

we did not know if this went to now,
when we have these
magic pens and broad bands of reading minds finding
share, ideas at bare word level, down to actual
jots, breath commas, some call them

but readers of many [paradigms of mind] novels,
realize their roles
with shame,

venting noxious fumes for [that verted joy fools floods of
test-toss-or be owned}}}protein trigger me a fu
sure thing ding
Those genes that code for proteins are composed of tri-nucleotide units
called codons, each coding for a single amino acid.
Each nucleotide sub-unit consists of a phosphate,
deoxyribose sugar and one of the 4
nitrogenous nucleotide bases.
The purine bases adenine (A) and guanine (G) are larger and consist
of two aromatic rings.
The pyrimidine bases cytosine (C) and thymine (T) are smaller and consist
of only one aromatic ring.
In the double-helix configuration,
two strands of DNA are joined to each other by hydrogen
in an arrangement known as
base pairing.

From <,­for%20a%20single%20amino%20acid.>

Can we stand up right balanced, okeh. This ain't anybodies idea of hell,

except the one Mormon guy who told me Morman worst ell, tellestial kingdom,
was so much better than now that if god let you see it,
you would die to get there.

Time will tell.
Keep the pressure on, high speed chase scarios are not torture,
they only feel like

lift off, oh shitunexpected floatin ches above

the idea of enjoyment as an occupation.
Peacemaking, as an occupation, occupying until now we

gather, at the river and laugh
laugh laugh alladem rules and reg ulah stuff, gwa n on ol woids wise
womb man know gnosticious suspicious
perspicacity capacity to tttalk sit no stutification evacuation of
I can't
remember. But grandpa, remember, Siri knows, ask her.

2019 wandering away from the ol'fo'khome ain't the
adventure it once was
past the edges of all the known in the world. My 8 yr old
grand daughter put a locater spell on my

converged network node
if I manifest in odd realms she has Siri steer me to bed.
The future is as good as I imagined,

but I'm not the guy about to die while wondering what he missed
that everyone else knew from the womb.
In the book this has no title, it follows some line I posted here last year. The intention is light hearted offence to friends who doubt i'm dying right, many years in the future.
They pretend to be your brother/sister, but at your back they are a dusty gold digger,

They published your character in daily news, used you as a broken tools,

They paint you in history with their fake and bitter stories,

They chew your bones with lies all day, think that your life will becomes muddy someday,  

They blackmail you, told everyone that you ain't real, that your life is a mess, used you as copy and paste,

They drew you with their nasty routine and broken pencil, and used their spicy spite as the eraser,

They looks beautiful on the outside, but inside, there heart leaks with sores,

In your presence, they hail you like king or queen,

In your absence, they murdered your attitude and behave like they are so good,

So called friends,
You find them in church, wove in sheep clothing,

So called friends,
You find them in school, dark aches in the midst of white aches,

So called friends,
They are here, they are there, they are everywhere

Direct copy of the devil, there hands are full of evil and always caught in the act of trouble,

Shine your eyes!!
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Aaron E Dec 2018
We're loose associations.
Brutality queues the phrases.
Reality loses luster,
in fallow with boot to daisies .

Cowering and embracing
our trusted tomes,
honing a fruitless joke,
that only touches on tones that suit the layman

Famous and clueless faces.
Racing to rue the cadence.
Faking a sweet embrace,
for imminent tears, but grew impatient.

California coos
sooth impostor fits,
but it's a syndrome
fifty shades dense,
and way to thick to fit the staples.

In case you were getting wayward;
our guiding fables,
sentinels that they are,
will guard the stables
and bark orders,
pouring out the spirits
and clearing history,
with brazen logic.
I carved a broken heart,
instead of tapping the maple,
sue me.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
In the shade of my carriage,
I think of all the times where
I just wanted to surrender to
my own inner darkness
I have been so afraid of life
of being a seed that never sprouts
My mind would become a storm
of emotion that would take over
me. But just like in the carriage,
there were cracks of light and I
thought of the many friends that
I had made. The many friends who
have supported me, even when I
didn't see my own self-worth and
my own talents. One being the ever
patient, very kind, Queen Sue, one
of many Queens of HP who I am
indebted to. A truly kind and gentle
soul who has broken from her chrysalis,
and flutters her iridescent wings.
Everything she touches grows, and
everyone near and far knows that hers
is a soul that gives so much. When I
boarded the ships and faced the
turbulence of my own stability,
when I was drowning and ready to
close my eyes, I could hear her.
"Don't give up!" her voice as sweet as a psalm
and as one made of pure light, offered me
her hand, and pulled me up so I could
breathe. Though it was hard, I managed
to calm my inner storms and return safe
and sound. As my carriage stops, I peek
out of the window and I can see her
waving from her tower. In her Kingdom
I arrived, and she continues to thrive
And her dynasty will be one of true
In honor of Queen Sue, one of the many Queens of HP!
And the Angel who Burns with a Kind Heat
Sending you hugs, love and blessings!
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
When I think of all the tears and turbulence life has
given me, it sometimes makes me hard for
me to forgive this world

I usually would find peace in the solitude
and my waters would be still. I'd
honestly prefer that than to
feel alone amidst this
sea of life

But now, I've learned to dance with the
naiads by the Springs of Many Lives.
With her hand in mind, the life-stream
strums and begins to form rings

Each ripple made is a bond that
grows stronger in time
Each one beaming
with many hues

Now I see, the true beauty of life.
The waters will run hot, cold and
warm. We all will dance
different dances.

But the Naiads show me the beautiful
bonds I have made with my fellow
Kings and Queens on HP from all
walks of life who wear their
crowns with pride.

That is a life I yearn for.

For my diadem to be made of
pure starlight.

For me to have such understanding
makes me shed true
tears of joy.
I'm back! And I'm not feeling as stressed as usual so I'll be able to finally share my work! My course has been crazy! A lot has happened today. Today we were supposed to pick someone from the whole group and pay them a compliment on what they're great at - and surprisingly, people did pick me (I got like 2 or 3 compliments regarding my bubbly energy and passion as well as my knowledge!) I'm still flattered and surprised, so it meant alot to hear that.

This poem is inspired by Sue's 'Naiads poem! ^-^
Got more coming along the way!
Thanks so much, everyone!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
To my good friend, Sue
Stay safe in your chrysalis
I'll be here waiting

Keep your mind on you
I'll stay true to the promise
to write for us both

You are not alone
You are a kind and sweet soul
So regenerate

In your chrysalis
I will await in its glow
and for it to crack

The winds will sing sweet
And the Northern Lights will dance
And you will emerge

Shining, born again
With strong, bright, velveteen wings
With love as armour

With all your wounds healed
And all your scars now faded
And we see you smile

I know you'll come through
People may have struck you down
But you weren't destroyed

To my good friend, Sue
My hand's on your chrysalis
Just know I am here
Again, this is for Sue.
Whatever she is going through I know she will come through.
Sue, if you're seeing this, know you can take as long as you like to heal
in your chrysalis.
Me and other people here on HP will continue to support you.
Always <3
Sending hugs your way!
Your good friend,
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Full wings or broken
An angel is an angel
with shining beauty
This one is dedicated to Sue.
Take all the time you need to heal.
We'll always be here.
Your friend,
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
In me, the flames
of conflict has me in pain
Mind, body and soul

I look to the sky
And I see your helping hands
That now calms my storms
Thank you for all the kind comments and messages on my poem, Phoenix.
Especially Pagan Paul and Sue!
I'm grateful for the helping hands.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
She glides through this life
gowned and glowing in

In her hand, a candle with
a golden flame that never

And she spotted me on the
beach with a branch in my

As I was drawing my scars
in the sea-kissed sands. It

then that I felt behind me
a tender heat, so I turned

met her gaze. The scars I
drew in the sand healed.

my feet, a path of glass
marble that when kissed
the sunlight, became a
rainbow. She beckoned

to follow her to which I
did and we ventured through
sky, land and sea

She spoke so gently
She smiled so kindly
Her words had so much
worth with such little

My sorrowed heart was halved
My joy seemed to double
And then she said she had
to go.

But she smiled and said that
she was never far behind,
and if ever in doubt, I should
look to the sky

I'll see her star and feel her gaze
And I would always end up with
a smiling face.

Handing me her undead candle,
she floated away and I would never
forget that day.

She saw me a someone who
could heal and touch many lives
And like the talent in me,
it will never die

Now watching the dying sun,
by the beach, I turn my face
to the empty seat.

No, I shouldn't say empty.
So it is sweet to smile and
meet the angel that burns
with a kind heat
This poem is a tribute to Sue, who wrote a delightful kind poem for me called the 'angel with a broken wing'. I really cried at how beautiful it was so here is my poem to her to thank her.
Please follow Sue, she writes so elegantly and she's such a friendly soul too!
Here is the link to her page:
Thank you so much, Sue!
Have a blessed day, everyone!
Lyn ***
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