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han Jul 9
illuminating the skies
along with the flowers that have died
going up north,
further up forth

an ocean of stars
making up our galaxy
our universe will not die
because of these stars
an ocean in the sky
will be yours and mine
I am given to life's philosophy
What's peace
What's ecstacy
Sentience absence no ataraxy
Restlessness prevails
No random thoughts
No anxiety
Pleasure induced
Sensation, fantacy
Spirituality leads to ecstacy
Intense pleasure
Body experiences
Bliss purest state happiness
No sensations, no emotions
No arousals, no passions
First you need ataraxy
Staying tuned
In your galaxy
Raven Feels May 27
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, need a sign---for my feels to shine:>

universe of ours to the seven of the heavens of the gods of the universe

I'm just hoping for a miracle immerse

I'm just waiting for a sign

to utter a feel to the unspeakable feels in the eyes spitted crime

universe tell me if it's a message you ought to send to reveal

because my attachment knows no surface when it comes to the deep

universe tell me if it's the angels that I think I see

because my paths are carved on the stance of this willing  be

universe tell me if it's the right I sense if it's the mild anticipated hence

because if it is-the moons that I felt the future that I begged

then my dreams would surf to the boundless wilds of the ends

                                                              ­           ------ravenfeels
clementine May 6
far across the scintillating galaxies,
a dying star fulminated, blasting celestial fantasies.
then, a pulchritudinous nebula was born
and woven constellations she wore.

the moon hung like a chandelier in her eyes,
studded with jewels like diamond stars.
splendor interstellar dust swathed around her ivory skin,
virtue and intelligence she always has from within.

her mellifluous voice sends you to a place full of gentle breeze,
where azure firmament embraced few puffies
made of cellulose fiber and soft creamy cheese.
and with a touch of her fingertips, you’ll see cerulean seas.

she’s someone that you’ll always remember
for she makes learning as her adventure.
and her euphonious words
that shakes your mind and your world.

she’s the universe’s child.
Jason Apr 27

I want to wrap myself around you,

My entire self, my spirit, all my life,

I want to cradle you in the arms of my galaxy,

Serene in the timeless embrace of our fusion,

The rest of the universe spinning around us,

Starlight fireworks dancing to the beat of our heart.

© 04/27/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Brendann Apr 7
Do you ever sit and think
About what goes on above?
How something could happen
Within a blink

But it’s not like you can tell
Or see what goes on
Between the stars above
It must be so swell

This begs the question
What IS up there?
What could be looking right back at you?
Do you have a suggestion?

It rattles my brain
Turns my stomach
Pulls at my soul
I can feel the curiosity crawling through my veins

The everlasting void of our galaxy
There’s so much
Yet we know so little
Free Verse
kolette mae Apr 4
i could give you the whole universe
but then i’d just be giving you yourself
ebony silhouettes painting a supernova
ink bleeding through a canvas of light
fragmented stars gleam in your eye
will you be the ruler of my sky

i could drown in your oceans of  stormy gray
lose myself in your forests so emerald green
you exist on the border between reality and not
gravity hits hard and fast
i could give you the whole universe
but then i’d just be giving you yourself
Jan Apr 3
Stars are death galaxies across our sky, they’re hope and dreams, they are there when you just can’t stand one more day, they’re there to remember you that your existence can be beautiful.
I wrote this on November 17th, 2015
Oka Mar 30
It's scary how life can change
For now, I witnessed the sky fall
As I float in those galactic eyes
Anchor me down will you?
To the core of your gravity
May I land gracefully in your earthly embrace to kiss those rosey cheeks?
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