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a celestial body
lesser of age but
brighter in composition
was found to be
unexpectedly disarming
in its distorted form
unable to maintain
its expected shape
it was drawn in by
the voracious needs
of the other's gravity
a starry beckoning
that caused these
entities to draw forth
towards one another
this sharing of energies
a merger however
seemingly not unlike
those observed before

and yet something
about this pairing
steals the attention
of the experts and
the admirers alike
this rotation of one
about the other
guarding devotedly
from perils unseen
in the midst of
this stellar pirouette
there continues a chaos
pulling from all directions
both together and apart
defiant and undeniable
fluctuating with unknowns
eventually to become
Phia Oct 2023
My love,
Are a walking galaxy.
So full of beauty,
And passion.
My love,
Are a walking miracle;
The entire cosmos in a single being.
My love,
Have the universe in your eyes,
The stars in your soul,
And stardust in your bones.
My love,
Are brilliant in every way.
Remember that the next time
Anyone makes you feel
Any less than what you are
White Phoenix May 2023
In times of turmoil
I take a look up at that blue dome
Awestruck I find,
My matters hold no water
When turbulence strikes
My mind starts to roll
But looking into the night
The stars speak of something much broader
Bekah Jan 2023
I saw the inevitable;
A generation destroyed
And I mourned the constellation

I cannot help but look down
At the immoral
And think

Are you not upset?

So I sit
On the galaxy’s edge
And watch the stars combust

Into the black holes
Of the neon dust

Gently it goes - the necessary, the predictable, the fatal
neth jones Jan 2023
tips, brushes and spills and the willingness of physics
dip the quill
blending a full face of colours trippy
tipping my crown, my head,
my thinker becomes      creation winning
i wink   faithfully lacy    into the universe    pirouettes and eddies
i divide myself    couple and quad and oct..
flood my breeding into the cosmos
spoon-feeding      peddling out into the mutter
the great relax of the creative meddle
written for a 'picture prompt' competition. the picture was a painting of a human face made of galaxy swirls and outer space features.
Melody Mann Dec 2022
Universe vested within and galaxies scattered beyond,
A moon child fathoms her demise.
Sarah Nov 2022
the sheer force of gravity
when two galaxies collide

their arms become entangled
like two lovers holding hands

and the laws of physics are certain
by design they were destined to meet

this moment was
quite literally
written in the stars
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