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They say the universe speaks to us
But with all the noise this world has
I never heard it, not even once
Now I'll let the galaxy pour in me
Maybe then my heart will hear what it has to say.

the sky has fallen down a night deity
where the sole of your eyes down to your
chest would be nothing but spaces of black holes
nor moonbeams trying to gasp for darkness,
darling, you have exhaled the moon and
maybe part of it is the stars they have long for,
perhaps, part of us is a universe trying to
soothe the moonstruck you have
played inside your rib cage.

But we were a galaxy after all,
none of it is as deep as us.
han Nov 19
stars that fall, and those that shine,
in the darkest of days, you give me light
so big and wide like the vast galaxy
your smile is comfort please be happy
a very short one and one of my faves :(
ATILA Nov 16
Sit down here for a while
Look up and observe the sky
With a kaleidoscope of dreaming eyes
Contemplate how the stars shine
Complementing the beauty of night
Brazing to be the brightest sight
Bearing the heat by constant burning
Just to illuminate one’s world.

Turn your face beside
And savour my talking heart
A canvas made of refined stardust
Count the sparks of it
That complete anxious dots from your stare
Faith in myself when I say
Your tender existence already be the best being
Your enchanting gaze lights up dusky room I was lost in
Your warm embrace convects my flower’s needs
Makes it fully blooming.

You are solely my star
And I’m eternally stargazing.
“Am I your star?”
“Of course my dear, you are my star.”
Kvothe Nov 15
Stardust complexities
out in golden blue.
The exacting clockwork of the cosmos ticks
in Kepler seconds.

Chronology here is kept by

Aeons as minutes.

We are just dust
on the gears.

Galactic flecks,
swept up
in the filigree pirouette of an
astronomical timepiece.
Here, but not here.
Q        .
.        U
A        .
.        N
T         .
.        U
M        .
and fleeting.
Feedback would be great!
Jade C Nov 13
betwixt and between
girl and boy and woman and person

suspended in a web of myself
queer rebel
unable to distinguish the lines
that separate me from Her and Them

dancing in an eclipse
a lapse in time
a sphere between night and day
They/ She is illuminated by pure
but still projected against deep
bottomless darkness

purple liquid
a porous entity that penetrates
and breaks
binary being

non binary
or, as I rather like to think of it
complete and overflowing even
not a fraction of a person
an angel in human skin

a series of complex, spiraling
galaxies pouring from my lips
as I break the chains of She
dispose the gaze of He

finally confident enough
as star woman
ocean god
queer siren
to sit in the thrown of Me
a work in progress, still playing with these ancient concepts of gender and my lucid experience of self
It was stuck in my hand, alike to a tiny galaxy
Stars slipping through my fingers as I let go
Realizing my hands were too small
I gave it up to the future of an abysmal heart
Where all the dead dreams go
I want this to end.
Hannah Jones Nov 9
is living out
their own brand
of mediocrity--
nothing stellar
occurs outside of
humble parts
coming together
and turning into
Sometimes my heart breaks when I recall that the people in my life aren't any better or worse off than I am, and that the small moments are what make my heart long for eternity. We'll be alright.
Alice Nov 2
in the end, I suppose
we are all collapsing stars

burning bright until the very end
even if we are alone,
thousands of galaxies away
many don't see us until
we're gone
Ariana Solo Oct 30
Champagne glass filled with golden lemonade

Carbon dioxide bubbles popping on my tongue

Synonymous to a luminous stellar explosion

Scent of raspberries, resembling the heart of the galaxy

🌌 🌌 🌌
astronomers have reported that due to a substance called ethyl formate, the galaxy smells and tastes of raspberries

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