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Mother's frozen tears
fall down around me
sitting in the center
of this dancing galaxy
something wonderful wells up
like a wave inside my mind
crystallizes in my soul
secrets no one else can find
Mother's wildest words
whispered softly in a dream
caress my shadowed half
awake from ancient sleep
Kleigh 2d
I meet a star on earth
And we met like constellations
Can't describe his worth
It's hard to explain like mathematical equations
No one can be measure
'Cos he's like a galaxies' most precious

I love you all through eternity
To have infinity
To prove everlasting
In the end, I am just a dust and feel nothing

'Cos I fall too fast
That's why I crashed that harsh
Like a shooting stars
In a galaxy of broken hearts
To a man that I gave my whole universe
S O P H I E Feb 11
the weight of mortality is tiring
i want to tear it from my veins
bleeding silver and gold
till i can feel something again
i want to carve my name into my own heart
be on the ivory pillars of history
maybe one day they'll chant my name
or paint me into the constellations
and name galaxies after me

i, too, shall be eternal
She lives among the stars
Swirls around the sun
But in her daydreams
She's one with the elements
Free flowing as the wind  
Her spirit forever burns like wild fire
Her body like the ocean is forever in
dancing to the rhythm of her own drums
from one shore to another she moves
With flowers around her head
  Jewelry on her body
Music in her heart
Pen and notebook in her hand
And eyes set on the infinite sky
To wander and to wonder
Forever enchanted by the mysteries of the earth
©Sonia Ettyang
“To move freely you must be deeply rooted.”Bella Lewitzky
allure Feb 5
When my eyes meet yours
I see more than just those chocolate emerald irises
there is not just a twinkle
but an entire galaxy
light years away from our own

I've always seen you
When I look up at the stars.
This is the beginning of life
To love you, to dream in massive
The infinity of new beginnings.
To feel so close
Knowing that I am so far.
Asleep in your presence.
Knowing that I am completely comfortable soon as I see you.
Searching the sky until I find you.
The very reason I look up.
The galaxy colliding in the pupil
Of my eyes.
Night after night
Everytime I look at you
Baylee Kaye Feb 2
our love is more than ****
you hold me gently and don’t let go
we have something special
something most don’t
we live a dream of a kingdom filled with gold
and a gift I give is reserved for you
so be careful with my precious delicacy
don’t break me
please don’t scar my heart
be careful with me
love me tenderly, don’t be rough
I beg of you with earnest
just be there when I need you
you’re all I need
I know that you love me so
it’s evident
all this time I knew full well
and I believe
all I have is what I’ll give
for exchange of your voice
you are all I know to love
this is all I know to know
no one ever taught me
the ways that are not you
all my love is all for you
you are my brightest light
my star
the universe is in your eyes
with dust of galaxies
I love your gentle gaze you bestow on me
and I’ll always look to you
eyes wet from tears
I’ll see you and be cured
all this time it was you
the source of healing
you take my pain
and you make it all go away

basically, this piece isn’t meant to be structured perfect or make sense or follow any sort of rule or layout. this work is simply my words flowing in whatever word or pattern they come. I just wrote down whatever I was thinking in the moment, it’s an interesting writing tactic but honestly very raw because you’re not trying to make it perfect. you’re not trying to present an emotion in an unauthentic way, you’re just letting it all out without thinking, and that makes it much more raw and personal.
larissa Feb 1
little boy
with a mind full of magic
don’t float off too far
it might just be tragic

the stars tonight
will light up for you
but little boy be careful
you might just float through

if you happen to wander
deep into space
gravity would miss you
but it’d hope you’d find grace

there in the universe
little boy you would be
dancing on the stars
it couldn’t feel more free

but little boy
whom I so love
please come home to me
from way way above
mary liles Jan 31
i feel like a star
in a galaxy of darkness

let me fly
and never come down

because the gravity
of the pain
hurts too much
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