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We fell apart
A lasting scar
It cannot be undone
You made your choice
Ignored my voice
Did you think that I had fun?
Im sure you see
Now that she leaves
Exactly how it feels
Filled with regret
A losing bet
Youve lost all your apeal
Bell Sep 2021
It was most boastful of me to assume that I could be the one to fill your cup
to assume that no other flower could fulfill you in the same manner
who am I to assume that we don't look just as lovely in a vase
and who are you to compare a rose to a carnation?
one whose grace is affiliated with beauty itself
and another that bumbles clumsily along like that of a lost bee
in every flower pressed,
in every poem composed
I seem to grow more tired of describing this ephemeral love
I continue to saudade in pursuit of moiety
leaving myself in a state of perpetual hireath
but in full honesty, I don't mind you switching me out for rose here and then
though I can't help but ponder
if she holds the same warmth in your arms
as one does in mine
and as to whether or not I will always be a stand-in for the next lovely rose to come

-a blissfully ignorant stand-in, a carnation
Meow Aug 2021
I shall stay home tonight
For head is louder than the sphere's noises
Throbbing with words... I can be less familiar
The moderns, it said, are swallowing us whole
But who are us? Who spoke?
Emily... whispered to me
Through this loneliness of poetry
I am not a modern, she said, we are ancient
But why I am her patient? To her, who told?
Axis of modernity... that's where she is
Through this, we made love to each
So I will settle, I said, to your handsome endowma
Questions, questions... no more conundra
Through and through, I must deify you
Miriam Aug 2021
He pulled me in close
Then He whispered in my ear
Baby you have nothing to fear
I turned to face him
With a cheeky grin
and whispered back I’m glad your here
He wrapped himself around me
Then We danced all night
Going strong till the morning light
Holding each other’s arms
Embraced in each other’s palms
Baby it just felt so perfect and so right
He whisked me away
Then swept me off my feet
We danced to the DJ and the beat
Had the time of our life
I forgot all my strife
I swear god knew that we would meet
He gently kissed my lips
Then we ordered more drinks
I ignored all the other boys winks
All that mattered was him
Forget the shots and gin
This night was where our forever would begin
This is a poem about meeting someone special on a night out and them having a place in your life
Miriam Aug 2021
Fall in love with yourself again
Look within
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Remember to love yourself for who you are know your worth you are perfect the way you are own it!
Miriam Aug 2021
I don’t know what tomorrow holds
But with you baby the sky’s are gold
I don’t know what our future is
But with you baby I don’t want to miss
A single second ,minute, hour or day
We all have that special someone who you know will make the days you go into better together
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