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Vagish 2d
We rise not to fall, we rise again and again not to gain
It is no supremacy what we pursue
But it’s the amity what we desire

We don’t know from where we come
But we know where we want to go
We don’t have a path but we know how to create one
We covered a long path and still long to go
We rise not to fall, we rise again and again due to pain
A pain deep inside the core
A pain which is shredding me apart
We endure the pain not for revenge
But for the love we want
We don’t know how to do
But still we try enough
Not due to regret but due to contentment
We rise no to fall, we rise again and again
And Believe is what we have…….
ollie Aug 5
riding your first rollercoaster
and eating fruit roll ups even though you have braces
long walks
ocean air
ferris wheels
summer breezes
inside jokes in front of people who don’t understand them
an oxygen tank
all are things that say a hello from me
in your presence
they have said goodbye
the poetry is in the streets and eventually i will be too
ollie Jul 21
we want to be in control
and stomp on places where the sidewalk ends
because we never met the right kinda boy next door
and just kept on walking down the road
shine your shoes with the concrete dust
works better than baking soda in a pinch
and mother doesn’t want you touching the foodstuffs
even though she hasn’t cooked in years
it’s a battle for you to eat most nights
when you’re gonna get your hands caught in locked cabinet doors
to prevent hungry bellies from looking for more than the nothing they were provided
we live in tired houses with slumped walls
where the summer heat made them wanna sit down too
no kid from a small town has ever wanted to stay in one
and i can’t help
being meant for more
than concrete dust
and baking soda
Love is a song
It has many twist and turns
And has many different genres
True loves a song that has no wrong

Whether slow or fast
Whether upbeat or classic
Love played before and still plays
And loves a song that's easy to grasp
Just something that popped into my head
Axel May 26
Happy ending is when the prince kisses the princess
Happy ending is when the bride is laughing with her grooms
Happy ending is when people find love in a small room

But a happy ending to me is when I write poetry in a small room or under the trees and maybe sometimes in the bathroom.
Happy ending can be infinity
Happy ending can be a story
But my happy ending is myself and my poetry.
I found love in the words I write and I found love in the words I say
Darryl M May 8
Like a hammer on a nail,
I still hit on you.
Coz what I see in you,
I’ve never seen before.
Is this what my Grandpa sees in my Grandma?
Specs off, he still clearly sees her.
Sweetie, can I just go blind on your behalf?
Coz the love I feel is blinding,
The thoughts I get are binding.
You stand high on the hills of my emotions,
Long ago, I fell for you,
Yet my heart hangs strong on yours.

What I have, what I feel, what I crave,
Comes not, but from the wonders.
It terrifies me
The very simple thought
Of fading away in your memories
Like that bad sticky song
That played all summer long
And now you can hardly recall a verse
Say I'll become a classic
MJL Mar 10
Sitting in a bowl of fruit
I hold a flower
Paint me with vivid colors
Make me look pretty
Or possibly as a reverent clown
With big floppy feet
In a contemporary return to classics
For the world to look and ask
"What did the artist mean with that banana, and why is that clown sitting on peaches holding a tulip?"

© 2019 MJL
Just a play on the definition of still life and contemporary art.... More than what people paint us to be.
Oh! Woe to the poor captivated lover
Being trapped in love, but beloved gone

Oh! The moment I'm sitting as tulip alone
In my heart's blood, she is gone as wind

The voice of ax didn't come from Bistoon
Shireen is gone to Farhad's dream tonight

Oh! I will inform you of my painful alas
The day my enormous patience finally gone

Pity lover that flew your grapevine hair
With a hundred hopes come, gone unhappy

I am happy you abandoned all my rivals
Although, you left me as fistful of soil to wind

Mountains and deserts are mournful tonight
Lovers as Majnoon and Farhad gone forever
- Inspiration from a classic Persian poem
- Shireen and Farhad is an ancient Persian love story
- Bistoon is a mountain that Farhad had to finish a tunnel to reach to Shireen but eventually died there
- Leili and Majnoon is an ancient Persian and Arabic love story
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