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The muted sound echoed like cathedral bells,
Followed by a hurried crowd
Of youngsters and ladies
Donning timeless frocks and shirts of old.

The courtyard green enchanted all.
Halting passers in transit,
An invitation to thy abode
Enclosed by young stargazers and aged bark alike.

The tempting branch reaches out.
Pulls you in with a faceless grin.
The torn frock all that remains in your world.
Timeless no longer.  

The New World opens before you,
A thundering display of welcome.
In a Time unlike yours
You sit.
Shadow Nov 21
Love seeketh not Itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care;
But for another gives its ease,
And builds Heaven in Hell's despair.

  So sang a little Clod of Clay,
  Trodden with the cattle feet;
  But a pebble of the brook,
  Warbled out these meters meet.

Love seeketh only Itself to please,
To bind another to Its delight;
Joys in another's loss of ease,
And builds a Hell in Heavens despite.
By William Blake
I once saw a child of yellow.
Such a colour is unknown
For, this world of chess,
Is only Grey.

One place of colour there lied
In this monopoly.
Colours unseen to the grey eye
A single apple tree.

Disapproving looks as
The boy of yellow lay there.
Under the single apple tree,
With such a feeling
We could never know.

Breaking away from
Meaningless worries,
Colour fading in.
Watching the boy of yellow
Under the single apple tree.

Time became an enemy
As the world moved along.
For the single apple tree
had lost its colour,
And so did he.
When someone tells
"You are my moon"
That's deep

They want to
Keep you
In their sky
Realize that

Isn't it exquisite?
What the Moon
Stands for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Cosmic admire
Author's query: But what if, he/she is the Sun with her own light?
Samual Hidden Nov 14
Leave go my hands, let me catch breath and see;
Let the dew-fall drench either side of me;
    Clear apple-leaves are soft upon that moon
Seen sidelong like a blossom in the tree;
    And God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

The grass is thick and cool, it lets us lie.
Kissed upon either cheek and either eye,
    I turn to thee as some green afternoon
Turns toward sunset, and is loth to die;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Lie closer, lean your face upon my side,
Feel where the dew fell that has hardly dried,
    Hear how the blood beats that went nigh to swoon;
The pleasure lives there when the sense has died,
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

O my fair lord, I charge you leave me this:
It is not sweeter than a foolish kiss?
    Nay take it then, my flower, my first in June,
My rose, so like a tender mouth it is:
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Love, till dawn sunder night from day with fire
Dividing my delight and my desire,
    The crescent life and love the plenilune,
Love me though dusk begin and dark retire;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Ah, my heart fails, my blood draws back; I know,
When life runs over, life is near to go;
    And with the slain of love love’s ways are strewn,
And with their blood, if love will have it so;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Ah, do thy will now; slay me if thou wilt;
There is no building now the walls are built,
    No quarrying now the corner-stone is hewn,
No drinking now the vine’s whole blood is spilt;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Nay, slay me now; nay, for I will be slain;
Pluck thy red pleasure from the teeth of pain,
    Break down thy vine ere yet grape-gatherers prune,
Slay me ere day can slay desire again;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Yea, with thy sweet lips, with thy sweet sword; yea
Take life and all, for I will die, I say;
    Love, I gave love, is life a better boon?
For sweet night’s sake I will not live till day;
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.

Nay, I will sleep then only; nay, but go.
Ah sweet, too sweet to me, my sweet, I know
    Love, sleep, and death go to the sweet same tune;
Hold my hair fast, and kiss me through it soon.
    Ah God, ah God, that day should be so soon.
my favorite poem of all time.
Shadow Sep 5
"But Lensky, not, of course, intending
To wear the ties of marriage yet,
Looked forward warmly to befriending
Onegin, whom he'd newly met.
Not ice and flame, not stone and water,
Not verse and prose are from eachother
So different as these men were.
At first, since so dissimilar,
They found eachother dull, ill-suited;
Then got to like eachother, then
Could possibly not be separated.
Thus (I'm the first one to confess)
People are friends from idleness."
- Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin
Shadow Sep 2
“But even friendship like our heroes'
Exist no more; for we've outgrown
All sentiments and deem men zeroes-
Except of course ourselves alone.
We all take on Napoleon's features,
And millions of our fellow creatures
Are nothing more to us than tools...
Since feelings are for freaks and fools.
Eugene, of course, had keen perceptions
And on the whole despised mankind,
Yet wasn't, like so many, blind;
And since each rule permits exceptions,
He did respect a noble few,
And, cold himself, gave warmth its due.”

― Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin
I've bought a novel that speaks in verse,
with it, through the world you'll traverse,
It tells the tale of Yevgny,
of rhyme and reason, it's full of many,
Oh I love this book of mine,
I love it's verse and fine design!
Shadow Aug 16
I've lived to bury my desires
and see my dreams corrode with rust
now all that's left are fruitless fires
that burn my empty heart to dust.

Struck by the clouds of cruel fate
My crown of Summer bloom is sere
Alone and sad, I watch and wait
And wonder if the end is near.

As conquered by the last cold air
When Winter whistles in the wind
Alone upon a branch that's bare
A trembling leaf is left behind.
I only recently discovered him and his work and I am I awe of it.
K E Cummins Aug 14
Smoky breath
Meets yours on the cigarette byways
Electric sound
Floats from the mike in airwaves

Sultry voice
Croons deep velvet in your ear
Whisky ice
Swirls down the brooding glass
Eyes rove
Try to find mine across the room
Keep going
Move on, babe, move on

A dame like that
Black-and-white grain and flicker
Arched brow
Red lips
Dream on, dreamer, dream on
They don’t make ‘em like this anymore
I imagine this as a slow jazz song crooned by a chain-smoking flapper in a speakeasy. No, just me? Alright, well... guess I'm a sucker for a smooth voice. ;)
Balaguer Jul 17
No one will ever know how much I miss the rays of the sun
Give me the square root of pi,
there is an approximate estimate.
You will never believe that I love you,
how sad is it that my life has to go on?
If I had one wish for my entire life,
I would skip this life to see you again.
when will you leave my heart?
my heat,
I received your sunlight like a violet
where are you?
Your passion for me made
the grass zephyr,
I am the grass,
withering away.

I lost sight
May. 7th, 2015 02:09 pm
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