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Jason Adriel Aug 2
i am the ocean waves
crashing into your beaches
only to find everyone

and everything

but you...
ALesiach Jul 24
Warm days
Heavy nights
Mosquito bites

Dancing bees
Delicious honey
Sweet tea,
Yummy, yummy

Swimming pools
Shade trees
Staying cool
Ice cream

Summer showers
Juicy peaches
Budding flowers
Warm beaches

Vacation's over
School begins
Time's slower
Summer ends

ALesiach © 8/2016
Joanna May 21
Smell the air, see the waves, watch the children running in the surf.

Observe the seagulls and the clear blue sky. Take in the adventure, walking barefoot in the warm white sand.

Collect a few seashells and a few sand *****. Listen to the train whistle.

Share the day with a friend. Go home peaceful, and sails set into the wind.
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Marla Apr 17
Sitting on a beach as the wind sways gently,
A slender palm tree moves as in a dance.
Reminiscing about each moment lived happily
As the panorama of dusk takes the ocean's lamp.
My senses, though numbed, are primed
To receive the night's embrace.
This evening, though young, burns sublime
Energy into our enlightened grace.
Mike Mar 26
i spent all day updating dating
profiles and drinking champagne -
sipping iced coffee on bright beaches
i daydreamed as the palm trees waved -
pillows of smoke and wide blue skies
i wondered what you're doing today -
who you talk too, and what they say
i thought i saw the future
i saw it coming for my soul
i ran as fast as i could
i didn't realize i was letting go
Sam Mar 1
Its a summer,
sitting in the house older than the dirt in the garden just outside.

In the summer heat,
where we wear our bathing suits all day long.

We stay out in the sun because,
Pop pop says its good for us

We eat and eat and eat,
And we play and play and play

"stay young," Pop Pop mumbles under his breath,
of course when I was younger I never truly understood the words spoken form his lips.

As a teen in my grandparent's backyard,
my ungraceful limbs and awkward body were welcomed.

Mom mom and Pop pop loved my brace face even when I didn't.

My stomach rolls didn't matter.
In fact, the only rolls that did matter were the ones we ate with our macaroni.

In my grandparents home, we spend busy mornings,
but lazy afternoons playing poker at the table.

In my grandparents house,
sadness rolls away like the waves at the local New England beach.

Of course, like any good family, things can get angry and heated,

But at my grandparent's house,
that's just how we know it is time for a swim.
Satin ribbons of galaxy blue sparkle
mild, but melting
they hang from the hair of a sweet gentle head
raven, but silky

One tear to spill for delicate tosses
strands so inky and spellbound in blue
Tides of strands so vast they ripple
whisps glimmer the breeze
smelling of coco and brandy

Bright beams of beach sky all around
waves of plenty
magic images fade
blue afternoons stand still
Blue inspired
faeri Dec 2018
I'm not a pretty sunset on the beach
With small waves and a spring breeze.
My waves are high
They rumble fiercely.
No coral reef but a bed of rocks that guards ***** and sea urchins.
But I'll still love you more than the waves will ever love the shore.
Iz Oct 2018
I live in a nowhere town
Doing nowhere things
In my nowhere clothes
On nowhere days
With my nowhere friends
In our nowhere cars
We watch the nowhere sunsets
And sit in nowhere sands
We walk the nowhere preserves
And we read the nowhere magazines
But maybe one day I’ll crawl out of this nowhere hole
And I’ll be somewhere
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
Thirsty waters,
lapping at the shoreline.
on those salty beaches,
of my sweet, sweet, Caroline.
The melting horizon,
pools in the bay.
From the grey clouds of storm,
sending down their rain.
Wet and heavy clothes,
stick against our skin.
But feet, light and merry,
running in the sand.
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