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Demonatachick Feb 12
Some days I cannot bear to look at myself.

I flourish in the dark corners, I sing to the shadows and relish their indifference.

Seek what you dream, there is some warmth in the cold.
What a change a week can make
Melody Mann Jan 2023
& as you shade me with relief from scorching rays I bask in your benevolence,
For you are a creation of infinite cycles,
A manifestation of life itself,
An essence of soul's past,
A recollection of karmic accounts,
My friendly companion.
To the natural glories on the island of O'ahu
gen Nov 2021
bloom — where you are planted
and from this your growth is reminded
you may think that your flower will wither
but i'd always be here to sprinkle you with water

bloom — wherever you may be
like a sweet nectar that entices the bee
preparing for the awakening of spring
filled with endless capabilities you bring

bloom — for everyone to see
but also for you and me
together we soar and nobody else can destroy
flourishing with you, my f l o w e r b o y .
est 04/03/21 - a rhyming poem.
Sharon Talbot Sep 2021
There is one on some loves,
That flourish like summer flowers
And bring seemingly endless joy
To lovers entwined
And hypnotized by the notion
That this will bloom forever.
But as years pass, some flawless
In execution and mutual care,
The flower begins to fade,
As if its color and fluid are drained,
Perhaps by the force of love itself.
And, unknown to the two,
They glide apart slowly,
Like two ships on the tide,
Until one day, they reach a horizon.
Each looks out for the other
As they have done before,
And call out in hope, then despair,
But they are unseen, far away.
They may try to sail back,
Beating furiously against the tide,
And finally, admitting defeat.
They each collapses, crying, shouting,
Blaming life, fate and humanity.
After months spent on the rocky shore,
In tears or questioning why
And often getting no reply,
The memory of passion fades
As new flowers bloom
And life’s garden summers on.
Lunar Jul 2021
I hate you because you let your walls down
You let yourself bend and bow down
You let your happiness be due to another
You cried for days and sobbed till you were sober
You let your worries keep you up at night
The overthinking leading to nightmares till the first light
You made choices to make them happy
You tolerated and forced yourself to fit till you felt ******
The truth is I love you but I hate that you lowered yourself for the world
You gave so much until the image of yourself blurred
I just want you to grow
And I’m sorry suffering was the only way for you to know
That you are still strong and even if the world is against you
I’ll by there despite all odds
I’m just a bit lost because I have been unused
But once you seek me I shall bloom
For any lost soul remember your life companion is from deep within.
Inspired by ~ Andy Grammer - Wish you pain
A M Ryder May 2021
The world
had to stop
For this victory
I'm joyus
I'm angry
I'm still angry
I want to bring black life
Into this world without
Us having to
Do this ****
I want us
To grow old,
Be unscathed,
Be unbothered,
And flourish
Words of a BLM activist
FC Azaele May 2021
Like the sun who shares his light
         to see the flowers bloom;
I gave you much of mine
          to see you flourish in the springs warm womb
and when the night falls
          I wait the night to see you when sunrise comes about
For, without a doubt
         you stick by, waiting for me too to tell the stories
you've plucked up from the seeds that wait to sprout  

  When a bird captures your eye, or even a little butterfly
       you played jests and chased it around until
you tire, saving the rest to lay down with a cool sigh
   laughing at that little 'workout'
      and when the bright light dispels
knowing we must make our farewells
      You know not to feel alone, and rest assured me
that too and venture on home
Knowing we
      both were inseparable till night comes about
That's why I give you much of my light
      to not see you falter but flourish high as i vowed
dearly hoping to see you bloom
Poetic T Nov 2020
Can we hold a breath,
some are like dandelions.

The seeds may disperse,
  and we may try to clasp
             upon them.

We may tenure a few,
   but nevertheless
only certain animations
     may linger.

But even though we
   may lose so many.

The ones we have will
           grow, and even
though some dissipated
beyond our reach.

A flower of
   memories breathe on
in the wind
   flourishing brighter

                      than before.
Amanda Hawk Aug 2020
Tickling upon my skin
I feel myself bloom
As roots find themselves
Twisting, weaving within soul
Open my hands, palms up
I let the petals gather
Flourishing upon my tongue
I am my own garden
Find myself wandering within myself
For hours
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