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Laokos 6d
Now hanging on to
something almost
completely fabricated
in my mind

I'm over you
     -I'm not over you
I don't miss you
     -I miss you

I have to
laugh at myself
or I will
rot from the inside

That ship has sailed
I know there's
still a place
in me for you

Maybe it will
always be there
     in the years to come, it will flourish with flora and verdure
          your absent form no longer stands out

 your emptiness
          there is growth,
          wild growth
Badshah Khan Apr 14
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 87

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh my Beloved!
With your divine presence’
In the barren garden’
Whole garden started to flourish.

When I naturally suspect,’
The divine presence of you’
I am universally seeing the gazing light’
All over the barren garden.

Oh my Beloved!
This minute, I rest peacefully’
Within your divine presence.

In my sacred burial ground
Which is correctly located
At this barren garden!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
I am your Mother God,
ponds of breeding sensuality,
love divine sent from beyond the bleeding God,
time caught the charm of the infinite,
a bright kiss in sublime miracles,
your life on Earth I came to flourish,
come near let me reveal the wealth of the Universe.
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Annie Feb 24
Green leaves My hands
into upwards into forwards.
Got that water.        Got that water.
Got that fire every morning.    Got those sun rays every day.
I’m sitting in I’m living in
the kitchen      the hub of it all
I’m flourishing. I’m flourishing.
MawaLin Dec 2018
There are parts of me that I am still learning to accept.
It's in the roots of my hair,
Embedded under my skin,
It darkness my knees,
On the bridge of my nose,
Rolls off my tongue
To the alignment of my toes.
And as I grow, they too grow with me.
Amanda Nov 2018
I poured my heart out for you on these pages
Does that prove I am better than the rest?
If I spelled each serious word carefully placed with purpose
Would you care I plucked them straight from my chest?

Dangling from pride by flimsy feeble strings
Pathetic pieces float uncertain and shaking
Hastily tied them to my heart as they arose
Now those timid concerns and domesticated woes are mine for the taking

I keep them close to use only when needed
To project palaces or prisons for my protected thoughts
One by one I pull emotions from inner walls
And other tucked away hiding spots

They burrow further as suffering increases
Yet no matter how deep they dig
I still hear their mournful muffled hum
In my eardrums starting small then growing big

That is the twisted key to my success
Smiling as I spill secret sorrow
Taking others to a place seldom seen
Boundless heights that will move tomorrow

Unburdened yet incomplete without these emotions
Only seem to flourish in fear or agony
I summon these wild feelings from my soul
To show exactly what you mean to me
I can never express the extent of my love for you
Pyrrha Sep 2018
Love is the crossroads of two garden paths
The thing about loving is that it is selfless
I will want to love you more and think of myself less
So I choose to walk your path and tend to your beautiful flora
While I forsake my own in your love and care
It is you and I who decide when we wilt and when we flourish

But will I let it wilt in the end?
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Flowers sway careless
I'm a budding stargazer
A flourishing Queen
Stargazer lilies have always been my favourite flowers, so they will be the emblem of my Kingdom! ^-^
I am a stargazer in both senses of the world!
I hope while I flourish, I will help others to flourish also!
Lyn ***
My neck is stretched and my heart is soaring.
My eyes have been blessed.
Baptized in a sea of sparkling treacle.
A sticky mess; I find myself stuck in an artwork.
Something so vast; I could never understand this artists mind.
My place is anywhere but this soil I stand upon, my feet are walking but I am never far from where I've been, am or will be.
All is now and now is everything.
I hold this key but there is no locked door to open.
Or is it a safe?
A diary?
Unbranded, I must look.
Directions to an unknown destination.
Is there anything that needs fixing?
Or are the screws fitted tight?
Does the bulb still hold light?
My neck is stretched.
I see a dome with lights, stuck to the unbreakable glass.
Dying to fall to the earth and flourish in our roots.
With the secrets, the directions.
I am blind.
Until I see the stars; I am unseeing and ignorant.
Like glowing rain that's stopped still in time and space.
     Until they fall.
Making humanity bloom.
I wait for this day.
A time that will never come.
A time that's already been.
A time seconds from now.
When that light falls upon my filthy skin.
I will be.
I wrote this after being absolutely dumbstruck at the sight of the sky in a small town called Ganmain, inland New South Wales. Everything was so alive and in my face. I couldn't leave that sky without a form of recognition and this is my acknowledgment to that universe beyond our tangible existence.
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