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A M Ryder May 28
The world
had to stop
For this victory
I'm joyus
I'm angry
I'm still angry
I want to bring black life
Into this world without
Us having to do this ****
I want us to grow old
Be unscathed
Be unbothered
And flourish
Words of a BLM activist
FC Azaele May 18
Like the sun who shares his light
         to see the flowers bloom;
I gave you much of mine
          to see you flourish in the springs warm womb
and when the night falls
          I wait the night to see you when sunrise comes about
For, without a doubt
         you stick by, waiting for me too to tell the stories
you've plucked up from the seeds that wait to sprout  

  When a bird captures your eye, or even a little butterfly
       you played jests and chased it around until
you tire, saving the rest to lay down with a cool sigh
   laughing at that little 'workout'
      and when the bright light dispels
knowing we must make our farewells
      You know not to feel alone, and rest assured me
that too and venture on home
Knowing we
      both were inseparable till night comes about
That's why I give you much of my light
      to not see you falter but flourish high as i vowed
dearly hoping to see you bloom
Poetic T Nov 2020
Can we hold a breath,
some are like dandelions.

The seeds may disperse,
  and we may try to clasp
             upon them.

We may tenure a few,
   but nevertheless
only certain animations
     may linger.

But even though we
   may lose so many.

The ones we have will
           grow, and even
though some dissipated
beyond our reach.

A flower of
   memories breathe on
in the wind
   flourishing brighter

                      than before.
Amanda Hawk Aug 2020
Tickling upon my skin
I feel myself bloom
As roots find themselves
Twisting, weaving within soul
Open my hands, palms up
I let the petals gather
Flourishing upon my tongue
I am my own garden
Find myself wandering within myself
For hours
Poetic T Jul 2020
A thorn is only as sharp
       as the vine it came from...

So let the flowers flourish over
                        the sharp words.

And let us learn that the smell
                of fresh morning blossom,
is always better than sharp words
Pricking blood from our  reflection.
rawr Jul 2020
the sun brightened the leaves
they were supposed to be green
that time you left, now they're tangerine
they wanted me to forget

i tried to make sense of it
but i'll never forget
you touched it, the white lily
it turned red when you said the words

the words that kept me
the flower in me that bloomed
did you know? it was mesmerizing
adored by many,

it makes sense
i'm the one in the vase,
the one you picked,
the one you tried to protect

fragile as it could be
still, you gave meaning to it
i know you'd understand

remember? it was i,
the one you love, the forgotten
but i will not forget

and this,
i promise you
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020

On Athens' chessboard
Olive tree bests spring water
Owl hoots victorious

This haiku is dedicated the Goddess, Athena.
Now I have a bit of a love hate relationship with her, some myths I find her awesome and some make me really dislike her.
But even so, now that Im older and reading more about her, I can say that Ive somewhat love hate relationship I have is fully balanced now.
I'm really enjoying this series, my list grows by the day!
Be back soon with more!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Jac May 2020
my dear, do not worry
too often
your flower is still young —
green, barely has it rooted.
the time will come
you will flourish,
as it will bloom.
pretty pretty flower that you are
NAL Apr 2020
The pieces beside you
are the ones you need
to have by your side.
The opposite end
are the enemies
you'll meet
through life.
This is the game of chess;
and it's your life.
To win, make a move.
To lose- you'll meet your
Life is a game, as chess is one too.
Where we gladly accept without fully
knowing what to do.
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