Poets will proffer a word creation
Pictures on the page of mankind  
Pouring forth imagination
Past greats all of literary rind

Over centuries till to-day
Our world reading from quills divine
Of the art in a mind's thought clay
Opus after opus gold to mine

Verse of romance lovers embrace
Verily spring's bloom tis beautiful
Victory won on the battle-front's face
Vying for lands e'er plentiful

Every composition a story
Each wordsmith of singular hand
Etching a mark throughout history
Ergo the masterpiece so grand


Trolaan, created by Valerie Peterson Brown, is a poem consisting of 4 quatrains. Each quatrain begins with the same letter. The rhyme scheme is abab.

Starting with the second stanza you use the second letter of the first line of the first stanza to write the second each line beginning with that letter.

On the third stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the second stanza and write the third each line beginning with that letter.

On the fourth stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the third stanza and write the fourth each line beginning with that letter.

Celestial Darkness spread out above
Rapidly a big bright star named Sun grew
Enticing the moon with it's bright white love
And from their union the stars did spew
Together they roamed hand in hand
Independent of each other and yet linked
Omnipresently shining on the land
Notable and succinct

a language ever unspoken
words that have no meanings until
they are printed on the pages of a perpetual knowing
a life lived in beginnings
a destiny of sunrises
a world ever in creation
a woman writing the birthsong of her dreams
she has collected like seashells on angelic shores
they were waiting to be discovered behind her green eyes

she pushes aside the layer of words
that capitulate to her wealth of lovely image
getting to the words spoken to her as the girl
getting to her written soul
where the implication of essence that becomes
the fragrance on which a heart may lay
sweet song to the listening soul
meaning of our lives...

I can see that smile in many ways
but I can only see you in your
expressions of your heartfelt wreathe
expressions of your art
true to who you are
in that creation you strive
who needs no other name than the song
that you cast onto the worlds waters
the very same song that upon which this poem thrives
that makes it live and breath in the summer breeze

I can see that smile many ways
but it is the listener who tells the tale
it is the lovers of images who purchase the wares
its the lovers of a world ever in the creation
who wear your words like a gift of sunshine

© 2017 mark john junor all rights reserved

Prismatic light
Emanating from within
Puncturing the dark

Your birthright
Sacred geometry skin
The original spark

Megan 5d

My body is an empty orchestra,
accessed by headphones –
a refuge from the outside world
in songs that I know all the words to;
and when I bounce my fingers around in the air
I can imagine that I’m playing piano in a crowded space.

Hold off on the multitudes
of noises and chatter
when I am in this place, alone, I am finding happiness in solitude,
like my friends are rhythm and lyricism,
they come to me in the coldness
of unhappiness, and teach me how to hum
my way to satisfaction.

I’m not me when I have headphones in,
I’m whoever I want to be;
an astronaut or award-winning poet,
someone who mimes along to already-famous songs
and pretends that they’re her own creations.

An infinity of genres
and sounds; magnitude like an earthquake
for my ears only,
good vibrations filling the empty air,
and nobody else can hear what I am currently believing in.

Faith, to me, is music,
because what else can make me feel such versatility?
Some simple chords and words
can make me laugh, dance, cry,
create worlds within myself,
a virtual reality that I can access any time –
I put on my headphones
and click play
and all my weakness feels secondary
to this game of life that I’m playing along with.

Daniel Magner Oct 11

A friend advised
that I find inspiration
in other creations,
to not let an example of pristine craft
dissolve the lashing of my raft,
and plunge me into the freezing waters.

This morning I woke on the banks,
felt yellow under my face,
behind my eyes.
I took the chance, the fleeting chance,
before it faded
and created

Daniel Magner 2017
Black Sep 29

His canvas is
     the clear blue sky
          His easel is
               the mountains.

His pallet is
     the ocean deep
          in hues of
               prismatic fountains.

His brush is
     made of clouds
          that form the span
               of angels' wings.

And all the sunsets
     you recall
          are works of art
               He flings

Upon the
               imagination knows.

And we should
     thank Him every day
          for the "art" that
               He bestows


Botal Khuli Hai Raqs Mein Jam-e-Sharab Hai
Woh To Khaliq Hai Banda Parwar Hai

The bottle is open and dancing is the glass of wine
He is the Creator and the Benefactor so divine

Sari Duniya Ka Rab-e-Akbar Hai
Mera Sarmaya-e-Hayat Na Pooch
Ek Saqi Hai, Ek Sagar Hai

God of entire creation He is so Great
On source of my life, what can I state?
Cup-bearer is One & Sole, and so is the bowl

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Colors of my imagination
Grow constantly within my mind,
Prosperous world I once created
Dragged into elder forces' fight.

The darkest matter of Ruination
Tries to destroy my universe,
But cosmic echoes of Creation
Have counterpoused their ancient force.

The oldest forces combat wildly -
There wasn't any fight like that,
The streams of power spinning blindly -
Arising essence of black shade.

The new stars' substance is arising,
From this new essence of pure dark,
Now millions of worlds are shining,
And billion fires have been sparked.

A thousand years passed after battle,
I ask its shadows (they're alive):
"How could chaotic fight to end up,
In giving birth to purest life?"

("We've witnessed universe creation,
We've seen a strength of spectral knights,
Bringing a life to new dimension
Requires energies' collapse...")

Shadows retreat - to constellations,
Last time I see the new worlds' light,
This picture - my imagination,
It's getting bleak like nighttime sky.

(inspired by Decrepit Birth and Blut Aus Nord)

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