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The making of every man begins before the union of the cell of his mother with that of his father; one thing leading to another

This always lies on strings of varied decisions which needs to meet in one way or the other for destiny to balance on in order to get to her creating destination

Before mine, some ***** went down the drain with some pain; a sign of womanhood and fertility

Before mine, some sea of men only flowed in and out because there was none in the house to recieve any of those cells to grow and make it out alive
So they returned a waste

At all those times when pulses elevated beyond normal and hormones of the souls which brought about my existence went busily crisscrossing each other to get the job done,
Those fallen ones were expendable decoys sacrificed to achieve emotional satisfaction

It was so, many times but my time was not cos destiny had it all planned and that plan got my batch to come at the right time

Scientists say it's the fittest and quickest that makes it out as another human but my case was so different

On that day
In the council of those brothers and sisters
The floor was given to each to and everyone to make a case on the reason to be the one to go out in flesh

We all had the opportunity and everyone made a case

Each one of them presented intellectually satisfying arguments backed by illustrations that made decision making a difficult one

Finally the platform was given me and the room was so quiet you could hear the even the humans outside at the time

"I don't have a thing I can say I'm going out there to do in particular", I said

"I'm representing you all"

"The educators, I will be there for you
The health enthusiasts ,your job will be done
The other humanitarians, am going out for you"

"The intellectuals, trust me
The musicians, your songs would be heard
The artists, I will be there to uncover your insights
The spiritual ones, the work is going to be done
The poet's  your works will definitely see the light of the days
The athletes and sports personalities, I will put in my best to represent you"

After everything, the applause said it all and the rest is history

Therefore when the going gets tough and giving up seem the easiest option, I remember I'm not here for myself
I'm a representative of a batch of brothers and sisters who never made it out alive

Though scientists say it was a race, mine wasn't

I didn't race, I was chosen
Carlo C Gomez Mar 13
descendants of those left behind,

they found fellowship with

a singularly brutal environment,

free roaming meanderers

of a crepuscular exclusion zone,

having trekked into

the camps of liquidators

to beg for scraps,

they nosed into empty buildings

and found safe places to sleep,

stopping at Café Desyatka

for some borscht,

the guides speak only of

visitor or occupant,

there are no tourists here,

only the genetically distinct
Mark Wanless Jan 22
what is a column  
of thoughts in the heaven of
mind our creation
Carlo C Gomez Jan 12
Trust the sun (she says)
her first rays when creation was young
and God's window opened outward
as a place of worship
born to be breathtaken
daylight imploring for companionship
and bleeding into itself
as it bleeds into the worshipper.

She notices that her own taste
in repeating patterns doesn’t mesh
with the apparently similar
patterns in Drakensberg
they obey a different logic, and the friction
between them generates
a fascinatingly ambiguous color.

Tinctured cathedral of time passing
on its first layer of stairs...
In homage of The Great Escarpment, a major topographical feature in Africa that consists of steep slopes from the high central Southern African plateau.
Kelsey Jan 3
My mind was made of moonlight and fresh strawberries
Of a sunset kissing the perfect G chord
The interweavings of dreams and earth
A push and pull kind of mentality
Suspended in air
Until the last breath falls
My words are glass,
Sleek and breakable but
Strong against the wind
I dont forget a face
Or a mental illness
My songs are a life of their own
My stories, a world incongruous with reality
I've been sewn together with slivers of ocean foam
I've been given eyes of the first winter breeze
I am incomplete
I hold the world in a box buried in my chest
Beating away
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2022
scarlet wind sails
upon an ultrasounding wave,
postcards from tiny islands;
nebulous, indefinable, floating,
fresh as a field
of crackerjacks;
nodding happily
from minute one,
celebrating the mountains
and valleys of being alive
in excelsis; irresistible and impish
in its understated insinuations.

SpiritHeart67 Oct 2022
They built a dam
to cut us off
from the Divine flow.
But like every dam,
if there is
enough pressure
and enough flow
and enough power
Enough energy,
first one hole
will appear,
Then another
and then another
and another
Until finally
there are so many
the wall
can no longer contain
that which it has attempted
to hold back,
And it will burst free
And it will flow again
As it once did...
Greater than all created things summed up
And multiplied by immortality,
The LORD attends to every buttercup
And blade of grass and bird and bumblebee.
The greatest knows the least; and every man
His every hair has been accounted for;
And all of him is fitted to God's plan
The earth and chosen people to restore.  
Everything's His to give or take or loan,
And nothing lies beyond His lone control.  
Everything's His, and every thing is known
By Him who sees all parts and every whole.
He understands, both root and all, and all
In all, the flower in the crannied wall.
Ryan Long Aug 2022
As the rain gently falls
The birds continue to sing
I think of the grace I have
All thanks to a mighty king

The trickle of the gutter
A quiet sound but not a mutter
The beauty of it all calms me
Stops my heart from its flutter
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