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Did Pythagoras create or discover his famous theorem?
A squared plus B squared equals C squared
— For a perfectly right triangle —
If created, well done.  If discovered . . . say your prayers.
Find a word,
Of inward,
Origin and
Hidden meaning,
He imagined,
A land of peace,
Of cleaned,
Out souls,
So ****,
Is gone,
Ego sin,
No more,
ALC 5d
She stabs the black object into the gorge,
of her victims now open body cavity.
She smears the blood as it follows her strokes,
Smearing the victim with shades of color.
Her tears roll down her cheeks
As she tries to control her sobs.
Each memory opens a fresh wound in her heart,
And she releases that pain with another anguishing
Another added detail.
She pulls back to see her work,
Looking down at her hands smothered in the blood,
From her weapon.
She smiles
Whipping away the freshly spilt tears,
Smearing colors across her face.
She admires the creation of her heartbreak.
-ALC November 15, 2018
An artists release is more gory then a crime scene, but it is also more beautiful
PoserPersona Nov 11
1 A halo of everything from the nothing.
2 Both seeds and grows space and cosmos.
3 Supernovas are but whimpers to the maker.
Bibby Nov 7
If Earth
Is ***'s clenched fist,
What are we giving him to hold?

In the beginning,
From blazing flames,
How did we-
Get so cold?
Just thoughts.
Our Pastor: "He is trinity."
Mom: "He is in abundance."
Dad : "Holly father."
Nana: "He is mysterious."
 But I, believe in us
Us: " The Universe , she is all Creations."
Men (as in male) can't be compared to the unknown spirits that give life to everything. Men are wicked, sacred, weak, evil. We can't even be compared to women in real life. This poem is not to be taken litterally as leberal to religion.... But had you ever asked yourself?
Lyn-Purcell Nov 6

I was made to

So sorry, there’s been so many things going on on my end...
There’s been more down than up and I needed a mental break to prevent another breakdown.
I’m sorry that I disappeared again.
I don’t mean to worry anyone.
I really truly appreciate you all and all the support given.
I hope you guys can forgive me...
Love you guys so much.
Thank you so so much for 257 followers.
It's amazing I even managed to get this far...
Lyn ***
I reside in the mouth,
Not attached to any particular *****,
As the rhythmic sound and its reason
As the right vibrations
That produce right thoughts and feelings
And as the heat that melts honey
And makes it flow to give immense joy.
I engage the mind
Filling it with ideas, pleasure and desires;
I determine and identify things.
Having created them
I reside in those four worlds,
In the clouds that hold water,
In the space where light reigns,
On earth which harbours death,
And in the underworld
Where darkness alone prevails;
I travel swiftly upwards
Vying with light and resound in space.
I am Speech
Formless as the air I ride.
I want to create silence with you
to know your crevices and patterns
your good intentions and bad habits
please be patient with me
I grew up learning to make a fortress out of my fears
to find comfort in inconsistency
I'm sorry if the way I built my walls ever makes it difficult to see
and if you don't want to stay say it now
because I'm starting to feel at home when you sit next to me
I'm not sure of much but I'm sure of you
James Study Oct 25
Endless creation
Vastness of dark breathless void
Unique existence
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