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Star BG 3d
Singing the songs of creation
heart expands outward
inside divine echo...
Melodies of peace.
Tunes of compassion.
Chorus’s of forgiveness.
Chants of joy.
Ditties of darkness.
Songs of sadness.
Hymns of light.
Ballads of memories.
Aira’s of dreams.
Anthems of love.

Inside songs of creation
heart lives vibrating
a song of forever.
The word creation sparked this poem
Two Cities, bitter enemies;
Two Cities, truest foes

The First was from eternity,
The Other from the shadow

The First descended from the sky,
The Other from the ground

The First had but a King on high,
The Other Creation crowned

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all…

Whoever architect
The Universe

At first
With a noble purpose
The Sun may have been made
The human may have been

Among human
They may have decided to gift
Some as an artist
Among Artist
With the soulful ink
Came Poet/Poetess

That time
Something may have gone
Most had writer's block
Most often

A moon may have been made
To amuse the poet/Poetess

Since then
They are musing
They are mused
Genre: Observational
Theme: Stimuli
What else can you see?
Other than displeasure
And the feeling of vexation.

A moment alone
In isolation,
And yet, what happened to your creation?

What happens when it gets to you?
The fever, the rage,
When you realise that nothing suits you, but a cage?

There is nothing created for you
You must embrace the solitude,
But what else could you do?

When you're feeling like being shackled
Without escape
James Crouch Sep 2
The sky was scarred by idle hearts
They fall as heavenly rain
Seeds that grow within the ground
They climb toward home again

Now the earth is covered by
Children in the dark
Inky night, chained to soil
Shattered into stars

For all I have within my soul
These things will flourish and grow
When the dawn pierces through
Striking through the snow

The paladin will venture on
To free his captured friends
To sever the anchor to hardened ground
They can fly away again
Elicia Hurst Sep 1
Sacrosanct sacrifices  
collide in a mirrored image.
There’s a dual grace in the anguish
as the High Priestess tears
a beating heart out —

It lures a half-crazed
Apollonian hymn from you,
harmonized to the devil’s interval,
for my repertoire of Dionysian dance,
attuned to ballet’s feral ceremonies.  
On the lunar stage of ecstasy,
we sedate and ******.

But how far do you dare to rival the muses?
“As far as it takes, and then some more.”
You say to me, in consummate hunger.
Or are we just fools drunk on nectar
in a tug of never-ending war?
April 2018
Will Bittner Aug 29
The eyes of God must look down in ecstasy
When He sees all He's made.
In the reaches beyond comprehension
His astral fingers stretch
Into the emptiness of wonders once born
And colossi long since dead
As the glowing limbs of seraphim
Stretch across the stars
Bringing light and wonder new to places oh so far.
James Crouch Aug 28
That scream
Makes me want to tear the world in half
It rocked me back within my mind
An hourglass that loses track of time

I feel my core is powerless
To fight the tide that pulls me away
For I am lost within it’s sound
It haunts my dreams and future now

May it be the last I hear
For nothing is close to ruptured fear
When those you love can only be
Furious at what it’s meant to be
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