Those eyes
So sad
So loving, loyal and true.
Who can resist that look
From a dog?

Best family member
Of the animal kind.
So devoted to his Mum and Dad
And even uncle.

No fickleness here:
Unflinchingly faithful.
Loving to run and fetch
For his master or mistress.
Even bring in the ‘paper.

See him jump for joy
As you grab the lead
That he’s brought you.
It’s “That time”…

If you let him,
He’ll lick you all over
Before rolling on his back
For a belly rub.
(And his Missus is just the same)!

But those eyes have it:
Bottomlessly sad
So you just have to give him
Strokes and cuddles.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\1\2018.

Inspired by Stacy's dog Vinnie. Another one for Dog Lovers such as Pat Jackson, Stacy Taylor Prev Crossley, Alecia Bamford, Jane Chaplin, Jo Edwards, Joan Priestley...

They say loyalty is the most important
I beg to differ


If you can't give me that
Then you have nothing to give me

Daytra Jan 13

I got this theory that this cycle
we are creating is one of a kind because the transfer is so sweet
sweet like the nectar from a honeycomb
Your spirit and energy talk to me as
my companion
my partner
I don’t wanna stay your girlfriend
I wanna be your wife
My mind runs a million times over
thoughts if you flooding in my frontal cortex
feelings of emotions and my heat rises for you
visions of that amazing smile will forever warm my heart
you got me all the way
I am the only beauty to his beast
my mind was always rushing
I used to tell myself that you would never unravel me
you have started to unravel
every last piece of my existence
the outcome that you will help me forge
will be the creation of us as one
This is what I see when I look at him
when he touches me
when I feel him
when he says he loves me
all at the same time
oh how I love him so
my heart has never felt all this joy
for a man that has experienced life
we have unlocked something so amazing in each other souls become one it's beyond this world

Ayesha Malik Jan 4

Why DO People Betray???
Why do they lead innocent souls astray?

How do they forget promises of yesterday??
Why do people betray ???

Why do they deceive?
Why do they cheat on their true lovers?
Why do people betray?

Do the betrayers haven't any heart??
If yes,
Then why do they break fragile hearts...
Hearts that are filled with
pure love and loyalty...
Why do people betray?

Can betrayers
keep themselves happy
when they've already snatched away
and smiles of the sweetest lips....
Why do people betray?

Why do they leave poor lovers alone crying ,
When they need them most?

By being so dishonest, selfish and mean....
How do the betrayers keep their conscience clean..???

Being hurt by someone you love is the worst feeling ever.The saddest thing about Betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.wounds of  Betrayal never heal..!

That tingle that starts from an electric spark
That tingle that sparks from a broken heart!

Thats new love!

TheseRoots Dec 2017

I'm a queen without royalty
Speaking of behalf of loyalty
We're turning on each other
Instead of standing with one another
To defeat all the evil that's brewing
Stand with your mother
Stand with your brother
Stay with each other
and stick together
I'm speaking on behalf of loyalty
Loyalty to ourselves
Loyalty to someone else
I'm a queen without royalty
Trying to get your attention

I don't react; its my fault
My relationships aren't in tact; its my fault.
I look in the wrong direction; its my fault
She's dreaming of anothers erection; its my fault
Now im unfaithful; it's my fault
I can't ever seem to be grateful; it's my fault!
Our dwindling quest is now upon completion; its my fault
Now i need to find another situation and its all my fault!

As i lay on my bed reminiscing!
Mohamed Nasir Dec 2017

How do you rate
the degree of your love for me

How do you rate
the strength of my loyalty

From 1 to 10

How would you assess
of love's sincerity

How do you measure
if my love is true

How would you rate me
if I had gone left you

In your lovely mind
and heart if you can find

someone to adore in me
of what would the score be

in those ever wise
discerning eyes

In you where do
I   stand
From  1

In character I may not be a 10. But in love I'm a 10 ha ha ha
Most of us would want to be rated but too shy to ask.
My Name Is Pexi Dec 2017

Truly and intense desire starts in the mind,
Not in the touch of a hand.

redberries Dec 2017

I value loyalty above all.

You stick by my side no matter what.

No matter good or bad, right or wrong.

Loyalty isn't agreeing with everything,
it is on your side, no matter what,
it is staying, knowing how wrong,
but believing one day would do right.

Loyalty is guidance, support and company
no judgements.

Like Alfred to Batman.

However, Alfreds are rare since the dawn of time,
I am grateful to have you,

but understanding betrayals.

No longer are you let into my heart.

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