It was 5am.
“You’re not sleeping?”
I woke up, electricity running up and down my arms,
I curl my legs up closer to my chest and hide under my covers.
I’ll be safe here.
I twist and turn, shake and rock.
Why didn’t you lie?
The bad thoughts keep coming back like magnets.
I wish you lied.
My bones are sinking into my childhood mattress.
“Here we go again,” I know this all too well.
It’s just a chemical thing.
So I’ll just try to get my head straight.
And in the meantime,
I’ll be missing you.
If you cared, you would've lied. right ?
Umi 5d
To its mistresses wish, the blade dances through till she has been pleased, leaving a mess by engraving the scars of death as a mark, Alike a shadow she does not crack, cavorting a masacre of cruelty,
Berserking she follows the orders, shedding blood in fountains of death and misery without chance for this rage to stop without order,
Emotionless, cold, time is for her to stop moving when her bloody devotion consumes her entirely, swaying in the dark, destroying,
Tortured with true or false everyone disappears, time flows again,
A phantom glides over the sea of blood, in a mist, scarlet red,
Observing this would cause a riot of emotions to rage in pure fury,
Her name already burnt away, as a new one was given to her after this rumpus had found its peak, leaving the mistress in bliss, joy,
Watching their attemps to flee as they reach their dying moments,
Until those who get to close have perished, nobody and nothing left,
Cricling karma surely will catch them, after this sacrifice is done,
Warm blood melts the left over snow, laughter echos and reverbrates through the unending seeming night, bells ring, it is only midnight.
In the end her loyalty and efforts, her energy and love for her mistress
Are but a bloody devotion

~ Umi
Dess Ander Mar 11
If I could buy loyalty, I would.
Name your price.
Meaby Pom Mar 6
I lay awake with her on my mind
This love, Im blessed for what I find.
She shimmies and smiles
When I stay a little longer.
These warm feelings I feel,
Oh, how they're growing stronger.
A genuine trust I think I've never.
A queen, who has experienced sonder.
A poem I write,
but may never send her.
No longer do I have to question it
No longer do I wonder.
Came to be in an odd way.
This feeling, We relate
But baby, with you I have it made.
But baby, with you I can easily say
I love you.
I swear it to be true
Give me all of you
I promise, you'll have all of me too
It is when he plays I hear it the best
My Brother, in life, in music, and breath
Back to Back, daily facing each other
Mirrored, two halves of our single Mother

Wields a guitar like a weapon of war
Cuts though bullshit like a man with a cause

Years of knowing our path is a journey
From tears to laughter, a lifetime's learning
I think, he knows - He questions, I answer
Dogs in the moonlight howling together

Binds words into songs, makes noise into gold
Everyone listens as the verses flow

He moves me to tears with his poetry
Thirty years in the Mine looking for peace
Fathers, Grandfathers, my Brother and me
Building a family as it should be

A family of equals, united
Lit from within, no shadows inside it

Terry Randell, bipolar, magnetic
My brother and muse to my aesthetic
We know what happened to bind us so tight
Both sides of a coin, a quantum device

In a Mother's death, a Father's absence
It was upon each other we fastened.
My younger Brother, Terry and I we are like Twins, but 3 years apart. We've lived together, worked together, drunk together almost all our lives and yet we have never run out of things to say. The Trust we have, and the Love and Trust we share within our Family is rich and binding. We have broken the old cycles and behaviour patterns into which we were born and built a strong and wonderfully varied Family. It is just us - We are ... Us!
Jen Snow Feb 27















Just Fade Into Dust






Oh! Medusa there you go sad and empty.
Roaming your museum of stones while
trying to understand what went wrong.
Disappointment and disillusion is all you have known.

Your beauty rivaled all the goddesses of your time,
which made them jealous of your mortal splendor and light.
The attention of all you commanded with your magnificent hair
as the soft waves of the calming sea.

Your face made men hungry for your virginity.
That warm look from your sparkle eyes,
manifested a storm of lustful pleas,
yet your faith you maintained and
rejected all that asked for your hand.

Worship your goddess of wisdom, courage, and strength.
You proclaim yourself solely to her.
Adulation was all that she would accept  
from a priestess of her name.

She abandoned you on that unescapable day
when Poseidon spotted you from afar,
and his lasciviousness he could not contained.
Ravished you in his sister’s place, while
closing her eyes in shame.

With a blasphemer anger and rage,
she blamed the victim for the desecration of her holiness.
But where was her strength and wisdom then?
Loyal to a patriarchal hierarchy; she remained.

Curse poor Medusa you were,
and soon a hideous monster you became.
Your skin transformed and lost its silkiness.
The light in your eyes faded as the waning of the setting sun.

Your beautiful hair turned to snake, and
let loose upon the world you were;
to entrap those that should look upon your face
as a reminder of your blame.

“Nothing of your story makes sense.”
Hunted you were for your horrendous deeds
for entrapping men cold at their feet.
How you must have felt at your end
when Perseus lopped off your head.
Did he think that you were to blame?

When you looked at yourself,
I wonder what did you see?
Did you see a monster or an innocent woman
at the mercy of those whom you relied upon?
I cannot imagine your painful existence
from servitude to scapegoat.

How responsibility is misplaced;
the weak accused, while the strong absolved.
I wonder how Poseidon felt at
the moment your head entered his realm.

Your voice has never been heard.
Your version of the incident never confirmed.
I guess you are the one who instigated her own demised
for how could you let, a god! assault you and not fight back.
The victims are always victimized by a system where power falls to selected few.
Mystic Ink Feb 23
All my life
I spend time,
to build the heaven

a pure form of,
sensibility, and

a time came
searched everywhere
knew, there is no divinity.
I started to worship
A Mask.
Gave life to it.
People termed it,

That’s why
At the time of dire need,
God neither,
Nor listens.
Genre: Alternate Spiritual
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
elizabeth r Feb 19
i handed you a gun,
so you could prove your trust to me.
but, instead,
you shot me straight through
and left me with a bloody, aching scar of you.
Mystic Ink Feb 17
During a day, the One
May rise or fall,
May found or lost,
May get strong or weak,
Like a slow dream
Sun greets us
With sincere smile.

What am I, talking about?
I never paid Sun for being so faithful
I doubt, you don’t too
Though Sun greets us
With sincere smile.

They say, Sun burns
They say, Sun heals
It’s not Sun making choices
It’s you, who decides.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
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