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Josephine 14h
You run your hand over my thigh. I look into your eyes and there's a galaxy above us. Stars are shining down on to us and I am blinded. Blinded not by the stars but by the look you are giving me. Baby I surrender to everything that is you.
Trust on the road,
walking by the riverside,
crossed some trees,
and sat on the pile of rocks.

He saw loyalty walking by,
and out of curiosity asked her,
what made you visit this site?
what made you to be here?

Loyalty replied
"no matter how i am crumbled or twisted,
my devotion won't ever wither away,
i came here to soothe my mind and soul,
not to let you alone and ever to troll"

Then the trust gave a smile,
mustered up his courage and said
"I am not fragile.
I lost my way in agitation.
I became a bait to misconception.
i was thinking as a broken trust,
where i should have followed Satisfaction."
Crafted with preciousness

She is a living Museum
Reflecting kindness, loyalty and love
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Through My Eyes
I was asked,
What interests you?

With clear insight
I’m interested in
Purity of Life


It was a different story
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Maturity
you're like a dog
running back to its owner
the owner who first abandoned it
back to the owner who abused it
having loyalty to all the wrong things
faith in all the wrong places
love for all the things that hurt them

you don't want her to consume your thoughts
to fill your dreams, your nightmares
so instead, you make her your muse
you write about her in messy blue ink
you let her come back to life on the paper in front of you
just to see her dance one more time

you are like a dog
loyal to all of the things that hurt you
this is from months and months ago, but i found it while stumbling through old writings with b, so i thought i would share
Kim Essary Aug 28
People come and go in  your life, some you set free.
Sitting as I look at your empty  chair across from me.
Your not there anymore, it's hard for me to see
I will never understand why you walked out.
Is this what love and loyalty is All about?
You promised me things would always be the same
Now a broken friendship and it's me who gets the blame .
20 years of friendship, all the laughter, joy  and pain.
We have been each other's rock through the sunshine and the rain.
You saved my life that night when you found me all alone.
If you hadn't come for me nobody would have known.
9 days you spent in ICU lucky you weren't dead
Who would have thought it was me saving your life instead.
I'm missing you my friend today and all the days  that's past.
I'm sure I'll miss you all the days to come as well, just how long does this hurt last?
I fought so long and so hard for you to be free.
I couldn't stand the thought of you spending life in prison, now you've walked away from me .
I Pray you never forget the friendship and love we shared.
We had a friendship most everyone searched for but never compared.
I'll close my words with one ssßß goodbye to you my dear friend
I'll cherish our memories I just wish this wasn't the end.
Losing someone in your life over nonsence truly hurts
There was this girl,
She was known by people
She was perfect
Atleast, in the eyes of everyone.

If she flip her hair
Everyone will love her.
If she smiles
Everyone compliments her.

This girl is the best for me
But I was not the best for her
I fell in love,
We played a game
Then it ended
After I discovered who she really was.

Everything seemed so perfect,
But there was a mistake.
She had nothing but a time she always wants.
And I do have her,
But I do not own the love that I wanted.

I have been asking myself,
Do I have to care for her,
If she keeps hurting me?
Do I have to love her,
If she can't love me back?

My heart is breaking,
My hands are shaking,
I couldn't take it any longer.
My mind was thinking,
But I couldn't explain what I truly feel.
Is it right that she left me?

If she did not love me,
And if I didn't too,
Then we'd just destroy each other.
'Cause we both know,
That none of us deserved each other.

I don't need her now
But I want her back.
So I can sing the songs I have written...
For her,
When I was still in love.

I can't explain what I feel,
And she won't be able to feel it.
Because I forgot all the lyrics,
To the songs I have written for her.
And the lyrics that could've explain that,
We're now burned to dust.
And it was all about you being perfect.
Hidden Message: They were not meant for each other.
​i look away
with tear-stained eyes,
shut off my phone
but still remains your lies.​
​and who am i
but a broken girl alone,
staring in the mirror
only skin and bone,
miles away from home
miles away from "home"
i never needed to be treated like royalty,
all i asked of you
was a little
is loyalty
rarer than
HTR Stevens Aug 22
Blessed is he who has a guiding friend:
To walk with him till life’s rough journey ends;
To share his sorrows and to share his joys;
‘Midst this strange world’s noise – this familiar voice
Cheers his faint heart when he is feeling low;
Stands by him tho’ the world counts him a foe;
Laughs with him when his youthful spirit soars;
Loves him for what he is with all his flaws;
Blessed are these two –who walk hand in hand;
The road is less rough – to the promised land.
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