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Melody Mann Dec 2022
Infinite was the reservoir of love she poured for him,
Abundant was her acceptance for the imperfections he held,
Tireless was the pursuit of her loyalty,
Wasted was her time on a man momentary.
And so they asked' bruh
What is love?
And then I said... thus...
Love is an unexplainable trago-chemical curse ******
into your heart leading to a kinda shock
That neither ABC nor CPR can resolve
But instead of dying... you hearts keeps fighting
And instead of crying... your eyes keeps igniting
with lights that's almost blinding
See, what I'm implying....
Is though love strucks like lightening,  it still feels exciting

Pretence, judge, privacy, remorse
Nah, love is far from stuff like such
Love is the brother of loyalty and trust
The great grandpa of affection and lust
Who happens to be the uncle of honesty and Wisdom
And right next to the wall of love
Lives  heartbreak and hurt
Even though they're not related by blood
The same boundary engulfed their hut 🏠

But see, even at detriment of abuse and insult
And when the whole world connive
to bring love distress and strive
True love thrives and survives
All the tempo of life
True love is the upgrade of Love and Like
Yea, I said love and like cos they're alike

Love is immortal; it never dies
Love don't give up; it don't say goodbye
And even if it gets weak; it play back the golden times

Love  attracts enmity; unlike water đź’§
But like Leonidas and em 300 Spartans; love don't falter
Yea, love slaughter; any obstacles that tryna taunt her
to Moses and Samson in the bible; Love is stronger
Even box to box; Tyson Fury wouldn't last a quarter

Love don't lie, love don't hide
Love ain't fly, but it touch the sky
Love don't cry; love don't deny
Love don't oblige to picking side
Love don't die; love survive
Love don't sly when bad time arise
Love ain't man; but its arm is open wide
Like clouds up in the sky, love dont lack supply

Love is philanthropic; love don't deal in hate
White or black; love won't discriminate
If you're rich, and I'm not; love won't disintegrate
Love will share with you every grain in its plate
Love is transparent; no tricky games
Love don't give space for hate to lay
Love don't hibernate; it's brain is wide awake
Love don't stray from the right-filled way

Love forgives, love don't seek revenge
Love repent wholeheartedly; love don't pretend
Love don't hold grudges; yea, love dont resent
And when its blood boils hot; it clicks reset
Loyalty and honesty is what love do pledge
Love is trust; love don't set cunning tests
Love believes; it don't need evidence
God is what Love represents
My Dear Poet May 2022
I will follow you
whereto you roam
I will follow you
all the way home
down the road
up the hill
along the river
by the mill
past the tin shed
that old shoe store
till I follow you
and go no more
to an open field
where a path unpaved
with stones unsealed
leads to your grave
kat Apr 2022
she waited for him at the station.

heart full of hope, thoughts full of love and their plans of escaping together. she waited and waited, but not as long as she awaited his loyalty for their promised future.

he waited for the train.

smile on his face; dreaming of her brown pools that pulled him in a trance, stars dancing and twirling within them as did he whenever he got lost in those doe eyes.

the train raced along the tracks, a cool breeze fanning his face as it cruised through until it slowed and finally stopped.

he boarded the train, holding onto the pole and staring at each passing object as the train begins to speed off. the ride just begun, but he had no idea what was in store for him.

the first stop arrived faster than usual, and in it he saw them—in the puppy love stage, where things were rushed but neither he nor her paid attention to it. where in their eyes, neither could do any wrong.

deception in disguise, love in their eyes—but still a bit unwise, to see their soon to be demise.

the second stop comes and this time the train stops abruptly, rather than slowing inch by inch before completely stopping. again, he saw them—but he recognized this stage because it was a scene he was quite familiar with. times are rough and their love is tough, and he wasn’t strong enough to see it through. in her eyes, all that was seen was him. in his eyes was spotted the reflection of another woman.

deception in disguise, his eyes dressed in lies—all she could do is cry, “i don’t want this love to die.”

anxious and filled with guilt, he began to tap his foot in an attempt to calm himself down.

the third stop never had an opportunity to display, for he walked off before he could see what state they were in. he chose this stop, and in it was a world without her. he couldn’t possibly stop his womanizing ways. silly girl, what made her think he would?

his intentions were never to stay with her, in fact this station was close to the next girl’s house.

she waited for him at the station.

unsure if she was waiting for him or his loyalty—in the end, it didn’t matter.

he never came.
Zywa Jan 2022
It's best to marry

someone who will not hurt you --

when you get divorced.
"AuĂźer sich" ("Beside Myself", 2017, Sasha Marianna Salzmann)

Collection "Ya, a tightrope walk"
Erin Dec 2021
From broken Morse code
It's hard to convince your mind
That I cared for you
I wish you knew from the start
humankind is loyal to mankind
humankind is humankind loyalty
loyal is loyalty to mankind
loyalty is a honor of loyalty
loyalty is a honor of mankind
to honor loyalty is to honor mankind
respect is in honor of mankind

respect is in honor of respect
mankind respect is humankind respect
mankind respect is humankind honor
mankind respect is humankind loyalty
glory is glory of honor
glory is glory of humankind
humankind is glory of humankind

mankind glory is humankind glory
mankind is mankind glory
defeat is defeat of humankind
defeat is defeat of glory
glory defeat glory
glory honor the defeat of glory
honor, honor the defeat of honor
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about the satisfaction of glory and respect. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
When I die, bury me on my belly
Lay me down flat, below those above
So when I’m gone, they’ll know
I never turned my back
on the ones I love
Enough is enough
Don't tell me there is true love
No, I don't wanna hear such a disgusting stuff

True love should be independent
Wholeheartedly aligned; not indented
Lovers shouldn't feel indebted
For the love they co-invented

"I love you to the moon and back"
"The stars are the witness to our...
rhythmically beating heart"
"For you only; my heart' beat forth and back"
Well, all those might just be brutal lies
Lies and lies; until those lies have no more space to lie

Okay; tell me; what is this thing called love
Isn't it the combo of loyalty and trust
Accompanied by stuff like affections and such
Why do we still search for more;
Shouldn't love be sufficient for us?

Well, love doesn't always stand true
Cos' everyone you give you heart to
Will break it in different way
Some will break it into two
Some will trap it to a close-edge cage

Some will throw it into the wildest zoo
Some will manufacture hell out of you
Some will shatter it to the tiniest atom
Some will turn it to the sourest alum

At the end of the day
You will find, that love is two-faced
Cos' it tends to not be enough
When it isn't beneficial at all

When you fall in love
You'll become a sage
The sky above
changes to a poetry page
And then you'll see
The stars as ink
Forming galaxies
Of rhythmic rhymes.

Your lovers' smile
will give you wings to fly
Looking to her pair of eyes
Will feel like paradise
A kiss from her
Will make your plane crash-land
Without being harmed

She/He'll be all your need
at that time indeed
But soon you'll find
That love for cash
And stuff that shines
Supersedes all of that
Especially if you aren't a good looking guy
With urbanic style

And she'll leave you behind
For that good-looking guy
And become the wife
Of that corporate guy
Who's got phat yard
At the country side

And then; you'll be there
Feeling despaired
Towards yourself

But all I want to say is this
Love Isn't always what it seems...
Sometimes; it's overrated
Sometimes underrated
Love is way beyond
Kisses and touch(es)
There's this emotional bond
That can't be swayed
by anything you can name
The feelings that you can't survive
If she isn't a part of your life

So, did you feel like that
When you say he holds the key to your heart
And when you stare at her
Do you feel like Aargh; she's a paradise on earth
Do you love her more; than you love yourself?
Do you feel secure; when he wrap you around himself

Does he make you feel safe and secure?
And she' the sunshine in human form?
Do you taste forever on his curl lips
When your two hearts clipped
Does he arouse you mentally
Does she inflame you spiritually

If she makes you feel more
Than you ever thought you was
And he prioritise you above
Every creature in his world
If he does; then I'll conform
That; that is true love
Will it weigh on your mind,
will it weigh on mine,
what happens when unfaithfulness goes unpunished,
it happens when you love from a distance,
couple that with time,
do feelings remain?
probably will fade,
you'll love another,
forget about me,
don't lie,
I've seen it happen,
multiple times.
It breeds uncertainty
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