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Brumous May 14
Rich, powerful,
with stunning beauty of a goddess,
That's you.

Yet, I do not hold any permanent loyalty.
I give them to anyone I see fit,
and you---are not worthy of that luxury;

"Not anymore."
Sometimes loyalty isn't my cup of tea, they are wasted too many times for me to count.
Palpebra May 9
for once
i want
to flaunt
my scars
cross all
the bars
fall to rise
forget all
the pain
be a little
let go of
the arctic
the perfect
just be me
small stature
with a messy bun
a difficult nature
the weird one
lose fitting shirts
hell no to skirts
no hint of concealer
i'm not a revealer
yes i'm boring
yes i'm lame
but if loyalty is what
you're looking for
then i'm game
Renae May 6
I've seen the news
seen what's on TV
Listened to music
looked at you, looked at me
I learned
all about our history
The only light I see
is in the books,
songs &  letters
written to you and me
They've survived
through centuries
telling us what's to be
No, anxiety can't get to me
I rest peacefully
my mind is at ease
for the illumination is
brighter than it used to be
The writings on the wall
the picture is clear
It's never been easier to see
He cannot cheat,
he will not lie
There's no more time to cry
he will wipe every tear from our eyes
Kim Essary Mar 30
Today I sit remembering all the memories we made and how we planned to make so many more
I have never lied to you nor will I start today, I am scared as hell of the thought of losing you it rips my heart to the core
You will never know what you mean to me and how much I need you to stay
I have been on my knees Praying that God gives you another day:
You are so much closer to the road you want to be on, I want to see your dreams come true
I want more than anything to have that walk on the beach just me and you:
So see you have to pull through this , there’s no other way
We have so many more memories to make Dear God I’m begging you,  Please let it be your will to let her stay:
I can’t see me doing life without my best friend by my side
Lord I pray to you give her strength through all these tears I have cried :
I know you can make miracles happen so if you have any to spare
Please use it on my best friend Dear God for I don’t know what I would do without her there.
Praying for my best friend to pull through
"...God's name in creatures,
hid in wonder mystery
that spelt inversely..."
Freddie and Max

_whenever it feels so tiring, when it seems the world is smashing down after a cloudburst, of course even through all the *******._

Let courage uphold. The ability to sustain negative effects is bravery. honesty and integrity, loyalty delivers from slavery.

When we can't get moving, we get growing.
Maitsholo Feb 3
It introduced itself
Its personality was charming
Its character was fun and great
Overall it was sweet

They fell for it

It was fake
It was an imposter
The real one went everywhere with
its brother Commitment
and its sister Loyalty

In the end
They fell with it
It only needed a partner in crime
The reason people fall apart once they've fall in love. It was never real coz commitment and loyalty was not there from the get go
on the route of longing, i met you
don't know where you are now; where are you?
my hands are covered with silver sweat
and i am looking for a soul mate

how long will we overlook each other?
at which day will we unite like halves
that become an entirely new creature?
in the moment of sweet oblivion...

the streets are overfilled with ***** beings
are you one of them? are we two of them?
i'm looking for unreal love, you know
just for an idea, maybe for a mate

the difference is located in our greed
the golden lion with the twinkling mane
was roaring me into the land of dreams
is this a correct sentence in english?

can you help me to find you? how?
it's unbearable to be lonely
isolation is a grey, howling wolf
an animal, too close to me, go away

of longing and greed is this poem
its first part revolved about drugs
the second part is about you, babe
if i could only spot you in the masses

will we arrive together at the beach?
you know, in this old hut, close to the waves
it's always warm there, baby, every day
a nice place for kids; an arrival's place
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