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Samael Oct 12
**** all these other *******
These stitches
These tricks 'n hoes
You're the only one I want
You're the one I chose
After the last one, this needs to work...
uno, dos, tres
am I just stressed?

I used to believe everything we all have is equal
the moment you put a greater sign to everything,
I defended it's normal.

I told the rest they were blinded by anger, am I no different when I side with a closed eye and felt triggered.

To the rest let us not be stressed, for he who plans the rest.
I wrote this because I understood that a lot of my friends felt like they're so different from the rest. But, let us not be negative about difference because that is what makes us unique and special, to all the people out there live weird because we only die once.
ShininGale Oct 19
I knew and I still know.
I knew that I didn't belong when we were still a circle.
I still know that I don't even in the hemicycle.

It doesn't matter if were whole, when every step feels like a broken glass that is scattered all over the place.

when you thought that having a lot is many, learn from master oogway... "the more you take, the less you have".
friends are great but honesty is the best.
Nina Oct 11
You told me to give you time
Because the past girls in your life changed you
I understand
You have trust issues

So i waited
Willingly i waited
I even told you
I'll wait til you're ready

But i realised that i was waiting for nothing
Because you did nothing

You told me to wait for you
But you never once bothered to try

I waited for you to open the doors of your heart
I waited during the bad days
The heavy rain
The cold nights
You never let me in once
Nor be there with me

So i guess i can never make you trust me
Despite how loyal i was even when we are thousands of miles away
I waited for you
But you never cared

I was the fool that thinking making i could make you trust
Make you open the door

But I couldn't
You never wanted me
I wasted my time
And yet
Here i am
Still waiting
Even though you're long gone
If it's not true
It wouldn't have felt so hard
And never thought he/she could be
So cold
If you haven't poured your heart
Till it's dry
You don't know what it's like
Free fall from the height
Balance shift
Something isn't right like
Silent calm before the storm
And you know the rest
Thus far

Still he/she asked again,
"Should I believe in destiny?"

At the right time
A right place
No other choice
What tomorrow brings
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Good night dreamers, Good morning doers
Merope Angel Oct 9
Strawberry scented temptation
I want to make you for dessert
Instead I blow out the candle and
Let my ears fill with smoke
Pardon me please
And bravely spit out
That you do not want me

Since the very day I cast eyes on you
You became my ***** friend

You played king
And I played slave
You played head
And I played feet

My ***** doors
were forever opened to you
But your ignorant heart
Bothered not walk into

You played spotlight
And I played brink
You played sun
When the world was awake
And played moon
When the world fell asleep
You played stars
And I played telescope

Pardon me please
Why did you leave me for Mrs.Prejudice?
Why did you leave me for Mr.Pride?

Pardon me please
And do not pass over beside me
When you file for divorce.
Bethink! my ***** friend
and hike back into my heart.
Forever yours
Mitch Prax Sep 7
I don’t owe
anyone my respect.
respect must be earned,
not assumed.
Don't trust anyone who says
that they respect you-
I need to see that
in action.
ShadowSpy Aug 31
Hope lingers in the dust
Death lurks behind the darkness
Faith rests ahead
Tragedy follows from afar
Loyalty clears your path
Pain pulls you back
Simon Aug 23
There was once a King and Queen of both abnormalities who struck fear in each other's eyes! This was certainly a pleasurable experience and outcome for them both. Simply because they both didn't know what one or the other's personal mere "abnormality" was even about. Nor, what it even was... Because whatever one or the other had (prematurely on both each other's awareness's from never knowing of the actual "truer" whereabouts) on simply acknowledging the other's efforts were in fact...futile! This very futile fact is what made knowing of the other constantly "infatuated" with one another! (And what secretly lead into the marriage as both "a king and queen of both abnormalities"!) Because one day for the very first time (in like)...FOREVER.... They both came to actually appreciate one another's abnormalities as a mere blessing...then an actual curse. Which was what they both (respectfully between one another) once thought since the very beginning. Completely oblivious to essentially not knowing that there was a very hidden "blessing in disguise" in the form of a pure miracle! Just waiting to be "blossomed" for ALL too see fit!
Glory and power isn't both obstructed by the mere curse of one another's interactions within each other's personal bubble! It's how one's inner feelings come out for both to essentially appreciate, altogether. Then for it too constantly "bash" on one another, because both finding out they were meant to be together...since the very beginning! Essentially is what blinded them first light!
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