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Siyana Sep 29
Let me hold onto you
mindless of the weight of the world
and the untold truths...
Please be my shoulder to lean on
when things get too much and life gets rough,
i just need to know that I can count on you...
copykitten Sep 29
Darkness, shadows
They've never been his foes
Lurking around as he goes
Even to his death it follows

What's that thing with no nose?
Nobody ever knows
But only to him it ever bows
To others it shrieks and claws

Drowning alone in his sorrows
And all his miseries and woes
Waiting silently for tomorrows
As older and older time grows

He wanted nothing of those
Poisonous as black widows
Repulsing all that knows
Leaving him alone and lost

It wasn't darkness he chose
Looking at a candle that glows
It just felt like blows
And his heart hollows

He tried putting on shows
But they never lasted long
He ends up standing alone
Wrapped in ashes and smokes

One day he's had enough
And he shut his door close
From his one, loyal ghost
Till at some point it finally goes

That was when time froze
And when he finally knows
That a shining star only glows
Inside the deepest, darkest jaws

Oh, the insults he throws
Not to his woes and foes
But to those loyal as dogs
How he regrets them most!

But one thing he can't oppose
The line of present he can't cross
copykitten Sep 28
Can you recall everything I’ve said to you?
Can you tell me the things we used to do?

Tell me a story once more
About whomever we have been before

Sing me to sleep with your sweet lullaby
And kiss me with your love that doesn’t lie

Vow to me that you will never ever change
Though these words will sound strange

Promise me you’ll stay with me forever
Stay up late and laugh together

Run through the forest and get lost in it
Fields and rivers, coming home with grit

These days might be insignificant
And I know that you are now different

Both of us chasing a different aim
Despite everything, my love stays the same
sara Sep 25
You are in my dream,
clear as day,
almost in reach.

I am running towards you,
your arms are open,
there is that rare smile on your face.

I did it,
we are almost there,
its not that long.

A clock falls from the sky,
ticking slowly,
the one thing keeping me from you.

keeping me from waking up next to you every morning,
keeping me from holding you,
keeping from protecting you.

I'm still there,
as close as I can be with the obstacle in my way,
but I cannot do anything else but stay there wait.

I am waiting for the time to pass,
I see you fade away slowly,
I sit there wondering if your image will last.

Time is plentiful,
but days I get to be close to you,
they are limited.
I know stronger men have come before me, but you know that i got you.
My desire for you is strong
My heart beats for your heart,
Like drums of war.
I'm at war, for you.
I'll fight for you, for us
I got you.

I know i no get Range Rover, but you know that i got you.
No amount of cows could carve leather as soft as my touch
My kiss
My feelings.
No amount of massage seats will ever come close to the sensation
Of my finger prints stained all over your body
like a crime scene.

I know
That i don't wear designer
But you know i got you.
The design of my heart is pure
My love for your soul is top grain.
it's hand stitched by the angels themselves.
The universe conspired, the stars aligned.
You're free my dear, to search far and wide
but you'll never find quality like this.

I got you.
F A Pacelli Sep 12
i will scream and fight 
i will stay silent and brood
i will suffer and hurt 
but my love will never die
my heart will not yield
Skye Varjak Sep 11
You once claimed
That I helped
I made your world
Less bleak
Less lonely
More warm

Since you've started hanging out your friends you need my presence far less
In many ways this is good
Im glad your friends also make your world
Less bleak
Less lonely
More warm

I cant help to notice they are all females
And all in your bed

I feel far less special now

In your world they
Colorize and brighten
Make you feel welcome in your skin

In mine they make it
Cold and dull
For I can never compare to them

Or maybe its you who makes my world this way
I am
With flaws
With fragile heart
A sensitive soul

I believe you
You will
Never break
Let's face it together

I am
Not as decent
As you thought

I believe you
You are the One
I can blindly
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Sincerity
Eric Angels Sep 6
Pain is the purest form of pleasure
She's the source of mine.
But I await her, patiently...
Like a sailers lover awaits a bottle message by the sea shore..
Not knowing whether the winds and tides were kind or not
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