When they ask I’ll say
I didn’t go anywhere
Because I didn’t believe I could

I’ll tell them that my hollow promises
Although, tethered to good intentions
Were only a chasm of misdirection

I will speak on how our appetite
Wasn’t an insatiable craving
Rather an agent of dodging our realities

That the bounty of gifts and
Assuredness of future company
Cannot abate the 13 hundred miles

When they ask I’ll say
That the madness of two
Wasn’t sacred or shared

I’ll clue them in on how
Connections are opaque
And being ironically self-destructive isn’t fun anymore

I might say that I knew you
But you forgot me
Because there’s well-dressed guys in every college town.

A queen was new
where she's vividly in blue
only hands read nine then
these real story escapades must always begin
their allure and beauty with skin
and the final stroke aft-midnight again
whether she was hedge hunting indeed
semantically dialed her phone there in need
and endowed her own again tonight.

The Silence Apr 6

What does it really mean to betray someone?
What if the someone means something to you?

"Friends don't go behind friends' backs to talk about them"

But that simply isn't true.
Human nature of relationships is crossing lines and building walls.
These wounds can be healed.

A true friendship has its ups and downs.
A true understanding has flexible limits.

A true betrayal occurs without reason.

For the common good of others.
And the protection of what's right.
To push aside the hypocrisy.
And to sacrifice yourself.

This is what draws the line.
Separating the right and the wrong choice.
To see the outcome before the strike.
Thinking through each move you make.

Holding on until the end.
To not betray someone called friend.

Spelz Mar 26

In the third eye of symmetry
Never mind the strings of beauty (words)
If the outcome is poetry


So long as man dreams

Never mind hymns of danger
If you're moving on heroically

Such is a poets causality.

He knows not the construct of words from ordinary men. They lack structure, rhyme and purpose. They are the ramblings of those who can not see,
Those who cannot feel
And those...
Those he cannot be.

Vyscern Mar 20

My past was always blurred,
From when I was a child
All I knew from others was
I was angry, reckless, wild

I've recently learned the truth,
My eyes are growing wide
As the barrier within becomes
More a longer, broad divide

How do I love my parents
When two were not mine?
The other two were always gone
And this barrier just won't die

Biology didn't dictate
That she would ever try
When depression caught and set in
All she saw was failure, alive

Behind closed doors, physical
Or within her mind
She shut herself from me
From the world, alone she cried

But I cannot forgive
You were supposed to be there for me
Too young to understand her marriage
Didn't stop her cheating

Step Father didn't do much,
Believes her every lie
Made it the world of his past
But neither did he try

Father on deployment,
So the connection isn't there
I see it as a friendship
And it is too heavy to bear

Step Mother was a saint,
Made me fit again
But I have no love for her
Just respected as a friend

It's a hole deep inside of me
Like acid to my heart
My mother never tried,
And that tears me apart

Feeling so unloved, alone,
In sorrow
And although I have three houses
Not one of them is home.

Truth hurts... it disturbs me that... this is me...

Time is an illusion
Unveiling the deception
Of hate.
Hiding behind walls built by vanity.
Bricks of insecurities concealed broken hearts.
Shattered into a million pieces creating a
Puzzle that longs to be put back together again.
A wound heart becomes a cold petrified incarcerated soul.
Imprisoned by fears love can't exist.
Because love is infinite and fears give boundaries that reflect deception. Because it causes people to hide their true feelings.
True love has no limits.

Kenya83 Feb 28

You'll never have known a love so true
than the love of a dog when he loves you
The wag of his tail that wags just for you regardless if your happy or blue
He'll greet you every morning and stick to you like glue
He'll follow you around as though you are brand new
He'll never tire or get bored of his lot
For in his mind he's hit the jackpot
Cuddles on the sofa or walkies in the park
Curled up by the fire after a scrub in the bath
He doesn't care for material gain
He'll forgive you quick and he'll ease your pain
He'll look at you with love
best mates you'll forever remain
If he sleeps on his back with his legs sprawled in the air
You know he feels safe and loves his place
He doesn't feel vulnerable or insecure with you
He knows you're always there picking up his poo
He may be cheeky and he may be rude
But when it comes to the important stuff he's the coolest dude

For Teddy
Manuel Hutchinson Dec 2016

The hourglass is turned over,
Time is ticking,
Heart is beating.
What will be our fate
When we finally glide past the moon, up to the stars
We don't even care about time,
Let it fly by.
Because the sensation of 1 beat
Can last minutes,
There will be no finish cause time froze at the highest peak of the second.
This one of a kind feel,
This girl,
Has sealed,
This once broken heart.
With every moment
I spend
My heart beats for seconds, hours, minutes.
Time is ticking,
1 sand drop,
2 sand drops,
3 gun shots to my heart
Which I would never thought be affected by, time.
My mind was combattled with a great feeling that lasted a millimeter of a second.
She played around, confused.
But somehow, I thought patience
Would lead on to eternal life with you.
Behind every truth &' lie
I realized, that you wasted my time..

Bikey the kid Feb 23

The silence is deep and it creeps on my lips
The crisp cold of your breath rips me to shreds
I dance with your pain and play with your ideas
We imagine a future, one thats hard to see in a mirror
As we close our eyes and pray for the torture to subside
I cant help but to remember why this all worth while

You leave me breathless

My love, this torture is killing me. I want to give up, but when you look at me in that way you do, you leave me breathless.
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