Tinatanong mo
Kung bakit hanggang ngayon
Wala parin ang tiwala ko sa'yo.

Para masagot,
Ito ang itatanong ko sayo:
Ang taong nasaktan na noon,
Gusto po bang masaktan muli?

trying to make poems from my native tongue. i just realized how sweet and sincere it sounds once formed poetically

This leather bag and I,
we've tasted a bit of the world
on dirt trails and city sidewalks,
inside cars, buses, and planes.
This leather bag and I have done battle together.
We've struck intellectual blows in classrooms,
and we've celebrated success in board rooms.
The bag and I even laugh about that time
it blocked a drunk's fist aimed at my kidneys.
Few people believe in the loyalty of a bag.
They seek devotion, love from other people,
only to suffer great disappointment.
This leather bag and I,
we're the best of friends.
That's how it is
and that's how it will always be.

True love story

she was who i loved
her heart was adored
she was the one that i showed
whatever could not be told

but when truth became hollowed
and reality was scheming
a ghost from above
drowned me in midnight

she prayed for the lights
and had thoughts about those she cared
and i couldn't believe
i was never there

Cné 7d

Friendships come and friendships go,
some may wither, some may grow.

Some die from a careless word
and some from rumors one has heard.

Some fail when "connections" die
and some die from a toxic lie.

But some are nurtured from the start
by "fertilizer" from the heart,

loyalty and "being there"
when others fail, when they should care.

So, as a friend I'd truly be
always listening, if you need.

For a friend that's going through a tough divorce...
Some1 7d

You don't even have  tiny possibility to dream me
Like all against me
Time and another people around
You are caring them
They steal you from me
Don't you see ?
I am standing ...I am strong ..still
When ground seems being ruined under my feet
I am watching straight ahead
I try to take my sight away from what is around
Don't think my eyes are not sharp
They are
My feet  are strong
And I feel even the lightest touches of wind
With my neck
I see picture in front of me...When no one sees
And I am painting it ...I still doing it
Like stubborn artist
Maybe talented a bit
My hands may trembling
And strokes are not smooth much
But I don't care
I have paints
So I'm drawing
I'll draw even when one colour will be left
Someone says "pathetic"
I'm trying to be silent while doing it
I'm trying not to disturb anyone
Love is been making in silence
No attitude is needed
Only your and mine
And it is more than enough

Julie C Smith Jul 12

Why is it that I can't walk away at all costs
Why do I love the people who hurt me the most?
My sincere heart can't seem to get
Through to these voices in and out of my head

Why don't you show me enough
How much you love me, how much you adore me?
Tell me I'm the best, I need proof
Of your love
Come on, don't frown, how can you not smile when I am around
But whenever you need me I'm not to be found
You don't show me your feelings, you may not have any
That I might hurt them, no way, that can't be

Stop being so doubtful and just talk to me
I'm as loyal as a faithful girl can be
If you can't see my love for you
I can only wonder if yours is true

I learned a lot since I wrote that poem and now I'm just feeling thankful.
BSeuss Jul 9

Welcome to gorilla garden.
King Lions roam like lone wolves,
Some wolves are crowned like the head of their pride.
Few bears are curios, like your common cat.
Some giant killer kats are kind,
Some giant kats aren't killers.
A bear can sound like a dog barking, a cat purring, or you might barely hear a crow craw before you're mauled for being far to close to the cubs.
There's ants the size of pizza pockets.
And garfield hates lasanga because he got his name from never leaving the
feild he was born in; such a stubborn
Gar; born in a pond in the middle of a field, refusing to be carried to freshwaters in America.

Welcome to Gorilla Garden.

In here, family is king.
Not pride, not packs, not flocks no colonies.
Snakes are welcome, as long as they don't cause twinge.

3 a.m Web of thought
Clive Blake Jul 4

You are my heartbeat’s echo,
My spare rib, who’s guilt free,
You are an essential part,
The half that completes me.

I’m sure there is no universe
Where more love I would find,
But should an offer come my way
It’ll gladly be declined.

I seek no other harbour,
I’m as happy as can be,
And I’d only ever sail away
If you were there with me.

Alberto Jul 3

My words too often used by others
From my lips, honesty was evident
As you know, never very nice rather frank
Unapologetic, like my love for you
I suspect it's the youth and naivety
Still I fear your cursed words
"It can never be the same"
Our fire fueled as much or more
Than days before we were grown
But will all other flowers fail from now on
Because of your enchanted warmth
Now I will never be the same

Eleni Jun 28

Cold feet
And she likes the cold she used to know.

The gone heat
Seems like summer came a century ago

The night is dark
She walks along the train tracks like a dying soul.

Her love she'll guard
Until blood shines on her iron sword.

Knight to knight
And storm to storm
She'll stand by her unfaithful Lord

Night to night
And dawn to dawn
He's long gone but his body is warm.

Out it blooms
Like daisies flourish in the springtime.

Her life she'll doom
But there's still hope through those haunting crimes.

And if she stays
Maybe her life will solve with a big climb.

Knight to knight
And storm to storm
She'll stand by her dying Lord

Night to night
And dawn to dawn
She'll cloak herself in a reckless ward.

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