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You are my home.

I find sanctuary in the palette that you paint our world with.

You are my sky, in that, you change your colours and your motions and your clothes but you’re always there.

Even when I think you are not.

We are unalienable.

You are a fortress, a castle, in which I am a prince and you are my princess.

You give me rest when I need it and you give me love when I need to heal.

You give me a roof over my head even when we are both miles away from home.

You are comfortable.

You are home.

My home sweet home.
For someone so dear to me. My Princess.
” The freshness is gone the interest is lost
   We portray love just for facebook post.
  The madness decreases, the excitement reduces
  Laden with chore our love ceases
  The sparkle fades and then
   We see the darker shades
  Eating together,sleeping together
  Still isn’t there a silent war???
  This is the person I still adore
  But somewhere deep I feel
  “We don’t talk anymore???”
And here to describe our current situation in the relation I penned down a few words:
We stay miles apart
And you ask if it doesn’t hurt
The agony of missing
The excitement of meeting
Feeling ambivalent
But that’s how it was meant..
The freshness, the madness
The smiles on our face
The gifts the surprises
And our love never ceases
We understand the worth
Only when we are away
And then we look forth
For every passing day..
I cannot see your face
I cannot hear your voice
Then the phone rings
And our hearts make this noise
We tease each other
About having an another,
Enchants of our past
Mysteries of the future
We never fail to pour our emotion
And that’s when we feel we had “The Conversation”
July 14, 2017
Why break a person who’s already at their breaking point? You see, there’s broken pieces of flesh surrounding us. So how long until there’s a phone call? We people rest easily side by side, but the ground has been dug up. We choose to see the light, yet how does one find light when those keep locking spirits in a cave? The sun is stretching but this person is lodged at the bottom of the ocean, and all those cries are just whispers amongst the cold cement.

Far amongst the treacherous lands is a journey to find a white rose fulfilled with loyalty, but they continue to keep running into thick deep cut thorns cutting into the skin of their unfathomable dark secrets. Those secrets are gone and so is the rest of the person. That person will attempt to scream once more into the distance, but the fog has become stronger than the voice they can release, and now they are done, drenched in thick grey smoke unable to breath, choked upon memories, no longer more.
Gemma 4d
(U)seless pretending, you must convince me it's in my head

(N)ervousness is ending, because now you provide me with pity instead

(S)o a friendship is remembering; it seems we just live of memories

(E)xcitement trumps loyalty, he was more for you and you grew sick of me

(T)ell it like it is , say it loud and clear

(T)ouch him how I'd touch him , die of embarrassment not of fear

(L)et out a side of yourself that I wasn't aware could exist

(E)nter the room looking like an angel, but leave being known as a *****

(D)ont come running back
Ana Roe Nov 9
You do not know to what extent you own my soul
A simple whisper and I would be on my knees
Begging for your touch, a glance, a kind word
Grasping at anything I could to convince myself
That you could feel the same
Humans don’t inherit
Dogs do

Expect loyalty
From sane Dogs

That clear
Genre: Observational
Theme: In memory of beloved Dog
Note: On this day, all hindus celebrate Dog's day
Grace Nov 2
Loyalty existed
When I was with you
I felt safe
You came into my life
My heart opened up and
It gave itself to you
My soul felt complete
I stayed with you because
Your hugs were home and
Your smiles were infectious
Your love was never fading
But then I realized
My doubts were valid
Maybe you didn’t love me
I thought
You would find someone better
That I truly believed
I’m sorry
I wasn’t wrong
Loyalty exists
Read top to bottom and bottom to top.
Top to bottom is being hurt by cheating
Bottom to top is finding loyalty with someone else.
(Just on my mind)
Sketcher Nov 1
Right now, I feel like admitting,
From the knowledge I feel distant,
Is it cause my brains reached its limit,
Or cause my skins a different pigment,
Either way, since I was a little baby infant,
I've seen relationships aren't always sufficient,
But I didn't know this whole time I was spitting,
That other people can be so malignant,
Had a friend tell me another friend was amazing,
This another friend was in the middle of dating,
And for some reason he was getting all the praising,
Because he said, "A relationship ain't worth breaking.",
See now, they all know that a man like this is rare,
But apparently, I was not aware,
That it's not normal to be loyal,
It's normal to put a heart in an oven and broil,
It till' there's nothing left to love,
Think wisely when push comes to shove,
That's what they told me,
Your heart will break, but there's a lot of fish in the sea,
Most of the fish are sharks and poisonous,
And some of them leave their marks on us,
Whether these marks are good or bad,
Or if they leave us happy or sad,
Or if they stick with us,
And don't put up a fuss,
But I guess it doesn't usually turn out that way,
Cause most of these hoes been led astray,
The men, the women, the straight, the ***,
They will all steal your love and just play,
Like it's a game of musical chairs,
Slowly running out of love till' no one cares,
The broken are hard to heal, yeah, some pretty tough repairs,
So just keep working, seal up all the cracks and the tears,
Juice Wrld said that all girls are the same,
And I was blaming myself, man I feel insane,
I guess I know now that commitment is rare,
But people like us will continue to play fair,
And we will never stop continuing to care,
Cause we know that there should only be a pair,
Of lovely humans that don't stop the love,
And continue to raise each other above,
The mountains, the clouds, the moon, the stars,
But I'll be alone in my own twisted bars,
You're all on earth, but I'm out on mars,
You easily get yours, but we can't get ours,
Cause ours is a form of love that's the rarest,
It includes things like promise and marriage,
Honestly the things that I truly cherish,
But if you're just going to be careless,
Then get the **** out and perish,
I'm a libra so of course I want fairness,
Now I'm going back to my emo rap,
So, you all better cut the ****,
Cause you're all about to get slapped,
If you think love is something that can be scrapped.
R T Dawn Oct 31
Hurt me for being loyal
and I will learn not to be.
Punish me for my honesty
and you will find less of it.
Abuse a loving heart
and it will cease to love.
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