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Styles Aug 20
I miss the way
your eyes watched me
like a predator stalking its prey
tracing my every move with subtle eye movements
Haueru Jul 22
People fiddle with fire
And get mad when they sweat
Dose their bodies in oil
And play in the flame
Hell fire
But cries it burns
The fickle logic
I tell myself
I want to help
But can you help
Those who don't seek
Questions abound
Do I deserve
A fiery baptism
To build your
Throne on this pile of dirt
Ash Jun 10
They have pressurized girls into feeling beautiful always.
"Chin up, makeup on, be poised and smile your best even on the bad days."
In a world where being pretty is all there is.
Dare to be different, dare to take that risk.
Be more than merely beautiful.
Be kind, be compassionate, be helpful, and respectful.
Be sensitive, be brave, be shy, be tough.
Don't think that just being beautiful is enough.
Be a rebel, be a fighter, break all the rules, don't give a ****.
Be manly, be girly, be all you can.
Be the ******* fire, be passionate, be a dreamer.
Be weird, go crazy, choose love, be a lover.
Be the fierce hurricane if you want to.
A gentle, slow and soft drizzle works too.
Don't feel restrained or constricted ever.
Go wild, live your life like you've never.
I hope you see that there are things beyond beautiful too.
And one of them darling, is you.
Ecstabell Mar 18
You will feel my fire
See the raging blaze
As it burns your eyes
But still
You'll walk into the flames
You must be a fool
To think
Any man could survive me
Serena Feb 22
You sparked a fire in me,
It raged for you,
The desire to keep you warm,
Show you the intensity it holds,
All for you,
Until it rained everyday.
Audra Feb 16
Find me a boy
To hug me softly
And hold my hand
Under the street lights.
One for sweet kisses
And freshly picked flowers.
A lifetime of firsts--
Of young love.

Find me a man
To hold me fiercely
And cry with me
While looking at the stars.
One for protective threats
And long drives leading nowhere
Needing deep, passionate words.
With that oh so scary word:

One for love.
is there more to say?
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