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In the tapestry of time
the soul wanders
the soul searches
the heights and the depths
the lengths and the breadths
of this universal existence
to be reunited
with the one that was separated.

As the threads of destiny unwind
each other, the souls come to find
And just as the river, merges with the sea
the two souls converge, dancing in sweet harmony.

They sing, they dance
like a deer in the jungle, they prance
Their happiness knows no bounds
the ears can only hear love’s beautiful sounds.

The flames of passion had sparks ignite
It was their time to reunite.
and what a beautiful sight
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
And as the gods rained petals, in the moons white light
they danced for eternity, ending their plight.

No distance could now tear them apart
For it was etched in the universe from the start
that it is meant to be, fated to a love so true
forever, together, me and you.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
I seen you all before,
One too many times.
I fear not what’s in store,
While you hide the crimes.
Petty you, I shadows,
Your standard is failed.
Look up, there’s your gallows,
Dead bodies all wailed.
Your sins were never mine,
All in your dear head.
I no longer benign,
I already bled.
No more we are in sight,
Die alone your own blight…
Bea Rae Mar 12
Why would I break you

When I am entirely

Broken myself
Lily Mae Jan 13
Ego was stripped from skin
in layers until the trail of tears
was no longer visible to the blind

Monks chant in the distance
as souls dance to the melancholy;
strength of the limb is tested
...wearing Sunday's best

Frayed rope is placed on ivory
rough against the delicate truth
only to be choked before it could be heard

Lover be ******; pained eyes meet
the noose being tightened by hands
that once cupped the breast of the Mother
...betrayal found in man's milk

Foundation is kicked away in one swift
motion; crushing the pathway of life
swaying with eyes wide open

Ego killed the delicate that day
a day of broken promises; dreams
forever became a lie, the lie truth

Delicate is still here in the shadows
swaying between trees in an eternal
dance in Sunday's dress
...waiting for the neck to fully break

Haunting Ego's chance~
He loved or not at all
Hurt distrustful low
Fantastic teacher never
said good byes to nobody  
my twin soul and I.
Charming poet move on
You have passed my galaxy
many a time before
banner on hand prayer
in heart clearly shared.

Your private poem is read.
Follow your first dreams
GOA is closer to reach.
difficult to attain but
your efforts continue
strong she's your Zaheera.

With contract marriage
licence on hand
must abai by such law
Your cup is overflowed
There's no room for growth

My Angel's star to my beloved twin soul has deemed down
and this fool's
luster lingers on,
to stumps remains attached.
Forget this fool can write
and just learned to read.
My twin soul's
ancient forest paradise
drags pulling me in
Slippery ***** ever
so strong
   I've fallen off it's Cliffs
  hip joined to my first love
   Linked in love
  Interchangeable remain  
Mr and Mrs Dntz
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
Rddbba lifetimes.
By: Mr And Mrs Andrews
And Karijinbba.
There is one thing most of us would agree,
We do not like those who are selfish, and live a life of greed.
Through most of the media outlets. evil, filtered through mind manipulation,
Is recruiting more followers, every day, slowly removing, Jesus Christ,
From his own birthday, Christmas Day.
I was at a local watering hole, on Friday night, a longtime friend,
Walked in, a fluffy white beard, red pants, black boots, Santa Clause, right,
The holiday, is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.
If you were showing respect, and dressed up like Jesus, today,
Many would laugh, others may start a fight.
When asked, most people believe in God, Jesus is his son, he sent, To save our soul, our soul, that is who we are, how often today,
Do you hear, save my soul, compared to, save my ***?
Many like to gamble, a bad bet, if you think we would be here today,
Without the first Christmas day.
It’s been many moon’s ago, over 2023 years ago, where was your soul?
The populated, parts of the world, were at, what many are chasing,
Wanting today, one central government, that controls you, everything, you have, do, or say,
One fact, they want to eliminate, teaching history,
In schools today, It was so bad before Jesus, most everything is lost,
Everyone wanted to forget the past, they even changed the, calendar, to B.C.
Today people like to name drop, talking about famous people,
No one, comes close to Jesus, he and his father, God, they have,
In the past, and in the future, always will be the first, and second spots.

We see and hear about broken families today, Jesus was conceived,
By a ******, his mom Mary, Joseph, her man, right by her side,
A hard working carpenter, The world has been so turned around since then,
Still going on today, How many men would consider living, staying, with,
A ******, today, love has changed from feelings of the person, their soul, to what I can get, run around and show,
We, our souls, have past, and future life’s, Christmas, is a time, to think, pray and believe,
Many want the most expensive gifts, just for tell and show,
Find discover, your own soul, the gift God gave each of us, you want to be, popular, you will never forget someone, who took time,
To touch you with their soul! Those expensive, gifts, large amounts Of money, are chump change,
Compared to eternity, have patience, believe, help others,
Show appreciation, we are here to build our soul, to perfection, Through our, actions words and thoughts, from our mind.
Jesus is still around us, incognito today, there are also prophets, Teaching, angels, who watch over us, and help in our moments,
Of serious need. The word has been out there, for a long long time,
Jesus, will be back,
On center stage, a second time, to save his father’s creations,
Will the calendar, change again, with memories of us forgot,
Believe, live by what you say, Merry Christmas, AKA,
Happy Birthday Jesus, celebrate, the most wonderful holy day,
                                        Merry Christmas

                                      The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/16/2023 A.D.
Danielle Sep 2023
They say don't test the waters
but absentmindedly dived
in blue and black
engraved with the souls that once adorned my body— bone crushed and barely breathing. Drowned in lovestruck, a ***** to an armor.
you gave me a star
but I wanted the galaxies
of your heart
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