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LC Apr 5
endearing words and suggestive eyes brightened the room / accenting conversations that flowed smoother than honey / souls spun / quickly approaching and nearly colliding / unravelling like two ribbons / one maroon / one ebony / until one day / ebony suddenly curled back into itself / maroon was suspended in air for years / as if steeped in time / but dense air weighed maroon down / so maroon descended / letting go / when ebony came back in its unraveled glory / maroon curled back to itself.
Escapril Day 4! The prompt was "strange behavior." I was definitely stumped, but then I thought of a moment in which someone pulled away from me, and it was strange when it happened. And this poem was born.
Miles Nov 2021
through my window
the train disappears
tired and weary
a gallery of souls
materialize then retreat

with love and loneliness,
joy and sadness
painted with compassion
and indignation, darkness
resides within the light

the nightingale sings
of renewed ecstasy—
for you my prayers are full
lovers once, of you
i dream into the night
Jay M Nov 2021
A call to the homesick
To those who roam
Their souls adrift
Wanderers among the vast

A call to the heartsick
To the broken hearted
Grieving their losses
May their hearts mend one day

A call to the uncertain
To those plagued by possibilities
Swirling about in an endless storm
Torn by the hurricane within the mind

A call to the weary
Similar are we
Long exhausted
Eyes beyond dull
Reminders of an empty hull
Crew overworked, with mere hours rest
May their hearts know rest
Within their husks of a chest

Carry on my friends
My weary companions
For we fight the unseen
We know the invisible plight
Battles through every night

Carry on my friends
My wandering spirits
We hear not the cries
But we know the sorrow
We carry our boundless stories
Until we can no longer
To let them go,
Or to end the tale

But carry on my friends
Your tale is not at its end
Your song not yet done
There is more in store
So carry on, for there are days ahead

One day you shall find your place
The home for your soul
One day you shall mend your heart
And it shall beat again
One day you shall know
Not all, but the way is before you

- Jay M
November 29th, 2021
Carry on my friends. All will be well in the end.
as the  
words of
in the
the little
of the
I hold
in each
as a
a place
we will
both feel
in the
in our
I will
say to
you, in
of your
is my
Jay M Sep 2021
A gathering of souls,
A collision of culture
A place of safety
Where voices are heard

As I sit, sharing in the wealth of life
Sharing in the stories
I wonder how we all got here
How we all came to be this great family
Not bound by blood, but belief
In one another

Throughout the days gone by
And the obstacles we have all faced
Through the hardships,
Through the happiest of days,
I am here among them
Together we stand
Unified, as one

We all come from different places
All to remain here
With those we hold most dear
Here, this unity
Is our little community

- Jay M
September 26th, 2021
Had to write a lyrical poem for my Creative Writing class, and I thought I would pick the topic of community.
Rainswood Sep 2021
The tides of time pulled us in opposite directions.
You left this small town and the trauma that it held-
confined by the mountains on both sides
dismal skies, narrow minds.

I stayed at home and anchored my roots  
deep down in the Virginia clay.

With smell of the feed mill hanging in the air
you came to say goodbye,
My head was on backwards then
I didn't really see you leave.

You were on your way-
Wide open spaces,
A different perspective.

In our poet’s hearts we could communicate-
high vibrations, unexplained.
A friendship thriving without any nourishment.

Now that you have returned to where I am planted,
it's as if two decades haven't elapsed.

I am filled with gratitude
to hear the ringing of your laughter again.
My cool Ash be
Gerald Sep 2021
We fed on each other's soul,
until we both ran out...

We are just looking at each
other now.
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