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What has changed.
Surely it must be plain to see.
Rooting oneself in anything but this moment.
Is one way to certainly spell disappointment.
Too many days spent autographing pages.
Like a name makes the man.
Or perhaps.
So that the past can only condemn its owner.
Destined to be a heretic of life itself.
A hidden transgression cant hurt those it does not reach.
Then why is it chained through the bone.
Chasing daylight like the moon.
Slowly the wound festers deep and driven.
Don't you know.
These ailments take on a mind for themselves.
why else would we create them if not to one day speak.
It is the stone that shatters a paradigm.
The avalanche brought down by a whisper.
Or rather a whimper.
Yet there can be no tears here.
Not when this creations time was set.
Don't be fooled by negligence wearing the mask of ignorance.
But first its time to put down the blame.
For there is no one else in the room....
...And that laughing was beginning to irritate.
zee 7d
tired and restless souls
so lost with their own shadows
finding their way home
Hurdles came
Hurting came
Pain arrived
The soul that cried on the floor,
In the arms of a lover
Cried now alone
Not because of a missing lover
Truthfully, the soul didn't know why

And the he came in one day
Tried to hold her together, shush her cries
Heal her skin,
Piece her heart together,
Kiss her tears away
And said words that ring in her to this day

Even the prettiest of flowers
Grow thorns around, not because of cruelty
Its only since they've been hurt,
And want to feel such pain, no more
With time, someone will come,
Touch the flower with absolute love.
When the thorns nip them, they'll only smile
And learn that this is where they need to put in more care.
Don't be scared, this someone loves you, especially for those thorns."

And she said,
"Save me with your love,
Suffocate me"

And just as she ached,
Cried and wept
Bled and pled
God for an answer
So did he

She came in,
Held him together, because she knew
His soul needed her
Kissed his tears away, and
With her embrace, the glow in her eyes
Squeezed all fear and doubt away,
Drove away all demons and evil from him

She knelt, and said,

Love is an ever-changing state
Coloured with the brightest and most exquisite
Colours that leave you in a daze
Take your breathe away
Sweep you off your feet, these colours
Would show you a new spectrum in life.
Oh, but my love, hear me out
Colours won't always be vibrant and sparkle
For there are colours, like black that feel like they're about to swallow you whole
But it's the darkness you witness, only makes you crave light further, darling.
Don't fear colours"

And he said,
"Save me with your love,
Suffocate me".

Perhaps now, the goddess had fallen
Way too far to fly back up, without him
And he had drowned, perhaps too deep
For him to float his way back up without her
He loved her
She loved him
They were each other's

Ultimately, their destructive love, suffocated them
With the flowers that grew in place of their lungs,
Colours that painted their skin all over
But then, the wounds left behind,
And the darkness grown around
Only for these bruises to test them, their love

The pair took it in stride
The soul took it
It cried and sobbed
Wept and almost gave up
The soul was scared
But in the end, these bruises
They healed this soul
And though it was torn in half at first
These bruises, stitched the soul back

And to this day,
After years and years,
When the bodies had ceased,
Minds had been silenced
Emotions had dimmed
This soul lives, to this day
To whisper in space

"Open your door, my love
Open your door, don't you fear"

"Oh, my darling,
Suffocate me with your love,
And ultimately, save me"

"Oh, my love, take my hand,
And all your worries, leave behind"

"My love, my dearest,
Give me your heart, your love
My love, my dearest,
I swear to give you mine"
Kayla Gallant Sep 26
Tear me apart

Smash me to pieces

Release the tension

You know you have the will

Inside your swollen fist

You hold my destiny
only the broken know how to survive
Caroline Sep 20
Could it be that the rivers of my heart run with good waters?
Could that really, ever be?
The fragile banks erode and
Crumble into sorrow,
But the sun glints off the surface still each morning
And there is solace in the shining.

Could that brightness really be mine,
After everything I should have done
That might have changed the arc of time?
Like words I could have said
That would have left
Certain hearts alive.

I haven’t fought all the right fights
And some beautiful things have died
Right here in my hands,

But I think there is a chance
That these waters still run true;
The mountains stand unmoved,
After all.

And the rivers of the heart rush and fall.

They rush and fall down the rocks and

They are still pure.
Panting, and panicking
He knocked a door in distress
Pled the goddess before him
Pled the majestic woman
"Open your door, my love
Open your door, don't you fear me"

The goddess smiled
Not a smile of malice, nor
A smile of deceit
It was a warm smile, that of which
A mother would smile at
Her son, a lover at her one

And in that moment,
His soul trembled very much so
Not out of fear, or confusion
But simply, because a goddess
Was smiling so warmly at him
It was unbelievable!

Her heart was moved, stirred
And goddesses shouldn't feel that,
Should they? I'm pretty sure not
But she felt like she's suffocating
flowers blooming in her chest, heart
ripped open, stuffed with sunshine

His soul could take the distance
No longer, he couldn't wait
The soul wants what it wants,
It wants it's other half, the half residing
In this distressed woman before him, who
Had roses bloom out of her lungs

"I want this,"
They thought, reaching out at each other
"No, I need this, "
They thought, gazing at each other
Their hearts joined hands,
Chambers opened, blood shared
The man, and the woman, are one

Flowers engulfed them, in an embrace
And although they barely held each other
Barely, ever-so-slightly touching
The power, the intensity,
It brought them to their knees,
And colours crept all over their skin

The woman held on, as tightly as her conscience would let her be
She cried repeatedly, in his arms
She cried repeatedly, on the hardwood floor
He cried repeatedly, too
For they both found each other at last

Along the way, when their tears dried up
And the colours had painted them, with
Vibrant hues, ones we can't see
And flowers had given up their scent to them
When their souls were not souls anymore
When they joined existence

The souls became one
Smile! :)
My Type Sep 14
When our bodies have the same rhythm,
and our mind sings the same song
why do our hearts beat so differently?
Caroline Sep 13
Can we ever win this war, baby?

The front lines explode and they are closing in,
Riddled with bullet holes and rough with the wreckage of darkness.
Each blast makes me jump out of my skin
And maybe I should run,
But the sun is dripping tendrils of fire
And the only place I can ever really hide
Is somewhere in the depths between us.

It is a dangerous game and there are enemies outside and within;
Galaxies colliding
In the spaces where you end and I begin.

I like how it feels to break apart in your hands,
Limb by limb, vein by vein,
Spreading out like the fires of battle that can’t be tamed.

I don’t know if I can withstand the flames that

Gently lick my neck.

Lie down beside me in these dark trenches.
I’m not ready to surrender yet.
So we'll run into the open
Keep your hand inside of mine
And then when everything is over
I hope to think of this as better times
The sky got red and swollen
I guess I never see the signs
There can't be songs for every soldier
It can't be solace every time you cry
The uniVerse Sep 9
There you go again
your love in
other people
is it evil
to want love back
or at least attract
some kind of feeling
is that just stealing
writing for love
to avoid rejection
my childish ambition
I talk but don't listen
how can I hear
when my heart beats loudly
when my bad thoughts cloud me
I know I'm in the wrong
that I don't belong
in your heart
or even just a part
of your attention
too much to mention
too little to care
I'm completely aware
of my own situation
of our relation
no ship to sail
no friend to fail
just an odd acquaintance
the passing patience
of two souls
we met once
and played our roles
but that scenes done
now I'm all alone.
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