Hell I've seen it,
lived it, and those
there unaware
that that is it,
that maybe there
was some other place,
less crowded, less

The noise of the place,
the attitude of those there,
the total lack of concern
or care, no understanding
of love or the essence of love,
only lust, lust of body,
of wealth, of land, of all.

Hell I’ve seen it,
been there, known them there,
pushing stuff into the orifices
to escape from the place,
unaware they are,
on the treadmill
of the ever turning wheel,
always wanting
to feel feel feel.

The vanity of vanities,
how they look,
how they appear,
the tone of the body,
the length of nails or lashes,
the shape of the bodies,
the lustful appeal,
and the thump thump
of the beat, the dancing
of always moving feet,
and the gaze of long
everlasting despair
and the blankness
in their lostness
of their stare,
unaware they are there.
My friends are afraid
Lost in the field, regret time
Lost faith between light
Amanda Aug 11
Quiet between us is louder than words
Silence speaks volumes, I don't need to use my voice
I hear your hurt in what is left unsaid
Emptiness evident, pain because of my choice.

Shame invading both our bodies
Deceit emanating off skin like steam
Guilt rising up in my esophagus
Close your eyes a minute and dream.

You are not alone, just look around
Arms open wide many places for support
If you decide to wake the fuck up
Stop living to lie, steal, and extort.

All those unpaid debts you owe
The hopes already paid
You feel down right now I am sure
Held back by past mistakes made.

The photographs we snapped were colorful
To my eyes don't look as bright
Dark restless mental corridors
Pick my battles but don't fight.

To relieve burden of cowardice
Remove weights hanging from my heart
Plucking slowly like plums
Growing back faster than I tear apart.

Want to be superhuman
Heroes seldom make mistakes
Tired of being cast as the villain
You are the one who constantly takes.

It is impossible to work this out
The aftermath is too messed up
Revelation stings, salt in my wounds
There exists no future "us."

Everything I see is different now
Our cherished relation-ship has sailed
You are trying to swim after me
Can't see you've already failed.

Hearts in different hemispheres
Minds pulled to opposite poles
Although you are only a short drive away
There is a sea of silence separating our souls.
Sometimes silence is louder than words
Simra Sadaf Aug 10
as long as my fingers know how to hold a pen,
I will write, I will write endlessly,
about the sunny days,
the sleepless nights,
my deepest thoughts,
about love in people's hearts,
crookedness in their souls,
the black and white mindset,
colours that fill a child's heart,
tongue that bleeds all kinds of lies,
lips that never twitch while making shallow promises,
hands that never tremble while sinning the gravest of sins,
soul that never shivers while slicing another's skin.
The month of my Birth and first shine
of my soul upon the spirits around me.
Like a star
I shine and flicker in this "galaxy of Living Energy"
Human beings and our friends, the animals...
I draw in their signals of energy
and fuse with those I know of, in soulful energies the best.
Binding in Symbian waves
energies that protect and that nurture our hunger for another soulful energy to help nourish, grow brighter with, and to share peaceful moments upon this Earth
I was never an "Accidental Life Form"
When my parents looked down at my helpless physical body at my birth.
I was created for reasons I have yet to know about or to yet understand.
To better our world, country, and society..yes.
In unique and Empowering ways...I have just figured out those purposeful definitions of my existence on this planet.
As every time I look down on my mistakes, Human Ways, and even "Stormy Moments"
I reboot my passions and remembrances stored in my memory
of the stronger and much more powerful reality
I was born on this month, even on the very day..in this "birthing anniversary"
For plenty more miraculous reasons than just being "the human" in me.
I see my Energies of hope, helpful abilities, and our creator's eye for added gifts that are of more than what scientists could ever explain...
I am a Humanity... The tool within it... To help it from every allowing itself to die or war in vain.
Sara Kellie Aug 8
Look inside you if you can,
deep where no one's ever been.
Embracing yourself in your own Kingdom, you are Queen.
Impossible to see
but what do you feel?
Open your third eye and
what you are is real.

A vibration from here.
A vibration from there.
You are the Queen of Everywhere.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Dear vibrations, open your minds.
Janna Jul 30
I can't stop thinking about you
I'm not sure if its because of the kindness I saw in your eyes
Or the way you looked at me
Like really looked at me the way I looked at you
Our eyes met and they locked
Never like this before
Has it been so long now
I can't even remember the last time
Six hours flew by just like that
Talking, and even in the silent moments
it didn't feel awkward
I'm scared of this potential love
I can't lie
I fear the future of what it might change and bring
Good or bad
Sorrow or joy
I'm stuck in pickle
A pickle I can't forget
- soulwriterj
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Mia Taljaard Jul 29
Midnight surrounds us
We walk the streets under fading streetlights
Placid exteriors and unfazed mannerisms
Yet our eyes see through the other's cloak
Shattered and fractures, bare and inflamed

Two souls cut from the same cloth
nabi 나비 Jul 26
why is it that i want to ask you every question known to man
yet not have any courage to go through with the action of asking?
it might be that i am scared that my curiosity may scare you away
or possibly because i am scared of you never wanting to answer
but either way i'm scared and just wanting to know how you work
i want to ask you why you don't believe god and what spiritual path you think you will follow
i want to ask you why you love math so much and how it can bring such a smile onto that face of yours
i want to ask you why you love that one film so much and what about it makes you laugh so much
i want to ask you why you are so scared to let people in and why you apologize for everything regardless of whether it's your fault or not
i want to ask what makes your depression and anxiety worse and what i can do to the best of my ability to make it easier
i want to ask you how you could've gone your entire life without anyone showing you just pure love
i want to ask you how you tick and what makes you run
i want to see your entire painting and see if i ever appear on it, even if just in a form of a hue
i wish i had the courage to ask you these things and so many others
but i don't know how you could ever feel about my curious soul
Nexus Jul 21
Isn't it funny how his blood smells like his blade.
It must be the metal, quantum level the same.
Every possibility in time lead to this line.
A faceless man writing this rhyme.
In a world so messed up he thinks it's his fault.
Turning to drugs, he lost all his hope.
And now sits alone worrying how to cope.
Can't stop smoking dope.
He never visioned he'd be happy,
And it shows.
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