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Amanda 5d
Even when I seem
to be surrounded by souls,
I still feel alone.
Let's restart
From the very beginning
Waking anew
The world still spinning
Let's meet up again
To say our hellos
You bring your smile
I'll have my heart in tow
We'll talk for days
We'll sing all night
Our minds will be empty
And our souls alright
Wouldn't it be so refreshing? Quite the weight to be lifted.
Lizzie Dec 4
They say be careful,
            that a ****** will steal your soul..
But this one in particular was different from the start;
    He stole my heart..
Stephen Dec 3
Blue and yellow both want to meet
Without ever turning green.
Each expects the other to defy nature's law.
Yellow wants more yellow,
Blue wants more blue.
When green is inevitably produced,
Both are disappointed.
Everyone wants someone to complete them,
Almost no one wants to complete someone else.
But nature's law cannot be broken:
You cannot take without giving.
The only way yellow and blue can complete each other
Is by embracing the green.
Abby M Dec 2
Some sit on a pile of books
Not knowing the worth of their seat
Not knowing that the paper holds the tongues of a thousand souls
They sit on their bright future
If only their legs could read
Jann Flach Nov 30
my playlist plays another sad song
outside the rain is falling down
the rain feeds the plants
they are growing up

i fell like growing up
when i spend my time with you
thinking of nothing else
just our souls
connecting to each other

your dark brown eyes they are so shiny
like the moving flame of a candle
i want to touch your hand
but i don't know if you ok with it

tell me
dessa Nov 27
I let someone touch my soul once
One bright summer's day
I didn't know what I was doing
He didn't know what he was doing
Now only his hand prints remain

I let him mold it like clay
I let him shape this significant part of me
I let him change me
I shouldn't have let him
He shouldn't have done it

And yet my soul still aches for his touch
Because it is the only one it knows
I beat my chest and scream out loud a promise,
"Never again shall I!"

Now there's this other boy
Who has wandered into my life
And he's much nicer than the former
Knows better than the other
My heart beats eagerly
My mind tells me I can trust him

I want to let him touch my soul
But never again shall I
It was my mistake to let someone fiddle with my emotions and touch my soul and get away with it.
Toxic yeti Nov 22
I am a lost soul
A wayward ghost
Stalking the streets on Halloween
Looking for my lover
From a past life
Who promised we would be together
I do this every year.
But I am living a this earth bound
Curse in my head
I am beginning to forget
Your Buddha like face
So gently
So kind
So compassionate.
I am ******* up emotionally
The universe playing mind games
Every Halloween.
Our love was beautiful
Our love was my enlightenment
I have neither the present, past nor future
How can I cure
Myself of this emotional curse
Of this mental damnation.
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