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allison Feb 18
feeling closed off
from the place
i once called home

looking for a new
place were I can
nothing's going on in my personal life, I love my home, i just can't wait for college
empty seas Jan 17
oh the clock ticks
towards my departure
new place
almost-new life
i’m terrified and excited

oh, how hard it is
to understand how
it is
My visa got approved!! I’m so excited to leave my home town (hopefully along with some of this drama too lol)
Jessthemesss Nov 2018
She asked me how I felt

And when I opened my mouth

A butterfly flew out
Spitz Oct 2018
I’m not saying you have to be ready,
because I don’t think anyone
is ever truly ready.
There will forever be some fear there
because the best things
are always going to be scary.
You’re never going to feel
like you’ve got it all sorted
and figured out.
But I need you to be open.
Open to the possibilities,
to the chance,
to me.
When you’re just a little more excited
than you are afraid,
then you go for it
and say to ****
with playing it safe.
I need you to be curious
and okay with letting me in,
just a little bit.
It doesn’t have to be fast.
Slow and steady can create
the purest connections.
I need you to want me.
Not what I can give you,
not my ability to comfort you,
but both my perfections and flaws
that make me who I am.
It’s okay to not be ready,
just be open to me.
Spitz Oct 2018
Excitement building with height
shouts of joy escape laughing lips
a slight pause
to look down and get butterflies
that fly from your mouth
as you arch and fall
faster than gravity
clothes floating
threatening to catch flight
in the rushing wind
skin red from cold air
terror and exhilaration rein
laughing and screaming
forgetting the world
as the wind
tears away
all thoughts
as fingers brush the sky
TJ Shadows Feb 2018
The taste of bitter toxicity
The feel of obsidian
The sound of inhalation
The excitement of exhalation

Heart racing and it begins
Butterflies start to dance
Rushing flow of ecstasy
giddiness embracing

Flying higher and higher
Freedom and happiness
awareness with every touch

Heart compressing
Stampede of hysteria
Slow crawl into desolation
Loosing grip

Falling faster and faster
servitude and disorientation
Restlessness with every thought

The taste of bitter toxicity
The feel of obsidian
The sound of inhalation
The excitement of exhalation
Addiction, to whatever you’re Addicted to.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Fears melted away
This queen grins with utter joy
A new door opens
I'M IN!!!! I GOT IN!!!
*powering up like a Saiyan and happy dancing like a lunatic*
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Before my journey
to King Paul's Palace Gala
I received a note

Being curious
I opened it and I gasp
and I fall in shock

My voice has been heard
Now I'll have a new conquest
But first, a small test

One I'm sure I'll pass
Then my studies will begin
Another conquest
***, I'M SO PUMPED!!!! ^-^
This course will be for ten weeks but I'll get so much out of it!
Interview's gonna be on the 3rd September but man, I was so stoked to hear that they are taking me on! It'll force me to tackle a series of challenges , to learn more about myself, and to conquer some of my fears.
Fingers crossed!
Lyn ***
A Rivers Aug 2018
It took a long time
Everything has a place to find
But we've managed all that
Sorting out our little new flat
L Jul 2018
I'm excited
and anxious
and indecisive

I can't wait
but wish it would
take some more time

more time
to figure things out
more time
to learn
about myself
and life

but I can't wait
to start over
can't wait
to explore the world
can't wait
to find out
what future
has planned for me
thoughts of a teenage girls who can’t decide if she’s happy or not that time flies by so fast
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