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Saygil Apr 5
It's a script
It's a cycle
Like we're on repeat
The same words tossed around
Without missing a beat

I'm sick of this
I'm done
I don't even give a ****
I don't care about your opinions
I'll break them like a battering ram

You tell me I'm wrong
That I'm misguided, incorrect
But to be honest
Your words now have no effect

I tried to explain to you
I just wanted you to listen
But despite how much I try
It's like tuning out is your new addiction

So no more begging on my knees,
Pleading for you to understand,
******* and your deaf ears,
Obviously your mind is a wasteland.
Honestly writing this felt so good. It released a bunch of dry anger and I feel so much better. Honestly ***** people who choose not to listen and think that their opinions are right without listening to the other side fully. I can safely say I'm over it
She said he only did it once,
A lie, we all know now,
Her black and blue explained away,
The scar above her brow,

Her hair tied tight to hide the bald,
The clumps of hair he tore,
The telltale signs of running scared,
the make up that she wore,

The cancellations she would make,
Excuses wearing thin,
Her friends, becoming distant now,
Her signature false grins,

And now she sits explaining how,
She hit back way too hard,
A life cut short, a payback show,
She really marked his card,

If only she had said it once,
If only she had left,
He hit her once too often, now,
His prison sentence.... death..
Domestic violence is a horrid thing, and every now and then, a victim will fight back, only to become the violent one...
(C) 25/03/2019
RixusPrime Mar 20
All the glory I sought,
and all the pain I brought.
I wrought havoc to all those who incurred my wrath.

A demigod in my way,
and destruction grew in my stay.
I vanquished all those who opposed me in my wake.

But what brought about this madness and created endless sadness?
It was envy and greed,
the curse of the weak.

The betrayal of my friend,
was the birth of a foe.
But to what end?
Treachery and lies,
they brought him joy and great pride,
and in the end, death with great spite.
Bohemian Mar 13
Ever,if we meet under the canopy of coincident
Your collars shall be on the verge
To be plucked out by me
With the 'good-girl nails' plunged into your flesh
I promise,
I'll get the red in you,out,oozed
Soon will turn you Sapphire blue
Neither your counters
Nor roughness would chase that of mine
Now then you shall be Kisna's pigment
I shall embellish a Peacock's feather on your unkempt hair design
Your hair that you've nurtured in masculine style
Torn apart and your face wet in wild wine splashed back to conscious mind
A smile for witnessing you mad at me
But anyway vengeance was mine.
Aoi Feb 13
Kept hearing the ticktocks,
It is time to start my little game
Eyed the prey as he talks,
Hope he still remembers my name

At the dusky street,
Where I started what is planned
Took him long to accept defeat,
Pinned him until he stopped struggling on
the land

Took my blade and stabbed his orbs
Oh, what disgusting views it absorb!
These pair of eyes, I despise
For it was used to spy on my sister's

His sinful hands, I chopped
He heard how my sister begged but he
never stopped
These hands that traveled my sister's
This is what I had witnessed when I was a
little girl

Lastly, his little shaft
I slashed it in half
This little thing is the reason why we mourn,
For she slaughtered herself with a baby unborn

She had commited the unforgivable sin
For she was sexually abused at the age of
I stood up to desert the venue,
My dear sister, I have venged for you
Chris Dec 2018
I don't trust you anymore
I'd have to lock you up In a f cage.. Weld the door shut..

Give you water to drink & give you food to eat...
Blanket box Covered sheet

So I could know that you'd be your only temptation..
******* And **** disease...

**** must start somewhere...
But you will stay locked up
For my mind to be free...

Tried deceit
Tried trust
Both failed
Trailed off n left us...

Tried death
Tried ****
One came back with vengeance
The other came back laughing...
It's not over yet...

I'll come home everyday
To lift your shielding cover
I'll reach my loving ,trusting hand In To show you I still love her...
This piece came from that moment of the tip top " peak " of one trusting another...
Liquid Bear Nov 2018
Sweating in the shadows,
drinking gasoline and rust,
I've been nursing my pride
with ice and violent dreams
to atone for my sin:
thin-skinned cowardice.

No point in searching,
hoping, praying
for a way to **** my ****
for the vinegar that flows
through your veins:
I won't be condemned
to a crooked cross
of servile acceptance.

Riding this wave
of venomous thirst,
I give in to delirium
and burn the bridge
that took me here:
I'm carving the future
on the face
of your demise.
Highly fictionalized mish-mash of negative feelings inspired by my past.
Lolo Chigs Nov 2018
Cries for nothing but peace or silent revenge

But my mind, immortal as it is

Roars against it, my veins, the hot blood they pump

Feeds into my turbulent heart, the epicenter of my emotions

An amalgam of red, blue and white — A kaleidoscope

All blends through the facets of my skin,

Thus leak through my phantom limbs

I dare not question, my tongue dares to move

With my venomous teeth, I bite it.

The sour taste of blood, reawakens me,

Reminds me I’m still alive

Though my heartbeat moves in sync,

with the harrowing pulsation of time..

The Hours, The Minutes, To the final second

Until the time is no more, I can’t race against it.

BUT what If I CAN?
Jo Swan Nov 2018
I stare at the Kettle:
Reflection of your vile face.
Has left me in aghast!
Oh, how I wish to erase
Flashback of grotesque past.
Heart seared by the venom
Of disturbing memories
Caused by antagonism.
This rage can’t be appease
Mind becomes murderous.

The Kettle begins to hiss:
The soul simmers with wrath-
Insanely dangerous,
Hungry for a blood bath!
Oh, I wish for a knife
And stab you many times
As you left me in strife
From your abusive crimes.
Wounded me as a child
And left me powerless.

Boiling Kettle rattles:
My madness is wild
Have I lost my saneness?
Many years I’ve been irate-
Tolerating in silence-
Blood boils with sinful hate!
My spirit seeks the thrill
For an eye for an eye-
As it **** for your ****
And to see you die!

Gas sparks, Kitchen ignites:
Body burnt into ashes-
Soul seethes in resentment.
Revenge sweetly slashes
You to my contentment.
Hands stained with red blood
Like trenches of war mud.
Eyes consumed and blind -
Peace of heart now confined
By rapacious rage.

Mind is a Murderer!
Am I a Murderer!
Will I ever surrender?
Will I ever surrender
And taste tranquility?
Or is my spirit cursed?
Or is my spirit cursed
To be trapped by the thirst
Of the boiling kettle
That will never settle
Until vengeance scorches!

(c)Jo Swan 2018
I wanted to explore the darkness of human nature. Recently, I had an incident at work where I saw a man who was consumed rage. I wanted to explore the darkness of his mind. There are moments in some people's lives where we are consumed with rage that we will **** for vengeance.
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