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Serendipity Dec 2020
She was born in the back alleys of bones
left as scrap thrown to the dogs
by men who chewed her raw
and picked their teeth
with the edge of her.

When sprouts formed,
and skin and flesh blanketed her existence,
and blood dripped into her veins
from body bags in dumpsters:
she began to grow anger,
and brain,
and heart,
and eyes,
and fists.

So she may see the men her tossed her,
and attain her vengeance.
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
I woke up one day.
One cold, dreery, lonely day.
What happened that day?
I'd rather not say.
What day? That day!
I could probably tell you
But you might have to pay.

Ok, so I woke up one day.
That cold, dreery lonely day?
Yes that day!
Now someone I knew
They just had to pay
Now just who they are,
I don't wanna say.

This person -
They just had to pay
What person? I told you!
I don't want to say!
But this person I've mentioned
They just had to pay.

On this cold, dreery, lonely day
I woke up and decided
they just had to pay
Pay for what? I'd rather not say
Let me get along with the story
I don't wanna delay

So you decided this person
just had to pay?
Exactly! I decided at last
That today was the day.
I needed my vengeance.
I had no time to play.

So what did you do?
I'm not ready to say
But I'm willing to tell you
That this man was Jay
Jay was his name and
Today was his day. Today
Was his day and he
Just had to pay

Pay for what?
I'm getting ready to say
I was on my way home
Right at the doorway
When I suddenly saw him
It was none other than Jay

He thought he was sneaky
Thought that he'd get away
Little did he know
That I saw him that day.
What did he do? Put two
and two together - I think
its needless to say

So did he pay?
Yes, I'm getting ready to say
2 days later on that
Cold dreary day
I found out where he worked
So I was following Jay
I followed him til we met
In a remote alley way

What did you do? Im getting
Ready to say
On this cold, lonely, dreery day
I've cornered you Jay
And you just have to pay
You're losing your life
Over one lousy lay
That's right! I've caught you
And today is your day

Did you **** him? Its time
To say. I pulled out my pistol
And aimed it at Jay
Its time for my vengeance
Today is your day
I woke up this morning
On this cold, dreery lonely
Day. And now is my time
It is my time to slay

And that is the last time
We ever heard from Jay
On the cold, dreery, lonely day
This one was fun! My sister talked to me about my writing and said I should think about other subjects and explore different ideas. So I used that advice and decided to think outside the box and not use my own experiences. I decided to use an idea and story that had no tie to any experience I've ever had. With that frame of mind I came up with this idea. I only formed the back and forth conversation idea for the first few lines. After that I just had to keep adding to it and brain storming more and more to add. All in all, I'm happy with how it ended up. Hope you all enjoy!
a dark room in the cellar
he laughed like a good old storyteller;
vengeance is what he needs
throwing away all his good deeds
i hope you like it!
sab ariana Oct 2020
darker than black
my brain turns
as every memory rips through me
torn tendons broken bones
i fall apart
as the icy cool smoke
escapes my tortured body
it ignites a blue fire inside me
whispers from my past fade away
i rise from the ashes
this time with a vengeance
that will burn anyone it catches
i am born again
Zane Oct 2020
it swirls in my stomach, every time I breathe the poisonous fumes that are your words of apology.
for nothing save the commands of a god I don't believe in could conscript me into believing anything but the terrible existence you laid before my feet,
that I would be forced to face the harsh reality of my demons, alone.
I myself, would need to muster the courage to say no more,
to scream 'be gone' at the horrors in my mind that afflict me.

In this despair,
these rock bottoms pits
is where I have found strength I previously lay convinced I was bare of.
It, and only it,
will be the sword and the shield that will save me from this wretched state.
Not the false words on your lips.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
our torment to those who made us suffer!
Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
And for us, the white robes of salvation,
And words of eternal comfort: Patience
and faith in the Lord of all creation,
whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
Through Him, foreverness is gifted.
Inspired by El Greco's 17th-century painting of the same name, which was in turn inspired by the Book of Revelation 6:9-11.
Tizzop Sep 2020
when another day is ****** again
red heavens collapse over your head
cause devil is staring at you
while you're rushing to the subway

doomed to catch it, morning strugglez
you and your people are in distress
good friends died and they keep dying
life was, is and remains a battle field

you awoke because of hunger and curiosity
which kind of dream was that? pushing tons
residing in a snowwhite castle, no stains
yachts across, attitude like klitschkos

reality bites: your inner voice is calling you
take a shower! eat! go to work and prosper!
in truth you work for hard-hearted vultures
wearing suits, spreading lies, for sure

you have to sell tv sets via phone
****** payment, no insurance, usa-flava
but you bust your *** for it, still unable
to buy new sneakers for your daughter

all second hand, so at school she is being mobbed
they steal her dignity, beat her up, she's twelve
eight o'clock in the morning, and she is moaning
swollen rips, hair teared out, a broken jawbone

no school mate is helping her, ambulance and sirens
your daughter faints, as you're rushing to the hospital
and when you see her abused, you decide to take vengeance
the night is red, heavens collapse over your head

devil is no more staring, you and him take action
you buy a weapon, 40 cal, bleeding anger, danger
but you won't turn back, never acting like a coward
in the park, near the river, you can find them ******* sitting

loading the gun, slowly moving, avoid any sound
the rest is history, your story, never feeling sorry
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