Zan Balmore Jul 7

I don't even know what to say anymore
I've used the word word and words
too many times and I'm in
something of a rut
dominated by a state of nigh infinite flux
the problem is I'm aiming an empty gun
at yellow iron ducks, red horned devils
thinking the same few thoughts again, again,
again, stuck casting such dark spells
spinning the wheel, ever on the carousel
all i do is cast dark spells
all i do is tell true stories
as if they were tall tales
when i could scribe my life
as if it were fiction

common dark spells
Apporva Arya Jun 30

Today m in gratitude,
Thanking for the times I survived.
solution seem to be problems,
& Problems were constant.
When I was afraid of mornings,
& filled with dark inside.
When I was 1 part love,
& 3 part fear.
Oh ! My poor vision.

But today my past is beyond me
& I am new me.
Today I sees deep skies with hopeful eyes.

Jacob Jun 29

I remember it, all the times you've cried because of me
It hurt, but I never showed any of it saddened me
Since the last girl told me she would die for me
I fell in love with her, but all she ever did was lie to me

So this is the way it has to be,
Last night I slept with another man's property
She called him on the phone
Told him she was with her girls
I looked at her as I shook my head
I told her "That's some dirty work"

This is why my heart is cold
I've been dealing with the fact that I'd be dying alone
So brainwashed by my past woes
Can't even find a good girl
Without treating her like a hoe
And it turns her warm heart into snow
That's the generation now and how every cycle goes

Talked to my Dad about this, and he sat me down one night
"Grab a cold one and listen, I'm only giving you one life advice,
Girls always want a guy who's living in the limelight
Yeah her pussy might be good, but what's her mind like?"

Flowery skies Jun 23

Having anxiety can make yourself selfish and confusing,
You want people to understand without you telling them.
But in other way,
You keep asking yourself
'how am i supposed to tell them when i don't even know it self?'

                              Some say the scientific method
                              Is the ultimate algorithm and others
                              Prefer prayer.

For symbolists, all intelligence can be reduced to manipulating symbols, in the same way that a mathematician solves equations by replacing expressions by other expressions. Symbolists understand that you can't learn from scratch: you need some initial knowledge to go with the data. They've figured out how to incorporate pre-existing knowledge into learning, and how to combine different pieces of knowledge on the fly in order to solve new problems. Their master algorithm is inverse deduction, which figures out what knowledge is missing in order to make a deduction go through, and then makes it as general as possible.

                    ­          In its simplicity
                              Can sustain concentration

For connectionists, learning is what the brain does, and so what we need to do is reverse engineer it. The brain learns by adjusting the strengths of connections between neurons, and the crucial problem is figuring out which connections are to blame for which errors and changing them accordingly. The connectionists' master algorithm is back propagation, which compares a system's outputs with the desired one and then successively changes the connections in layer after layer of neurons so as to bring the output closer to what it should be.

                              Hungry and cold
                              A holy condition
                              A warrior's position in the world
Evolutionaries believe that the mother of all learning is natural selection. If it made us, it can make anything, and all we need to do is simulate it on the computer. The key problem that evolutionaries solve is learning structure: not just adjusting parameters, like back propagation does, but creating the brain that these adjustments can then fine-tune. The evolutionaries' master algorithm is genetic programming, which mates and evolves computer programs in the same way that nature mates and evolves organisms.

            ­                  A good shit's the metric
                              Of a dying man

Bayesians are concerned above all with uncertainty. All learned knowledge is uncertain, and learning itself is a form of uncertain inference. The problem then becomes how to deal with noisy, incomplete, and even contradictory information without falling apart. The solution is probabilistic inference, and the master algorithm is Bayes' theorem and its derivatives. Bayes' theorem tell us how to incorporate new evidence into our beliefs, and probabilistic inference algorithms do that as efficiently as possible.

                              I can't believe
                              I won't live forever, therefore,
                              I made up an afterlife to go with reincarnation

For analogizers, the key to learning is recognizing similarities between situations and thereby inferring other similarities. If two patients have similar symptoms, perhaps they have the same disease. The key problem is judging how similar two things are. The analogizers' master algorithm is the support vector machine, which figures out which experiences to remember and how to combine them to make new predictions.

                              Prepare for a powerful anesthesia
                              Chemical processes irresistible
                              A good and perfect rest

--Domingos, Pedro, The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World, Basic Books, 2015.

A girl I met was very lovely,
The way she dressed is like a midst of the galaxy.
Her eyes shines to me so perfectly,
But we didn’t know she hides her true personality.

Suddenly, she talked to me anonymously,
She asked me If I want to be her friend temporarily,
So I answered her a yes directly,
we talk comfortably, she believes to me proudly.

Suddenly, moment passed and she told me about her anxiety,
I was so shocked and I don’t know how to react normally,
Despite of her ability, to act ambiguity
I was so impressed of her avidity
She thinks without problem and lives gracefully.

That girl became part of my life shortly,
But, I was so thankful to God I met her like destiny,
Despite of her story and beyond belief history,
I really idolized her for not giving up so easily.

The problems in the world
                will never end
Some will be solved,
                but another problem
will come to replace them

Mary Beazer Apr 26

Cried the most tears

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