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Tyler 1d
They called him
A problem child.

"Good for Nothing"

And so these words
Stuck with him
Formed his identity
Shaped his character.

Until one day
He couldn't take it anymore
So he jumped off a building
And all his problems
Seemed to vanish.
Safana May 26
"Ana wata ga wata"

A Hausa proverb...
"Without completing an intended things the other things are trying to happen".

A Poet will lost the bag of his papers and jacket of his pen without notice shortly.

Ya Allah help me🙏 and others like me...
I’m scared of failure
As if my life would end if I met her
I face my problems head on
Because I can’t stand
To stab a ***** from behind

I’m the problem to my solutions
And when I let go of this toxic life
Then maybe I’ll see the light
Even though I’m right outside

I’ll fly to the moon to start a new life
I’ll run away from these judgmental eyes
That have been staring at me for too long
Too bad I can’t gouge my physical self
It’s a matter of perception,
These eyes only serve as tools
To allow the light inside

Our minds are so simple yet so complex
Reality is an illusion
But please,
Don’t throw that brick at my head

And when I reach my point of clarity
I’ll stop and reflect the struggle within
Life seemed so rough at that moment
But it’s what helped me love myself again
When I was a child,
I often played in the field,
played with mud there,
ran on the rice fields,
on the vast expanse of rice,
birds were flying,
chirped sweetly,
the air was fresh,
the smell of dew,
the sun's light was so beautiful shining on a hopeful face,
sweat pouring down,
hope the harvest can go well.

But when I grew up,
I saw that many rice fields became high-rise office buildings,
company factories.
People lost their fields,
were sold to the powerful.
They say,
for development,
for common prosperity.
they destroy the environmental order, waste is scattered,
the soil is completely damaged and excavated.
They displace,
drive away.

They say this is our land.
They are the rich.
Who can manage everything.
This poem was written because of the many problems experienced in the government of my country. People oppress with power. Money has always been a tool to make everything attainable, regardless of other people, regardless of the environment. The peasants, never prosperous, never independent. Rich people set prices, then looked for bigger profits. So sad, even having to import rice, they said, is not enough food needs.

Indonesia, 18th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
mark soltero Apr 5
high octane whippets
bring me closer to sin
lied about remorse
it’s hard to break
to cement my place in hell
thrones made within myself
mindful thoughts of decadence
barren lies the boy
filled with tar and hate
selfish ingrate
no longer a problem
his death left no mark
condescending little ****
stands here his grave

There's only one way I know of to get rid of a problem, and that's to solve it.
vllxch Apr 3
there i was
sit alone
people walk and passed by

some of them are carrying serious ill
some of them are crying,
lost someone they loved

never know
what people carrying
on their shoulder

but in this place
we all knew
we carrying
similar problem
Randy Johnson Mar 26
You think it's going to be your way or the highway but that's not how it's going to be.
You'd better change your way of thinking if you want to continue to be married to me.
You are not always going to get your way.
You'd better learn that if you want me to stay.
You need to learn that marriage is a two-way street, it's not a one-way street.
When it comes to our marriage, I'm not going to take a back seat.
You don't care about my dreams and desires, you think it's all about you.
If you don't change, I'll have this marriage annulled, that's what I'll do.
You've started laughing because you actually think I'm not serious.
When I talk about this problem, you think it's not worthy to discuss.
It won't be your way or the highway but that is something that I have failed to make clear.
I no longer want you for a wife so I'm going to pack my bags and get the hell out of here.
Hi guys!
What's your problem?
How women dress
How are you concerned?
Whether they
Torn pants
Torn jeans
None of your business
You've poor mental hygiene
Chief Minister?
And you talk like this
Were you and your daughters
Born with clothes
God sent you all naked
Primitive man
Like you wasn't fake
Clothes originated
Protecting your bodies
Hostile environment
Slaves of baser instincts
Now for hiding their weaknesses
Sanskara don't lie
In your clothes
But in your brains
Etiquette evolved over time
By the society
Dominated by males
Must go
Unshackle women
And set them free
A Chief Minister criticizes publicly a well educated woman for wearing jeans ripped at knees.
S Mar 9
The clock is ticking

ticking… ticking… tick—

My brain is floating
As it almost sinks
That piano sounds lovely
And the clock again blinks
And my brain

In a cacophony
Of beautiful sounds
And a daunting harmony
I wrote this while struggling to finish a paper
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