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Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have
                                 ~Joyce Mayers
Poolza Feb 8
I want to know
what it's like
to have friends

I want to know
what it's like
to eat

I want to know
what it's like
to feel

I want to know
what it's like
to be loved

I want to know
what it's like
to be human
Abigail Rose Jan 30
I’m so for you my
heart turns at quandaries like
thoughts of your eyelash
is a book.
The problem is,
I don't think
that others
can read
newpoetica Jan 22
before i knew it was all too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
you put all this trust into a person,
but they let you walk away while they're there *******' and cursin'.
see, the thing is that we all want to see the person's best,
even though their hurtful words never give you a rest.
we want to see these people grow,
so that one day their love for us will maybe someday show.
that though, isn't love at all,
it's your eyes that are covered by a shawl.
it is good to have hope in the face of the worse,
but that viewpoint is also a curse.
truth be told, toxicity isn't always easy to leave,
this is a thought that's worth to conceive.
before i knew it was too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
I've been slacking on my poetry recently ever since school started up again. On the bright side, that means I'm not dealing with that many family problems or issues because I'm too busy to care. Also I have a **** ton of homework due to AP US History and AP Psychology, so wish me luck on that stuff. Haha.
Sometimes I wonder
If this world is just a blunder
If one day
We'll all be escorted away

Sometimes I hope
That's there's somewhere better
We will all stay
Till the world's been cleansed with soap

Sometimes I desire
For this world to die.
So that we can rebuild
Without all the smoke and fire

It's not just the people
But the buildings they make
That break our beautiful world down
Until it's all fake.
His sneezes threaten her peace

He quivers in every problem she faces

Twinflames, two bodies one soul
Ever experienced it?
How is the relation now?
Anya Dec 2018
The taste of tension, like water, plain but there
Invisible, but felt
A faint undercurrent, a barely detectable wave

Physically, fine, well most of us
But mentally, a little shaky
Slightly off
Not easily detectable

Our lips graced by bald faced sugary sweet smiles
Don't look at the mouth, look at the eyes
Where the truth screams out at you
If, you can detect it

His antics, a little over the top
Her quirks, just slightly more enhanced
But even then,
You can't truly know what's going on behind the curtain
Unless you forcefully lift
That could possibly damage it
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