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Sylph Oct 5
What is love?
A emotion? is it a want or a need?
is it something everyone meets somewhere in life?

What is love?
A problem? or  dream come true?
I guess its all in how you look at it

I see it as a opportunity
You could accept it or deny it
                     Everyone sees it differently
I know its not like this now...Nostalgia really took hold though. I found this in a old notebook i had from when i was 9-10 or so...Really hits home to think about. How lost i am in life and confused in general...Especially when it comes to love. Im still trying to learn how to like everyone else. Hardest part right now is the difference between love and lust..
Faith Oct 4
I like a boy

His name is Zach

But the problem is

He doesn't like me back
Just something small and silly to hide my actual disappointment!
Nica A Aug 2018
hope your good at clues.
'cause whenever i see you,
my action tries to scream the news.
if only... it was that simple.
I then, would be brave and
nothing would hold me down.
but my feet, they're buried as if they're stuck on the ground.
so many times, i thought about
my lips meeting yours.
or if you're lips wanted to meet mine.
for the first time, i wanted you to try.
But at the same time, what if i face rejection,
only then will my heart, feel my past and cry.
This last year, i was marked with fear.
I hope you understand.
i want to hold your hand,
and if i do, there's no need to feel any shame.
if i tell you though, would you think of me the same?
with you, i can't make the first move.
i'm not like the others, i got respect
i don't like to invade.
i'm not sure how'd you feel and that's why i'm afraid.
since now you know,
i'll leave that up to you,
Audra Sep 28
I’ve found all the wrong love
In all the wrong places—
Every bad match
With every darkened heart.

At least that’t what you tell me.
i will no longer allow you to dictate who is right for me.
Aaron Elswick Aug 28
Formed in a field of fire, I cry,

serving thorns of beleaguered triumph, I crawl

to a shorn little wreath of wiring, I stall

to enthrall all the force behind me, I crawl.

Crawl with a ghost's sobriety, in a  thought
I have wrought
what a world denied me, in a joke,
but its not,
it's assuming a piety
in deliverance from fouler hits
isn't a blinder for your civil bliss.

Wake the **** up.

Watch the flare, trace the wick.

Dodge the rain drops, cop's air and spit.

Hopped a train of thought for a ditch

Found a chain of White grapes and whips.

You intervene with glitter glue at the seams,
assume to placate flames below the root of your jeans,
assemble suitable frames amid a brutal disease,
accrue the nourishing famine, staying true to your leaves,
and seeing nothing.


capitulate to the critical conditioners , an oppressor
hypernormal in biblical proportions for your pleasure
find the border for brick mortar
pull lever, level threat, fine order,
don't. cross. this. line.
Never stop to observe the servile nature of your stature
levy thoughtless concern to herd the ******* in your factor
paper shredder for flame fodder, **** your water
crawling out with a name, and an aim to discolor your collar

I have no eyes to see son or daughter,
grass in the field, lacks appeal,
devoured countless when I was smaller

Eyes on the whole deal, now
coal fields, cold meals, thicc hoes, sick cows,
this thirst, it grows, it thrives, right now
it knows, it chose,
these throes are how these days will close when you aren't loud.

Eat the rich
Eat the poor
Eat the earth
Wake the **** up.
(It's pretty long so... Sorry. Also sorry for the double negatives and cursing, in that order.)

The perspective is of a problem, a deep seeded growing fire of a problem. People may acknowledge or even discuss it, but it will be in tame, civil, language. That urge to take the edge off of a clear problem, because either it benefits us to be inactive or silent, or because social conditioning has essentially taught us to keep talk small and inconsequential. That inactive cowardice of principle (which I too am guilty of) is what allows that problem to spread and cause others and so on. Problems don't feel or care whether you're trying to solve them or not. They will eat your world away without a feeling. Just talking about them earnestly won't solve them obviously, but it is a pretty critical first step. The last part is basically when all of them pile up and consume everything.
jza aguilar Aug 19
sudden waves of sadness
came into my shore,
enveloped my chest,
leaving me no space to breathe,
was it the pills or it was just me?

promised myself to always choose happiness,
to always live in positivity,
and my doctor said it may just
be an adverse effect,
but was it the pills or it was just me?

was it really possible?
to drown in sadness without knowing why?
i tried to seek for answers,
but was only welcomed by the dark.
so was it the pills or it was just me?

it started to rain,
and my feelings went in vain,
i didn't want to be in this cage,
so i prayed to God for some help,
was it the pills or it was just me?

i wish this hurricane will soon fade away,
for the sun to finally rise with no visible grays,
and i know I'll make it through His grace,
but it still puzzles me,
was it the pills or it was just me?
190728 16:23
Once upon a time In my life
along time ago I fell for a girl
loved her at first sight and knew
I'd marry her never a drought this was my one and only dream to ever to come
Sometimes In life your not even looking for anyone but It just happens like with Helen and I so special
we had never thought she would pass on so soon and I have to face the world
My problem is our problem.
Your problem is me.
I did fight for us.
You did fight against me.
When you are the only one whose fighting and the one is giving you up.
My generation
Is completely ******
Poisoned by radiation ?
Or squashed be terrorist trucks ?

We have mass shootings
At least once a week
We've got global warming
Over which we "debate" via tweets

Some ***** say
Lets fix Mars and go live there
Open your ******* eyes
The big problem is here

Some of us preach acceptance
Saying to love no matter what
I tell you it's deception
Now he's going to hell because he loves a man

Someone kills them-self
Every 40 seconds
Wake up for gods sake
It's the second leading cause of death
We're destroying ourselves

Twelve year old kids
With anorexia
A few thousand wrists were slit
This past November

A step out of the norm
And you'll be excluded
Everything screams CONFORM CONFORM

I could go on forever
But I've made my point

Deep down we all hurt
But we're all in **** up to our necks
The society is rotten and perverse
The world is wrecked

There's nothing for us here
We get a dried up earth
Unbreathable air
We're ******* cursed
It's really not surprising
We all want to die
That we're the most depressed generation
(also the gayest tho lol)

You high ups had better ******* do something
Or we're all gonna die
No more future generation
The human race is falling to it's doom
Get your act together ***** **** mother *******.
Seriously not sure I wanna put any kids into this world
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