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See that no day is absent of grace
with many hands making
a burden light

How many of the world's issues could be solved if we all worked together to make it a better place, instead of a rotten one?

Be back soon!
Lyn x
slipped my leg into the room
let the temperature seek your soul
lend your hand,
never let go.
Chain yourself down and forget the door.

there's something creeping from the corner
a knife tucked in the bed
metal to flesh
a ring tight on her finger
yet mine,still,
volume and depth

head turned away
a smile determined to stay
the little space reserved
but all went in vain
and the metal curved

send me to sleep whisper "this was all a dream"
bury the smile, put up a fight
you see the problem was-
i entered with my left foot,
not my right
Jack 5d
I seem so stressed, Im always looking at the positives and the best
It keeps me engaged while life is putting me to the test
If you asked what matters they write it on a check
Or you feel it in the sweat when you've fallen into sex

If dying is what it seems, then why does it always appear within my dreams
Trying to understand what the devil may be in
It works all the same everything feels like sin
Henny and Gin, always on one's mind
The truth is out there but it's so fucking hard to find
The grind of life causes us to choose vice
Whether its alchohol, tobacco, or maybe it's rolling dice
Nice is what you want to be but that won't happen
As long as you succumb to the evils that surround men
When we find our vices we give up on life
The evils of Lucifer causing us strife
I don’t understand
        why I am afraid
                          of the                                         dark,

It’s not that I’m
            scared of                                                it,
It’s what hides                                              
                    in it.                                            
The lies and secrets                                        
                        we never                                   told,

The nightmares
                         hold                                          me,

Bad choices
              we would                                            regret,

Even the future                                                is  
         not bright anymore,

            the dark
                          Is                                              the least of my problems.
This is my first poem. I wrote it about three years ago for an English class my freshman year of high school. It is in the style of the book Crank by Ellen Hopkins, and her style of poetry. There are two ways to read this poem.
Poetic T May 18
What is life without ice cream,
          for with every spoonful
troubles melt, tears dry up.

No matter your tastes,
                ice-cream is life's
answer to every problem.

And all you need is a spoon
                                  or a fork,
some are freaky like that.
Bryant May 10
Classic classroom with plastic juices
It’s never safe and sound here cause  
The bar’s set in the ground.
Since I started I felt ostracised
Left in the corner I would criticize
The giants in the sky.

So time flies by
As my friends get high
On legal drugs handed out for free.
I ride by with a breeze.
With this luck I could buy a group of escorts with STDs.

Pointless ointment
Rubbing wounds that you created.
Hold on to that statement.
Do you hear yourself?
You’re suffocating!
Give yourself a reason to wake up just one more day!
Little by little we can change reality.
But first, we need to get off this island
So sailing out to sea, let’s leave.
Nylee Apr 25
They won't shed a light on me
  they won't understand a part of me
I am all alone,
  and I don't mind when I know that
The problem arises when I forget that.

Little joys, crazy voice
Merry ways, glittering sunrise
balcony view, morning dew
few seconds, closing the mind chatter

It is not like I expect much now
I did once, I regretted it then
It shouldn't be that my opinion count
They'll will do what they want.

maybe I just want attention
need some recognition from everyone
I need to be someone special
for them, this quality is essential

I will walk alone journey ahead
I tell that everytime
But then lose my conviction
Repeat my mistakes time to time.

Heart just beats, it doesn't break as they say
Blood is flowing in every way
it is hard to go on
when my mind has turned off

My feet hurt now more
as I fall down again and again
My tears fall like they always do
They get no support from the rain.

Older the more colder
and  more time I spend to cry
there is no reason why
I ain't getting any better, no more

Tired bones and muscles
there are too many extra miles
There is no space for me to stand
I try to adjust, try to carry the weight
But then I sense the futility of it all.

There is no cure when you are a living disease
Contaminating, spreading the unease
I slide back on my seat
Not to have another repeat

Something about all this
is going so very wrong
I feel it inside growing that strong
Something in me is the real problem here

Stupid things I'll do
they come back through
making errors every move
making them disapprove

Spinning in my created reality
this prison will keep me bound
the light doesn't shine in my head
how will I ever be free?
Arlene Corwin Apr 22
Good morning!
       Embedded In The Problem

Rooted in the problem sits an answer

Well inserted by the laws of physics:

Every energy, each action, force

Contains an opposite and equal heart.

Not obvious, because of course

You’re coming face to face with one small seam,

Large though it seems,

With un’s that scream their presence:

“We’re Unanswerable, We are Unsolvable!”

Therefore, the answer, at least at the start,

Is to see the problem as a part

Of opportunity.

That would be smart!

Embedded In The Problem 4.22.2018 Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Corwin
Every problem has a solution.
Ryan Apr 21
Do you really think he’ll win?
They asked of Valeriy Borchin.
Not even a little bit,
They replied, with a sense of wit.

He came in first in Beijing,
just four years ago-
He was the first to bring
His home life into the show.

He walked and walked,
Through the streets of London.
Suddenly, his body locked-
He didn’t make it to the bin.

He fell against the wall,
Trying to hide it all.
The observers noticed a little bit-
That Valeriy Borchin had done himself a shit.
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