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Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It’s a permanent SOLUTION
For the PROBLEM of inflation
It’s a timely revolution

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
When the money printers run
But it is a bold SOLUTION
And remains the only one

When the money that you earn
Buys you less and less each year
It’s the money printers fault
So blame inflation for your fear

Though Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It has a hard and fixed supply
And a steady rate of issue
So the time is right to buy

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
Against inflation, it is true
But it is a great SOLUTION
To keep wealth for me and you
You can see the poem on a background here -
Inspired by Parker Lewis and his video and article about Bitcoin not being a hedge against inflation.
Jeremy Betts Apr 2018
Anyone that's ever said cash doesn't equate to fun has never had none
They've never had to wonder where their next meals gonna come from
Never been one wrong move away from watching your life become an undesirable one
Never seen a bright future as an attainable one
I'm sure we've all shared a park bench at some point with someone
But has it ever been overnight, shivering, posted up with a veteran ***?
Never been an unsung hero, never feasted on a moldy bun
Never had to decide whether to pay some of this bill or a little bit of that one
Never had a car run on hope and fumes, never relied solely on your heat to come from the sun
Can't see the glass half full or half empty, a waterless situation
Never looked at a gun and thought it the best possible outcome
No option but to literally try to out run your problem
But you can't cause you wanted to stay "grounded" so you cut every tendon
So much tension, it's got ya looking at the knife again thinkin' it could relieve some
Never laied at your lowest point to weak to get up and been looked down on
It's a sad truth how unbelievably common it is to stumble upon...
This, but ignorance is bliss so no action to fix the problem is taken
You might have been one of these people had you walked in a different shoe when it all begun

leeaaun Jul 30
i am grateful of the answer
that i got

"it's okay, if things take time."
the real problem starts, when it stops.
leeaaun Jun 29
the goodness in you
will make you feel like
a true goddess

only if you will try to look it
inside your flesh
instead of other's

because your skin isn't rotten
it's going through a process
that will take time

as being a goddess
is not an easy task
she's good yet carries all flaws

who believes in herself
who stands up for herself
who take breaks when things get hard

she accepts the goodness
with all fears
she learns to face her problems

that's how you become
a goddess
who do good for you
Hollie Jun 7
Today I thought about you
You're down one knee
Ring in hand but I'm not there
You looked happy, more happy than I could ever make you
It hurt even though it wasn't real
There's a future I see
One with the both of us together
But that's the problem; I see it
Your feelings aren't there anymore
And we've drifted apart
Strangers passing by on the street
With nothing worth sharing
Because nothing can change our past
I thought I could fix what was wrong,
I felt alone in it all
Even if the way I showed it didn't seem like it, I am and always will be in love with you
leeaaun Feb 20
i want to run away
from problems
but problems are running back to me
Zack Ripley Sep 2022
I know. It can be scary to feel.
You either feel too much or nothing at all.
Or even worse, you feel you've hit the bottom
so many times you stop being afraid of the fall. Maybe you're already there,
and you decide to take a look around.
You start to feel safe.
Because you fear you'll be judged
if you are ever found.
Judged for falling when people thought
they were picking you up.
Judged for staying at the bottom just because you were "stuck in a rut."
And these fears are valid.
These fears may come true.
But these judgements will come
from people who love you.
I know it might not be clear
what I'm trying to say, so here it is:
it's okay to be afraid.
But if no one knows there's a problem,
they'll never be able to help show you the way.
Nylee May 2022
I feel like I am a rodent
for you, kind of a pest.
Not welcome but stuck,
Not my home, but make do
with what I want.
You hate the sight of me
don't want to fight me.
You feel I am drinking
the life out of you.
But soon you plan to
get rid of me, permanently
plotting to execute,
the plan to precision
leave me out in the cold
not to be your problem anymore.
I S A A C Apr 2022
succulent heart only needs a couple of drops every few months
cacti are what I have become
adaptive to the inconsistent
search for storms no matter how violent
just to get that sweet sweet drop
just to feel my heart fill fill up
then leave in the flash, leave it in the past
I have no problem moving on
as long as I get my drops
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