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Peter Balkus Sep 1
My name is Ataria,
I come from Planet Ata,
I've been sent on Planet Earth
to learn
how the humans behave,
how they go about
their lives,
what are they like.
I've been sent
to tell them about Ata
and myself.
And to raport to my world
everything I'll see,
everything I'll learn.

My first impression
isn't great...
Till that time

No space left inside the mind
They keep on collecting
What touches the life
Close enough

Till the threshold
When words can’t resist
And finds peace in Ink
And words start to embed
And the thoughts get its way
And the soul feels calm

Everything, Everybody
Nothing, Nobody
Sense like a word
Which gets pass through
The Ink

And once started

They find
A good reason
Not to stop
Or forget
How to stop.
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: May be so many somebody passes through this
James Lloyd Aug 8
Heavy rain, wet shoes and pants, umbrella I'm holding whispered "hug me," so I did,
vehicles passing by, air is chilling me,
my lungs felt it too as light dazzling dance.

I am looking for her who dropped this familiar diary I'm holding,
diary I have red for the first time that stuck in my head,
unfortunately, parts of it got wet, it's the climax of her story,
she's looking also for someone else who gave her the diary.


Heavy rain continue, I wonder where she is.
Is this pity or care? I asked myself intensely,
she's through with the pain he gave to her as stated,
I felt it sincere it was a waste relationship

I started to cry I'm on the peak of the end,
it was real it hits me through my bone, it's like my past
I can't see anything with this tears in my eyes...
It's her, my past who wrote her miserable life with me...
I cried under the pouring rain over me
faeri Aug 1
Dear no one,

I don't know why I talk to you
every day.
It's not like you have the abilty
to answer me,
but I feel I must tell someone
when I'm happy or sad
or even in between.

You're someone I can trust to
keep a secret,
and be quiet when I need you to.
Thank you for that,

but you're still just a book labeled
How shall I obliterate those warm memories?
The sweet moments penned in my mind's diary.
Succumbed I was in your trance,
those passionate moves of our dance.
I was alive because you were there.
Nothing mattered, for all seemed fair.
To me, you were the only right.
In my darkest hour, you were the only light.

Then time changed its tide.
We left each other's side.
We became busy in our lives
and everything else just died.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I wrote this a very long time ago, I think I was 20 back then. I think the poem is pretty simple and obvious, you can read through and get an idea. Ciao!
Till 12, I was with the Moon
By 6, appointment fixed with the Sun

And, the diary repeats
Genre: Self
Theme: Autobiography || Being Naturalist
Aihara May 19
The imminent river,
inevitable ride;
unwilling passenger,
whether the strap snapped, disconnected;
Or stuck till final destination, rock bottom.

Was all this necessary
Im great, Im happy
Stop misdiagnosed me
Im no other than me

neuroses and religion
who i am to wish for oblivion
one opinion define none
On seeking whats the norm and what is wrong.

Im trying to live, to fit in
Just normally like everybody
Normal to me but it isnt
what am I, Who I am without

I am, was, I will be okay
Why it felt like a replay
No choice but to compelled
Who said its mine to choose
Cause it wil be forever replayed

For now the strap hold on
on repeat, hitting rock bottom
Its true the only way left is up
no in between, stuck in a time wrap.
I hate it when I couldn't accept myself for who I am. My scars, my illness.
Its not my fault I was born with it.
Aihara May 19
I walked home on my own
Stayed after you said you're not fine through the phone
I spent my lifetime to make you feel better
Why couldn't you see me?

Said you love Cardistry
Coding for a living
I gave my time to learn both
so you have someone to play with
or at least Im something to you.

I love you at point I couldn't even say
something or anything that will hurt you
whenever you told me you need me
I always trying my best to be there

Running, stumbling made a fool of myself
Just so I can be there with you
So you won't feel alone
Even its just over the phone.

Now you're gone
No goodbye not a thing
Tell me you're fine
Tell me to let you go
Tell me you hate me
Just tell me something.
I can't even hate him, I just need a closure.
Aihara May 19
Laying in my bed,
In my head neurosis hit again;
Greetings! Just like an old friend,
That one unwanted, pretentious man.

Got a hint I won't be breathing again,
One last chance to make it last;
Forever green I missed my old grin,
From back when I was younger;
Where I never stop to wander.

I remembered barefoot on my way home,
Alone with no one to walk along,
Mom said I should be capable to be on my own;
Looking back no child should walk alone,
Many could go wrong but it decide to wait for its turn.
part 1
Lyn-Purcell May 18
Your life is a diary.
Each day is a page.
Memory is the pen.
So write your
own story.
I've been surfing the nostalgic wave lately.
I forgot how beautiful 'Diary' is by Alicia Keys.
That was my jam, and it still is!
When music still had beauty and meaning, man.
The feels are real!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
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