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Wyatt Jul 7
These words are just
a continuation of one long poem
that shows no signs of concluding
any time soon,
another similar entry
into this diary that has an
unfathomable amount of pages.
If only the subject matter
was ever positive,
I wouldn't mind reading
these repetitive entries
every single day.
If only
my poetry
was beautiful
then this absurdly long poem
which I live through
would be a pleasant read instead.
Yemaya Mar 12
Life is flourishing. My tears have worked hard, to rejuvenate this life.
For the first time in years, I feel like myself again.
undefined Feb 13
A girl I dated once called me an "emotionless robot." Yesterday I woke up screaming, last night I fell asleep while crying... Guess she was wrong.

Fingers freezing.
Paint on a smile for passer-bys.
Keep my feet moving down the street
to PJ's for coffee,
for my daily "Good Morning."

Someone told me a song I played was "sad,"
I told them it was the happiest one I had.

The little market store on St. Louis is letting me stock the cooler again this afternoon.
So, I'll be able to buy another drink tonight.

The mornings are stiff,
and the late night shivers with cold.
1987 is the code to find the restroom.
Coffee warms my disposition.

Words stay trapped in my pen,
I start writing sometimes,
and don't know how to end.

... (i'm sorry)
Journal entry today.
I S A A C Dec 2021
we were body to body
my head on your chest was my favourite hobby
until it went cold like hockey
how can something so intimate turn into just another thing?
another place, another time
another day I write my feelings inside
the colourful pages of my diary
wake up after dreaming of you with anxiety
my passion is fiery but the coals are growing cold
your hands I cannot even imagine anymore
your touch cannot activate me anymore
we cannot restore what we had before
sure we were body to body
and my head on your chest was my favourite hobby
but I deserve more, I cannot settle
we were golden but now there's rust in the metal
ChinHooi Ng Jul 2021
The light of the bank
makes me think I'm out of money
why is it so bright
the light of this consignment shop
the glow of the shampoo room
surprisingly reddish
street lights are okay
a little blankly and silly
car lights are too bright
speeding in the night
too much lights
i can't read them all
i look up
half a moonlight indistinct
the rift between something and nothing
moonlight tumbling from high places
sprinkled on rice stubble and haystack
on river water and mulberry tree
on the secluded dirt road
there's something hauled
into someone's dreamland.
Ahmad Attr Jun 2021
Some say little memories die soon
So I kept a little diary with me
But recently I burned it
For you became the bookmarks of my life
Some say little memories die soon
But I remember these 20 days I've spent with you

From seeing you in my cashmere dreams
To in real life in front my weaving eyes
Little do you know, I write poems about you
‘’Sagittarius’’ as I called you
Now on the tongues of your friends
A love story never told
But nothing changed between us
I felt so lonely being alone with you

Where’s my darling on phone?
Where’s my darling on the paper?
I hear your name out of the mouths
Of these men, such popularity
Your own friends became your paparazzi
In this city never sleeping yet always dreaming
You were the only I could hear and see
Expectedly you became my swivel

I judged my day,
by how you talked to me
that is If you talked
for such a loud one in your twenties,
with me;
you are silent as little flame on the wick
leafless branches swaying in the wind

How much changed in these days
Expectations hurt, so I kept them low
Yet I am still in agony
How little changed in these days
Now I am back in my room
Still writing about you

Some say little memories die soon
I wish they did
Cashmere Dreams reference
Sagittarius reference
ChinHooi Ng Jun 2021
That year
we met
watching you smile
from afar
i dared not look back
that month
we started getting used to texting
on a daily basis
exchanging stories and banters
encouraging each other to go through
things we had to go through
that day
you said out of the blue
you decided to stop talking to me
cold turkey
i could not
that night
i saw some of ourselves
in some Makoto Shinkai movies
you and i
we could not go back it seemed
that moment
i let it happen
you and i became sudden
Pravesh Rai Mar 2021
one word which contains all the

emotions and phases,

A journey from where you are going to experience a

deep meaning of your existence ...

some are going to be loved and some are going to be a

part of someones hate.....

you may succeed you may fail ,

but life is not going to stop.

You are here to live, you have to feel..

but if you want a peace in your life just smile

in every situation and enjoy the different taste of fruit,

that life offers...!!
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 2021
Some people be like dear diary
And I’m like hello poetry.
Here’s the story of my life.
Sometimes my life is filled with horror
But that’s just inside my mind....That has no honour .

I can’t sleep at night
I can’t eat
I always do what I want
If I get told to do one thing I’ll do another.
I’ve been here before playing the joker.

The voices in my head eat away at me every single second of the day.
Telling me I’m not good enough.
I just really want to feel okay.
And valued by the ones I love.

But how does someone let another in to fix what’s broken on the inside?
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