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Crisp red blood on a marble floor
splashing like crimson raindrops.
My blood escapes the fresh cut as my blade dances across my skin.
My head gets lighter the more I cut
but that doesn't stop me.
I look for another place to test my blade but it seems I've run out.
I roll my blood stained sleeves down and conceal my legs and waist.
My dry blood covers the marble floor, and I could never be happier.
Matt Hews Sep 9
Cold to the touch
Sharp to the bone

--—— -

Warm as life
Red as
Andrew Jan 27
You undersell me
And overwhelm me
Your lovely tidal wave
Cuts like a bridal blade
Your knife slices so deep
It drags on my bone
Your knife must meet sheath
For me to find home

Your blade
Is high grade
So sharply acute
It cuts all roots
I didn't realize emotions went this deep
You use your blade to slaughter sheep
If they don't survive your brain surgery
Or your engrained perjury

You're the blade
But you don't hunt vampires
I want you to stay
And light my heart's fire
Don't Wesley snipe at me
Or point your knife at me
Just hold me
So I forget the old me
Cut out what you don't like
Until I made only of light
The process is painful
But you change me
Cut from every angle
You rearrange me
You make improvements
By cutting grooves in

I'm so afraid I may disappoint you
Because I have already anointed you
My king
I wear your ring
That severs my fingers
Making me useless
When so much love lingers
But I can't prove this
There is a bloody blade at my throat
While our love precariously floats
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 30
How could you be so evil?
For there is no other way to describe
Your whole sense of being,
You are rotten inside.

Disgusting and disgraceful,
How can you be so cruel?
I hate you, everything about you,
Just like when you were at school.

There are no words to express
The evil you have inside,
The pain you are inflicting,
You’ve even caused suicide.

How can you do this?
To a society stretched at the seams?
You are a waste of time and money
And your dreams – are they really dreams?

How can you be trusted?
For you are diagnosed a liar;
You are not welcome in society
Nobody welcomes a liar.

What if none of it happened?
What if it wasn't true?
What if you made up the rape?
The only criminal here is you.

You have hurt so many people,
Your family and so many more,
You deserve all the punishment given
For your actions they simply deplore

What if the nightmares aren't real?
The fear and panic all fake?
What if none of it happened?
How much of a mess could you make?

You are a disgusting creature,
I hate, I despise, I deplore;
It is categorically impossible
To forget or try to ignore.

You are a black mark on society,
You do not belong in this world,
You don't deserve any friends,
You deserve no place in this world.

Where do your memories come from?
Why do you invent ones not real?
Do you not have any empathy
For how people really feel?

You are hated by all and everyone,
Yourself included if not more;
Nobody wants to know you,
You stay right behind that door.

Don't you dare show your face,
For you are not welcome;
Stay away from everyone,
You will only do them more harm.

You have a sick mind, how could you?
How could you cause so much distress?
Your spitefulness has shown no limits,
And you couldn't care any less.

You are a diagnosed a liar,
A deceitful, sadistic disgrace,
Nobody is ever going to believe you,
Such liars should not show their face.

There is no help for evil like you,
Services are there to help others;
Not to be wasted and drained and abused,
And how can you keep blaming your mother?

They do not have time for your fake memories,
Your fake life events and horrors;
There are people dying every single day
Nobody cares of your night terrors.

You need to sit in a hole and stay there,
For the safety of everyone else,
Just stay there, do not come out,
For we must protect everyone else.

Nobody is here to beat you,
So you must do it yourself,
Keep cutting and bleeding and bleeding,
Cut deeper to forget yourself.

Watch the blood as it runs
Keep cutting, don't let it stop,
This blade will pierce your evil soul,
Its painful, don't let it stop.

I am going to keep punishing you,
More and more and more...
This blade will pierce your body,
As you lie in a heap on the floor.

For there is no other way out,
You MUST feel this pain,
For this is for what you have done to others,
Over and over again.  

This is all you deserve,
Feel the blade pierce your skin and then bleed;
For your blood is the source of your evil,
The evil on which you make others feed.

This pain will last forever,
I will never be done with you,
I just want to keep making you hurt –
Until you know what is true.

Now cut.....
All I can say is I am so sorry for the graphic nature...
Josh Overson Aug 25
Maybe you’ll feel it ooze from a blade
It might make you less afraid.
Maybe you’ll feel it release from your hands
Broken bones never stopped a man.
Maybe you’ll feel it dent in your skull
I don’t mind another hole.
Maybe you’ll feel it when you beg for more
Nope, you’ll watch her close the door.

A pill swallowed whole, a mind gone dull.
I’m alone and afraid, I can only pray.
To love myself.. once more...
Nevertheless love yourself
duncan Aug 13
i will spend the week
in hourglass torture.
listening to seconds
go bye.
i cant save them
they live as quickly
as they die.

there is no tragedy
in seconds.
no funeral procession
for time lost.
just memories and
blank space.
the bitter blade
of nostalgia just
sharp enough to
pierce weak skin.

there is no excuse
for lost time.
just a .44 pointed
straight at a mirror.
one victim.
one criminal.
i am as guilty
as i am innocent.
so i am really nothing.

just a quarter
in a crisis.

the king of
V Exeter Aug 3
Likely, I'll numb in time,
die before I've won.
If winds of change are razor blades,
I have one fucked up face.
& that's how I like it.
Human or a rat?
Simra Sadaf Jul 19
in a vigil of longing and yearning,
we are left between time and destiny,
by what might may we subdue time,
for it is leaving, it is a traitor,
by what might may we quell destiny,
for it is wicked, it is deceiving,
in lieu of longing and yearning,
a blade is plunged into our backs,
by what might may we annihilate
the torment of bad faith?
Amanda Jul 18
If I could remove
Knives you put in my back I'd
Still leave you unharmed
Forgiveness is taking the knife out of your own back and not using it on someone else no matter how bad they hurt you.
soMEone Jun 22
The first time you put the blade
To your beautifully clean unscarred skin
You'll be too sad to feel the pain
Like your mental pain will outweigh the physical
You'll bleed
But all you'll feel is a wave of calm
Then you'll go to sleep
On a tear-soaked pillow and blood-soaked bed
The next day at school
You'll get the
‘are you okay?’
And you'll repeat
‘I'm fine.’
But when you get home
You'll mark your now
Beautifully marked and scarred skin again
But this time you'll feel nothing
And wont be satisfied until
You're covered in crimson red ink
Please stay strong no matter what the issue.
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