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Arthur Blank Sep 22
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
lua Sep 20
The blade shone in the sun's rays
My breathing was stuttered and frantic
My body shivered and trembled
Shaking and quivered
I could taste the blood on my tongue
And feel the ache
The throbbing of my heart
The churning of my stomach with fear
I see the way your grip tightens with every beat of your heart
You watched me
I watched you
We both take a stance

I listen to your prayers
Prayers to the sun
You asked for guidance

I take the first swing

And I take the last.
taken from my original story
Cameron Sep 11
It cuts into me as a knife.
Scarring the surface of my soul.

Blood rolls down the blade
Carrying whispers of uncertainties.

It stares at me as it breathes me in,
And I breathe my last.
Aman Aug 26
It shines at the outside....
But inside it becomes dull.....
No opening.....
No chance.....
Opportunity becomes null....
Moment goes still....
The life seems over....
Nowhere left is the way....
Just the empty pride...
About to die....
But why.....
Asks the heart.....
The blade in the hand....
Seems fine....
But it's of no use....
Because the one broken....
Is not the blade.....
But our spirit...
To fight back....
And sometimes our heart.....
But the will....
Is not yet apart.......
Broken spirit, heart
Left Foot Poet Mar 2017
She, my cutter,
my body, her cutting,
with tongue and finger nail,
any handy human implement,
she sculpts me to
her eye's configuring delight

she, grabs my wrist,
and my face
by her hands embraced,
unblemished once
now becomes scarred tissued,
no guise, no lies, no bearded mask,
no disguise -
all forsaken
hidden hardened skin,
speckled red/white translucent,
she kisses with adoration her
heart designed
objet d'art

no better blade than she,
with every cut,
transformed, she becomes
my devotee,
I, her escapee,
I am her, she is me,
inseparable, my every command,
she obeys*
for our love cuts both ways
Maniac girl Jul 27
I wanna cut my skin with blade
Mother and dad
Honey and bread
I’m not sad
I just wanna bleed
Bleed until I am dead
But I can't cause this is not the right time
Bleeding is not a crime
I'll die when I turn twenty-seven
I might never go to heaven
But I don't dare to care about it

I’m high
So high
High enough that I
Wanna bleed until I die
I would never lie
I won’t even cry
Maybe it’s a goodbye
Oh my, red eye

Everything I sad has already been said
No difference it's going to make when I'm dead
But it's not twenty-seven age
And it takes bravery to give credit to people of your breakdown and rage
Gold cage, rampage, and savage
Thousands broken pledge
Your tone was like a blade,
that skimmed her skin.
Your words had cut deep,
stabbed her heart;
scarred her soul
and embedded itself into her memory,
playing like a loop in her head.
For your words are now ghosts that hunt her
in the darkest of times,
making her sweat smell like terror.
Chris Jul 6
This blazing blade
Stuck in my chest
The starving flames
Licking my flesh.

The orange hue
Glowing so bright
Makes you ask who
Started this fight?

These pearl white sins
Melting away;
Charring my skin
No more to say.
Surprisingly enough, I don't really know what this is about. I was thinking of a game with the same title and I just kinda wrote this. I like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.
Anastasia Jun 28
See this crown, upon my head?
Made of knives, one slice and you're dead
My finger, tracing your neck
Then come my lips
The blade is next
Watch your mouth
And watch your back
Is it love or a heart attack?
Backstabbing isn't really my style
Darling straight in your face will make me smile
Looked you in the in the eyes
Shouldn't be a surprise
Inspired by Billie Eilish ❤
Iz Jun 14
She asks if I want to play a game
So i give her my blade
Since it's the only game i know
Sinking my sorrow in stinging skin
See how far i can cut without
Stars striking me out of reality
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