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She wore her heart
On her sleeves,
But do not underestimate
Her power
For weakness.

The fumes
Of the fire
Burn through
Her eyes and flares
Through her blade.

She forged her way
With a crown
On her head
And wearing her scars
Like badges of honor.

She was born
To be a goddess,
Made to be strong,
As the stars will suffused
Within her shine.
How I've missed that feeling,
The deep burning cuts, the endless bleeding.
I know it's bad, I know I might die,
But it makes me feel better, I rather not cry.
But you came along, you've stopped me from using  my blade,
you've made me miss the burning sensation and the seeing of that beautiful red shade.
I am begging you to let me cut, I promise I won't die,
But you won't let me, you say if I do you'll cry.
But I don't want you to cry,
I'd rather die.
You are my happiness, and you know this,
But there are some things within me which you cannot fix.
This is why you should let me cut, let me see that crimson color I've longed to see,
Please just let me bleed.
I wish he'd let me.....But I know he just wants the best for me, so I can't blame him.
'Failing t-t o'
She has 1 regret before she closes her eye's forever, 2 night, she wishes she could take back that moment after she found that razor blade, she shoulda burned that bottle of sleeping pills and never filled the tub up with that water. Well now it's a lil too late, and she can't stay awake, Everyone that promised to be her savior turned out a lil too fake, She can't lift her head now and yet she can still feel the pain where she cut her vein with the **** old blade. Yet she still feels the same, cold and all alone but her rhymes are failing to: my rhymes are failing t-t o
~SacredInkedBlood same as  
Author Ven J. Author.
VenJencie Clifton Arnold
Please know there is help for you if you can ) to this poem at all. It never has to end this way for anybody.
Click on any link below and *** does love you. You are worthy and you are good enough but just get help to realize it yourself and to get help to act on it. Blessings to you al
Suicide Shatters Families
Suicide Prevention Awareness
Jon Thenes Nov 19
Guarantee the familiar
Body the Juvenile recipe
spark authority
give clutch
a drunk torrent
of confusion
**** each new Moon
a loud Need
perhaps heart
is chesting
a pale secretion ?
Marcella Kay Nov 18
The trail
Of your blood
Brings droplets
Out of your fingertips,
Staining them red.

A devil
That dressed in white
Will lead to trouble,
While evil is disguised
By beauty.

The blade
Of a sword
Can spear through the flesh,
And slaughter
The prey.

But what makes a person
To thrive their vengeance
Amongst the world
By swallowing their anger
And hate?
hugging my knees
memories playing in my head
one in each drop of water on my arm
my body was shaking
hot water enveloping me
tears were rushing out
lungs not working
blood rushing out
my hands shaking
staring at my wrists
holding the blade to my vein
pushing in
then dropping the knife
i'm sorry

Maida Rasool Nov 2
all feeling in my body gone
the tears follow
my hand instinctively reaches for the blade
i pull down my sleeve
reminders of yesterday remain
no vacancies
i try again
i lift myself out of my clothes
my battered body reflected in the mirror
my thighs still hold the colour of my skin
and not the rapidly familiar crimson dye
the blade makes its way down
the cold metal devours its target
1, 2, 3
66, 67, 68
83, 84, 85
and on it goes
all done
Mind Matterer Oct 26
It’s like a drug
-except that it doesn’t come in a little orange box
Or in the shape of a little white pill,
But rather through a shiny, sleek, sharp blade
That grazes over your skin
Just like a red ribbon swaying in the wind.
Alicia Oct 21
She is on her bed with a blade
She says "Should I cut?"
She looks at her phone
"He doesn't have a clue."
She sighs and puts it down
"It's not worth it" she says
And no one knew
10 months of no cutting
nooneknoes Sep 28
My suicide is something I've dreamed of for a while.
My suicide scares me because I do not know what is after.
My suicide is something I have attempted many times but failed.
My suicide is going to be a relief.
My suicide is selfish.
My suicide is going to be by blade to my wrist.
My suicide is a thought that soothes me.
My suicide is going to be hard for the people around me.
My suicide will eventually be forgotten.
My suicide seems blissful but horrible at the same time.

I hope my suicide is soon.
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