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subside the restless, crashing waves.

free my mind from this prison.

i am tired.
i am lost.
i've lost all meaning of the word, hope.

now, i just survive,
but only just...

egged on by the pluck and strike of the dancing tunes i force myself to listen to,
just to distract myself from all the raging stimuli.

emotion-sensory overload

perhaps, it's time i tried something new.
to stare into fear, and run it through...

maybe the little white pills aren't the boogyman,
the monster under my bed.

the monster is in my head,
and perhaps,
this little white pill...
just may put him away for a little while,
one day at a time.

subside the restless,
thoughts in my head.


this is my therapy.
so that i can breathe.

this one's not for you,
it's for me to read.
but if you really want to,
so can you.
Mia Kuhnle Sep 23
In the sinful garden I was aroused,
My toenails dug into Earth as the yew to the moon
Crouched with legs lambent of the blue glow.

I clawed and sank into the abyss the edifice allowed.
Violet sky and clouds abloom
Crawling towards its moleskin bound and sewn

****** stained and fig darkened
Our assemblage of sentiments sank
Into the fire-molten pit below.

Further into the soil beneath, pressed with bark and--
Ages of space that left some pages blank.
Your sharp mountains of ink through soil began to show.

Alas, I beheld in its fullness, a body which beat I stopped to harken
A tremor my arms, hands, and fingers began to make
With a gust of wind, brush of limbs, the dust away was blown.

Cuticles gushing red as I clung to our words, but away with a night lark.
After that short mirage, off my knees and into the sky I flew
My heart bare and untamed, as the soul from the skin under the moon.
David J Aug 15
I wonder to whom I journal
Because when I write
It is always a
Be thankful for your notebooks service!
Pedro Vialle Aug 13
It was quite windy today
and while looking outside
I suddenly realized
that my mind is like a yard
filled with dry leaves
all floating around
and me? I'm just running about
trying to catch 'em all
but when I'm almost over
sweating and making clouds with my breath
all the leaves fly away
leaving me standing there
tired of a work
that will lead me nowhere
Seanathon Aug 12
No matter how hard we fight...
Natures rain falls regardless...
Even if we hide.
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