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Jeremy Betts May 15
Hear ye! Hear ye!
Know me and hear me
Oh but please don't look over here at me
What a thing to say, but see
I don't want to be seen, my plea
It feels kinda cheesy
I thought it'd be easy
But it just got so messy so quickly
And the harder I try the more it eludes me
You can't live a life heard but not seen and not be seen as a cautionary
A tale of a someone broken mentally trying to use hurt and pain creatively
Never taken seriously,
Kinda gimmicky
Ultimately a one trick pony
I know it but it hurts still when it's throw back at me
I can't handle the cheeky hostility
So openly hidden in the commentary
It can't be avoided but it's also not necessary
Maybe this isn't for me
Or what's more likely,
Is it's probably not that bad actually
Ah, gee,
Yeah, nevermind, sorry everybody...
I just noticed it's only my insecurity ripping at me
My apology

Jeremy Betts Nov 2023
I can not do it, I can't
Did everything one is supposed too and still failed
Wasn't expecting to faceplant
I wanted it, prayed for it, dreamed about it and it sailed
My plea rang out like a chant
Gave up? I played to the buzzer, when the buzzer sounded I trailed
All hope I was forced to recant
Before I knew it I blew it, my loss was unveiled

Eloisa Jan 2023
Lead me away from this unfair realm
Beyond my stormy days and dark skies
Kiss me hard
Embrace me tight
Take me to the gracious place  where I found your heart
It’s like the only time I can see outside of this hole
Is when I’m trying to make sure others don’t see
That I’m digging it deeper
And falling
Until I can’t get out
N Jan 2022
My beloved April moon,
when the poets write ghazal
they are writing about you

The goddess of love,
cried when I told her
that you may leave

Her tears shedding
for you to stay,
like drops of Venus

Come back
For the goddess
of love’s sake,
come back
N Nov 2021
What is there left to say?
I am weary and out of breath,
but if my words ever reach you

Know that I am willing
to live twice for you,
if you are near me

I will miss you
for a lifetime

And it is alright,
you can touch me,
but do not leave any bruises

Write me a poem,
I promise I will not say
I am unworthy of you

Lie to me, my darling one
Tell me you love me,
I wish to only be adored by you

Hold my trembling hand,
I desperately need to feel
peace for a little while longer

Soak your scent
into my tortured skin
for I need your warmth

Make me cry,
but do not lick the tears
Red Robregado Sep 2021
Sadness, blackness, numbness --
I never want to harness,
but body, soul, and spirit can't seem to find harmonious oneness;
Restless, breathless, stiffness --
I can't even see Your vastness;
no fondness,
Am I senseless?
Could You rescue me from this pit of tiresome distress?
chest crest,
let me guess,
emotions and memories
I am trying to suppress
So, come gently, my hand caress
help me assess
and not regress;
remind me today that I am not oppressed
and that there's a way out of this mess;
Heed my humble request
God, do help me find true rest
bring me back my senses so I can be a witness
to Your manifold glory and kindness,
build me up on nothing less
in faith, today, I do confess,
"I am not hopeless,
but a child who can rest in Your loving embrace."
A poem that I wrote for my classmate in one of our live companioning triads
Nylee Aug 2021
It's       a   desperate          plea
Do    not                ignore    me

I­'d act out
I don't know
what it is about
Take a notice of me
I've been waiting patiently
for not much but all I need is
an attention for a second or three
for without I'll wilt without your sunshine
Please water me with all the love you'd do your plants

Don't pluck me apart
JKirin Jul 2021
It hurts, my love.

It hurts, my love; I’m filled with sorrow.

While you are here (close but miles and miles away),

what can I say to change your mind so you’d stay?

Don’t go, my love…

Don’t go, my love, where I can’t follow.

Let’s think together of some other way. Stay.
about not wanting to part with the loved one
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