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I'd send you a text; a greeting.
You'd reply; a greeting.
We'd talk about a few things; small talk.
We'd casually flirt and enjoy; affection.
I'd revive the conversation; hopefulness.
I'd try my best to keep it flowing; eagerness.
We'd continue to an unmutual conversation; unhealthy.
You'd neglect contributing to the conversation; careless.
I'd restart the process daily; care.

But, you'd never even try to start a conversation let alone try the process I've perfected; speechless.
md-writer Apr 10
Monsters dance
in my shadow,
step by calculated step
as I stumble like a
              half-spent top
                              and wobble in the
                                          splintered grain
of aging wood beneath

I've been spinning for too long and I'm about to topple, but
I don't quite fall
don't quite fall,            
don't quite                                

But still behind me, trailing like
the shadows that I drag behind me in the sun,
there's a hounding pack
of demon's spinning with me
on the floor.

Oh deliver from these wretched
sons of **** and God's
great curse.

Come and save.
April 7
Jenny Gordon Mar 31
"...because their deeds were evil."


Lo, coffee just ere dinner, talking thence
Of I forget what now, and that detail
In passing of yes, "him" I in betrayl
Still have a crush on--what is real? and, whence?
So, pull up Instagram, to close it hence--
To find me snookered past erm, midnight, frail
As aught excuse, and O! Thy Scriptures hail
Me til I'd rather hear Thee, LORD, for sense.
What have I done, that lies cavort in tour
And feign they've substance like the Serpent too
Long ere used to thus ****** in truth her
That he deceived, and Adam?  What is new?
Thy mercies every morning.  Save me, poor
As asking from these lies' morass, won't You?

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." (Jn 3:19)
मुझको छोड्कर तुम कहाँ  जावगे ——२
अप्नी दिलको मेरा साँयाँ बनाकर
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलको ——२
फिरसे क्या दो  दिल बनावगे ?

सँग बीताए पल कैसे कोइ भूलाए
यादहे मुझको तेरा हसना रोना
जब एक दिन दुर होकर बीताएथे
तेरे नजरे पर साथ हमने लाएँथे
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलकोे
फिरसे क्याँ दो दिल बनावगे ?

दिलमे दर्द देकर कहाँ तुम जावगे ——२
भूलाना हम कहाँ सकेङगे तुमको
जीसको हम् दिलपे लेकर चलते हे
जीसको हम जमीर अप्ना समझते
जीस् से हमने बात सिकँे थे प्याराँे के
जीसका बाते अभी भी कानोमे हँे मेरँे ——२
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलको
फिरसे क्या दो दिल बनावगे ?

एक दिल  बन् गए दो दिलको
फिरसे क्या दो दिल  बनावगे ? ——२
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Plea
Flame Feb 2
If I'm not meant to have the one,
Don't send me anyone
an0nym0us Jan 26
Pangyayaring di ko aakalain
Ikaw na nakahuli ng aking paningin
Anyo **** sa isip ko'y tumanim
Liwanag ang dulot sa mundo kong nababalot ng lungkot at dilim.

Oras, araw, bwan, taon ang nagdaan
Pagtingin sa iyo'y tila nananahan
Pag-ibig na nga ba ang nararandaman?
O nararapat ang puso'y mag dahan-dahan.

Simple lang ang aking hiling
Nawa, tinig ng puso ay dinggin
Panalangin ng sarili sa mga bituwin
Maging kaibigan ka, kahit di na mapa sa aking piling.

Ngunit ang isip ay nababahala
Sa puso, ito'y naghahatid ng kirot at pagkasira
Ang dating dulot ng pag-ngiti, ngayon ay pag luha
Bakit ba ang sarili sa iyo'y di nagsasawa?

O aking ****-usap sa iyo
Sana naman, ako'y pakinggan mo
Sa akin nawa ay huwag lumayo
Kahit na kakilala mo lang ako.

Isip ko'y gulong-gulo
Ulo'y di makapag-isip ng diretso
Puso'y nangangailangan ng mga payo
Tanggapin mo nawa ang pagsusumamo.
If you want the translation, just write down the comments...I'll make one soon.
‘Please **** me’
Laughing surrounds the supposed joke.
Little do they know,
It was less of a joke and more of a plea
Mary Frances Jan 7
I wished..
I asked..
I plead..
I prayed..
..for time.
..more time with you.

And the Sunset witnessed it.
LWZ Jan 5
Intentions strung upon my own
Waiting for the flowers to grow.
I dig and dig and dig and dig.
Not much time for thee to waste.
The roots they yowl beneath thy feet,
dragging surely more than any plain old dirt.
No, nothing ordinary about it.
Stones, bones, eerie tones.
Not the kind that ***** you.
Not the kind that **** you.
The kind that swears to never let you go.
The kind that invades your brain to morph you.
That will insidiously destroy you.
All the while you cry and plea.
Please don’t try to leave.
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I'm at my limit
Struggling to keep it
I can't speak loud
Somebody, help me out.

Help me, please?
I just want peace...
I can't afford to loose,
Please, do not abuse.

I hear it whisper...
Luring me to unleash her
Her words are so sweet,
But I must stay on my feet.

Don't force her out!!
Or, I'll black out...
It will be messy...
I'm afraid, help me.
my life with hyperacusis...
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