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Megan Parson Jan 5

The rosy bride didn't pace the hall,
Nor was there a wedding ball.
No bridesmaids, no flower girls,
Nor did I wear my mothers pearls.

For without the groom,
Playeth not the loud bassoon,
Tis the words that played,
While my heart like thunder relayed.

Melancholy, like Caesar, did I feel,
Piercing eyes, put forth the deal,
Closer to a faint, did I reel,
And like Calpurnia, I now kneel.

Hoping you'll read this through,
Hardly ebbing the feelings, i grew.

Hey guys! Back after a looooong break & writers block. This poem was inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an all time favorite ❤️
Yachika Sharma Dec 2020
There are memories attached,
With each day, I keep re-living,
Years go by, it does not matter.
There are things I keep feeling,
Your absence does not bother.

I see the marks your feet leave,
You wander but not that farther,
Away from me, here is my plea,
That on days like these i miss,
A piece of myself taken from me.

I am stuck in this lapse of time.
N Jan 28
A year has passed,
and I am still writing
poems—pleas—for her

Three years,
and my stubborn heart
still yearns for hers

It has been so long,
and I fear I may have
dreamt you, dear one
JKirin Dec 2020
Love you, I.
With your maddening grace
hold me tight
in a thrilling embrace.
Take my heart
(whole my being), please.
Let me drown
in your luscious kiss.
about a frustrating love
JKirin Dec 2020
The moonlight.

It’s silver, it’s calming—it brings me some hope.

Its presence, though distant, is constant.

It lightens the burden of sorrows

until I am lost in these horrors.

What makes me – imposter? a monster?

I shiver; it’s frightening—I plead all to stop,

to rewrite—

the moonlight.
about losing one's self in grief
JKirin Dec 2020
You are real.

My reflection is foreign, it’s haunted –

You are out there (I see you, I want you).

Lover’s caress spills traces of colour,

Making pain in my heart even duller.

Wishing idly (to touch you, to feel you),

I’m stuck here—this moment, my torment.

Help me heal.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
In the landscape of time

Let me empower you
Cell by cell
Layer by layer
Core to core
Word by word
Stroke by stroke
Soul by soul
Beat by beat
Breathe by breathe

Cover all the above
And call it, "Love"
Despite everything
A new world awaits
For better human concern

All the best
Genre: Inspirational
Theme : Sincerity
Dez Oct 2020
Oh how wicked is my sin bent heart
Daily should it be struck through with a dart
For when it is not crucified it does dart
To the sin, for which my savior was pierced through the heart!

Oh let me not be so fickle my Lord
Let me ever stumble backward
For yet a little slumber I can not afford
Else my poverty shall be the reward

Let it not be I who blasphemy’s by doing that which my Savior
did died for
You have given me a way therefore
help me walk by the strength which is yours
Oh this prayer do not ignore!

So, let I pray thee, your servant never slumber
Let me not rest from good labor
Rather provoke me, as a good father to your work evermore
If weary I shall rest in thee

Every day help me put to death the pride that be sets me
It is I who doth fight against my self!
I surrender it to you my farther!
Give the victory as you have promised

Not for my glory!
For I know it is not on my own that I even have this desire
But so others might see your glory reflected in this shattered mirror!
Then they shall glorify you!
And all magnification shall be yours!

Oh my God so let it be!
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
Every drop of tears
That escape from the eyes
Plea for justice
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Decoding Tears
Author's Note:
Have you felt
How it feels?
Have you got
What it means?
Red Robregado Sep 2020
O search me, inside and out then heal me.
I beg You. Search me to heal me.
Save me. Hold me. Don’t let go.
Take a good look at the place that I dwell,
See how my plight is being engulfed with great floods,
the waters swirling in even unto my soul;
Sinking into the violent sinkhole where nothing but doom awaits,
drifting away from the lighthouse, rock house.
Storm-proofed. Or so I thought.
For it seemed unable to withstand continuous, raging storms
Could it be that it was made from sand after all?
I ponder to know; but how could I know?
I have become foolish, as though, I know You not;
I have forgotten Your face, longing, but I see You not.
my heart is dull for my loyalties are wrong;
I’ve forgotten to eat daily bread, Your Spirit groans.
My throat is dry and parched,
My eyes shed streams of tear, all too harsh
They say, “Ask and you shall receive”
But I’ve been asking, searching, slamming the windows of Heaven
Yet it’s as if I'm still ever more drowning in depression.
Same old transgressions.
Wrestling with wrong questions;
Suffering in suffocating silence
with emptiness and nothingness as loyal companions,
Scarcely breathing in an ocean poisoned with my own thoughts
It taints my heart with unbearable numbness
Holy. Crippling. Sadness.
My life is in need of the Anchor,
the pseudo-anchors I’ve had are now shaken from their footings
My vision fails as I wait for Your deliverance and saving.
“Hear from Heaven!”, sweet, Lord, this is my 900th prayer!
I’ve begged You.
Still, I am begging You.
I am exhausted, too desensitized, traumatized to swim.
Come again to my rescue, teach me once more to
tread, stay afloat, or stroke. Better yet
pull me back to the safety of Your shore,
for I still believe that in this life and to the next, there is more
But only in Your presence will I see, what’s truly in store.
While life may now appear desperate,
nonetheless, I wait upon You.
I cannot afford not to.
For who is a pardoning God like You?
Or who is Mighty enough to save but You?
Who understands a thousand sorrows
and guarantees unending joy tomorrow?
Who can breathe life to the dead and
render death stingless?
I know no one — not even one — but You.
Your sovereignty over the storms that grieve me
will sustain me in my tears,
it is Your grace at work even through my shallow fears
And it’s not that You have not heard my cries. You have.
You have answered a thousand times.
Just that it’s not how I pictured it most of the time.
But in the midst of grace denied, I got daily grace supplied.
I know now that You truly know best
When, where, and how to apportion your infinite grace
to me and all the rest —
So, Dear Father, grant me the grace me to trust.
Satisfy me day and night with Your unfailing love,
as you have sworn to my fathers from the days of old
Cast my sins into the depths of the sea and
let these sufferings work for me,
Teach me to expect no less;
rather pursue faith in the midst of distress
for You are using it to shape me into Your image.
I am appealing to Your zeal for Your own name.
Quietly, I wait for the timing consistent with Your good pleasure
Praying without ceasing, I will wait ’til You finally come for my
eternal pleasure and saving, endless safe-keeping.
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