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Sadness, blackness, numbness --
I never want to harness,
but body, soul, and spirit can't seem to find harmonious oneness;
Restless, breathless, stiffness --
I can't even see Your vastness;
no fondness,
Am I senseless?
Could You rescue me from this pit of tiresome distress?
chest crest,
let me guess,
emotions and memories
I am trying to suppress
So, come gently, my hand caress
help me assess
and not regress;
remind me today that I am not oppressed
and that there's a way out of this mess;
Heed my humble request
God, do help me find true rest
bring me back my senses so I can be a witness
to Your manifold glory and kindness,
build me up on nothing less
in faith, today, I do confess,
"I am not hopeless,
but a child who can rest in Your loving embrace."
A poem that I wrote for my classmate in one of our live companioning triads
Nylee Aug 9
It's       a   desperate          plea
Do    not                ignore    me

I­'d act out
I don't know
what it is about
Take a notice of me
I've been waiting patiently
for not much but all I need is
an attention for a second or three
for without I'll wilt without your sunshine
Please water me with all the love you'd do your plants

Don't pluck me apart
JKirin Jul 3
It hurts, my love.

It hurts, my love; I’m filled with sorrow.

While you are here (close but miles and miles away),

what can I say to change your mind so you’d stay?

Don’t go, my love…

Don’t go, my love, where I can’t follow.

Let’s think together of some other way. Stay.
about not wanting to part with the loved one
Those silent arguments in my head
Sometimes make me wish I was dead
My eyes all puffy and red
I just don't want to get out of bed
Is it normal to cry all night?
Enough to wish I lost my sight
In a ball, I clutch my blanket tight
Wanting to give up in this endless fight
All alone, out of sight
No one sees this side of me
No one hears my silent plea
My pleas to be free
My pleas to be me
JKirin Mar 15
Of the setting sun, golden rays
to your beauty cannot compare.
At your smile, my cheeks go ablaze
as my heart screams out in despair.

How I long to caress your hair,
brush away honey coloured strands,
to get lost in your silver stare,
kiss all night your beautiful hands.

Insecure, I am sitting here
right beside, quietly wishing
that my voiceless plea you hear,
to reach out give me permission.
About being smitten with someone so much it hurts
Megan Parson Jan 5

The rosy bride didn't pace the hall,
Nor was there a wedding ball.
No bridesmaids, no flower girls,
Nor did I wear my mothers pearls.

For without the groom,
Playeth not the loud bassoon,
Tis the words that played,
While my heart like thunder relayed.

Melancholy, like Caesar, did I feel,
Piercing eyes, put forth the deal,
Closer to a faint, did I reel,
And like Calpurnia, I now kneel.

Hoping you'll read this through,
Hardly ebbing the feelings, i grew.

Hey guys! Back after a looooong break & writers block. This poem was inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an all time favorite ❤️
Yachika Sharma Dec 2020
There are memories attached,
With each day, I keep re-living,
Years go by, it does not matter.
There are things I keep feeling,
Your absence does not bother.

I see the marks your feet leave,
You wander but not that farther,
Away from me, here is my plea,
That on days like these i miss,
A piece of myself taken from me.

I am stuck in this lapse of time.
N Jan 28
A year has passed,
and I am still writing
poems—pleas—for her

Three years,
and my stubborn heart
still yearns for hers

It has been so long,
and I fear I may have
dreamt you, dear one
JKirin Dec 2020
Love you, I.
With your maddening grace
hold me tight
in a thrilling embrace.
Take my heart
(whole my being), please.
Let me drown
in your luscious kiss.
about a frustrating love
JKirin Dec 2020
The moonlight.

It’s silver, it’s calming—it brings me some hope.

Its presence, though distant, is constant.

It lightens the burden of sorrows

until I am lost in these horrors.

What makes me – imposter? a monster?

I shiver; it’s frightening—I plead all to stop,

to rewrite—

the moonlight.
about losing one's self in grief
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