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K M M 20h
It has been a year
and I say that too tired to stand--but still I trudge on.
You were once a vine with white flowers
and now you have become a treacherous maze.
And I walk through every curve
dodge every overhang--trying to find you again.
Saying, "I love you."
calling out, "I'm here for you."
But your branches get bigger and your leaves grow thicker
I'm searching for you and while I do I stare at some blooms, they like little memories of our past.  And I become more focused on the past than getting out of the thicket
And I am choked like a ****.
As I am strangled and I am losing my breath I think to myself
"How could I be a **** when you said I was a beautiful flower?"
"Why would you take away my breath when you promised me a life?"
And by how you leave me I see all I needed to see.
Some people are toxic for you and need to be cut out for your own good.
Beside my feet
there is a
quiet caterpillar.
beside the
caterpillar there is
a revolutionary frog.
besides the frog there is
pregnant sadness
with a large gasoline engine
beside the
engine there is a mirror
and in the mirror
there is a smile
looking back at me
beside me
there is a little box of flowers.
do you want some flowers?

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
μπλε Aug 7
She was not a writer
but a part of her
could paint words;
rest of her
was lost for you
in a labyrinth
of waiting ;  
she could
dance in
and burn the
**** to grow flowers
to make her whole being  

A Labyrinth. ...
Wade Cook Aug 5
What I'd seen in your face:
Desperation soft, humming
A river, a river,
I saw you pleading there
Arms spread skeletal exposure
A search and destroy
I saw you once, for once,
Dimming back upon me
A sullen thought, a labyrinth
I know now, I know
What I saw
Seema Jul 30
Like spools of thread, pilled in the midst
Darkness draws attention to the danger
Up few miles, is that place
Where the sign reads, welcome stranger
Curiosity jumps on each step
As the enchanting forest gets deeper
The sun rays sparkle the early dews
And awakens the sleeping keeper
Birds chattering, singing melodiously
Giant rocks, stand as guards of century
Silent kills the morning songs
At the dark weaved, heavy grown entry
Myth say, it may be a portal to another world
But reports and researchers find it their own way
What's there to be afraid of
Besides an approaching thunder day
A torch in hand, walking cautiously
Humming sound follows through, alerting my ears
Tripping, few times on dead branches
Triggers my lost unwanted fears
It's almost past mid day, but not a single string of light
The passage seems like a **** deep
Strange scribbles on near stones, alert
"Do not fall asleep"
Hours of walking on turns and paths
Tiredness and hunger grasped in well
Don't fall asleep rings in my ears
I was not alone, I could easily tell
Within this labyrinth, mysteries lie of all kinds
An evil crackling laugh, shakes my fears
Looking in the direction of the sound
There is an "it" and it hears
Run out now, my gut feelings kick in
Hoping for sun rays, but thunder beats the sky
Peculiar heavy steps seems to follow
I wish, I could just fly
One exit, echoes another entry
A swirl labyrinth has woken today
Running in circles, lost my routes
I can't find my right way
A small spark of light in a corner
Disguised as the suns ray
Traps my vision to walk forward
Like a poised lucidest prey
What happened next, I do not know
But not alone now, as more walk my way
Finding their own possible routes
We have become abundantly stray...

Spilling imagination. Fiction.
To winding road I asked again,
“Where did your journey begin?”
It just kept quiet,as if to mean
It didn’t get the crux of my concern!
I asked Where does it  all ends ?
That too met with a stony silence,
Making me meditate in loneliness .
Silence has quicksilver toungue,
I walked through inner labyrinths
And the question echoed in turns,
Then in me dawned as a whisper
“Real story of the road of course isn’t about just  begiinnings and ends”
The wish to get it limited, is the
Distorted imagination of humans!
I am having a journey eventful,
But have a problem to determine
The starting and end points!
When you are certain of a finis,
There appears yet another beginning!
A road never leaves for anywhere
All you do is pass on through it.
In a mood to go and find
To the abode of immortality the final destination!
Wandering this dark forest with no guide
Figuring out the labyrinth of the my feeble mind
Evading the sun for melted wax leads to a salty tide
To rejoin the stars so I too can shine
KAE Jun 8
He told me once: “I would like to enter your mind”.
Darling, you don’t know what you’re saying.
The first time you enter, you will never be able to leave again. It’s a labyrinth with no way out.
Also, you are going to be afraid about all of my darkest secrets.
You will want to run away but you can not.
Dear Death,
It seems as if everyone holds a grudge against you.
You have taken someone from everyone.
You have even taken everyone from someone.
Some threads you cut short.
Others evade your fatal scissors for longer.
But everyone's thread demands to be severed.
But I wonder if you are only doing your masters bidding?
Are you just a puppet on strings?
A thread yourself, to be maneuvered freely into a tapestry by a higher master?
Being blamed,
just for following orders?
It's like punishing the soldier for the general's war crimes.
Or are you the puppetmaster?
The keeper of all of the strings?
Do you control the balance of the universe?
Do you send the demons to do your bidding, or do you do the demons work?
There is so much that is unknown about you.
We talk about you like we have solved your puzzle,
but you are a labyrinth,
I hope one day we can appreciate your mystery.

Sincerest regards,
Death has taken, taken, taken. Death takes, takes, takes. But do we really know why?
Devin Ortiz May 4
The world falls apart at the fringes.
Reset. Bright light. Mind wipe.
Later, some time much later.
I have forgotten it all.
Only to remember.
A cycle of breaking amd mending.
A cycle of failing and reseting.
The rumble of worlds turn over,
More times than I'd know.
I feel the tremors, delusions or not.
But the heart of this problem.
The meat of it all.
Is this ****** door.
It's weathered, worn,
But resistant to time and change.
Beneath the creases of its ironwood,
Darkness screams forward.
Calling, crawling closer to me.
Later, some time later.
I remember, I open the door.
The Pandora's Box of mind.
My world crumbles, white blind,
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