Ollie Oct 7

I’ve decided it’s a labyrinth
My mind, at least
I thought it was a galaxy but now I see it’s a maze
At least, when I raise my head
Each different path leads to something deadly
And there’s nothing I can do to stop it
I’ve had nightmares for the last 5 nights
The problem is, I can’t remember what they’re about
Except last night
My dad was walking and talking
I’m a little scared it was his dream too
I know it wasn’t, though
Because he remembered who I was
Dad called me yesterday
All I heard was a sharp “Olivia!”
His voice
And his choice, because I heard them in the background and he hung up
But at least Dad knew my name
10 seconds
The man could’ve called my sister
In here it’s a labyrinth
And outside it’s full of heroes
So here I am, stuck the civilian, until they realize I’m one of them
Or maybe something more
Maybe I’m a battlefield
The one who holds all their secrets and never lets them go
The one you can trust
After all
If I screamed your secrets out here in this maze
No one would even hear the echo
It’s so big I’ve gotten lost
And I ran out of golden string to guide myself with
I’m no war hero and I’m not Theseus but I don’t want to be stuck here writing a thesis in yet another essay
Because I’m exploring this maze and I’m exploring this labyrinth and I’m going to bed
Night 6
I really hope I don’t have nightmares this time

I don’t know how to stop fighting quite yet.
I am really stressed out. Like, major. I want to cry pretty much every second of every day. School isn’t helping, and all my friends p much hate me at this point. I’m just trying to get through the days. So I wrote this. True story.

Spin silk threads trough the labyrint that binds me,
Over, under,
around and beside me...
and in the end

Come find me

ryn Aug 11

        Labyrinth in my head...
Set in heavy stone.            
Brightens not,                      
           siphons instead.
The dark gnawing                        
at skin and bone.

Labyrinth in my heart...          
Rerouting purpose
and derailing reason.            
              I'm together but pulled apart.
            I've won most days...
But today I'm beaten.                

foolish men  

cannot outrun


spawned of pride and arrogance


Daedalus review your plans

these walls crumble

no longer holding


explain how this continues

with all of the knowledge held


imprinted on knees and hands

story of this scarred struggle


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