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Giovanna May 16
The woe was overpowering,
the mournful silence blaring.
Going round in circles in the labyrinth of sufferin'.
Thinking about a way out was no sin.
Unswerving and swift was the way out.
My existence was a doubt.
Starved for the last breath,
so I planned myself a death.
"Planned Death" is the third poem in the collection of "The Moon and The Night". It continues from the second poem, "Not Forever". In this poem, the narrator commits  suicide when the pain of losing her family becomes unbearable.
In dreams we are lost
deep in labyrinthine mazes
walls built in our mind...

Surprises hidden
mysteries abound within
waiting to be found...

We may not finish
but we can always escape
through daybreak's doorway.
Another dream Haiku this was for my 2016 dream journal written January 6th 2016
I'm lost inside a labyrinth,
With its ever changing paths.
One minute you're near escaping,
The next it's altered all again.
A never ending nightmare
Thinking it knows what's best for you,
But it's lies are imbedded deep within
And there's nothing more that you can do.

My mind is like a tornado,
Destroying everything in its path.
One day I'm simply surviving
The next, I wish I was dying.
I'm terrified of my mind
For I fear it can make me do.
Self-destructive, hypocrite of pain and love
Beckoning me to hurt once more because that's all I deserve.
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