Tatiana 21h

This beach house is blue
Yet it feels gray.
A sign on the wall points to the ocean
But actually it's pointing to the bay.

The walkway is lined with seashells
That are broken, jagged, and painful.
The front door doesn't even open
The force needed is almost shameful.

The feeling inside the rooms upstairs
Relates to its dark and boxed-in design
The oppressive weight of dead eyes
Watching for one step out of line.

Its uncomfortable and terrifying
Hardly a place for relaxation.
But each gray year we come here
To get more depressed on vacation.

It just feels so heavy. My anxiety worsens greatly when we come to this house and I'm just wondering if it's something in the house that is influencing me a little bit. It's a constant battle to stop feeling so depressed while I'm here.
Engeli 1d

10:00 p.m. at a quiet evening beach "Nguyen tat Thanh"
a long stretch sugary brownie field
two strangers sit by its shore
listening to the waves as they crawl

Succulent are the thoughts
two lost in lust of mind games
soft kisses and caress are exchanged
as her eyes meet his eyes

lips to lips
tongue to tongue
skin to skin rubbing
burning passion ignited

Yet they are in control
of the emotional games
feeling of detach and free
no promises to profess

The voyage of time is quick
moments well tailored and kept safe
morning comes another day
yesterday a tale story to say

Echoes from the Heart

As the whispering waves crashed within themselves
Only one thing was certain..
That though nothing lasts forever
There truly is hope
And there truly is love
And tonight we have them both..
So stay with me darling.

Stay with me..
At least until the waves fold into the twinkling lights.
Until the whispering sun dips below the horizon
And it becomes dark enough out to hide our sins
In the midst of the night
Under the audience of the stars.
We can blanket our treacherous desires
Under the curtain of the moonlight.

Let's forget the world..
And I'll take a journey in the universe of your eyes
As you get lost in the pool of my own...

Let the whispering winds crash
As you unravel me tonight...

Bits and pieces of an excerpt from one of RH's hidden treasures (a book waiting to be published). And being the lover of romance that I am I fell immediately in love with this particular chapter and, by extension, these particular words. My title-making skills aren't too good so I stole the title of her chapter for the title of this excerpt/poem. I dearly miss Rebel Heart and hope for her to return soon.. She loves all the kind comments and messages from all of you lovely beings.. and until then stay wonderful as always, and let yourself romanticize a bit. Life's nothing without some cheesy love... . ~BM
alan 2d

A beach of plastic, sky blue
illuminating the waters like they do.
A blue haired boy and green skinned man,
a missing young one from Japan.
Headed out 'cross oceans wide
with Russel by her side.
The dimmer days blotched out with sun,
a kitten face and hunting gun.
All alone in need of help
on that beach washed over with kelp.

Damon is the best person ever
alan 3d

I barely remember the beach, we went there and
it was sunny at first,
but the clouds came and covered the sun.
I know I didn't wander off too far, but I remember feeling like
the world
was between me
and the sand.
As I walked, poking my head just above the surface, (I couldn't swim then, either) my feet sank down into a hole.
I've been through things and I've felt things a child shouldn't, (wouldn't I be brave?), but then it seemed as though the water was swallowing me up. i was scared.
i fell under, choking, my throat quickly becoming sore from the salty water. i managed to get back to the sand, but it feels like my soul stayed in that hole. i guess i grew up too fast.

the last poem i wrote made me remember the time i wandered away from my mom and sister, dont remember my exact age, but i didnt have a dad at the time so i had to have been older than 7.
so yeah, moral of the story: don't wander away from your mum with only a doughnut floatie if you can't swim.

You are the ocean
I am the beach,
Your every motion
Welcomed, I beseech!

You've drawn back,
By yards and yards,
A tsunami attack
Must be on the cards?

Bring in the high tide!
Wash into my blood,
Like ancient gods defied;
Send me the flood!

Crash onto my shores,
Tumult into me,
Engulf with mighty roar
You lovely, angry sea!

You have my devotion,
But you must reach!
For you are the ocean,
I, merely beach.

I die when you retreat, but I understand.
Philip B Jul 16

At times the waves wash ashore,
the fragments of a bygone memory,
little bottles in time, nothing more.

The gentle lull draws me closer,
to tears? maybe a smile or two,
submerged, just like my toes are.

Seaweed and shells, sit on sand,
and much like the present,
soon to drift, to unfamiliar lands.

It's cold in rolled up pants and sleeves,
and there isn't much left to see,
but there didn't need to be,
and so ~ I leave.

Composed at the beach.
Harry Roberts Jul 15

The moon hung high in the sky,
I was floating on waves of affection,
You held me grounded in your arms.

My heart races with something unknown.
The sand was cool beneath my feet,
But wrapped in your arms I was warm.

The ocean sang a song to the moon,
Caught in its rhythm we danced,
We tripped, kissed and laughed at unspoken jokes.
Hearts pounding frantically for each other.

On the beach with you,
Bathed in silver light,
I let love flow through me
Healed and happy in you arms.

Couldn't think of a name but I kind of like this one.
morning glory Jul 14

I imagine you're out on the shore,
sharing gentle kisses with the salty waves.
Watching sunsets dance by you while
you feel the burning rays bounce off your skin.
But you don't mind the feeling,
because it's something you know so well.
The beach almost feels like home,
it's like you could stay there forever,
if only there was a little something more.
I'm sorry what's missing is the warm feeling
of my arms wrapped softly around your waist.

i said i'd be there soon.
soon isn't soon enough.
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