ryan 3d

When doubts and fears are like an ocean,
I clamor to the sand -
A billion tiny grains of  deafaning voices.
I use them as soap and bleach
Against my skin to wash away the waves
Which crash against my soul.
I dig the sand with dirtied palms as far as I can go,
Deeper into the liars pit
Until I reach what lies underneath, of
Which I find regret.
So I lock my fingers into a cage and press
Into the regret, and choke it
At the bottom of the pit I dug myself,
But like spit through teeth
It shoots on through my grasp defiant and proud,
Where it buries me in its place.

I want to leave an imprint on the world
But still have wrinkles in my skin from
Laying in bed for months at a time
Exhaustion set in last year and never left
She's a thief and I'm a forgiving friend
I have a heart full of hot air balloons
And sparklers, flocks of birds fly toward the sea, rocks where my brain used to be
Weighing me down
I moved to the beach to get away
And now my lungs are filled with water

Makula Hala Apr 17

This moment,
lying silent in the sun,
basking in its love,
and yours,
the whole world is still
except the air sneaking across our bodies
through the open window at our heads.
In this pure light
I can see every stray hair on your face,
perfectly misplaced
like carefully planned chaos.
I notice that the hair hiding behind your ear
begins to curl
when it has grown just a bit
too long
and it reminds me of ocean waves
and I realize
I've never been so inclined to drown.
If you were water
like the color of your eyes
I would let you fill me.
You could pour into my lungs
through my nose and mouth
and I wouldn't stop you.
While I trace with my eyes
the freckles you wear
on your shoulders,
and I imagine them as islands
in the sea of your skin,
I imagine how
I would wear nothing but a smile
and swim the distance
so I could visit each one,
allow your water flesh to rush over me.
I see your chest as a mountain
one that I've conquered time and time
but I've never taken the same trail twice.
Your breath like the wind through my trees
and your leaves shiver
and the birds outside our window
scream a love song like I've never heard.
The melody is sweet
and it calms even my hungriest demons.
When I can feel your warmth beside me
my thoughts become gentle
and my movements are immediately
calculated and
nothing with you near me
is an accident.
Time is frozen
despite the heat pouring in upon us,
and we'll always have this,
our tropical vacation,
our bed the sand
and your smile
the line in the horizon.

Montana Svoboda Apr 15

Settling for
Sand falling in precipital pattern,
A cloud cupped in your hands
Formed an hourglass spoke nothing of
Coincidence rather, we watched
Intently the flipped motion picture
Of a mountain evanesce into transparent mist

Potentially blunt ignorance
Or just enjoying a sentient moment
Of naivety, loosely strung
Cotton clothing embraced the moisture
As gift from Lake Michigan,
Shaving warmth from skin
To accept this weight felt closer in sharing
something other than a kiss,
It seemed limitless
The possibility of being able
To walk anywhere

Barren feet beget tandem path
Turned twisted pulling memories from momentum
And the smallest actions go unnoticed
Distance in inconspicuous space
Hinting at inevitable outcome,

Breathing-a mercurial montage
Fizzling forth collective images
Immortalized in wet cement
Chalk drawings of cigarettes
Lighting up caves of empty
Fields between hair and glistening cheekbones,

And the last grain of sand stumbles
Triumphantly to earth
And we felt such relief

Pearson Bolt Apr 6

there's something serene
about waking up
at the beach.
the heady drone
of the waves' ebb and flow
induces a gentle hypnosis.
the Atlantic
pulled back
and forth
by the moon
flirting with the Earth,
two lovers
who never quite touch.

saturated cumulus clouds cling
to the ocean's surface
as far as the eye can see,
a downy duvet
laid across the planet
for warmth and comfort.
as the salt breeze butterfly-kisses
sunburnt skin, a hazy lethargy
invites you to sink
beneath, an anchor
lost at sea, and forget,
if only for a moment,
the world's weariness.

National Poetry Month, Day 6.

a freckled face and eyes of sage
wild hair, waves in Capitola
a gentle passion, a quiet rage
memory, the sting of whiskey cola
a slow run along the cliffside
the taste of sea salt on my tongue
i'm hanging out with you and
you make me think, "ah, yes,
I'm young."

Light House Apr 2

Under a glowing aurora,
miles & miles & miles, & so on & so on,
away from problems, smoke, or horrors -
far away from normal ...beyond borders,
encircled in a turquoise lagoon, guarded by reefs of coral,
perched high in their nest, over bright blue waters
|in a cradle on stilts| in a secluded bungalow,
enshrouded within a blanket, laying in a hammock
on the porch, you will... at long-last, finally -find
two sun-kissed, orange-bronze explorers.
They have come up for air, after hours
of scuba-diving the depths of their protected-part of the ocean.
& in the backdrop -- tall, but now dormant -- a volcano: their last line
of defense ..their Keeper.. their Warden ..the Defender of their
Bora Bora.

Meet me in the Garden
Where the wind whispers through the willows
As they bend to nature's mighty breath
Meet me on the sandy beach
Where the peaceful ocean ebbs & flows
Like the cycle of life and death
Meet at the the place
That can only be called


Where no one feels abandoned
Where no one feels alone

Corey Mar 26

Running around on the beach
and wading into the blue sea
trying to wash away the coarse
sand clinging to her body.
My strawberry girl looks like
she is queen of the ocean.
When she is in the water,
the fish follow her every step
and when she is on the shore,
the crabs scurry between her feet.
She says it feels like she's floating
in space when she is in the water.
She says the sand feels like
velvet on her skin.
I never liked the sand,
but in the water I feel at home.
To her, they are one and the same.
I throw water in the air
and she grabs at it trying to
harvest the rainbows that form.
I make castles in the sand
and she decorates the walls
with pink and yellow shells.
I've never seen someone look
at me the way she does when I smile.
I look right back at her and
make a funny face.
Then she giggles and I smile harder.

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