Gray 5d
You tossed me on the heated ground.
The way you could just get rid of me makes me astound.

One moment, you’re holding me tight in your firm hand.
Now I am resting here on the scolding beach sand.

I understand that you were once thirsty,
But was it worth it because now this place is dirty?
Sage 5d
It's all cold
Cold without you
I once basked in the warmth of the sunny beaches called your love
Now I'm pulled into the crashing waves
And it's all cold
Cold without you
cayden Jun 11
on a highway lined with palm trees
seated next to each other in the car
he was upset
i wanted to put my hand out
for him to hold,
    for him to be comforted
but i did nothing
and we rode in silence
recent events.
J Fizzle Jun 10
Life is a Bi-ach
Not a beach

Bring your mi-ti
Don't preach

Sing a song
Dream of Billabong

Corona and cabanas
Life is bananas
s Jun 10
I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
waves of warm sun.
Julia Jun 9
Our first summer together,
you drove us to the local beach
to escape reality,
and be at peace within
another world you
promised we could call
our own.

We blasted alive the 80s
through a sharpie-marked
cassette tape
with no shame,
and we allowed  
everything we left behind
to disappear,
like a passing highway sign.

Such a beautiful day it was:  
the ocean glistened,
as if God had scattered diamonds
along its surface.

Within minutes
of taken in the scenery,
never did I wish to leave.
I had prayed to Jesus
to, please,
allow me to replay
moments of this day
on repeat.

But then I heard
my mother in my mind,
as she did when I was
six years of age —
to be cautious when
holding on to anything, or one,
too tightly.
For, like sand, she had said,
they can easily slip
through your fingers,
and crush our hearts faster
than any wave.

Hold on loosely, I was told.

Understand now, darling,
why not once did I
ask for the time.
And the reason, when
our hands interlocked
my fingers did not grip as hard  
that their knuckles go white,
as if we would lose one another
in the breeze
while we stood admiring the sun
exhale a yawn
of watercolors,
before greeting the moon
with a subtle kiss goodnight,
and us, a whisper of  

Never did I believe,
driving home,
we would follow her lead
instead of awakening to a new day
hoped to be real.
slr Jun 9
it’s no secret people need the sun to live
however, that’s not the only type of living i mean

i mean the sun is a small part of an even greater savior
the beach is the savior who is keeping me alive

i mean the beach has kept a smile on my face
when nothing else could put it there

it is keeping my heart beating and my blood flowing
it is keeping oxygen flowing through my body

the sun keeps me alive
because it warms my body
reminding me i’m still alive

the sand keeps me alive
because it clings to my skin
reminding i can still feel

the water keeps me alive
because the cold shocks my body
waking it up

the waves keep me alive
because the waves lull me to sleep
giving my body the rest it craves

the sunburn keeps me alive
because of the pain
forcing me to hold on for when it leaves

the beach keeps me alive
because through every little annoyance
it only shows me that i can still feel everything

it shows me i have so much to live for
because despite what i believe i can still feel

-let the beach keep you alive
This was part of a speech I wrote but felt the need to turn into a poem. I struggle with finding happiness in things and the beach is the one place where a smile doesn't hide form me. I don't know where I would be without the beach. Somedays I wonder if I would be alive.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 8
I will leave my footprints
on the grains of life
Have the chance to look
back, and smile at success
that walks before as
well as behind me
Dreaming hard! And fuelling my hope! :)I
Ive almost have 80 followers! My heart's going through the roof!
Thank you all so much!

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Let the soft waves
rock you to sleep
before they crash
Let the foam
wrap it's advice around you
(it sticks around for a while)
claw through the sand
when it's said and done
when you come to
scallop edged waves, you could watch them for hours
the salt cleanses, washes wounds clean
(it may take a while)
Are you there yet?
Are you aware yet?
Is your reflection as it was before?
How does this ripple effect you?
Salted air, open the eyes
Fill the lungs with newness
Let the sun dry you
Let the rays hug you
in your new beginnings.
Waves spraying our faces, for, we don't walk the walk.
The beaches edge, which ever changes, is where we,
Sky, earth, moon and sea meet.
Breezing through the strong breeze,
The fuller our lungs the lighter we'd run,
It was to be, with ease.
As reality, she and I stalked ourselves
In those shells silences, like when
We leaped from a slip on a rock to the next, well.
Then sitting still, we glistened, the sun splashing
Through us, as the ocean's and our salt were one.
Her thoughts and mine flowed,
Our feelings were its ebb and flow.
Nature, true, would not be unsung.
That blue gray cloudy day found us in the end.
Finding it by moon's ray, our ears to waves did lend.
It was as our footprints,
Truly there, 'til waves did gently lift.
For, if it were that we held it,
Like sand grasped, it wouldn't be a gift.
Varying versions of this twig of poetree over the decades, this is the earliest one.   reality
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