Crystal Jenkin Nov 2012

Stumbling in the dark
I cling to you as I slip in sandy footsteps.
Gazing out at the black and white sea,
The salty taste in the air lingers.

Hours seem like minutes,
Feeling your warmth beside me
I wrap my arms around you
to hold you close. Worries dissipate.

The stars - jewels finely placed
in a beautiful pattern of light.
Your eyes - no different
to those sparkling in the night sky.

Endless talking, laughing, smiling,
cannot be prevented.
Deeper and deeper, I drown
in those eyes, so mysterious.

Your lips are as soft as an angel’s,
constantly drawn to them.
A feeling like no other envelops me
as you pull me closer into your chest.

Stumbling in the dark,
I hold your hand,
You whisper to me,
I lose myself.

Crystal Jenkin Nov 2012

Count the stars on beds of dew
That’s how much I think of you.
On the sandy beach we lie
Our Blazing love will never die.

Wrapped around me, your arms, so tight
I feel safe with you at night.
His eyes, an angel’s sapphires
Stare into mine, he admires.

As he whispers into my ear
Those sacred words I hear.
He knelt before me, smile so bright
Under the moon’s luminous light.

Our lips move closer in the Summer night
I feel your warmth beside my body tonight.
Count the stars on beds of dew
Forever bonded, me and you.

I wrote this poem in 2006 when I was in 7th grade.
Crystal Jenkin Nov 2012

Pacing along a beach of blue,
A melancholy avenue.
Trapped in a world of cyberspace,
Extraordinary love declines to empty space.

I wrote this in 2011
Soham 5d

Long ago at the water's edge
As I stared at the tides
The ocean waved at me
The wind played with my hair

A thought came to me
Silly as it may sound
"How will people know
That I was here?"

So I grabbed a stick and scrawled
My name on the shore
Happy that everyone
Will remember me for sure

But the water charged at the shore
Like a bull with horns
And to my horror
My name was gone

So I stopped worrying
If I'll be remembered or not
And felt the cool breeze
The nature, untaught.

let these waves pull in my hurt

only for it to be

washed upon your shores

marooned in this island of


Melodie Fowles Sep 2017

Ah yes, i too wish to be by the sea
So at night my soul can roam free

Riding the waves in the ebb and flow
While my mind is caressed by the gentle wind that blows
The sand between my toes makes me smile as my tension goes

The beach is everything to me
I love the sound, the sight, the sea
It gives me peace and makes me feel free.

CEFord Jan 4

It’s that time of year
when the air is unseasonably warm,
summer’s last push,
last bounce
on the trampoline,
before the street lights
come on
and her mother
tells her it’s time
to come inside.  

I tilt my head
and lean it back,
closing my eyes,
allowing the mixed smell
of tide water
and seat leather
to drive me elsewhere,
back to the river streets
and cobblestone houses
of South Georgia
where my journey began.

The warm night air
fills my lungs
with longing
and nostalgia
more than smoke,
and for a split second,
I’m there:

With the crickets singing,
and the salty spray of the ocean
from the thunderbolt islands
filling my empty places,
in ways
that no other person
ever could.

And I don’t feel
or powerful,
or even beautiful,
I just feel
in control,
and that’s
enough for

There is no wishing,
no hoping,
no dreaming
for a better tomorrow.

Just the contentment
of not knowing
which direction I face,
but the
that I am going

I wrote a poem, once, called "Passenger Seat" when I was 18 and completely in love with everything around me and the people who were taking me there.

Now, almost 5 years later, that poem has been rewritten. And I have, too.

Making dream castle
No hustle and bustle

Hand in hand
Feet in the sand

Washed by the waves
The moments heart craves

To be spent together
Lost in each other

With nature we merge
In the emotions we submerge

Enjoy with the loved one
When both are just one

Frictional write

Purple shells are folding their criss cross
Legs and wearing

Heavy sand that so soon will
Be relief when the sun has danced on it

And taken the heaps of bulks of water out
So soon will I

So soon will I be relief like sun-danced on sand
That is much deep breathing

Wavering foam gliding fizzes
On top broken pieced beach delights

Knobbed yellow bruised dangle legs
Tip and toe over it all

Searching combing finding
Burrowing beaks grainy deep

So soon will I
Tip and toe over it all

Wolf Towne Jan 3

The swirling jewel that is the ocean crawls up the beach before me. A magnificent beast to behold, it is frightening, yet calming in its majesty.

Like silk, soft sand runs through my fingers and over my feet. Waves collide in my ears. The scent of salty, sun dried palm fills my lungs.

A hermit crab the size of a penny approaches and takes a seat before me. After a short break it saunters off leaving a ribbon in the sand behind it extending for what seems like miles.

Warmth engulfs me and awakens me from my day dream as it slips past a dense cloud. Reflecting on the shimmering ocean are past lives I’ve reveled and regretted. I hear laughter and crying. I feel pain and joy.

I gaze up to witness the sun. The omnipotent star floats just above its destination. As it descends towards the water, and the shadows on land stretch away from it, I sit and watch the colors change.

A painting develops on the grand theater of the sky, and brushstrokes of blue are transformed to purples. Intense yellow marks blaze a deep orange but never stop changing as the brush dips into the ocean.

Breathing slowly guides my way forth. A feeling ignites within me and grows with each breath exhaled. This flame silences the demons and I can feel their presence cease. Not all of them can be vanquished, but I know that with time on this beach I will heal.

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