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Oceans blue and waters deep;
adventure hides while i seek.
Vast clean space that doesn't age-
Yet, ever changing as a wave.
The world is out for me to find,
full of nature’s undefined.
The world, she calls and beckons me-
persuading me gently out to sea.
Suhayb 6d
As the seconds stretch to miles,
I forget each laugh, each smile.
Now all I see is your empty face.
Once a joyful playground,
Now a desolate waste.
If only we could have a day together.
An hour, a minute, a single pure moment.
If only there were time.

A million specs of dust
Swirling in the rays of dawn.
They lead me back,
From ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
To the tears on that rainy morn.

You always used to love the rain.
I'd bring your coat but you were already out
the door, your arms apart.
Letting each raindrop reach your heart.

I lie upon the warm beach,
The sand sifting through my fingers,
Like the time that has escaped me.
It went so fast, until you were gone.
Now every second feels a thousand years long.
If only each grain,
Could remove some pain,
And replace it with a moment with you.

You stared out at the endless sea,
The day you were diagnosed, and asked
What's on the other side of the world?
I said, my girl,
That's for you to explore.
Open your heart, let your mind soar.
If only you had the time to spread your wings and fly.
Or even a chance to try.
If you had time, you would, you knew that you should,
If only you could.
If only, there were time.
Mike Oct 9
i could smell
pink cotton candy and cinnamon in the breeze
buzzing chimes and bells
change machines ringing coins against metal
children laughing and running by
a few cars pass with their windows down and i feel
coarse sand in a damp bathing suit
against my skin
i see boxes of fireworks opening
and the sun is going down
if only i knew this was the last time we'd be there like this
Lunar Oct 6
I think,
it's time to go
back home on land.
I leave the waters,
step out of the blues,
before I could drown.

I sink,
each foot entirely
in the sand.
Rooted in place,
the fine grains
anchor me down.

I ink,
your name on
the back of my hand.
I know it well,
and tell my pages:
I love you now.
to lsy; sometimes on the beach, when the sand is warm and makes me yawn, i sleep. i know i can rest on land.

Lightning playful through a poisoned bloodstream,
Veins on torturous, burning fire.
Whispers through my home, hauntings of the faux trauma and unresolved crucifix standing ready to bear.
Left unfulfilled by the crushing unrefusable statement of self sabotage.
The flaming star of the avatar, the nomadic extreme of the eternal hellscape that resides in my hunted stomach.
The predator and the prey, predetermined and praying.
Just another eternity until the monsoon departs, the season ended. From there the calm waves will carry me to shore.
The dark restful, kiln, I am your dough, as I am your clay, a grateful panettone.
Mold me, endow me the drug, the decree, the great recipe of relinquishment.
No Elysium, I denounce Gehenna,
I crave nothing but the sweet, serene, comatose clemency of unending hibernation.
Cold blooded sunbathing in the radiant rays of the great bird's wings.
The boiling embrace of his feathered fire.
The brutal, unrelenting, chaotic, climactic, adrenalitic pull into the hot murky depths.
Scald me, lash me, revive me in death.
For I can wait no longer.
Living in fear of the Reaper is worse than The Harvest its self.
So come unto me my lord, my peace,
And engulf me in the ******* rest of departure.
Pretty hot. Haha get it .a ha ha
Molly Sep 27
Stratus melts into the dunes
like they've never been apart --
a sugarcoated monochrome,
a love awash in early morning haze.
Zywa Sep 27
The sun hangs on
just above the water
with romantic feelings
the old people look

at us on the rocks
where we read to each other
they don't see the ants
only our young bodies
and in mind, they add the lizards

At sea, a foghorn sounds
but there is nothing to see
until suddenly, also around us
the bathers on the blocks of concrete
become who they seemed to be

shadows cherishing themselves
in the warmth on their skin
they turn around and wait
for the sun asleep
Umag, Croatia, September 1988

Collection “WoofWoof”
dv8ed Sep 23
I’m touched by desire
my chest fills with fire

You’ll feel it burn your skin
As You start to Pull me in

Breathing in my flames
You’re drowning in my waves

now you can’t escape..
You’re trapped inside my gate

I held the key
to let you free
But it’s been tossed out at the sea
Isn’t it Funny how this happened ?
You claimed me as your sinking ship
But now
the captain

-S. Giselle
sidra Sep 26
Hot wind and shivers.
Blue sky and darkened waters.
Nothing else around.

I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
small waves of warm sun.
tangled up on a hammock
beach hair, golden skin.
a haiku
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