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Brewomble Jun 11
God Brought A Beach Towel

  Written By: Breanna Womble


I’m starting to understand
The slight of hand
That it takes to see this world as an ocean
                                                So vast and deep
                                  With secrets to keep-
I spread love on like tanning lotion
(..) I forgot how the sun feels from this perspective
As my heart beats quick with/          
                             as if it’s,
                                                                         /To keep up with lost time.
I know now I hold the full Collective
all the while I stay and destroy the retina’s in my eyes.
                               This time around,
                                    Loving me is the new objective-
gazing at new found patience with what follows sunrise
                                                                      And left these sands of time-
                                                                      One grain left to fall amongst the Hour,
All this chaos I hold inside of me-
                                           In-spite of trees that Fear let tower

Ahead of me is too far gone
twin flames too, burned away...
Lake Eerie drowned our fire quickly/
                                                           a parted heart of two;
half-hearted sunsets shadowed days,
To the boy I thought I knew.

Do you suffocate with silence?
Do the sun-rays burn your eyes?

All this technicolor vision Love,
Colorblind through cobalt eyes’

(..) I know now of not tomorrow,
                                                          But sea, to my dismay;

Salt lake kisses from Oklahoma/

                                                      ...Taste like soulmates in PA.

~Breanna Womble
Mother Earth Knows What's Best
Glenn Bering Jun 5
Rushing waves, windy breeze
Will life ever be at ease?
Hammock hanging around coconut trees
Floating around, is this happiness?

Staring at the clear blue sky
Reaching the sky as if you could fly..
Chasing your dreams, is it too soon?
Remember, at some point before, we didn’t know mankind can land on the moon

Under the shade of palm tree leaves..
Would you rather have faith or believe?
Gently stepping, feeling the softness of the sand
Is there anything right now that I don’t understand?

- Glenn Bering
I have written this while I was in a beach resort, after a few reflections, I decided to post this one now.
GraciexJones Jun 4
You shiver with content staring into the sea,
Reminiscing over past events which have shaped your life,
All these mixed feelings twine like spider webs,

You linger for a hand in the darkness,
A comfort you once had,
Seeking for a connection you left behind,
Feeling so far away from your mind

Often feels like a clouded view,
Of not knowing what you need,
Rather than knowing what you want,

As the pebbles hit your feet,
You hear the storm coming over from the cliffs,
The grittiness of the cold bites your lips,
You slowly move towards the sea edge,

Arms spread wide as the strong breeze hits,
Wind pushing hard against your hips,
You steadily moving further closer to the ambush of waves,
The shore rumbles and roars,
Spraying salty sea water across your face,

You stare above to see the burning moonrise
The moon widens like a Cheshire Cat smile,
You somehow feel safe and content,
Able to confront the anxieties,
Which have been growing from inside
You can offer me all the riches in the world
And from time to time I’ll get tempted
To sell my soul
But whenever I think of you
I remember my simple words
Time is the most valuable thing
In this whole wide world

All I need, is you by my side
Let’s go out and have good time
By the sun
The beach is vast and I hope today will last
But if it doesn’t
At least we had some fun

The blacks from your eyes
Move from left to right
What do you have in sight?
Can it be me?
Or just a blank stare into the night sky

You think you know me
But you’ll know me better
When the rain has settled in
And you’ll stare at my soul
In between the sheets

You can offer me the riches of the world
But nothing compares when I see you smile
And if you don’t today,
Then at least we’ll have tomorrow
But one day you’ll hold my hand
And forget and let go of the past
Because all we have today,
Is all the time In the whole wide world
lua May 24
Crashing waves against the crunch of sand
Touches my feet
Sinking into the softness beneath me
As the water stains my toes blue
And paints goosebumps
Paints chills
Across my legs
Up to my stomach
Full of the same crashing waves
Those which curl
And spin in whirlpools
Up to my chest
Into my lungs full of seasalt
And the bitterness of the morning sun
Down every branching vein
That reminds me of mangrove roots
Yet pale and blue
So small and delicate
It reaches my own shaking fingers
And to the rosiness of my cheeks
All I hear is the soft ringing of windchimes in my ears
And the splash that dissipates into nothing but tiny droplets
Maybe that’s what keeps me awake at night.
Sarah Synk May 22
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The waves splatter on the sand,
But only so lightly.
The sun is bright,
And the sand of the beach feels so warm.
People laughing----
Playing some frisbee,
With beachy kind of music filling my ears.
Sharks lurking about,
People being vigilant.
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The sun is bright----
At every corner,
There are beautiful sand castles,
And people taking beautiful pictures.
The smell of beach food fills up the whole beach,
And surfers heads towards the sea,
Saying: “Gnarly waves dudes!”
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The sun is bright---
A great beach day is a must.
-What is your version of a good beach day?
Mark Wanless May 21
a day on the beach
empty sands stretch with lovers
and the heartships sail
Mark Toney May 21
Drawn to the edge of the water
in concert with the moon
tides ebbing, flowing,
tasting, smelling,
feeling, hearing,
waves of the sea
crashing, salty, wet,
transporting me—
Inner peace

Inner peace
transporting me—
crashing, salty, wet,
waves of the sea
feeling, hearing,
tasting, smelling,
tides ebbing, flowing
in concert with the moon
Drawn to the edge of the water

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Reverse Poem - Mark Toney © 2021
Mark Toney May 15
beach life by the sea
early morning getaway
~ castles in the sand

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Haiku - Mark Toney © 2021
Zywa May 8
The sea is whitened,

the sand's blown up in the air –

secure from the flood.
Collection "From Sacred Scriptures"
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