Zywa 6h
Grandpa is sitting straight
against post 8,5
his feet in the hole

I am a horse
in the empty place
facing him

dust clouds behind me
and splashing water
I am a flying fish

my fins grow
wings with feathers whizz whoom
I already am on the other side

and back with eagle eyes
beware, I claw you away
before you see my shadow

I do the mole crawl and
with mill sails, I rain
a canal around our fortress
With grandpa at the beach

Collection “BloodTrunk”
scratchy and damp do not harmonize underfoot
and fear and the ocean should not coexist
but like this elevator missing the thirteenth button, my comfort sinks with tantalizing, lethargic anxiety.

the boards are a smokeless fire underfoot,
grit rolling between me and chipped brown paint,
as i beg for cold, thirst for salt, but do not run to the provocative, promising body beyond the dunes.

and my clothes are underfoot,
and this lemonade pink towel whose corner grabs at the sand,
and the hot dry fades into something that is sturdy and packed down by bounds like mine.

carbon slices at my underfoot,
the sharp home of a long-dead thing,
as my heel strikes the iron, water-pat shore, and the shock of it stuns my bones.

shock! cold underfoot
lace between my toes, smoking from wood and run
and then my face is in the sea, because who needs air when life is the sun trapping itself in the pink of my shoulder blades?
I haven't written poetry in a very long time, but am putting together a small portfolio for a writing class assignment. Any and all advice is more than welcome, even if you're the type who can't say it nicely!
They walked together
Under the wisps of oranges, reds, and yellows in the sky
Waves gently kissing the shore
They decided to rest on a bench
Old and wooden, but cared for
He put his hand on the bench
And she lay hers on his
Sanny Jan 10
Beach dress soaked from the rain.

Jumping in puddles with flip-flops while we run to the highest peak.

The high waves, the horizon and the brazilian rain.

I felt like one with the world.

The heavy rain cleansed my body from the salty ocean water.

I wish I could stand there forever,
to just watch the powerful nature work it's magic.

So soaked it felt like my whole body was made of water,
I started to shiver from the cold.

We kept running along the filthy streets.

Splashing ***** water at each other like children.

Lips blue from the cold,
yet I felt a strong fire burning inside me,
more intense than I've ever felt.

All I could think about was how beautiful life is,
it's all about moments like these.

So full of life I knew I'd always treasure the memories from this day.
Rowan S Jan 9
The azure horizon
Stretching, grasping at infinity
Sings some song of promise
A welcome melody to the
Ancient aches
And creaking
Of my soul
With damp grit to guide me
The waves' whispers of hope
Laughter lilting,
Smiles ascending,
Warm breeze rushes by;
Yellow winged monarchs
In July
Glistening in the sun,
Sand can be so much fun.

A towel on the ground,
My worries are now unwound.

Children always laughing,
All the while they are splashing.

Little Birds dart back and forth,
Eating mollusks they work to unearth.

Crisp, clear, blue water,
Always to be seen in this saltwater.

Shells upon shells.
From conch to cockleshells.

Hot sun always lead to ice cream,
To help let off some steam.

So many reasons different for each,
On why the beach is so fun to reach.
Just a fun poem, I wrote this because it was fun to try and rhyme and it was just sort of a test poem.
Neuvalence Jan 2
The sands were still—home silent trees
The day was calm—our lives at ease
We rattled no more than passing breeze
As we sang the ocean's frequencies

Time had passed and we rode the waves
Ventured far out—lost track of days
We swam through nights and their gentle haze
And we came to rest at each other's gaze
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Which one you choose; whatever?
Jimbaran, Kota or Nosadua
happiness inside leaves us forever

Took pictures with terrace rice fields background
thinking of hanging on the wall around
dancinging decor all surrounds; echoing sounds

Looking for the bedcover pink and blue
Cotton floral design so beautiful true
when we can use it without a clue

Having a candle lit dinner on Uluwatu cliff
beside a table without a script, a band of music
breezing air across the ocean; not restrict

Tasting Luwak coffee on way to Mount Butar
the buffet was not super but we felt like Michelin cook rooster
Thinking of happy ever after

We went for banana boating
I was afraid of chocking though it was floating
while you're holding me tight but soaking

Now you are there without me
I'm sure your eyes will be full of tears
of the memories
can we call it tragedy?
Based on true story
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