it comes in threes
ruins of nothing and chaos
There's only one choice in the dark
And that is to become light

The first sparkles are shy
But they can see glimpses of colors it might find
The second glow is stirring
it does what it takes to rebuild what had been missing
With the third it's complete light
Warmth for hearts and lightness for minds
Ready to blossom, unconfined
January 2018
Seanathon Jun 12
When the waves come crashing over you...and the saltwater fills your mouth.

When you've turned like a towel in the washer of life...and your thought is nowhere to be found.

When it seems almost hopeless to surface again. As your fall was predestined from birth.

In these moments find self in the memory of each wave knows its place on the earth.
When you fall, get up. Its what we humans do.
helenbreeden Jun 9
Did I fail the life I was meant to live?
In my mind I failed those who loved me.
All I’ve ever known is this darkness that surrounds my every thought.
Pushes me into the abyss and keeps pulling me in deeper and deeper.
Where am I?
As I fall deeper I hear a sound, over and over again.
The only voice beside my own speaks of nothing but broken,
Is that me?

Broken is what I’m known by,
And I cannot seem to wake myself.
I seem not tired or awake.
Where will I end up?
I feel no pain and sense no feelings.
Perhaps I am becoming nothing but the abyss.
Am I fading, or I am falling?
I feel wind across my icy cold cheek,
And as it caresses my cheek, only one thought pops into my mind.
Who was “Broken?”

As I landed on my face,
I felt pain for the very first time.
Although i could not see my surroundings
I could sense all the faces on my lifeless body.
I start to panic as i cannot move my limbs or open my eyelids.
I am trapped in myself.
I am “Broken” and i cannot fix myself.
erase all traces left.
forsaken,  as the world is breaking in.
fuck this your gone..
screw strong.
your past is over due
embrace the true. define you, push through or you through?
Weight of the decision we all have anchor us down...
I've been wanting to write a song since I was 17 years old.
Put my own things to the side, to help another man grow.
Now I'm here at 25 tryna find what I stand for.
With my little girls eyes watching every move close.
I lost all my sense of pride, had me laying on the floor.
Felt so much pain inside, still couldn't make it out that door.
Felt like I failed my daughter inside, let her see her mother choke.
Saw the pain all in her eyes and knew that it was time to go.
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A lifetime of tiptoes and quiet tones
Don’t rock the boat or put on a show
Head down, smile and nod
Agreeable, don’t seek applause

She’s perfectly polished but overly modest
She could move mountains but she’s endlessly cautious
Living in what-ifs and worries and whys
Curious of potential, afraid to try

She drifts and so she settles
Her life is safe but doesn't feel special
She keeps her distance, won't get too close
Except to her caution, she loves it the most

It has a time and place, it seems
But nothing is good if it’s to the extreme
Protection, or afraid to grow?
Caution, is it friend or foe?

It takes risk to get rewarded,
Caution is costly but safe,
So turn your tip-toes into marching
And let your still boat make some waves.
Drowning in a sea of fears
They have made themselves blind,
By their misery which shed a river of tears
They are wistful for words that are kind

Like microscopes, they magnify their troubles
And forget the world is a bigger picture
Their narrow minded thoughts block out
The rest of the image, out of their vision

If only they would take effort
To turn their heads
And walk forward
Gripping the railings with firm hands

As a lion would walk in his kingdom
We must own our ways
And betray our fears
And join the human race
To a better place

And help someone else keep up with the pace
See things in a different aspect
Lady Narnia May 24
Stranded for years upon this tormenting land
My heart yearns to leave the forsaken sand
With new wings spread, I will freely fly
And touch the sun, the beautiful sky

Determined to escape, I diligently build
Using every last brainpower I've willed
Day by day, feather by feather
This will be my greatest creation ever

Finally, after so many dreadful years
And all the painstaking tears
My wings are complete, I'm ready to soar
Standing before a cliff, I see the new door

Taking flight, I battle the wind
Reaching the sky, it's more than I imagined
Watching the world below me disappear
I'm suddenly embraced by immense fear

The distance increases ever so morosely
and danger lurking, more and more closely
Doubt enters my mind, I quiver and cower
Will I reach my goal or lose my power?

My wings are melting, the sun is near
Flashes of memories of all I hold dear
This must be the end, I'm holding my breath
But all is blurry, this must be my death

I find myself upon cool, green grass
The sun is gone, what was to pass?
Underneath the moonlight, upon new land
I notice something different about my hand

A black imprint on the tip of my finger
Inspired by the story of Daedalus and Icarus with a mixture of a overcoming my personal, overwhelming challenge.
I am tirelessly tormented by black thoughts that mercilessly mock
shame and scar my broken body.

My worked worn bones bend
as I will my bruised body to rise on shattered limping legs.

I’m forced to lift myself off the cold cruel ground once more.

I climb out the grave that
decided to dig.
While a dark hazed figure tries to bury me alive

I see the cold shaking hands of insecurity shrouded in a dark cloak standing by my side

As we look over the pit I escaped.

I intentionally let a sadistic smile slip. Laughing with an unwavering stare.

I grabbed his  old steel shovel
and filled my grave

I grew up on a dead-end street,
Where all was means to an unreachable end,
So it is no wonder that still
Sometimes I find myself cowering in the corner,
Gutted and throatless,
I stored my crises in a shoebox
The severed hair, curled into protective ringlets
Lifeless, and still afraid to take up space
The blades, carefully excavated from handheld pencil sharpeners
Tools to embed geometric patterns in my waning flesh
Me, the thirteen year old girl with winged eyeliner,
And black magic hidden in her closet
I learned how to stow myself away for safekeeping
How to vacuum seal my thoughts
Tuck the burgeoning questions beneath my tongue
As I kissed my mother goodnight,
And disappeared into myself once more
Nobody seemed to notice that I was growing smaller
And smaller
There are a few things I wish you could understand
One, if I were a witch, you wouldn’t live long enough to catch me
My bones would not rattle with doubt
Even when I know that I’m right
I wouldn’t accidentally leave my body behind
Each time my mind transcends itself
I would know exactly how much I owe the universe
We would have D.T.R.’d the light-second my powers were able to make black holes out of humans
But I am not a witch
Though I doubt that makes me less scary
I flourish like a dandelion in an empty lot
All journey and no destination as I rise through the pavement,
And leave my mark in sidewalk scars and cast off into the wind
You are the empty lot
Doesn’t it frighten you more to know there are young girls with big hearts and big ideas
With insatiable ambitions that give no regard to your oppressive fists
You think there is righteousness in police badges
Justice in bullets as they pierce through criminal flesh
Love in controlling a woman’s thoughts and strangling out her voice
Still, you have given me so much to write about
We were like if the Brady Bunch lived in the Twilight Zone
You, the white supremacist who married my Jewish mother
Me, the budding liberal whose atheism was mistaken for occultism
This is not a thank you letter
This is not a cry for help
This is not an apology
This is closure
I forgive myself for being afraid
I’m not anymore
Can you say the same?
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