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Just answer me.
I only want to help.

I know things are tough,
and I want to help.
I want to make you stronger.

I am worried for you.
You know that, right?

Every night, I worry.
Every night, I hope I can help you
make it to the next day.

I want to help you see that life is worth living,
and that I want to be by your side.

I want to help you overcome
this trouble that has come
and that has tried to ruin
someone beautiful.

That someone is you.
I am concerned.
I only want to help,
yet you cast me away.
Haydi 4d
her heart has finally spat you out.
the wounds on her heart have healed.
the bruises on her soul have disappeared.
the scars on her mind have faded.

she built herself herself back up
into somebody you will never
have the honour
of getting to know.
Haydi 7d
if you broke her heart
eventually she will overcome

if you ignored her message
eventually she will understand

if she forgot you
you will understand
The highs and lows, the valley views,
The good and bad, you win and lose,
You’re up and down, mountain to valley,
Praising then tearful, sad to happy.

But what happens when you get stuck?
You climb and climb but can’t get up.
In the valley you settle, in the valley you stay,
Less sun, less warmth, more shadow days.

But is there ever a valley without a mountain?
Is there ever an exit without a way back in?
Nothing’s forever - the good or the bad
If you can’t find your way, find another path.
TheSaneSaloon Oct 19
To the paper and pen, he goes again.

To find some truth, or whatevers
Yet, he writes in circles, no telling where to begin.
His questions grow louder, approaching wits end.
His answers slip through, fingers broken with sin.
Theres so many voices, and none to befriend.
So lost in a world, that continues to spin.

If he could only know,
As long as theres breath,
He's destined to win.
The weight of my world has felt crippling lately.
knowing where to turn has been unfruitful.
At times like these, I tend to whisper "Jesus"
JermBoogz Oct 11
And though we've all commonly been caressed by oppressive distress,
We're granted the opportunity
To Repossess
Our spirituality.

These are the rules that reign our domain.
i remember the day he asked me
"Yo, Boogz, you wanna run a session",
What the **** was he thinking?
****, I'll run it on a neurotic progression
Of this lyrical obsession,
Forget your indiscretion,
I'll leave your head knotting in impression
Have you second-guessing the oppression of this "session",
And embedded with my confessions,
No order or succession,
Personal expression is not my profession, but I think im getting clear to you

If you want meaning out of this,
Good luck I'm gonna need a C-section,
See, its all words strung together only identifiable by the person who wrote 'em,
Any questions?

Good, cuz i have one for you.
Have you ever seen a person with a soul glimmering gold
Who strolled down the wrong road?
A person who stowed such a load of mold
That he couldn't unfold,
And the end result was to implode?

Well I've met a lot of them. Including me.
In fact this room is full of them.
But we're not outcasts
unless we place that label on our skin,
There's too many good intentions fighting to win,
But its almost like we have this evil twin,
This Mr. Hyde that hides within,
It's actually a good thing the shell is thin,
And since we all share this downfall,
It doesn't matter what shade our skin is... we're kin.
Our tears run from eyes in the same que.
We've all been beat down,
Felt defeated,
To cry
But we all grow bolder,
Become generals,
And in order to be a general - first you gotta be a soldier.

I commend all men who ascend to the end,
Whose worlds of pretend
Transcended through the bends,
Twists, and all kinds of mends, to meet.

The ones who make are examples,
That we don't have to die.

The journey of a million tears,
Starts with that first lump in your throat.
It's only a speed bump.
You can get over it.
Your addiction.
JP Goss Sep 15
I couldn’t help but notice the concern on your face
As I loosed my hands to fall from grace
Into the flames
That lapped at your feet.
You warned me this was ****, those scabs and sores
From the fire,
But not your sore hands on the boiled rung
Nor your dry eyes or crowd you’re among
Nor the dense developments that seem so dire
I let go, anyway
And scattered my life like seeds
Straight into the vacuous winds
To grow elsewhere
And fall into everything
In the face of the fire regime.
The pain was real, you saw me writhing
Through the smoke;
What you didn’t hear was my laughter
And your name through my lips
As I called up from a field of molded rye
What the forests had to tell
And that we’ve been here on various trips.
Do you forget why you hang over the fire?
Dry your tongue from nonsense and spit?
Declare your freedom from pain and it?
It’s the safest you’ve ever been
To fear without guessing and calling it sin
From ashes a forest rises not asking for repentance
For life, we thank what death has lent us.
JP Goss Sep 15
You say you saw the void?
Look into these eyes—
You do not see
The transparency of space
A nostalgia of regression when the
The mountains seemed so much smaller in your youth—
Not in these eyes.
You don’t see the void, but the future,
Not blackness, but the future,
Not the future, but the past,
Like all of us clairvoyants.
You close your eyes to see the world
Through clean mantras
Like all of us clairvoyants.
Looking back as their gaze looks forward
Like all of us clairvoyants.
Sounding the woolen past
And eerie comfort of rest
Like all of us clairvoyants.
Reading your own future
While reading others’
Like all of us clairvoyants.
There is no such thing as darkness anymore,
A truth you know well since
All truths are certainly true and false.
Wait for the light through the window
To scan the floor;
Every person is a lighthouse
Searching wildly in the dark
And in storms, ships will land
With or without permission
And you’ll laugh alongside them
With or without provisions.
Show me your tricks,
I have already lived in the future
And am not fooled easily.
sushii Sep 12
i don’t know who you are, but

i will beat you.

i don’t know why you’re here, but

i will overcome you

i know you’ll be back tomorrow morning,


i will smile,

even as you **** me.

i will smile,

till the very end.

i will not

give in

to you.

Above all the struggle and pain
Lays a way with a glorious lane
After a lot of difficulties in your way
Be sure to end with so much gain.

Above all the tears and sorrow
Lays a day called tomorrow
After surrounded my lack and barrow
At the end be sure you will not borrow

Above all the failures and rejection
Lays a day with a total redemption
After so much depression
Be sure to end with a celebration

Above all the mockery and insult
Lays a day of positive result
After displaying so many torts
Be sure to end with a brave thought

Above all the foes and hatred
Lays a day you would be needed
After being so ashamed and *****  
Be sure you would be vindicated

Above all that is written above
Lays a day you would fly like a dove
After focusing on your negative shadow
Am sure you will better ABOVE ALL

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