depression depression depression

Stop it.


I is me and
you are you.
Seperate from identity
yet your lies root to my core.
I can't help but listen as
gravity gradually seems heavier

You can feed on me
that's fine.
Distort my reality
and take my smile.
But you will never take my hope.

The endless source behind the
Of my soul.
You'll never cease the
I in me.

So form each woe,
but forever is my soul.
Endureth this universe.

Go ahead.

Take me.

depression depression depression
My life is not a number,
Or a letter on a page.
I am more than any words I say.
I am more than just a name.

I am worth more than my salary.
I am not some porcelain doll.
My life is for the Living.
And I plan to Live it all.
Kim Essary Mar 7
There's nothing more to overcome as this  battle from within,  pounds, burns, sharp as a knife then pounds, burns and tingles til numb. My nerves fighting my muscles,  as my bones are deteriating away ,
  How can it be the anatomy of my being is fighting to survive
The rate of my existence said to be extinguished seven years ago.
  Whom is it they think they are to set my death. Indeed I should have boundaries  The mind is a powerful thing
  I wake from my short slumber to roll from my bed, the pain unbearable but it's all in my head, or so I make myself believe
   I think and I ponder and speak to my mind so my body can hear.
  Questions without answers so why even inquire. Take this take that you need one no maybe five. Please put your pad away for I will take only my mind, no doubt in my mind it is the meaning and will as to why I'm still alive. So keep all your poison, for I will fight this battle from within and show them I will survive.
To wake is a blessing as is every step that I take
  I know my pain will never go away so what more can be done, sadly nothing so I deal with it and go on with the day
I am a survivor and not a victom, 20 prescriptions not to mention the dose,if I can overcome all of my illness I hope to inspire anyone that thinks that they can't. I'm living proof
Danial John Mar 4

Marlo Mar 1
Is that me?
standing in the darkness?
looking so scared?

sitting at 2 am?
unable to interact?
unable to move?

screaming into a pillow?
kicking the wall?
so helpless?

displaying my cuts?
manipulating people?
giving up?

just lying there?
completely insane?
with nothing left to give?

Is that me?

but that doesn’t make me broken.
saige Feb 28
of course you can stay here
where safety is synonymous with wasting
where you can water your paper whites
funnel your life into words
dust your suitcase
brush your hair
and rename the stars
from your kitchen window
but when you remember
when that passion hits you
like a boomerang
and beckons you
like a baby brother, or big sister
like guiding lights
and abandoned pups
all the same
don't let anything
a hitched breath nor a fitful heart
still your stampede to the door

for in that fleeting moment
time will catch and crash behind you
urging you onward
lending a splithair head-start
in a fresh lap
of your leap for life

so bolt into the world
and don't check the mirror
on your way out
don't leave a note
those who love you
will jump for joy knowing
you couldn't break from dancing
as you fled

don't let your eyes tell you if it's raining
but don't let your feet stop you if they do
don't keep track of whys and nots
don't keep a greenhouse of regrets
and dear, sweet dreamer
don't you dare come back
Navahopi119 Feb 23
She said she wanted a Knight in shining armour
But what she doesn't realize.
All the Dents, Cuts, and Scratches
Are due to the effort I applied to better myself
Each Battle, Conflict, and Barrier
May have left their marks on me
And yet here I stand

The armour I wear may be
Grimy, Gritty, and Dull
But I wouldn't wish it any other way
Because that would mean
To erase all I worked for
And all that I strive to be.

She said she wanted a Knight in Shining armour
Lean, Clean, and Pristine.
Well I wish her the best
On her foolish quest
Because I have more battles to war.

mermaidinCLE Feb 22
Failure slithered behind his tasty treat,
grinning silently in delight.
but the sweeping paw of Fate
had different plans tonight.
Failure whispered with a forked tongue,
I only come to play!
it was then that hunter became the hunted,
Her shadow looming in his way.
he'd mistaken a pawn for a rook -
in the dark he saw it clearly -
and when She roared, the earth shook.
Sam Feb 17
Drops of rain engulf the space around me. Burdening my jacket with their fleeting composition. I stare to the clouds with eyes so empty.
Eyes so hollow from this eternal case of melancholia.

My hearts sinks to the catacombs, and there is shall remain.
Stuck in yesterday, yet dreaming of tomorrow. I feel the growing pains as it wishes to escape. To be free of the malady of being alone. To find the one who can nurture it for eternity.

The sun pierces the clouds, reminding me to breathe. Reminding me to smile. To love. I can't deny this beckoning. This call to arms. For even in the dark you must follow your heart. Through atrophy, through apathy, I choose to carry on. Though the path is lost, and full of challenges, I will not give in to the anguish that lies within.
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