Even In The Evil
I See

Ancestor's Blood Of Purity.
Genre: Abstract
as I remember that era
aged seven to eleven
the golden years
with golden hair
and dimpled cheeks
while wrapped in a warm
blanket of familial love
listening to grown ups
in a fug of smoke
pipe, cigar and cigarette
innocence not lost
wonder ever present
a brew at 9pm
with mam and dad
seven squabbling siblings
whose turn to pour the tea
then off to bed
under a bundle of coats
no central heating
no heating at all
but body warmth
and hot tea breath
sliding gently into slumber

a new day brought
new opportunities
to listen wide eyed
to learn what childhood
was meant to be
a gentle exercise
in formative building
towards future value
to loved ones
no demands
no pressure
pure innocent love
all things considered those 4 years were the  most joyous of my life
In a background of mind
A soulful ripples
A blissful calm
Obeying melody,
With purity and pride.

Season of truth,
A gray air,
A shadow face,
A frozen Rose,
A raw silence,
A busy life
Note: Words with an expiration date. Even words have it.
Birth of Colours
Inherited tints of supremacy
Affection Vs. Perfection

White, Yellow, Blue  
Alters a life view
Colours fighting for identity
Where, dead leads the living
Trophy, password of trust

Scarlet, Purple and Red
Colour of grace

Dark Hue,
Always a contradict to blame

Live by choice
Seeds are too young to fight
Affection overcome perfection
Purity in being colour blind
Think of, Black and White
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Joshua Cruce Feb 15
Tom Collins
Bing Crosby

There is now only a faint, fingernail-sized memory
of the thin girl standing under a street lamp in the snow
in light hair and a long red coat
with blue eyes that felt a warm brown

she didn't like winter
but wore it well
with snowflake lined lashes
and tiny, cold hands hoping to be held

her thin red lips were Christmas after a month of storms
Her eyes a warm
furnace fueled with hope.
They thawed the ice that clung to my own

the hope that had been left too long on my skin
and had become stiff and cold
now tingling
as it gained feeling again

we drank.
we sang.
we ate.
we felt.
we were.
Light a lily for love and peace;
The pure white essence,
The soft whisper of purity,
The kiss of forgiveness ,
Allow the waters of life drip ,

Let her
Heal your wounds,
Hear your words,
So you,
Can be free.
like a flowering lily be free and don't go back
open yourself and let your beauty be born <3
campbell Jan 21
Eight of us
A train
And the blinding light of stars
For that moment
As we laid together under the sky
Shoulder against shoulder
And watched as the blinding light inched towards us
Waiting for the onrush of wind
The split second of weightlessness
And a sign that this is where we needed to be
a note to my friends
Alivia Evans Jan 19
If you were to undress in front of my eyes
you would see the reflection
of your soul
weakening my bones and masquerading
my heart
For my everything,
I love you
From His Perspective
Alivia Evans Jan 10
/The flowers pushed through the earth, Hallelujah
/The peaches evermore sweet
/A breath of the sun, kissing your neck
/breathable air

/Droplets tickle the edge of the grass
/Colorful organisms settle on the waterside
/A bird’s loose feather sunders the running stream
/Divinity rested on one’s bones
/Rested and peaceful

Heaven is not too far, where you can’t glimpse it
I hope this can offer someone a little peace
mint Jan 8
with you
there was a warmth inside me
a purity i never thought could even come to me
much less-
consume me
it filled every crevice within me, no space was left inside of me
and then it slowly dripped out like molasses
slowly but surely dripping out with its sweet warmth leaving with it
loving you
was like rolling my heart in glass
left me with tiny wounds i have no way of fixing
but the sweet feeling i once had with you

i feel my body yearn for it
like it yearned for pain once
it doesnt want you
it wants the warmth and purity you once made me feel
the all consuming, head to toe, ever so sure love

without you
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