Allison M 23h
The cool breeze carries the scent of crisp cedar past the gently flowing creek;

Beyond the graceful sloping mountains,

It breathes life into me,

Washing away the stress and worry of the day;

It calms my mind, clearing away the clutter;

For this sweet moment in time,

All that is left is the pure feeling of nature;

All that is good on this Earth;

The fragrance of purity
Isaac 6d
Can the truth be seen
through Satan's smokescreen?

Can innocence be gained
once purity is stained?

Can love be born
in a heart that's torn?

Can hope be yours
inside life's wars?

Do not expect the answer from me.
But I'll tell you this:
"Look to God, and you'll see!"
Written 9 August 2018
Her impression of love
was nothing but...
A bar less prison
She had a hateful
Perception ov love
A dead fateful lie
Cold as a sarcophagus...

How wrong she was
To think sex was love
And love was sex...
My ex...

Her mother would die for her
But she had never
Laid her down
On a bed of pleasures of the flesH
For true love
Isn't sensually sentimental
But unconditional.

She was wrong yet so strong
With legs wide open
Weakened by desire
She gave it away...

Her perception of
love was nothing but lust
And trust which left her in the dust
And she always thought
love didn't last
Cuz she was lost
So she lost
Something he needed
on the honey moon!
Sometimes we should do sex the right way, the right time, with the right partner. Virtue is always way better than make up or the sexiest outfit.
You know me, you see me.
But most of the time you deny me.
I'm a part of you, everyone of you.
One day you'll realize me.
That is the truth.

I'm not a fantasy, I'm reality.
I'm the night to your day.
I'm the end to your cautious.
Yet not free from your emotions.

When I come, I'll run your river dry.
I'll be the reason of your heartaches.
But that is when I see you,
At your purest.
Death is speaking in the only way he can. And it's by taking our lives that he talks to us.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2
Drink from Paradise's pools,
be cleansed and feel glorious
Brent Kincaid Jul 24
If you love
The poorest moment
Makes you feel wealthy.
Your weakest movement
Will make you feel healthy.
You’ll count your blessings
As many as stars in the sky.
You’ll know you are fortunate
And you will know exactly why.

If you love
Your friends will not forget you,
Your memories will be joys to the end.
You will be the sunshine in life
To yourself and your beloved friends.
You will all gather to celebrate
Whenever you possibly can do it.
And those friends will stand the tide
Of reversal and see you through it.

If you love,
You will appreciate life’s many gifts.
The slightest gesture is like gold
If it is meant to wish you all the best.
The blessings age as you grow old.
You’re friends and family will smile
And shine the light of their eyes
Because you are before them and
Their love cannot be disguised.

If you love,
All that life can gather to give you
Will be magnificent memories of joy
That make you feel like you were a child
And had the gift of a wonderful toy;
One you had always wanted, or even
One you never had known was real.
But, if you love, you will have it all.
You will be glad of the love you feel.
Root of my thirsting,
    My greatest desire,
A single drop bursting
    Can put out a fire.
A single drop wholly
    Divorced from the brine,
A single drop holy,
    The liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it kill you.
        Water, I love you.
            Kill me, will you?

Raindrop or dewdrop
    I want on my tongue.
For the old drop and new drop
    These verses are sung.
The new drop and old drop
    Of water I crave,
The hot drop and cold drop,
    From cradle to grave.

        Find what you love,
            And let it kill you.
        Water, I love you.
            Kill me, will you?

Drown me in oceans,
    In crystalline seas,
In H2O potions
    Of perfect degrees.
Drown me in teardrops
    Divorced from the brine,
In flawlessly clear drops
    Of the liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it kill you.
        Water, I love you.
            Kill me, will you?

Philip V Jul 23
She made me peaches on ice
Like it was the 1920's
She was Greta Garbo
And I Hemingway

We went out
And toasted to good will
Youth and prosperity
Innocence the norm
And carte blanche
The martini

Without the olive
Because she had to eat it
And laughed, while ever so
slightly teasing

I felt better than Paris on a spring day
I felt stronger than a million sympathies
I felt as if the world had a plan for me
Alas, I was served
Peaches on ice
By the love of my life.
Perhaps it would
all be alright.

All I knew
Is that believing it
Made it real enough
To my wistful eyes.
Leah Jul 18
Words spinning around
I'm now in the labyrinth of my head

reminiscing my first kiss with whom I barely know
in her room half naked
She says nothing, but her thought are as if they're hand in hand to mine

electrocuting every fibre of my body
I feel hazy about the times I spent with her,
yet I vividly remember every words she had spoken

She now speaks bout a little river she used to go with her first love, but when will she tell me the words?

I see now, I see that her fire was put out
personal thoughts
the taste of metal

clack clack clack

nothing is pure anymore
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