Conner Dixon May 13
The heighten/higher you go with lust
-With a female
The deeper the hell gets

But the deeper you go with Brahmacharya
The higher the heaven will be
Being along the lines of lust being hell
Lust bad door

I steer more towards the positivity of brahmacharya
Helene Marie Apr 30
their smile
was the kind
that could
this world
to liquid gold
Amanda Apr 27
Last time I stood in this spot
I was sixteen, naive, and alone
And although it has only been three years
I am surprised at how much I've grown.

I do not blame you anymore
Nor hold resentment inside
For the things you have done to hurt me
What held me down I cast aside.

Been to many places now
I have seen both the dark and light
Watched the struggle between good and evil
Battles of wrong versus right.

We can wrestle our inner demons
Hoping someday to conquer and win
But we are too weak, I rarely see humans
Pick purity over sweet sin.
That is true strength, doing the right thing when it would be a lot easier to do the wrong one. Oh, and this was written March of 2014 if you are confused about the age mentioned haha.
I’ve seen it, now I belong to her, to no other now,
I’ve seen her whole and true beauty, threading
everything that's forever, I cannot deny my inner-world,
lover, we’re in our own world, like we should.
Smile for me now.
Later I discover
Angels never got married

No angel did.
Genre: eXperimental
Theme: Angels exist. Angels never get closer to the humans but they spread vibes of their innocence, truth, purity and love. I'm the witness. I'm not alone.
Poetic T Apr 7
She was fruity,
     subtle aromas
fermented from her.

Watering her own garden.
                 but never letting
other taste her fruits.

Even though she was seeded
           with much delicate tastes
no other would pick upon them.

She wasn't prude,
        wanting the right person
to pick her seed and let it blossom.
Ormond Apr 6

Under the primrose stars, the lovers
Lie abed, on green, threadbare croft
Of sleeping daisy, clover and moss,
Trails with hushed air, an embroidery
So fine as to stitch blushing heart fall
And wrap the waters full of quietude
In graces, winding, soft, granulating
Time, wings flutter and hum, winsome
Sparks, fire white, flying as little suns
Burst confetti, in sweet encampment,
Of grass and sapling wood, innocents,
Charmed are wholly twining, in moon
Rise a lantern to the winking heavens,
Out of their skins they are climbing.
Piper Diggory Dec 2016
And must I stoop, churn and obscure
To dote on pulchritude so pure?
May I not forgo hours of sleep
And lame ‘tween grasses ever keep
Your vague, arresting countenance, 
My eye unbound from sustenance?

May I not chance all ‘knowledge’ sound?
Is it that Heaven is no ground?
Shan’t hearts dilapidated write
A thing so opulent as might
An august man, whose name’s renowned?
They know not of all I’ve found.

Your brow once mapped a lavish satin,
I long to taste that blaze of Latin!
To have the watchmen of the night
Dash my temple with delight;
A momentary treasured space
For us, the yonder, and the grace.

And as the shards of anguish lie
Stunned and buried in your sky,
My callow eye remains as glazed-
But were its window to be grazed 
By the honest, spartan gleam
Of ancient lights - I’d be redeemed.

Now, know not I of music cherished,
Languages nor tales long perished,
Know not I of piety,
Nor of what, or whence are we;
But all assured wept Niobe -
Here, twinkle bones and necks and cheeks
Like sentinels ‘twixt damning seas;
All heavy with an empty glare,
For none did once their mind make spare - 
But sense they did to you compare.
an old one I wrote when I thought I was Edgar Allan Poe
Sethnicity Mar 29
Pitter patter patterns pollock water on 2 Window s ills
slither slather slip purr wee wind whistles thru two tree pick s ee's
nestled tween the teeth grips silhouetted skyline
sunlit tea cups
how sweet it is 2 whittle time 4 love and space
slow settled be twin hill splits
mind sits
my flesh is DITHER dimpled by the thrill of it.
Inspired by @artwiculate
Word of the day : Dither

May add to this some day...
Umi Mar 27
Soft, gentle, like one of the fluffy clouds of the purest heaven above,
Free of all sin, of all filth of this earth and of what a demon holds in his desire or temptation within his wicked heart of devilish instinct,
While they carry you to your last judgement they glance at you,
Seemingly so dreamlike that it must be like a legendary illusion of an infinite being, cast upon you to grant you a splendid slumbering,
You will never be able to go back again, it has been decided that it should be this way, depart now my little soul, recieve your justice,
Recall your previous self, as these angels stare at you with roaming might, spreading their wings to appear more light, carefree and pure,
See into the dreams you saught to escape, now all agony, all sin and pride, envy and majesty are burnt away to rot within their light,
The luminousity coming from these fluttering wings, is so smooth it would likely make the worldly life appear to be in a darker shade,
Tirelessly, they are free from all needs, with no need for deep sleep,
Even if you tried you would be swept away by their sheer power,
These Angels had waited to carry you; until the moment you die!
When you reach your final destination, darkness or light will be what you may recieve, or may these wings which seem to be invaluable,
Be pure, then you are worthy of carrying angel wings.

~ Umi
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