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Ashwin Kumar Jan 8
It has been two years
Two very long years
Since we were blessed
With the opportunity to listen
To an entire album
Of your unique music
Whether it be the soulful melodies
Or the foot-tapping dance numbers
Or the mesmerising fusion songs
Or even the **** kuthu songs
Not to mention, the gripping background music
That never fails to draw you in
No matter what the movie situation may be
Romance, comedy, tragedy, action, suspense
For me, work and music go together
Especially when it is your music
That I turn to
In order to beat the stress
That comes naturally with Recruitment
In fact, there are times
When I actually look forward to working
Because I am confident
That all I need to do
Is to create a playlist of your best songs
Plug in my earphones
And click on 'Play'

It has been two years
Two very long years
We have missed you a lot
Of course, there is always the option
Of listening to your existing music
There are a plethora of songs
In every genre under the Sun
However, we are too eager
For some fresh music
Because we know
That there is still a lot left in you
As they say
Form is temporary
But class is permanent
So, let us hope and pray
That 2022 will usher in
The return of the "Melody King"
Poem dedicated to the Birthday Boy Harris Jayaraj - my favourite Indian music composer.
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2021
It was indeed an odyssey of excruciating
pain, reluctantly embarked upon
that led to an abrupt farewell
that got you ferried in splendour
by His majesty's service 'HMS Life Eternal'
by your guardian angels maneuvered
on her maiden voyage.
Congratulations for your newfound bliss and
world of non-existent tears.
You have meritoriously earned the Saviour's
warm embrace,
as we look forward to sharing this idyllic world
with you.
Happy eternal vacation to you mom.
In memory of my beloved mom, who passed on to eternity on the 16th of December,2021
Ashwin Kumar Nov 2021
Dear Patti, we miss you
We miss you so much
That there is a gaping hole
Taller than the Burj Khalifa
Left by your absence
Not a soul can replace you
You were one of a kind

Dear Patti, we miss you
You were always there for us
Whether it be the immediate family
Whether it be close relatives
Whether it be friends
So much so
That your presence was taken for granted

Dear Patti, we miss you
From your words of wisdom
To your unconditional support
From your sheer optimism
To your never-say-die spirit
From your delicious meals
To your spooky tales
From your knowledge of various topics
Whether it be cricket
Whether it be politics
Whether it be trains
To your unwavering enthusiasm

Dear Patti, we miss you
I still remember the day
As though it were only yesterday
When my dear friend
Was hopelessly marooned in her hostel
During the peak of the Chennai floods
Along with her family
It was your unconditional love
That saved the day
And my friend and her family
Can never forget you
Not just because of your timely help
But also because, to you
They were also family

Dear Patti, we miss you
You left us so soon
That we had no time to say goodbye
But you should know this
You will always live in our hearts
As a grandmother
As a mother
As a wife
As a sister
As an aunt
As a dear friend
And finally
As a human being
A very beautiful human being
Tribute to my maternal grandmother who passed away on 4th October
Just Alex May 2021
Hot ****!
The Bluebird wants out again!
I am tough enough for it.
But only just.
He wants out, but can't.
Meanwhile, his beak tears a hole.

Sears into my flesh.
Bleeds a little, but thats OK.
It reminds me that I'm not.
It reminds me I gotta run.

Pump my legs out of this place!
To chase the dreams they sold me
"You'd be a leader, just you wait to get your degree.
Labs and companies will be groveling at your feet!"

What *******...
They spoon-fed me, like a child off the ****.
I swallowed the lies like a baby lamb
With a glint on my eye, wasting my time
I believed they'd make me a man
No need to go and try, they'll take charge on that.

But the world is a cold, brick, wall.
And you crash into it as soon as you cross the door.
You break your nose, bleed a touch.
Now it's time to crack it back into form!

Ouch! Ow! It hurts! It smarts!
But it's good for ya kid!
It'll do ya right!
You can't look forward with that crooked thing blocking your sight!
So yank it straight! Get off off your **!

Dreams ain't something you'll find on a market stall.
You can't buy them, they ain't sold.
But you can make them on a workshop.
A table, a shed, behind garage doors.
Behind a computer, even a phone!
They are made with sweat and blood.
And time...

Better spend that chasing them
Than to waste it
listening to someone pump them into head.
The poem Bluebird by Charles Bukowski may be one of my absolute favorite pieces of writing I've ever read, and it is all I want to achieve in my writing. A worm that burrows in your brain that won't leave you and inspires you to do something.
The title is an allusion to Bukowski and his work "Notes from a ***** Old Man" published in 1969
Randy Johnson May 2021
He was a British actor who died on the 20th of May.
He died in 1996, he died twenty-five years ago today.
He was an extremely talented actor and his name was Jon Pertwee.
It's hard to believe that he has been dead for a quarter of a century.
He starred as the third incarnation of the Doctor in "Doctor Who" half a century ago.
About one decade later, Pertwee starred in "Worzel Gummidge" as a dumb scarecrow.
A teacher told Jon that he'd never amount to anything as an actor but he was full of crap.
That teacher was so wrong and Pertwee should've given him a slap.
Pertwee died of a heart attack in his sleep while he was visiting the United States.
When people learned about his death, it was something that millions would hate.
Pertwee said that Worzel Gummidge was his favorite of the characters who he portrayed.
It's very sad to know that this brilliant actor has been deceased for two and a half decades.
He was in Connecticut when he passed away and his body was cremated.
When he left this earth in 1996, his friends, family and fans were devastated.
Dedicated to Jon Pertwee (1919-1996) who died twenty-five years ago today on May 20, 1996
Thomas W Case May 2021
You slipped
away from me,
like the robins and
cherry blossoms when
spring ends,
and the fractured nights
of winter comes.
I will search the
midnight alleys, and the
mountains of Chile.
I will listen for
your sweet laughter.
I long to taste your
honeysuckle lips, and
hear your heartbeat.
If I never find you,
I will be a lost leaf
on the lonesome
vagabond wind.
This is a tribute to one of my favorite poets Pablo Neruda
ryn May 2021
If our family was a tree,
you must be the roots.

Forever planted,
forever supporting,
forever nurturing.

Just so that all of us,
may bask in the amber
of the sun...
And bathe in the silver
of the moon.

Davina E Solomon Mar 2021
Off the shoulder of Orion onto the arm of Perseus / in sentient skin sheathing the tingle of nerves / a mortal hunger for a view of the galaxy broader than the Milky Way / an awakened pulse in a soulless being / stronger, brighter, speedier, warrior / yet now, wiser / lover / beloved / thirsting for life / unafraid of who he is / never hidden in the arrow flailing off the arm of the Archer / a philosophical spiraling through a riot of 200 billion stars / looking inwards to what he may become //

It was the existential philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) who described authenticity as choosing the nature of one’s existence and identity. He linked the concept of authenticity to an awareness of our mortality, positing that only in keeping in view the inevitability of death can one lead a truly authentic life.

Heidegger, Sartre and Camus among others have all discussed and debated the idea of authenticity, free will, freedom of action being a path to self realization etc. I enjoy the thoughts of these erudite thinkers and it brought to mind the most moving death speech ever recorded in cinematic history, that of the replicant Roy Batty from Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ (1982). It is supremely poetic and for a replicant who tried in the course of the film, to find the meaning of his life and a way to increase his lifespan, it is filled with reflection in an awareness of an authentic self and a regret in his imminent mortality. The 42 word monologue what Rutger Hauer (who plays Roy) delivered after he had his way with the original version.

Tears in the Rain

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die’.

I have enjoyed the idea of the search for a meaning of life by AI that lack human consciousness. It’s a beautiful riveting moment in the film where the empathy one feels for someone striving to be human is much more than one would feel for detective Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford), who projects himself throughout the movie as less human and more of a replicant. What is authenticity? For an observer, it would be Roy Batty’s deathbed regret of not having lived to the potential he assumed he had if his lifespan were extended. It is the pain of losing his lover in the course of the film, the opportunity and the ability to show compassion to an assassin like Deckard, the hope of learning to be sentient, an escape from slavery of AI. This movie is quite a treat for the understated screenplay, the poignant moments, the inherent philosophical questions that arise. This poem is my tribute to Roy Batty who I believe, appears more human than a human would strive to be.
Note: Although the movie Blade Runner, catapulted to cult status and Tannhäuser Gate, C-beams are Sci-Fi vocabulary, Tannhäuser is in fact an 1845 opera in three acts by Richard Wagner, based on a German legends, Tannhäuser, the mythologized medieval German Minnesänger and poet. The poet spends his time alternately worshipping Venus and all things Venusian and then feeling remorse for his sins, perhaps battling with his own feelings of authenticity.

A further insight into deathbed regrets:

In the little systematic research done on the dying, Bronnie Ware’s book, ‘Regrets of the Dying’ recorded that family, relationships and authenticity matter most to the dying. An interesting essay I read this morning on the deathbed perspective, (which prompted me to look into issues of authenticity in the first place), author Neil Levy wonders if deathbed regrets are epistemically privileged and cites American philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel who provides two reasons why we should be careful about giving them undue significance. Firstly, he says, the dying might be subject to hindsight bias and secondly the dying escape the consequences of their own advice.

Levy also observes that the death bed regret is a view from the perspective of someone who is gripped by a simpler set of commitments and to quote him, ” for whom simpler pleasures – those that can be realized immediately, or come to fruition relatively quickly – retain their grip, but for whom broader commitments are absurd. The view from the deathbed comes as close as is humanly possible (for those who aren’t deeply depressed) to abandoning the sets of commitments that give more extended projects meaning.” Some food for thought.
Svetoslav Mar 2021
The waves of the dam
near Ogosta Stadium are raging,
and the opponent of the Glory
is insecure and afraid.

Powerful choruses
the hosts sing
because the moment is coming
for a convincing win.

This is FC Montana.
Club with heart and a century of history,
with ups and downs flooded
always striving for the top and a better change.

With a school springboard for talent,
the only one that is free.
Coaches who believe in children
and in their future glorious successes.
The traditional colors are blue, white and red -
gathering people in a sacred union.

Blue hearts tremble in a fast rhythm,
expecting the match to conquer.
Small and big fans
with songs they strive,
the loyalty for their team to sustain
and give the necessary support.

Every day they long
for the strong emotions,
they share for the future.
This is a poem for my favorite football club and is translated to English language.
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