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Trinity Mar 10
i see the boy.
the one that runs from me.

the one i can only see
the boy who can't see me

i scream his nameless name in my dreams
why cant he see me?
i can hear him as he speaks

the nameless boy who i cant see
the faceless man who can only see me

i want the man to see me
the illusion of the boy i once was able to see
J Feb 26
We’ve had our time,
albeit too short.
We’ve had our chances,
but somehow, I still
managed to **** it all up.

Third time’s a charm,

Maybe, that’s why
I never got enough of you.
Maybe, I never will.
Maybe, you really are
the woman of my dreams.
And maybe, it is supposed
to stay that way...

...a dream.
Third time’s a charm, perhaps?
And talk of love.
                             High in high spirits.
Enchant me with your charms,
My enchantress!

        Alas! I am dazzled!
        Alas! I am dead!
Greg Jones Feb 7
Found herself sitting in LOVE Park
Trying to find her spark.
She put Charm City in her rear view.
Her friends tell her she’s been long overdue.
New tattoo, hair do, and Dior shoes.
If you wanna be brand new you gotta look brand new.
No more reminiscing over mistakes and headaches.
The world is hers to take.
It’s ladies night and they’re hitting the town.
It’s time to act like queens and take their crown.
Smile for the future, ******* to the past.
She started looking forward to the forecast.

She just came to listen to the band.
The DJ shouted “Get on up and dance.”
Her friends grabbed her by the hand,
And told her “**** it, do it for the ‘gram.”

Filtered selfies and a ***** with some cran,
She knew her happiness was in high demand.
Go M.I.A in MIA,
Or catch a flight to LA,
Hit the coast to Monterey,
Her new life is underway.
Can’t wait around to be a wife,
She just wants to find her light.
She just wants to feel alive.
She used to survive, now she wants to thrive.
Take each moment in stride,
Warming up in her sunshine.
So she takes another pic,
Tags her friends real quick,
Put her smile on real thick,
Her old shell is fading,
Her old shell is fading….
Irina BBota Jan 20
I left my thoughts on the pillow
and started waltzing on the carpet barefoot
just to see that wicked smile of yours
while the cloud's throwing out its soot,
making alliances with the purple storm,
unwelcoming the beauty of the darkness
the one between the stars,
keeping us in the fortress of unfulfilled dreams,
leaving us all behind stainless steel made bars.

I left my thoughts on the pillow,
the bedroom sins remain in the night,
your kiss has left all my senses in turmoil,
for I was and I am a very old soul inside.
Charmed and crowned by Madame Tempest,
looking for a bone of guilt,
expecting the unexpected at a wedding's breakfast,
a brilliant book of menace she has built.

I left my last thoughts on the pillow,
and then I left the other dark half of mine
that annihilated this restlessness from my soul.
Now I can shout out loud: I'm alive!
Nathalie Jan 16
He gifted me with a smile
and laced is fingers
between mine

His body language
spoke louder than
any words could say

I felt this surge
of energy rise
from within me

His humble confidence
was attractive and exuded
genuine charm

I was moved
by the essence
of his presence...

Deb Jones Mar 2018
She seems like a bumble bee
Quick and flighty

Her eyes always flitting
Her gaze ever flirty

People are drawn to her
They love her liveliness and charm

Her attention casually given
So lovely and warm

Her words are like wine
You feel heady and drunk

You want to be closer
To be noticed and loved

It's so warm
That attention of hers

But she is looking for treasures
Assessing worth

She collects hearts
No matter the cost

Being caught in her net
Doesn't feel bad

The knowing look in her eyes
Doesn't offend

It's like having a secret
Unknown to the rest

What no one sees
Is that gaze they admire

Is furtive and restless
Tallying the tolls

Assessing treasures
To line her nest

Taking and using
Her charm is all gilt

A thin layer of gold
Covering her soul

Do you never wonder why
Most of her crowd are men?

She is a Magpie
She has collected you
Cathy Jan 3
Although you may be convinced that you are not handsome,
I must respectfully disagree.
For when you smile, Sir,
(and oh that smile)
Your face lights up like the sun and my heart is instantly thawed.
I live to see it brighten up my day
(as it haunts my nights)
It is by far your greatest charm
-(or perhaps only second to your tenderness of heart)-
And you thought it was the keenness of your thoughts!
Nothing can compare to the sweetness of your smile, the adorable way your cheeks tilt up despite yourself, as if the upward curve had a mind of its own
(how it makes you look like the most dashing man on Earth!)
It is so gentle, so pure, (combined with the kindness of your laughing gaze)
I fear it will truly be the death of me.
V Dec 2018
my heart pounds
as you hold me in your arms.
crying quietly,
while I fall to your charms,
my dear anxiety.
Greg Jones Dec 2018
Her sister gave me the letter, said she moved out to Philly.
I said “**** really? You gotta be kidding.”
Now I’m feeling guilty.
She said “******’ right, didn’t I tell ya so?
She was just hurt, ya know.”
But I just spoke to her on the phone like a week ago.
She never told me though.
I told her I’d be back in a minute, I swear.
“You swear? You don’t love this city anymore!
You’d rather be at the shore
Gallivanting with your ******.
Do they love you?”
It’s not like that, it was part of the scene.
It got crazy, I’ll admit, but that’s not my routine.
She said “You’re only sorry now ‘cause you lost your queen.”

I know I was too far gone in arrogance,
Chased a life of elegance.
Started acting like everything was part of my inheritance.
The Bay Shore Stunner began to take precedence.
Then soon I was forgetting about all of my benevolence.
If I had to be honest, yeah, I needed that,
But you know that isn’t me so don’t believe in that.
You say there are rumors of these girls, where’d you read that at?
Those posts, those pics, that life is all gone, I deleted that.
How could you say I don’t love my city no more?
I’m so Chesapeake I’m sure there’s Old Bay at my core.
Now my queen is gone and it don’t feel like it did before.
Because she feels like I broke a promise on that rooftop I swore.
My bad emotions don’t have time to unpack,
I need my queen back and get us back on track.
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