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Tony Tweedy Mar 16
Carved in purest precious stone
so rare and undoubtedly unique.
Endowed with natures fortune,
the perfect Amulet of which I speak.

A talisman of unmatched power,
to ward every dark cloud from the sky.
So lustrous in its beauty,
that it just captivates my eye.

A something so uncommon,
to fire and ignite my imaginative mind.
So magic and so elusive,
dreams and hopes of such to find.

Glimpses of the wonder and the beauty,
that have caught me in their spell.
A desire to hold the Amulet,
my future and my fortune time can only tell.
New love has a magic..... how rare the wonder.
Tony Tweedy Mar 16
If I could ride a white stallion,
wearing burnished armour of gold.
I would cross the high mountains
for my eyes on your smile to behold.

Across land scorched by suns fire,
droughts parched burning sand,
all this I could defeat and endure,
for a mere touch from your hand.

You have me captivated, enthralled
by means of your charm and your grace.
Entranced and passively subdued,
by beauties smile on your face.

How sad has become this world.
where poetry for a beauty is not news.
I behold the wonder and the beauty,
of my goddess, my passions true muse.
How daft a man can be made when a beauty looks his way.
edwill makamu Oct 2021
You know i just realized I'm not a poet
I was convinced years back when i wrote plenty
But today - today I cognize that I'm only good in words; words - i mean

Words like:
You are the poem i never knew how to write and this life is the story i always wanted to tell

Just by remembering that only day, the whole day with you it felt like i could conquer anything

It was like as if i was on top of the world and even the stars themselves  were just within my grasp.

But i only know the pictures of you and little of how you live your life and i realized that i have no story at all.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
There's no denying the darkness
can be harmful.
People can hide. You're all alone.
It can feel impossible to find a way out.
But there's also no denying the darkness
has its charm. You can hide. You can be alone. You finally have a place to scream, shout, and let it all out. Whatever your situation, you can break through. Start by finding the courage to talk to someone. Then, keep following through. It will be hard, but for what it's worth, I'll be cheering you on
My Dear Poet Jul 2021
Frankie said, “Jane’s okay”
and Jane,…well
she never really liked
Frankie’s way,
Yet his charm and that tattoo
of ‘Mom’ on his arm
made him seem like a nice boy

You see…
he never won her heart
just stole her mind
“In just a matter of time”
he’d brag, “She’ll be mine”
no sooner she was won
with a ring fit for her thumb
Frankie found himself a new toy
So sad
Kelvin Githinji May 2021
Baby..let me hold you in my arms
And I'll make you recall being in your mum's
Just like justice in the court of arms
Or like my lip in your sweet one's

Come closer bring your charm
Show that which always Stuns
Do the amazing move, make that turn
You know I missed you, shake that ***
Speak to me our language hunny
Let's "burn" Let's "bang"  pun
Hardest in the room

Nothang but only happiness, joy to my life, she would be my wife my knife, I'd be her knight protect her all through the night and day long. Sing her the sweetest song. Believe me you mean the world to me, and I really want you for me, yes for only me, myself and I. Loving you till I die.
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a savior is not always a him---it can be a life situation that enlightens yours darks and guides you through the way;}

In a blink of an eye he spots her

Her captivating beauty in her damaged soul

Her reviving presence in her urge of nonexistence

Her blazing innocence in her burn lit cape

Her eye stark hidden in her dim look

Her charm in her thunder strikes

Her deprivation in her held breathes

In a blink of an eye he spots her from afar in a room of beasts

Payton Feb 2021
Tell me, my dear,   why      you keep

that golden sun beetle      tied so       tightly around your neck?

You say       that you feel naked without it, as

                           it hangs gently

        over your *******.

                         But let me tell you something.

I feel naked without you wrapped around my neck.

                      I am totally and completely exposed without your love

       to shield me from the night.

But your arms are not a ribbon.

                                  I cannot keep you on

a leash.

             Nor do I want to.

Darling, you are           the most valuable thing in the universe            to me.

And because             you mean so much,                     I must let you fly free.

I cannot keep you tied around my neck like the scarab on yours.

I can only hope that you'd willingly hang around.
This poem was written in 2016.
It's inspired by a golden beetle necklace I had years ago.
BlackCrow Feb 2021
Don't come near me, for I may burn
You have aroused my passion, my innermost feelings
You have broken my walls, I'm defenceless
Yet, I am strengthened by your love
Your touch has filled me with a desire
My heart is lit with your fire
In you, I have found the spark of life
You have revealed all my concealed fantasies
Yet, I am at ease at your presence

Hey charmer!
Don't make me fall in love if you're gonna make me cry
Don't smile at me, if you're gonna break my heart
Don't say those words, if they aren't true

Hey Charmer!
I am soft and tender, treat me like a flower
I am loving and caring, all I ask is your love!
Please don't hurt me!
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