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Some may know what I’d say
Some may know what I’d do
but no one knows the demons i hide
until i found the person i knew
that would understand me too

to show vulnerability
I confess with all the knowledge you now have
my mind wants to flee
for it is not for a public audience to hear nor see
as the world responds with sympathy or hostility
please i beg you respect my trust in you
and be gentle with me.
Opening up to someone for the first time is scary. But this is someone you trust so go with how you feel and take it slow :)
Jonathan Oct 7
I won’t always be there
For you
For me
For the ever living sea
That rages behind your eyes
As the surf pulls me in
To you
To me
Towards your fierce plea
That wayward hand beckons
Through clouded air
For you
For me
I won’t always be there
Honestly, I've never loved you.
Honestly, I never wanted you
Honesty, I wasn't  into this relationship
Honestly, you're beautiful and perfect but not for me
You deserve better
I'm sorry it's a little too late
I want to be a better man
So I don't have to pretend or lie anymore
Hit me or hate me
I won't judge you
At least for the first time
I gonna be honest with you
Brandy Sep 30
I love that direct ****,
Tell me what you want, tell me how u want it
Articulate your words to me in a way that correlates with the way i  say my prayers
Pray you were mine, cause that smile so fine,
Saw how you were gazing at me when we first met,
You know I can treat you right if you let me.
Got me staring at you like constellation, trying to handle you with caution
You seem so gentle,but not weak, just like a butterfly
**** how you so divine.
Yes, your eyes shine with clarity, giving me some security.
I´m telling you, you got me hooked onto something special,
something millions have been searching for.

You got me fening for your love, got me feeling some type of way
Kinda feelings that are honest, like the only boy i desire kinda feelings,
Like the only person I think of throughout the day feelings…
Now the only place i can put these feelings to is lay back in this cold bed, reminiscing the first time your lips touched mine, kissing it into a happy place,
See your touch is essential to our love art baby.

And I know that look you know, that ‘frightened by love’ kinda look, lemme fix that love, cause i’m the type of love you've been craving for, i could love you through the dark blue midnight hours, one that could put you straight to sleep.
I could love you so hard, because i love me enough to see right through you

I can see the fear in your eyes, cause you see a real woman staring right back at you
A woman who is unafraid and irradiate
A woman who is capable of any and everything
A woman who doesn't seek perfection, but is willing to work with potential
And finally a woman who loves and respects herself
So tell me my scrumptious honey boo, is the feeling mutual for you too?

JcF Sep 22
She asked
Tell me where your love lies.
Hearts reply
My love does not doesn't tell a single lie, confused in chasing distant time flies underneath bitter sky
Love mimics truth acceptance
No descreptance
Falling dear nothing swears to shed your tear, look
deep into our past year consider fear
Faith comes by seeing not pleading
change bitter sweet my dear
My heart does not lie it only lay calm in the palm of your hands
Hands torn between truth and reality
What is our fatality
Blind Pathos Sep 9
Where is that daunting monster
Boogie man in life’s shadow
Master mentor and concierge
Whose touch I’ve come to know

To you I’ll waste no breath
Beauty is not long and septic
My daunting docent of death
Midwife to misery, work quick

What small dignities remain
Strung of vomiting seconds
Cultures a pearl of great pain
To ferry a man of no direction
Pain is one of the teachers in life. It is the knuckle busting in your face school of life. While one should never take the class as an elective, it's lessons should be learned... hopefully by another who can pass the notes on.
No, the drinking ain’t a social thing
The silence has been defining
So press my mind just like a bell rings
We’ll see what the hell that all brings
Cram another dose into the schedule
Right up until it’s consumed my soul
Stuff my mouth, ‘til I’m a painful full
All syllables, the argument’s controlled

The taste is fun and it all sounds sweet
It coats my nightmares with bright dreams
I can choose to become a story
But all pages can be left burning
The future is blank with a purpose
No one truly knows what comes next
I’ve got less worth, but I’m not worthless
Even when we’re getting close to it
I hope you never make a promise
Before you realize what the cost is
And you learn how to make amends

I hope for her sake that you're honest
When you've lost it
And you never try to force a feeling

I hope I never minimize
The dreams I've always had inside
Just to make a man feel taller

I'm thankful and I sympathize
The years I had you by my side
You never tried to make me feel smaller

And still, our distance just grew farther
And still, loving you grew harder
Comparisons can be deadlier than a knife,
Cutting down your successes because you are drowning in your failures
Pinching at flesh
Scrubbing at teeth,
Pulling at hair.
I am happy but not happy enough
I have money but not enough money
I have friends but not enough friends
Never enough
Countdowns to dates you know are a waste of time
...Of energy
He will run out of conversations
You will run out of smiles
Moans to fill the silence
touches to fill the voids
Making love is close enough to love, right?
Smudged lipstick, clothes discarded, dignity no where to be seen.
At least someone held me.
That’s enough for now
I’ll be fine once I’m out of my twenties. My eighties will be better.
My Deathbed ruined by the flashbacks of the life i did not live.
My husband, my kids, my grandkids..
Here but...
they are not nearly as good as Carol’s or Debbie’s or Caitlyn’s.
Never Enough
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