What is it we all fear,
reflections in the mirror.
We can't escape fate,
the end is getting nearer.
I'm feeling a lil off today, so I listened again to Tupac's 'Who Do You Believe In' and this part in particular stood out to me. Tupac wasn't perfect, but he truly was a gifted man. To me, he is and always will be the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

Songwriters: Yafeu Fula / Johnny Lee Jackson / Tupac Amaru Shakur / Jason Kay / Toby Smith / Dwight Delemond Williams
Who Do You Believe In lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
he's the punctuation
at the end
of my sentence
i'm his breath
before the battle cry
Who is a real man?
A man with a hard rock body,
Can hold his liquor without puking,
Has many sexual encounters,
Lots of money,
Wins many fights,
Muscular with ten packs.
A real man  seeks knowledge for himself and his family's betterness,
He is focused,
Stays away from glitz and glamour.
He is gentle but firm,
Does not holler to get his point,
Is not a punk.
He is a family man,
Makes time for his family,
Brings up his children to be upright human beings.
Keeps his promises,
He is trustworthy,
Does not break deals,
Pays his debts,
Is upfront and honest.
Respects all women,
Doesn't leer with lust at women,
Stays faithful to his wife,
Treats women with respect.
Keeps his house in order,
He does chores around the house,
Helps with dishes,laundry and ironing,
Cooks sometimes.
Pays his bills on time
Handles his own money,
Doesn't go looking for hangouts,
Or depend on his wife or parents.
Works his tail to earn a decent income,
Budgets his money and saves,
Gives to charity and good causes.
Does not whine or complain,
Solves his own problems,
In my opinion that's a real man.
Amanda Aug 13
We say things we do not mean when we fight
This is not anything new
What concerns me is the painful fact
Some of those words are true
Listen to what people say to you when angry. Oftentimes they've been wanting to tell you that for awhile.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 10
Let's be 100 here.
You could be the most loyal
the most caring
the most attentive
the most attractive
the most affectionate
You could be one making all the efforts
the one spending the most time
with your 'investment'
...and in the end,
that person STILL walks away
Don't be questioning yourself
wondering where you went wrong
or what you could of done better
wondering if there was anything else
you could have sacrificed to keep them around

You are worth FAR MORE than that
Don't devalue yourself and feel like you're
missing something, that you absolutely need them
Don't beg to keep them around, let them go
Being loyal doesn't make you stupid -
but being loyal to someone whose walked
away IS stupid
In life, people come and go, but I've learned
that when the time is right, you will gain
something better

So I say when you see reality's hand raised,
welcome the slap
Wake up, move on and clap
Reflecting on past mistakes...
And man, am I better off without such people in my life.
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Aug 9
Being angry at the world shouldn't
stop you from living.
I know, because I've been there.
Lyn x
danny Aug 5
Woke up late
The issues of yesterday still intact,
Turned the pillow to the cool side,
And opened the window.

Tried to race my shadow down the stairs.
Bade family "Good day" and nestled on the couch.
Nothing narrates your day better than a
"Previously on..."

Took too long deciding what to do with my morning
that it became afternoon, time is sneaky like that.
Walked to the store with no intent,
I have a gift, I always end up in the feminine hygiene aisle or the rum.

Played some music louder than I should have,
my reasoning was if my bones don't vibrate then
the heavens won't be able to hear it either.
Was scared by a big dog even though it was muzzled.

Came back home, one armpit was sweatier than the other.
Lungs collapsing but I felt the doubts and ire abating.
Checked in with my people and cared about what they had to say.
It's dark now, the pillow is heating up for another long night.
Anonymous love....
Anonymous hate....
There ain't nothin' anonymous about me.
I either do things straightforwardly,
Or I don't do them at all.
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