One of the most romantic moments of life,
Was there in that bathtub with you,
Listening to Pink Floyd in the bubbles,
Touching your pearl and kissing foam.

The memories toss themselves aside from years of replay,
And even though I've never ridden the rails,
I feel O-L-D and D-O-N-E because of time,
Kicking its boot into mah head.

My mind and body are torn astray
That was the conclusion after 24 hours of driving,
Toward the Continental Divide in search of,
Tearing myself apart to find YOU again.

But it's only myself that I have to live with,
Over and over again,
Repeating ceaselessly similar songs,
Hoping to catch the tune.
There is a quote attributed to Bob Dylan that I'm almost positive he lifted from some true Amerikan hobo:

"To live outside the law, you have got to be honest."

Regardless who said it, 'tis true.
i have memorized
so well
that when he
lays against
my chest,
be yourself everyone else is taken.
be yourself everyone else is faking.
be present everyone else is flaking.

be true to the path that was beset to you.
live in the moment be willing to adapt to the failure of your own expectations.
The greatest escapades are born through embracing the spontaneous.

Waiting only enhances the trance pierce the petulance with your free lance. Glance and glide into dimensions beyond boredom.

In moments of uncertainty let your imagination forge a decorum worth while. Depression doth weigh heavy but go the extra smile.

  Be brutally honest in the quest for absolution
And if they persecute you, just remember that the mind of a child is where begins the revolution
K May 9
Let's be honest.
You worry a lot. (Actually, you worry too much. )
Love, you need to stop this. This doesn’t help you at all.

Breathe in, breathe out.
These things do not last.
One day, you’ll realize it’s been a year.

You’ll remember how you felt, but it doesn’t hurt the same way.
danny May 4
A cosmic explosion of lies and hope,
a whirlwind void of dreams and scorn,
futile drags and optimistic pulling
A wish fulfilled is a wish no more.

Burning bright like the stars
by the time it touched ground it was lost
Swept away like unwanted replies.
Hand on heart a bluff no more.

Twinkling like tears from giants,
Sorrowful in meaning but powerful in intent
To look at it full on is the same to ignore it in hindsight,
orbiting the entirety.
A solitary solider or popular guardian angel
Nyx May 2
Tell me something
Would you dear?
Tell me something
I want to hear

Tell me I'm beautiful
That i'm better then the rest
Tell me I'm unique
That I'm incredibly blessed

Tell me that I'm creative
With all my writing skills and Art
Tell me that I'm amazing
That I'm insanely smart

Tell me that I'm special
The only one for you
Tell me that you don't need them
That you'll never tell me adieu

Tell me that I'm kind
That I'm tender and sincere
Tell me that I'm innocent
Even though I'm someone to be feared

Tell me that I'm not a mess
That I'm not broken inside
Tell me that I'm perfect as I am
That it doesn't matter that I lied

Tell me that I'm not unwanted
That my friends actually need me
Tell me that my soul isn't black
That you understand and can see me

So tell me with pure honesty
What is hidden within my eyes
Tell me that you know the truth
That there is more underneath my disguise
Tell me what you truly see
danny May 2
Heart is racing,
Been dying for weeks for this night,
Letting lose more necessity than requirement.

Gonna get ball deep tonight,
let the tatters remain where they lay,
Strip you bare and pump in your rump.

The first time,
Knuckles still wet from when it was my turn.

Look in the mirror,
I play my usual cards
Dash once I smash your gash.

Lone wolf,
What happens to me happens to me.
Words seldom fall from my money maker about you.

Secrets are safe with me,
no bro talk about what you were born with,
and things that you weren't

When it's time to get fuck wild.
I do, do you too, and three's and four's
not happy until everything and one is spent.

Act all normal and demure
to get by.
When the bell goes I go and sow all the seeds.

We all meet to get fuck wild.
Not for props or bravado.
Just to be.

Woman to man to man to them.
It courses like a river.
Flowing and merging, over lapping never ending.
Lyn-Purcell May 1
Your truth is not my truth nor is it the truth.
The truth is the truth is not easy.
The truth is the truth has many roads, many forests.
But the truth will always be the truth:
Honest and harsh and damaging
but alive and freeing.
The truth is the truth can be a defeat as well as victory.
The truth is the truth is a sword and shield.
Short poem I wrote in my journal.
Things are looking up...slowly and steadily granted, but looking up.
danny Apr 29
You swept
Scattered sticks and stones,
Applied salve to scars,
Blew my bubble,
Wove my safety blanket
Ignited passion and desire
I couldn't live without you or us
You wont ever know.
Peter B Apr 28
People love Money,
and I love Monet.
(And no, it's not a typo,
I'm just being honest.)
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