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Northern Poet Sep 14
My timeline is filled
With self indulgent selfies
Searching for gratification
And self satisfaction
Need to get an instant reaction
Some social media traction
There's no time for distraction
From this digital attraction
You can't get enough
Of the interaction
1,000 poses in your camera roll
Narcissists are taking control

It doesn't matter
What the time
Come wind, rain
Snow or shine
Just make sure
You look devine
Lick your lips
You're looking fine
Flip the camera
And strike a pose
Making sure
Everybody knows
Here's your next
Digital daily dose
Does it really matter
Which ******* filter you chose?
I feel like I've lost my soul
Narcissists are taking control

The bathroom
Is the perfect spot
Take your picture
Before you Photoshop
Bunny ears
And a rainbow smile
Frogs legs
And a crocodile
Snapping away
Well all the while
You could have been
Down the Curry Mile
Instead you're out there
On your own
Sat at home
On your ******* phone
Sharing pictures
With people you don't know
You'll end up on the ******* dole
Narcissists are taking control

1,000 poses in your camera roll
Mirror selfies
And online trolls
Constantly searching
To find your soul
There's no way out
Of this black hole
Just one more post
On your way home
Narcissists are taking control
100 followers, and this is my 300th poem!
Thank you guys so much <3
I love y'all :)
A "poem" every day.
To all my active followers:
Thank you so much for being here,
And just existing in general.
If you're an active follower of mine,
I'll recognise your username,
And/or your profile icon.
It makes me happy to see you liked a poem,
Or commented something funny, or comforting.
It makes me happy to realise, and think about the fact that there are people out there, god knows where, that enjoy reading my writings.
And that there are people out there, god knows who, that will always listen if there's something off.
I love you all, and please, please take good care of yourselves.
Bye :) <3
Thank you
Ndikhumbula ezontsuku sihleli kunye sithandana,Kwaku mnandi ngezontsuku Sthandwa Sam,kwa Ku ngekh'onenzondo nanqala komnye,yayi luthando lwentliziyo ne mincili phakathi kwam nawe.

Ubundithanda,ndikuthanda, suke wangen'umtyholi phakathi kwam nawe,labhubhuzel'ibhabhathane kweyakhw'ingqondo,wandishiya ndisakuthanda Sthandwa Sam,wandishiya ndili lolo Themba lam.

Bendikukhonzile,ndiku thembile.Bendisithi soze thina sohlulwe na kukufa! Kanti ndiyazikhohlisa.Nanga awokugqibela,uzuhlale uyazi ndiyakudinga.Ngaphandle kwakho ndililolo.

Buya Sthandwa Sam ndiya kukhumbula! Buya Themba lam ndiyakudinga! Obam ubu doda bemka mhla kumka Wena! Buya Sthandwa Sam uzolungis'ikhaya liyadilika!Buya Sthandwa Sam uzobuyis'obam ubudoda!!
Like my page good people plzz!
Alexa Apr 22
Hello Poetry is built
like a social media site
but those of us that make
the front page
have like 10 followers.

I have 2
(shout out to Perry
and Fredrick Njroge)
but it's not a big deal.
Because that's not what I'm here for.

"We write to be seen,
But we slam to be heard."
Check out Lamar Jorden's poems on Youtube. "Blink" is my favorite.
Smoke Scribe Mar 2015
Part II  of "Got 0 Followers"

aim high
to keep
it low

such an
Awesome Awful
others infect
you with

don't, yada yada,
ya wanna be like
Tom, **** and Jane,
even Harry, a transgendered
friend and fellow (ha) outcast,
all with a good job
prospects of a
goodly tented long life?

so ya write poems
to nobody
about nothing and
you are pleased
to be pleasing just yourself

in writing you have
nothing to prove,
so read them
like keepsakes
ya like,
keep 'em & me hid,
in the shoebox
under the closeted
pile of ***** clothes,
special designer outfits concocted
so they keep my remains,
privatized and unsanitized,
my equity,
disguised as disgusting

but for god-sakes
don't follow me,
you want to curse us
both with
Expectations of Expectations,
then comes with
illiteracy of

then the literary
that always follows,
leading to

the first derivative of the infection of affection

then comes
and it instantly it's too late,
you're *******,
right up the mental heine,
lost condemned
ruined annihilated
crushed subverted
crushed into
mental death camp suffocation of more, please ma,
can I have some more?

**crap, why did you have to go and follow me?
Smoke Scribe Mar 2015
Got 0 followers, but one tongue, and that's perfectly ok...

cause I got
two eyes
two nostrils
two hands
two ears
two ventricles

they all
follow me

all riders
on the one tongue
that speaks my piece

that finds poetry
on ***** streets
in closed places
and in the
if's of our lives
that makes writing
in one common tongue
so **** desirable
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