Flourishing fierce flames
With trails of smoke beget a phoenix
And end life on a pyre
We burn in inferno of desire
Rising from the ashes buried
A tanka poem written on fire with scheme 5-7-5
Fire is one of those five resources that make us.  It gives birth and ends life but still we humans keep on burning in the fire of desires and then try to rise after becoming the prey of this furious fire. .
nawke Jul 10
Twelve kids plus monk coach
Caved in for meditations
Survived the ordeal
Kentucky fried chicken and
Less homework. Happy birthday!
Notes to their parents from Tham luang cave rescue. Wild boars Thailand 7/2018
Living in your head
Is like living in a maze
Of wildfire;
Thoughts never stop, but they burn.
I wish I never stepped in.
refrain from craving....
what you will never access....
the world erects walls....
learn to appreciate that....
which is still attainable.
nawke Jun 29
city changes fast
ferris wheel and taste of steel
all the repeat deals  
dumb pretty says committee
keep citizens unhappy
Good job with all round blandness. What can't we consume from one to another.
make peace with this life....
stop fighting the barriers....
thoughts are excluded....
like terrified refugees....
our humanity has been lost.
nawke Jun 28
picture porn, image
scam and body envy, like
pretty lined canals
of amsterdam, neither a
dam i give nor gram i take
Hoshiko Jun 25
Seleksi jingga
Ekuator melentang
Nun ilustrasi
Jeluk lapisan alam
Awan tetap membisu

Merantau petang
Di lingkup fajar malang
Pangkal semburat
Silih muncul tak tentu
Masihkah ada bayang?
Keep on Learning of Haiku (Still progress)
Hoshiko Jun 25
Sleeping silently
Come to the eye, mute my sound
Imagine to dream
passed along the day to days
low until high like as harp
Progress of Challenge Haiku of my lovely way: I'm on 80/100 (Process of my writings).
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