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How you fire fury
How you freeze ferociously
A vein of lightning
Running ever furious
Never to be kept, but free
Could mean one thing or another. Need the original key/sight. LOL.
serotonin Sep 15
forget the kind words
you might hear them wrong
i admire you, but
to stale your unique heart is
the last thing i want to do
white silver bullets
barrage the trees and the roof
in chaotic sound
despite our defense constructs
it always ends to the ground
James Khan Sep 14
till death do us part

is the part I find so hard-

life is no life without you,

but Buddha insists

that our karma will repay-

we are cursed to meet again.
Redundant Japanese waka form used in the form of contrasting dialogue. 5-7-7-5-7-7.
serotonin Sep 14
she always keeps it
like a poorly drawn tattoo
obscure, but just hers
making sense of those blurred lines
rationalizing regrets
serotonin Sep 13
meet me in the gaze
bear a lawless mind armed with
infinite queries
for the key is to not peek
through the locks of our dim souls
If you're up for it.
James Khan Sep 11
death erases life

last energy expended

decaying matter

a solar supernova-

death radiates rays of life.
death, the eraser of life except for our Sun which, as it dies gives life and light to our planet.
Denise Uy Sep 10
Ang sumusulat -
Lumalamig ang puso,
Nag-iisa lang.
Damdaming tinatago -
Nagsusulat ng tanka.

The person writing -
Her heart is getting colder,
She's isolated.
Her feelings are her secrets -
She is writing a tanka.
This is a tanka in my language, Filipino. I tried to translate it to English and keeping its tanka form.
James Khan Sep 10
my father's footprints
too big to match my own
swallowing my steps-
to leave my own impressions
I walk beside those footprints.
Upper verse, lower verse. In following your role model don't tread within their footprints but leave your own beside their path of morality.

PS my own father is NOT a role model lol. This is a work of fiction.
James Khan Sep 9
on the grey pavement
cracks show wear from walking shoes,
the weight of worries
cannot darken summer days-
children jump those cracks with joy.
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