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Cedric 2h
Oh lonesome songbird
Sing a song to sing along
Thick air in a fog
Just sing along all alone
Your breath is long gone… so long
Cedric 2h
A wandering mind
Heart beating slow and steady
The night has not come
But in your eyes are the stars
They shine ever so brightly
D Thornhill Jul 15
all day rain fell soft
dusk brought air thick and steamy
within night’s darkness
first fireflies of summer flew
as dancers of the night air
©️ dt + b
Rama Krsna Jun 26
death in the mirror
as time stealthily gallops......
my life flashes by
like orange tip butterflies
tap dancing from rose to rose

© 2021
a tanka is a Japanese style poem which is written with a syllable structure of  5/7/5/7/7
FlavioPAR Jul 12
Frightening isn't it?
How quick are we to sink
From thoughts and fears
Even in the unsinkable
Steadiness of the daily grind
FlavioPAR Jul 12
Why is it so, that
In the guiltless suffering
We wander so deep
So lost and astray in thought
To create and contemplate
D Thornhill Jul 10
for a day they say
it’s your birthday, not so fast,
to me, it’s more an
anniversary, one long
past the diamond jubilee
©️ dt + b
Brian Yule Jul 8
Crushed thyme & rosemary
The mountain of spuds fresh peeled
Leave sapped arms aching
Granny still fussing over
All dinner's little just so's
D Thornhill Jul 4
fireworks soar tonight
rockets of red, white and blue,
oooh’s and aaaah’s
between bangs, booms and thunder
rejuvenates our resolve
©️ dt + b
neth jones Jun 29
full jaundiced moon
an icon out of focus
night heat of urban smog
cannot be blinked away
distant events appear smeared
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