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DMallow 2h
the days have different names
but don't deserve them
each one falls again the same
my body knows what to do
so I let it ride mindless
DMallow Oct 10
all your plans are but a wish
worth making, no doubt
but hold on loosely
the wind may scatter your leaves
rain falls on a pleasant day
Seanathon Oct 6
Steady shadows wince
At the sunrise smiling wide
Seeing it's lover
Saying casual goodbyes
To it's famed fling named goodnight
Sunrise Fling Tanka
DMallow Sep 18
the day ahead has been lived
once before and will again
the rhythm rolls so forth
I know the play well
nothing worth a memory
Seanathon Sep 18
Radiant dawn born
Like the morning dew dripping
Off of the treetops
And the planted hopes within
That he won't be lonely when

Radiant dusk dies
Like the aged life left alive
After grass clippings
Fall outside the window still
For one final time, he cries
I had absolutely no clue how these would turn out, but I'm quite content with how they currently are. Having started with the rather bare idea that these two verses should be relational, but not necessarily growing.

His & Her Tankas is a pair of poems about an aging couple who are in the process of saying goodbye. Her, to the hope that she would have outlived him in order to minimize suffering. Him to his situation, inability to cut the grass as before, his dependency on those around him, and also to the loss of his wife.


I didn't intend for the metaphor of Dusk and Dawn to be represented by an aging His and Her. It just kind of happened like a free cup of coffee.

It appears.

Thus is the nature of creation.

Have a nice Wednesday and enjoy.
Seanathon Sep 16
Succeed a hundred
Even a thousand times more
Only to prop up
Your former self minded life
As all will fall when we die
Not to be gloomy. But we all lose to death in time. Which is fine.
Seanathon Sep 16
Kiss this youthful day
With a passionate prose tongue
And hold her hands close
As if tomorrow wont come
Though it ever will do so
Don't waste another day
Not saying words
Which should've been reinforced long ago

Live fully, darnit
Sister, eyes so blue,
Full to the brim with crying.
Sister, your mind’s true
To a heart always vying
To render it from lying.
Trying out a tanka
Seanathon Sep 11
Between collarbone
and eyes, your smile fair and fine.
Like fields of fast grown
barley, your brown hair reminds
Me, of jealousy flowing.
A Jealous Tanka - Her brown hair fine like fields of barley - MK
Seanathon Sep 5
Flowers young breathing
In a new day morning shine
Basking in the glow
Of another Spring born young
Revealing a Summers teen
I'm not sure which, but either Spring or Summer is the teenager of all the seasons.
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