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On this warm spring day,
The light peers in my window,
Quiet as it can,
Asking questions of shadows:
"Do these walls have ears?
And what does the clock-face see?
Is the lamp lonely,
And does the pillow know tears?"
The shadows answer,
In their sweetest honeyed voice,
"We gave the walls ears,
And the clock has our blank face.
The lamp loves the dark,
Just as the pillow drinks tears.
Won't you come deeper,
Deeper into our shadows,
And hear what we know?"
Will the light claim its homeland,
Burning up the dark
And swallowing the night whole,
Or will it shrink back,
Afraid to see the hard truth
That my shadows breathe
And the darkness grows deeper
Fated to hold the sleeper?
From May 2017
warmth of sun above
makes us all sweat and decay
but life continues
you have to fight the heat waves
you have to fight with yourself
Was feeling down on a hot day, this came out.
Jon Thenes Oct 10

threadbare feline
retreats under my porch
cold Autumn rain falls
integrating my soul
part of a greater sadness
Jon Thenes Oct 10

May Day at dusk
flittermice take flight from the eaves
flirty thoughts freed
swift pacing of my heart
upon passing me you smiled
Jon Thenes Oct 10

my footfalls concuss
the ground beneath my boots
a human walk
any beasties that can flee
are missing from my experience
Grey Oct 7
I'm nothing without
soft kisses in the moonlight,
bodies entangled
as lips trace constellations
made with freckles on your skin.
Without you, the world may not stop spinning but my heart would cease to beat.
Dripping silently from the flaccid branches
With leaves like dying embers
And a solitary crow gazing at the sky
Winter heat
A thousand hues
Incandescent crimson tree fingers
Reaching out in the afternoon sun
White melting dunes
Sprinkled with acorns and dust
Out and up grow gothic evergreens
Into the blue serenity above
yama verita Sep 25
if only i could,
i would forget everything:
your face, your laughter,
the sweetness of your soft lips,
your smile and above all, you.
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