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D Thornhill Jul 30
looking for a space
among blue florida keys
to watch passing clouds
rising, falling then changing
from white to vivid pastels
©️ d_t + b
D Thornhill Jul 10
trials are many
the goal just get though today

i do not know what
tomorrow will bring us, but
at least it is tomorrow
©️ d_t + b
words are bullets and
i have been shot by you too
many times to count
murdered so effortlessly
the bullets slip from your tongue
A tanka poem. syllable pattern 5-7-5-7-7 though challenging to write at times. Today, I am up for it.
neth jones Jun 8
knee high sea of grass
tussled like groomed fur
  spry winds lashing
distribution of lifted seeds
life in correspondence
Tanka style
early June 2022
neth jones May 26
summer sky aloft
a massive cloud bank disbands
      lacing into gills
wind huffs make spastic punches
cooling my agitation
D Thornhill Apr 29
marking all world’s edge
far cumulonimbus rise,
beyond uncharted
galaxies of light appear
floating high in soft blue sky
©️ d_t + b
D Thornhill Apr 22
outside my window
frogs sing out to each other,
i am lost within
hidden words in foreign keys
hidden chants in deep, low notes
©️ d_t + b
people wait in line
to receive injections:
lumps of curdled cream
floating in the coffee,
expired prematurely

5/6/5/6/6 English contemporary syllable count

Includes a traditional kakekotoba (pivot/"swing bridge")

Metaphor & symbolism stays intact when the tanka above is read from bottom to top
D Thornhill Apr 9
in talking to a
manatee an alluring
fact became confessed
rained upon they do not like
such irony i did think
©️ d_t + b
It comes from nowhere
It's the faint, burning prickle
Springs behind your eyes
Bidding you stop and wonder
Why your breath caught in your throat.
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