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Seema 1d
Lazy as a sloth
Muddy, playful paws in shade
Throwing in tantrums
Playing hide and seek daily
My amazing little child

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Things I'll never know,
And the things I will regret,
Swarm in my headspace,
A mass of mess and clutter.
Please don't throw your life away.
Time to start again,
It seems I ruin all things.
I'm starting from scratch.
I don't know if this helps me...
But I need to keep going.
This is the struggle:
I'm discovering myself,
Fighting the demons,
And supporting the flowers
Whose beauty envies devils.
Danny Dec 3
They don't make a sound
Creeping out from the darkness
To cause suffering
Scrutinizing fortitude
Never traveling alone
one must say, "I'm set"
for the noblest human role
of bearing a child
it is not just a fruit of
those nights we lack conviction
croob Nov 28
i lay stargazing
silent as the absent sun
gravity grounds me
like the touch of my woman
like the very thought of her
What is happening?
All these drowned and drenched victims.
Screaming at myself.
I am intoxicated.
Still don't know what's happening.
Her silken raiments,
Fashionably cascading,
In pools on the floor.
With beseeching ******,
And outstretched limbs, inviting.
Dark onyx reflects,
Glinting in the dragons eye,
Smoke billows, rising,
Flames flourish and coals smoulder,
The crackle of candent tongues.
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