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neth jones Mar 27
a reclaiming tide
each spring   the forrest laps
at my shanty door     then  retreats
nature demonstrates  to me
its permission
tanka style
neth jones Mar 15
step to the threshold
love is pulled away with the door
       into the ice night
replaced with mewling horror
exposure   invites my death
..tanka style

Original Version -

     into the night
and love is pulled away with the door
       with a mewling wall of horror
step out and meet winter
  exposure    invites my death
                                with a snarl
neth jones Mar 3
weather breaks the clouds            
    a day of mouths  eating mouths
cold churning nature      
lording weight over my mood ;    
the role of a child   subdued
tanka style
neth jones Feb 22
. clean giddy winter day
  my five year old ;
“The moon’s following me !”
  ally with the world surround
  when did i unlearn this bond ?
tanka style version

notes :

'the moon's following me'
my five year olds delight
a clear winter day
an only child  stalked by the moon
the importance he feels
lib Feb 12
parchment paper moon
stars sprinkled across the sky
laying on your chest
my heartbeat dancing with yours
i wonder if this is love
(i hope it is)
lib Feb 12
beneath the pale stars
your strong arms holding me tight
the clock strikes midnight
carriage returns to pumpkin
dress of silk and gold to rags
another tanka poem
lib Feb 12
light pierces the leaves
under the oak, you with me
october ends us
they say nothing good can last
you, my love, have proven this
i have been trying my hand at tanka poems recently :)
neth jones Jan 21
rage of snow outside
against it   i finish sealing
    windows and doors
my self segregation
    from which    a depression forms
tanka style

notes :

 windows and doors
form a segregation
  depression builds
a rage of snow outside
i finished doing the weather stripping

dry heat headaches and orange peel scented caulking
neth jones Jan 18
winter warfare
torments our dwellings brickwork
night of casualties
aggressive plague on my dreams
wakes me  to be visited
tanka style
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