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Mark Wanless Nov 11
kneeling behind a grave stone
smiling for the pictures
Mitch Prax Sep 10
Every smile,
every touch
and every word
we ever shared were
poems unto themselves.
I am smiling,
        An exercise I do with mouth
My teeth clear white.

I am smiling,
        Looking so happy
What a perfect disguise.

I am smiling,
        what a beautiful day to
have all my sad thoughts come for me.

I am smiling,
         It is a practice
an ongoing progressive learning.

I am smiling,
          There is absolutely nothing I can do
Here, I smile to you too.
It never occurred that in order to live one will have to
preserve one's pain
That smiling may come at the cost of repaying its debts
E Aug 22
I am happy
I am sad
I am jealous
I am mad

Corey Boiko Jul 30
I finally found a way
To tear my gaze away.
I read all day
In preparation.

Then my eyes blurred all kinds,
I was
to type.

And I smiled,
Without regard to if

I saw my
Sky Jul 29
the more I endure
the more it hurts
the more I smile
the better it gets
because every smile
has the power
to uplift the pain and sorrows
keeping smiling please, smile your way through it all and never give in to the pain that lingers within....
Gunnika Mehra Jul 25
Days pass,
I lay in despair.
But as night takes charge,
I believe God will make repairs.
My life may be hopeless,
Running on cheap cigarette smoke,
But I was once a little smiling  girl,
And I will be her,I will be her,once more.
This poem is a part of a self written story.
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Whitavius Jul 5
Happy and content -> Nudged out of wack.
On the right path -> Diverted off-track.
Whole and complete -> convinced of lack.

Laughing imbicility -> Fatalistic and sad.
Understandingly forgiving -> impossibly mad.
Totally good -> enjoyable bad.

Zest for life -> inviting suicide.
No remorse -> regretfully tried.
Never always -> honestly lied.

Timid fear -> Daring and bold.
Genuine character -> hypocritically cold.
Religiously devout -> soul's been sold.

Musically inclined -> can't keep a beat.
Social butterfly -> never want to meet.
Sour face -> smiling so sweet.

Always the same -> subject to change.
Seeking normality -> incredibly strange.
Demandingly certain -> just to re-arrange

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