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Lyn-Purcell Sep 3
Fears melted away
This queen grins with utter joy
A new door opens
I'M IN!!!! I GOT IN!!!
*powering up like a Saiyan and happy dancing like a lunatic*
Lyn-Purcell Sep 1
My quill is prepared
To write another free-verse
About reigning Queens

Celestine beings
Four poems for four seasons
Inks of many hues

Ever so child-like
With my head high in the clouds
So fantastical

The light shines so bright
I trust my wandering mind
A smile on my face
Another free-verse series in the works!
Basically like my Lily in the Snow series, but in four parts and dedicated to the seasons!
I'll let you know when it's about to be released ;)
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Try Aug 22
How is it that something unknown to us such as happiness so easily comes and goes, just like life has its ups and downs to where it sounds profound when it hits the ground as its passed around and all you receive is a bright yellow smile on a ping pong ball.

But the real question is will it trigger your rise or your fall?

rob kistner Aug 12
(A love poem to my wife)

I had been through the gate
and down the lane twice before
had stumbled down that lane
more than once
fallen flat two times major

all my "fallin' in" had fallen away
no more mysteries or fantasies
no more lovesick daydreams
no love poems
no real belief in the authenticity
of love
between man and woman

I had the rich love of my children
but woman

there were no stars left
in my eyes
no dreamy reveries
no "aching want" to be near
no "thinking about" every minute
I was no longer
an unrealistic romantic
I was a pragmatic confirmed bachelor

and then you

I was a full grown man
and then you

I was fully transported emotionally
to my early college days
to those beliefs in soulmates
special someones
in love at first sight
in being swept away

there was you
finally you

and I loved the insanity of it
to feel the all consuming
total captivation of love
of truly falling in love
like I was 19

I can not explain it
I loved feeling head over heels
I absolutely could not believe
that a feeling so confusing
so vulnerable
so wonderful
could ever happen
to a jaded 40-year-old

I had even resurfaced my belief
in the bewitching nature
of love songs

and I wasn't lookin'
hell no
I was not looking
hadn't considered it in quite some time

but from my office
I heard your voice
that voice drew me
like pollen draws a bee
i walked out
and then

there you were

I could only see your back
but the way you talked
the confidence with which you stood
and that beutiful posture
grace of a dancer
strength of an althlete
and a great great ass
a taut, lythe, svelte beautiful
world-class ass

I came around to face you
and your eyes

they arrested me
"against the wall
muthu fuguh
spread those legs
hands behind your head"
arrested me

took my heart custody
and it remains joyfully incarcerated
in love's velvet jail

serving my time
l have come to discover
that awesome booty
is connected to
an even more awesome mind
an incandescent spirit

this little boy was growing up
discovering an incredibly creative woman
a kind and gentle soul
the woman who would become my soulmate

I still love you
been faithful for 32 years
and that was never my historical MO

you know those two times through the gate
and down the lane
that I mentioned

ask them

but I gave myself fully
to you

and yes
these 30+ years may have frayed the valentine a bit
but not the love

many days your distant
angry with me
many days I don't like the way you can be
we both know full well
how to get on the other's nerves
you have me happy
you have me angry
you have me laughing
you have me yelling
and I the same to you

I'm a work in progress
ongoing editing required

and you
forever my horizon

I am genuinely in love
bonded to you for life
"through good times and bad"
finally understand the beauty of that

such a journey this is
I have never been 32 years "in"
so wonderfully strange at times
our love is no longer showy
it's like comfortable shoes
your favorite chair
a familiar song
but it is quiet
at times

our love often drifts just below the surface
like step stones in a stream
helping the other traverse
we might get a bit wet
but safe passage

it is the bedrock of our life
and like bedrock

I am here


top to "bottom"
you're still world-class!


rob kistner © 2018
A "honest" love poem, written to my wife of 32 years.
Isaac Aug 8
From inside a room of computers
I look out and see
Nature smiling at me.
I look back at my screen.
Written 8 August 2018
Willow Jul 22
When I am with you,
I can't stop smiling.
When I talk to you,
my stomach is flooded
with butterflies.
When I see the shine
in your eyes,
my sorrows go away.
When I think of you,
I can't help to wish
that I could call you mine.
It was the way you kept me on my toes,
never knowing what you'd say next
or what exactly you were thinking.
An aura of mystery
mixed with laughs
and a competitive edge.
You wouldn't let me win any games
as much of a sore loser as I was
but you didn't play games with my heart.
You made me laugh
and smile more than I had in forever.
A breath of fresh air;
We fell fast
it was simple,
as easy as breathing.
It was unexpected
but I tried not to worry.
I didn't plan with you,
there was no pressure for a next step
just living in the moment
was something you made seem simple.
It was supposed to be simple, I'm not sure what happened.
Geanna Jun 19
Smile through the pain
Smile through the tears
Darling, it'll get better throughout the years
John Shahul May 27
Her smiling that was too crazier,
In me fond of love emerges in thousands,
In whirling pleasures my mind fainted,
In gullet there too fondant love stricken,
Her smiling that were too crazier,
Her rosy lips that were frenzied more than ever,
The love in them that titters forever,
With that joy my heart speaks love
Far sweeter than melody.
Ya Boi May 21
I fell in love with your eyes

Beautifully immaculate seas of pearly white contrasting in complete harmony with perfectly rounded island of rich mohagony

Glowing with a beautifully careless iridescence

Smiling up at me with love in their laughter

Filling my chest with a warm and familiar feeling

Leaving me entranced and wondering

How lucky I must be to have your eyes shining upon me

But you don’t bless me with light anymore

I abused my time in the sun and got burnt

Now my skies are grey with storms of uncertainty

But then again I fell in love with the sun

As has every man kissed by your light

So now I push through the harrowing darkness

Preparing and praying for my time in the sun

A time I see in silver linings

Now I know how to appreciate my sun

Now I know how to keep her shining upon me
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