It was the way you kept me on my toes,
never knowing what you'd say next
or what exactly you were thinking.
An aura of mystery
mixed with laughs
and a competitive edge.
You wouldn't let me win any games
as much of a sore loser as I was
but you didn't play games with my heart.
You made me laugh
and smile more than I had in forever.
A breath of fresh air;
We fell fast
it was simple,
as easy as breathing.
It was unexpected
but I tried not to worry.
I didn't plan with you,
there was no pressure for a next step
just living in the moment
was something you made seem simple.
It was supposed to be simple, I'm not sure what happened.
Geanna Jun 19
Smile through the pain
Smile through the tears
Darling, it'll get better throughout the years
John Shahul May 27
Her smiling that was too crazier,
In me fond of love emerges in thousands,
In whirling pleasures my mind fainted,
In gullet there too fondant love stricken,
Her smiling that were too crazier,
Her rosy lips that were frenzied more than ever,
The love in them that titters forever,
With that joy my heart speaks love
Far sweeter than melody.
Ya Boi May 21
I fell in love with your eyes

Beautifully immaculate seas of pearly white contrasting in complete harmony with perfectly rounded island of rich mohagony

Glowing with a beautifully careless iridescence

Smiling up at me with love in their laughter

Filling my chest with a warm and familiar feeling

Leaving me entranced and wondering

How lucky I must be to have your eyes shining upon me

But you don’t bless me with light anymore

I abused my time in the sun and got burnt

Now my skies are grey with storms of uncertainty

But then again I fell in love with the sun

As has every man kissed by your light

So now I push through the harrowing darkness

Preparing and praying for my time in the sun

A time I see in silver linings

Now I know how to appreciate my sun

Now I know how to keep her shining upon me
Umi May 5
It happened in the dark of the night,
Scrolling through a story line my attention was caught by a picture,
She carried a wondrous smile, bright and very warm and inviting,
In response I began to smile as well, beaming in the somber night,
Though my smile was not a mirror, it was distorted, yet brighter,
I soon understood that my body wanted me to carry on, shine on,
Not stopping despite having no reason to grin I began to chuckle,
The moonlit night had turned crimson, yet it was more luminous,
Was it because of my means, my very purpose of being a bound,
Bound to time and fate that I couldn't recall to stop smirking ?
Or was it the blooming of a flower in this phantomed moonlight ?
I must've stopped asking questions, of transient content,
Because, they would ruin the beauty of this contagious expression,
Ending up losing the track of time or any means whatsoever,
I fell asleep by the melody of the wind, as itecho's through the valley,
Even if tomorrow were never to arrive, I wouldn't care less,
For now, just let me rest my eyes.

~ Umi
Sage Apr 25
They tell us to
reach for the stars
but then they slap our hands away
for raising them unwarranted
They tell us to
dream big dream however you would like
but then they destroy the
Empire State of dreams that we have

They smile while they yell at us
they smile while they fail us

Preparing us to the Future
they say
when the past
is what they're basing their methods off of
but they don't learn from the past
Nylee Apr 11
The more it hurts
The more I smile
because the smile has the power
To make it useless
Bella S Apr 13
Laughter is our source of happiness,
Our happiness is the source of other people's laughter.
It seems as if we have a process of creating laughter;
I tell a joke and smile, you laugh and smile even brighter.
You stop.
but when we look back into each other's eyes, it brings the laughter back.
And you beam.
But then there's a twist to the story;
I tell a joke and smile, no one hears, I say it again yet no one hears again.
Its as if I'm invisible and no one sees the pain and heartbreak I caused for myself.
But if you couldn’t already tell, this is not about a joke, no this is a poem about invisibility, agony, and pain.
And no I’m not a depressed  kid that’s in writing club,
I don’t write my poems about my own experience, but of those who had experiences that are unbearable.
You see her crying but she is silent
You see him crying but he is also silent,
You walk over, tell a joke, hoping for a happy result.
laughter cannot heal pain,
But the pain will never hide laughter
Laughter fills the emptiness that holds you,
And laughter clutches the misery of your past.
You past leaves a permanent scar, and laughter, well it leaves different scars; laughter builds you up and glues you in place, in time, and in joy.
It is the color of your forever darkness.
Heera Apr 4
Today i saw you smiling
Finally a day worth living.
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