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Freddie Ruiz Feb 9
4th Of July

Staring at the sky on this 4th of July,
remembering the time we watched the fireworks sitting upon the grass.
And we looked each other in the eyes;
it was one of those moments you couldn’t help but to smile.
And I took a deep sigh
right before your lips met with mine.

Such an intimate bliss
when you and I shared that first kiss.
While people celebrated their independence,
we celebrated a moment we felt would last forever.
And the music, the heat and the scent of your skin
made me feel like I was in the middle of a dream.

I was Mesmerized,
flying up high,
as the colors of the sky
reflected in your eyes.

And the night turned into sunlight
and there we were still sitting upon the grass,
laughing at how we lost track of time,
but still not moving from each other’s side.
And it’s amazing how after all this time,
tonight, here I am thinking about that 4th of July.
Written on July 4, 2015
Composition number: 496
Kira Feb 8
She woke me up
no kidding
I thought I was lost
not beating
My heart had failed me
not working
My brain had turned off
just empty

Then there she was
still smiling
I could feel something
inside me
My heart had restart
I could keep going
with her
beside me
Evelin Aveli Feb 1
A sudden smile on chapped lips
appeared. And I,
with a quiet breath, a timid glance,
have caught it, kept it, let it be.

And mirror shows the face I’ve known
for its solemnity and gloom
be bright and sparkling –
vibrant glow.

A hopeful tint to my joyless heart
that fought to find a smile that blooms
and stays with me right now,
for good.
sometimes a smiling face can be so alien.
There’s a human
A skeleton.
It’s eating bread. Well… chocking on it really.
A grave is being dug.
A box filled with wedding rings.
Red paint on a bed
Roses on the floor
A glass shattered
Someone fainted
A child is crying
A mother is crying
A man is crying
Everyone is crying.
based on my thoughts of king of pain by the police
I’m not asking for someone who looks like a model or has money.
I’m not asking for someone perfect or just subservient and obedient.
I’m not asking for someone super kind hearted or someone perfectly innocent.

(If you cover 7+ of these email me or text.)
I’m looking for someone I can make jokes with and laugh
I’m looking for someone who respects my privacy and is honest
I’m looking for commitment
I’m looking for someone who brightens my world just by walking in the room
I’m looking for someone a little below average
I’m looking for someone smart or artistic (musician or painter or illustrator.)
I’m looking for someone to curl up with by the tv and have long conversations with.
I’m looking for someone with an open mind and that is ok with a little awkward
I’m looking for someone who is ok with someone a little “old fashioned”
I’m looking for a someone who is a little “broken” I like things that aren’t perfect
If you know anyone like that please contact me. I’m looking for someone to give me a reason to look forward in life. If there is anyone like this I’ll have a reason.
Thomas Mackie Jan 20
I walk as if I'm in a dream.
my legs extend below me,
rather than I above them.
I take big strides
with my hands in my pockets
and a smile on my back.
If I will have wrinkles,
let them be from too much smiling.

If I will have bad vision,
let it be from looking at good for too much.

If I will be starved,
let if be from me feeding you all the good I've had.

If I will have broken bones,
let them be broken because I
have taken the pain that would've gone to you.

If I will be weak,
let me be weak from being too strong.

When I will die,
let me die because I have done enough good here.
sheetal sharma Dec 2018
Just you and me
looking at each other
watching the sun rise
watching the sun set together
Darling its a beautiful day
What a beautiful day .

Flower smiling, the Sun is shinning
and the  moon is waiting for its turn .
see the night has come
now its just you and me
looking at each other
and i say

oh Darling its a beautiful Night
What a beautiful Night  .
underestimated Dec 2018
I want to be happy but my brain won't let me
I feel so guilty for everything I've ever done
I feel like I've ruined everyone's lives
But I think things will be okay
I will just keep fake smiling until soon it is real
Gotta get better...
CJ Dec 2018
Just because you're not crying,
Doesn't mean you're not sad.
Just like how smiling,
Doesn't mean you're happy.

Cause at times, i just forget to smile or cry...
You will never see an expression the same way again...
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