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Mike Jul 27
A Shadow
Representing the mere self
Hiding from the outside world
Looking for the light

A Light
Improving the mere self
Going on a way to the outside world
Leading towards a feeling

A feeling
Making sure the mere self
Growing for the outside world
Sensing positive emotions

Representing the improved self
Smiling at the world;
Ignoring the past shadow
Descovia Jul 11
Words are nothing, without the meaning you give to them!

I am in pure absolution, you have as much strength, as the values and faith you have in fulfilling your very aspirations!

The combination of balance emotions and pure intentions will gracefully unfold wealth in abundance you sought for.

You can have your time in the dark.

Remember, your light is the spark responsible for continuous star life!

Believe me, you were born to shine!

If you won once before, you are going to get out there and do it again!
a smiling sun
arose to greet the newborn day
a smiling sun
beamed such gleefulness of fun
spreading o'er the land joy's bright ray
on making an entrance e'er gay
a smiling sun
Socal Suicide
Walking to lunch alone
Talking alone
Picking up the bottle
Picking up the pill
If you don't
It's social suicide

Smiling along
Laughing alone
Makeup your face
Selfie suicide
Is socal Suicide

Fake followers
Unknown callers
No meals
Don't be different
Dont commit

This is how life fells constantly
Van Xuan Mar 16
You believe that I am fine
But even myself didn't know
That my tears starts falling
Even though I'm smiling
My soul recognise that I'm not fine
Persephone Mar 1
Silver words trickled from his lips
And settled on her sleeve
Where her heart was resting
Man Jan 31
she walks a line
straight and defined
though her values are crooked
her beauty is divine

and in her smile
the sun
brighter than a thousand bulbs
of the electric kind,
she is the moon,
lending to the bleak night
light, typically removed
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
kneeling behind a grave stone
smiling for the pictures
Mitch Prax Sep 2020
Every smile,
every touch
and every word
we ever shared were
poems unto themselves.
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