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Bede Sep 24
Oh beautiful, my risen Sun,
My glorious radiant divinity.
You, the enlightener of the skies,
Warmer of hearts, thrill of the mind.

Sing praises, I, to thy wondrous name!
Who shall thy be in my world?
The brightest star, brighten the moon,
And make the night lessened so.

So, sing I the praises of you, my Sun!
My honey-worded Muse,
May my praises shine greatly,
As thy beams of warmth and love!
Bede Sep 23
Like an icon
I look into the sea-foam
And stare deeply.
Reflections of the sun,
Burning passion, and glorious blues
Mixed with the greens of life.

The ebb and flow,
The circle goes,
The oceans flows,
From the icon
That I stare deeply into.
You're my reflection
Of sacred things
That I hold so dear
Christine Ely Sep 16
Feathers won't remain when the bird is gone
Nor adornment worn when the nights get long
and the moon is pale, and the lights are loud
and the crowds are strong and the city proud

Yet lyrics remain when the notes are gone
and your legacy after rites are rung
and your spirit soars, far off out of view
but we saw it here when your words were new.
void Sep 16
just let me inside please
all i want is to see
your china cabinet of my memories

im bigger than i was before
none of you can hurt me
Slithering on the ground,
Confined to Earth’s grip.

God’s hand took from me
My freedom,
my will,
my legs.

It is not my fault.
It is human curiosity,
And now I pay for it.

It is not my fault.
It was the devil inside me,
And now my children pay for it.

Salvation is not meant for serpents,
And so I am trapped.
Slinking and sneaking,
Stuck in this legless body.
Ryan Rylee Sep 3
A hollowed tree
Like the air in a haze of silence
Like a sunflower seed in the palm of your hand
Like a child anticipating Christmas morning

It starts faster than you’re prepared for
At first you’re falling
Terrified, uncontrolled, holding your breath
Eyes closed
Wind whistling past you
You’re shaking
Now you’re screaming
Heart racing
Teeth bared
You’re smiling now
As you catch yourself
Adhering to a branch
Swinging from side to side
Weaving through everything in your way
Intertwining with yourself
Braiding your own silk
Don’t stop for a moment
If anyone saw you they’d tell you to slow down
But you don’t know how
You’ve given up control of your body
You’re the creator
And the follower
Constructing your own masterpiece
Time is a fictional concept
The world is a cloud of fog
And you have never seen more clearly
The patterns dancing before you
Growing in magnitude and detail
And it’s exquisite
You hear the murmurs as people walk past
Admiring your quilted work of art
It’s all that’s ever mattered
It’s all that ever will matter
Past, present, future, as one

Now for the first moment
You take a breath
Lucky to have been given this talent
Satisfied with your efforts
Blessed to be a part of something so great
So breath-taking
Twists of sweet silk wrap around you
Intertwined with your self-made comfort
Wrapped in your blanket of security
Tangled in your thoughts of happiness
Gum on the soles of your feet
Captivated by your own distractions
Bound by your expectations
Smothered by the necessity of love
Glue on the tips of your fingers
Trapped by the need for control
Suffocated by your pride
Choking on the admiration
Rubber bands constricting your neck
Bound by the fear of change
Knotted by the unwanted consistency
Imprisoned by your own design

Your legs strapped, unable to move
Your hands cemented to the transparent rope
Tightening around your wrists
Your hair becomes the sheer silk
Your clothes are now tangled twine
Encompassing the entirety of your body
Adhering to your ankles
Strangling your neck
Drowning your thoughts
Suffocating your free will
Vision blurs
World dulls
Sounds muffle
Struggling only weakens you
So you become stone
Unable to move
Unable to breathe
Unable to find the motivation
The purpose
The drive
You once had
You’ve lost possession of your worth
Surrounded by beauty
Your stomach remains an empty glass jar

You’re swept
You’re spinning
Out of control
Trying to grasp onto a thread
Something recognizable
Reaching to hold on
Arms flailing
Hummingbird heart
As everything you’ve ever known disappears
Ripped apart
Torn to shreds
And you’re left
Gasping for air
Controlled by the wind
A single thread
Cinched to your leg
Dragging along
The crushed dream of what once was
Ache lingers
Birds flutter
Ants scurry
And you’re left stranded
Abandoned by your past
Unable to begin again

Like the air in a muddy cloud of noise
Like a sunflower dehydrated to a crisp
Like a hopeless child, brought to reality

Until one day
It will snap
And you will be nothing again
A take on the feeling of being trapped in something that once was great but blindly became unhealthy.
Bede Aug 31
Stowed away in darkened halls
In murky crypts it's kept
The mighty it has humbled
And, oh, every widows' wept.

This thing is kept in lock and key
In spikened treasure chest
But there's no gold, nor silver here.
Oh, let me tell the rest.

The bane of wives, the horror of lives
The husband's fault so clearly.
To kids, they cannot handle it.
Adults, we hold it dearly.

The end of all good things, if not
Kept neatly under wraps.
Like Pandora's box, once opened up
The whole of your world may snap!

The treasure's called Anxiety,
The box's name is Worry,
And the key is just one single thought
Left in your mind to scurry.

So keep your thoughts together
And let not one be your end
For if you open Anxiety's Box
You'll surely lose a friend.
A reflection of today, a correction for tomorrow. Lord help me overcome my passions, and grant me peace of mind to make others happy, just as it make me.
Bede Aug 31
I walk into the mossy wood,
The Sun above me shining.
Around me I can feel it warmth
And I see the ray's wide-winding.

As source, it gives me light and heat
And gives the moss it's green
Through grace, I shall be warm again
Even when I'm left dying.
My first attempt at a symbolist poem
Star Eyes Aug 29
it lies entombed in fabric and stale air
the fire arms swaddled in cotton shields
scalding, the guilt, huddled and shining fair
the narrow, long weapon it finds it wields

disgust, at itself
set back on the shelf
dives back in the sea
of cloth Calliope

though arduous, the work to quench the flames’
thirst would fruit with cool, gentle blossomed rose
they wilt into an ****, blackened shame
with scarlet spark still glowing ‘neath their throes

it found a better way-
let cooling comfort stay
fire cannot fight flame
and burn cannot beat blame
in which fire symbolizes so many things it is actually ridiculous. also, it’s very edgy.

seriously though if someone wants to do a symbolic analysis go for it. i shoved so much random stuff into this
On a world with no moon I pondered deeply on a starless night
Wondering what happened when the sun fell silent with the light
And yet the black sky told no story, no star-man seen with belt alight
Orion quiet as the darkness still, unthought, unformed

Not because of clouds or want of sight was my world formed in darkness
But because the sun had gone and was the only light
The nearest star was just too far, and so to me had never been
Like I must be to it as if it were I wasn't born

All the light I knew this night was fire; fire was my own
Nothing out beyond myself had gave this fire or had shown
One sign of having helped me strike the tinder into flame
I didn't even know it "fire", knew it by no name

On a world with no moon, no stars, no clouds, no name
I forgot there was a sun
but it was all the same
Written ca. 2012
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