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My traitorous heartbeat,
just won't slow down,
tryin' to be discreet ,
with my fallen crown.
You are a star, so please
Pay no mind to your scars
You are special - amazing even
A treat for all to see
An amazing creation whom they all want to be
So stand tall, don't frown  
And proudly wear the crown
It's your birthright
Now let your soul ignite!
Lushi May 16
I fall down
it's taken, my crown.
Queen on the ground
my eyes wide and round.
Standing's no option
my heart's already on auction.
My gown is tainted
in his lawful hatred.
My throne is gone,
for me, there is no dawn.
He kneels, "are you okay?"
he doesn't know, it is my last day.
"Please, go", I cry
as I convince myself to prevent us
from 'one more try'.
I could never understand
Cruelty of the heart
Even when it loves
So intensely.
I am my own boss,
I listen to my ownself.
I don't care if the people talk behind my backs,
I don't care if people throw away my ideas.

I know my worth,
I know what I'm capable of,
I know that if I just hold on,
I will reach my goal.

I am my own CEO,
I am not just a girl,
but I'm a woman with big dreams, big goals, and big plans.

In the end,
You'll see,
how I will push you behind,
and wear a crown on my head.
One must never lose hope and continue to struggle to reach and fulfill their goals and dreams.
Serene May 2
Sparks may fly
And fires roar
But lovers lie
And flames die
And love becomes no more
It hurts, I know
But darling please pick yourself up off the floor
Fix your crown
Don’t you dare let the glorious light you have inside
Fizzle out
Samuel Esther Apr 21
Omo baba é,
Born with a sliver spoon
Your fun will end soon.

Oko Maama é,
All rods were spared
But she was ruined by her peer

Omo Oba,
The beauty of our land
Now cursed by the gods.

The most beloved
Clothed with pride
From your fall you can never hide.

Please make us proud.
That was her mama's cry
Yet she would not even try.

Ranti omo eni ti iwo nse
Her father warned
But she refuses  to fàdé shéwà.  

The only child of her parent, a royal blood but her pride led to her fall.
Zack Ripley Apr 12
The world is healing
As our worlds are crashing down.
But someone has to fall
So another can wear the crown.
But even if we have to resort
To eating beans and rice,
Isn't having a healthy earth
Worth the sacrifice?
Sal AK Apr 12
Our new reality

Lives turned up side down in harmony
Fighting an invisible enemy

Our cries now echo louder
Our loss sending shockwaves
Our pain felt across the globe

We now care for the suffering of our neighbor
For it could be our fate foretold,
Curse our body with a crown
But our souls are not ours to hold.
Lethaios Apr 6
They are liars.

Pretending to know,
Pretending to care,
Pretending to be;

And I,
the soldier;
the worker;
the ripped, torn hands;
the bloodshot heart;

I am laying on my back
on the ground,
in the background;

Hearing them
in front of the crowd;

The crowd is clueless,
just like they are;

I build the monuments,
they engrave their name;
flaunting their face,
without shame.

Behind the scenes,
in the silence;
and the isolation;
the eternal gift;
I found peace.
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