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I S A A C Jun 11
my guard dropped when i fell into your heart
at the heart and crown orange lit bar
its been a minute since i’ve been so inhibited
revisiting the pools of pleasure i used to dip into
wanna get to know exactly what you are into
kisses underneath the full moon?
kisses as Dont Start Believing is chanted through the room
its serendipitous how you are here
perfect timing for my perfect poison
don’t let it be a one night thing
you plus me got to equal something
lets be something
tired of nothings
M Solav Mar 22
There is a god for every thing
There is a god for every thought
There is a god for every spring
There is a god for every drought

I walk amidst their creeping shadows
Swim in the deeps, crawl in the shallows

There is a boat for every sea
And there's a buoy for drowning men

But there ain’t
One god.

There is a crown on every being
There is a staff in every hand
It doesn’t matter what you have seen
It only matters now where you stand

I walk amidst their flickering shadows
Bask in the breeze, dance in tornadoes

There are birds for every wind
And there are wings for broken men

But there ain't
One god.
Written on January 23th, 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
annh Jun 2019
Our initials chiselled,
With a crown cork bottle cap,
Into the trunk of our favourite tree,
Will the world wonder in time to come,
Whatever happened to you and me?
So seeing at the feet of the cross was Mary Magdalene looking for one last time in her soul lover's eyes before the death of love (Eros?)

But in the distance is the Gnosis Knight Jason watching this scene of utter Substituted Love - (Bearing one another's burdens) this Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) in action?

The death of duality and the unitive power and wisdom of God; yes the bringing together in the bridal chamber of the groom and bride in loves Eros type death in cosmic reality?

The Gnosis Knight Jason comes close to the cross smiles at Mary Magdalene and whispers do you see by my eyes Mary?

I see two Christ's becoming Unitive in Jesus and his body, male and female?

I see Chokmâh (Wisdom) also on the cross in death with her husband part of Christ?

This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,

So I see Chokmâh with a full Red Rose Crown on the temple of the Christ; this is on the blessed head of Jesus, the son of humanity?

Then Jesus gives up the Eros (Romantic Love and Passion ) and dies?

The sky turns black to say is LOVE (Eros, the Romantic Love and Passion) really dead?

Then they take the body of Jesus to the garden tomb to plant the Rose Bush Seed of Love (Eros, Romantic Love and Passionate Love) in the earth for three days to grow into the fullness of Agape (Universal Love?)

Then Mary Magdalene waits in the bridal chamber (human heart) she keeps the hope and knowing Love's Passion is stronger than death itself?

The Gnosis Knight Jason is waiting to see his Queen Chokmâh (Wisdom) come from the garden tomb as well?

Then on that blessed morning Mary Magdalene says the blessed words my Teacher?

The rest of the story is known.

But Gnosis Knight Jason sees a woman caring for a budding Rose bush and she turn's and smiles; yes Knight Jason; It is I the Queen part of Christ; Chokmâh (Wisdom) Herself?

So The Queen Chokmâh (Wisdom) says to the Queen's Hand; the Knight Jason; it is I, Chokmâh (Wisdom) Herself Again?

Because Her Knight Jason was shocked and never answered the first time?

Because he thought she really is apart of The fullness of Christ Itself?

Then the good Knight Jason answer's; I am not worthy to be your blessed hand my Queen?

But the Queen lets her Knight give her a sweet kiss on her Blessed and Holy lips to make Knight Jason's unworthy lips clean again?

So this sweet holy kiss to make his lips worthy and clean in Cosmic Reality?

The Knight Jason replies - "Thus from my lips by thine my sin is purged." 

Then the Knight Jason asks my Queen am I also begotten and reborn by the sweet loves holy kiss in Cosmic Reality?

The Queen Smiles and says that is how the children of Wisdom are begotten in Cosmic Reality. 

Then he kneels and she crown's her knight; a king of her unitive gospel of Wisdom and Life?

Then Chokmâh (Wisdom) says She will give you a Red Rose Garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious Red Rose crown.

The Bridal Chamber is now open for unitive Wisdom to enter into the blessed garden of the groom and bride once more in Cosmic Reality?

Now the Knight Jason And King rides from that garden tomb with Chokmâh (Wisdom) before all time in Cosmic Reality?

You see Knight Jason sees Red Rose Petals falling from Heaven before her blessed feet in Cosmic Reality bringing The Love, The Passion Of The Love, Friendship and True Life before Her everywhere She goes in Cosmic Reality?

The Rose Fragrance of Chokmâh (Wisdom) fills Cosmic Reality Itself with the Sweet Fragrance of Love and Life and The Fragrance fill's The Groom's And The Brides of Cosmic Reality Itself?

This adds the sweet Rose Fragrance to the bridal chamber of bridal chambers in Cosmic Reality?

The Knight Jason's symbol of love and romance is a single Red Rose to give this single Red Rose to his sister bride in Cosmic Reality?

But Christ's Passion is this Romantic Love And Passion Overcomes death; this death is not to stop the anger of God falling on humanity from The Father and The Mother parts of God?

But it is a unitive Substituted Love to bring unitive power and wisdom to craft together groom and bride again in Cosmic Reality?

This is to bring unitive power and wisdom and craft together the duel flames of Adam and Eve in the bridal chamber again in Cosmic Reality?

So Chokmâh (Wisdom) Crafts and Sews together The Wedding Garments of the Male and the Female Knights of the Unitive Kingdom of The Single One in Cosmic Reality?

So human wedlock in the flesh is a symbol of a higher Cosmic type wedlock?

So romantic love and human wedlock is the door way to the garden and the bridal chamber of chambers in Cosmic Reality?

So the Romance and Passion of Christ is this,

This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ.
I S A A C Nov 2021
I feel stupid I feel dumb
I won but what
did I really win, you are so childish
had to cut the strings, can no longer cradle it
you are a baby, so immature
you are such an actor, improve king
scratch that you are such a clown
a king would have a crown
but you cannot face what you were born to be
rather keep yourself like an oath, just to not rock the boat
but I cannot be your baby only in the moonlight
in daylight, you are scared to touch me
it rubs me the wrong way, you love me the wrong way
I pictured us as more but you pictured me as decor
a vessel for your fantasy, a trophy nothing more
then you block me on everything because I won’t allow you to keep vanishing
encore encore, but you are still so unsure
fix yourself, please
maturing can be a breeze
when you take accountability
Àŧùl Oct 2021
The date was 15 August 1947,
And India became a dominion of the Crown.
It remained so until 26 January 1950,
When India became a Democratic Republic.
So, it was not before 26 January 1950,
When India became completely independent.

And they eulogise the bald old man,
As if it was only his non-violence.
No, credit it to the Azad Hind Fauj,
And more so to the broken British economy after the Second World War.

Correct me if you know better,
Take care to be mild.
To your words, apply some butter,
Do not be so wild.
Discussions are open.
My HP Poem #1947
©Atul Kaushal
Jay M Oct 2021
A dress of black
Covers the flesh
The weary legs
Propelling a ****** shell
A walking, talking hell

Boots of black
Cover sore soles
Worn from the miles
Within these shoes
Take them now
To then endow
What this soul
Has and how

Veil of black
Covers the face
The tired, dim eyes
Gateways to a fractured soul
Wailing, crying out like a wraith
Mourning the greatest of losses
A grand, widely gaping grief
For the sorrow and woeful
Most soul retching cry
Of a lovers loss

Keeping still the black veil
A crown upon the head
Heavy is the silver helm
Upon a fatigued skull
Full of fear and dread

A queen without her king
Fallen at her own hand
Her pen, her ink, her word
All bid the love goodbye
Their hearts to surely die

As their kingdom crumbles
Stones crash to the ground
Their castle falls into the sea
From whence it came to be
A castle built stone by stone
To fall but once again
As the very earth rumbles
Quaking in the divide
A ruin on either side

The queen, her part of the land
Once so thriving and grand
Only to fall by her own hand
From a land of bountiful prosperity
To but a wasteland of humanity

The queen, she walks among the ruins
Rubble scatters the once sacred ground
To crash heavily at her weary feet
Seeming to admit defeat

Into the old chambers,
The throne room they once shared
Split at the space between the seats
Now ever so lonely she stands
Upon the cliff so steep and grand
The great divide of ancient land

Seated upon her throne of stone
Cracked and deeply worn
Now it seem it were
Surrounded by spine and thorn
Protecting the exhausted queen
Despite all internal protest
She sits to take a rest

Her subjects come to her cries
From her long cold bed
She cries and cries but will not sleep
Remaining awake only to weep
Wrapped in her linen sheet
Longing for a distant warmth
Knowing it shall not return
T'was but a lesson for her to learn

Rise and rule the day
The queen, she knows that she must
She sits upon her throne on high
Her knights to guard her people
Her heralds to aspire the people
Their souls as they lay to rest

The queen she always overthinks
Thinks once, then twice, then thrice again
As any a queen should hope before
Making but a single request

The queen she rules over the dark
Her word is her solemn command
She considers her people with care
Before do anything she dare

The tired queen, she stands to greet
The soldiers of her fleet
To sail their hearts out to sea
No more, in this time they shall not flea
To tie up their ships to the docks
Not again to leave the harbor
Of their greatest labor

As the day goes by and by
She stands and she sighs
Her people they reflect her state
And quite frankly, as of late
They appear more ghostly than
The specters of her mind

As her sorrow grows and spreads
So, too, do the wraith-like folk
Of her long, forgotten land
Broken by her trembling hand
Both land and fragile heart

Seated somberly upon her throne
The queen, her pain is known
Far and wide, beyond the reaches
Of her sullen, gloom filled lands

As the word spreads
To lands far and vast
The tales of her past
They know her by one name
At last she holds her title, bound;
The Queen of the ******

- Jay M
October 12th, 2021
Just over 2 years of my life, and an unknown future, gone before my eyes...
I suppose I am the Queen of the ******.
Big Virge Sep 2021
There Are MANY Jewels In...
... The Crown of Life...
And A BIG ONE Is...
Being Able To THINK... !!!
A Jewel That Links...
To... POSITIVE Things... !!!
Because Those Who DON’T...
And Take Life For A JOKE...
Tend To Hold Fools Gold...
That Leaves Them BROKE...
And In... Lonely Zones... !!!
However... Being Able...
To Keep Yourself STABLE...
When You’re Alone...
Is A Jewel That Dethrones...
Things Like Misery...
Because Like They Say...
It Really Likes Company...
That Can Damage Families...  
In The WORST Kind of Ways... !!!
But It’s Also Said...
That To Find A Good Wife...
Is A JEWEL That Rests...
On The Crown of Life... !!!
Now I Really Don’t Know...
If It’s An Accurate Quote... ?!?
It’s Said That Good Wives Know...
How To Make A Man WHOLE... !!!
Or In Others Words BALANCED...
Another Jewel In The Crown...
That Defeats Getting Drowned...
When You Face A TOUGH Challenge... !!!
Like To Stand And Face...
Those Who Deal In HATE...
A Jewel That’s CRUEL... !!!
That Has NO CROWN... !!!
It Just Causes FROWNS...
And Fools Who ABUSE...
The Crowns’ BASIC Rule...
Do Unto Others...
As You’d Like Done To You... !!!
And RESPECT Your Mothers...
And Your Fathers... TOO... !!!
Unless They’re A Part...
of ******* Crews... !!!
Because... WITHOUT THEM...
How Could There Be A YOU... ?
Is Another... Crown Jewel... !!!
UNLIKE The One Seen...
In The Crown That’s Used...
By The British Queen...
So Don’t Get Them Confused... !!!
The Jewels In The Crown...
That These Rhymes Speak About...
Are NOT THOSE That Shine...
Or Are Those That Are STOLEN... !!!
They Are Those Enshrined...
In Standards That Focus...
On... Living Life...
WITHOUT Dealing In Potions...
That Leave Folks BROKEN... !!!
Like Stocks And Brokers...
of... COLONIAL Rule...
To Obtain Their Jewels... !!!
That Are Born From Falsehoods...
That Refuse What’s... Good...
Like Natural Food...
Another Crown Jewel...
That Will Serve You WELL...
And Maintain Your Health... !!!
As Does The Jewel...
of Knowledge of Self...
That Breeds Spiritual Wealth... !!!
That Will NOT SELL...
It’s Soul Well Short...
Like People Now Caught...
In The Trap Where Cash...
Is ALL That They Live For... !!!
A... DANGEROUS Road...
Where Crowns DON’T GO... !!!
Because Greed And Vanity...
Deserve NO THRONES... !!!
They’re For Dogs Whose Bones...
And Souls Are... COLD... !!!
Like The Blackest Holes...
And Those Who Mould...
How People Are CONTROLLED...
But The Crown of Life...
Has Jewels That Are BRIGHT...
That DEFINE What’s RIGHT... !!!
Like Using Your Mind...
To Express What It Finds...
About Life’s Designs...
And To Share Insights...
... As Well As Being PRECISE... !!!
A Jewel With NO Price...
Like... Getting Old... !!!
So Is The One That Holds...
The... Number One Spot... !!!
Because It Comes With WISDOM... !!!
That’s NOT Found By Everyone... !!!
Because Most CAN’T See...
Beyond Lust And Vanity... !!!
And This Thing Called Money...
That’s Just... PAPER And INK... !!!
Or This Need For Vaccines...
To Stop Us Getting Sick...
When The Jewel That People NEED...
Is To Question And To... THINK...
BEYOND Talk From Pharmacists...
... Politicians And Medics...
And Their Packs of Scientists...
The Types Who Said Things...
Like... DON'T Deal In Cannabis...
Or We’ll Lock You Up With Crims'... !!!
Yup... The SAME HYPOCRITES... !!!
Who Now Want To GIVE YOU IT... !!!
As Long You As You...
... ACCEPT A JAB... !!!
People Really Need To...
... THINK About That...  !!!
Because THAT Jewel Is A SCAM... !!!
You See The... Jewel of...
Knowledge And Thought...
And Common Sense Born...
From Using Your Thoughts...  
To Be Those That ABSORB...
What It Is That Links...
Yourself To WISE Gifts... !!!
Is A Jewel That’s PRECIOUS...
Just Like... THAT RING...
That Was Made For Kings... !!!
The One Where You...
Use Your Brain To THINK... !!!
For... YOURSELF... !!!
And NOT For The Crews...
Who Use Jewels To ABUSE...
That... DIVIDE And RULE... !!!
That’s The Jewel That Really...
Will Serve You WELL... !!!
And Is One That Will Help You...  
... LAUGH And SMILE...
In The Face of What Are...
And Is The Jewel That You'll Find...
That's MORE VALUED Than...
ALL The Others COMBINED... !!!  
That Are Part of What I See.....
As Being.....
Not the type of crown that most people think of....
Nigdaw Jul 2021
I have built this temple
I have mounted this throne
made myself ruler
of a cold empty world
passed my own laws
that I flout everyday
for mine is the glory
of my special way
I have been left deprived
of love and affection
now I give myself
everything never left wanting
you can enter this realm
maybe sit yourself down
I need someone to polish
my oversized crown
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