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lake Sep 19
i can't run if i don't have the energy
it's no fun if you straight up just answer me
i'd thank you but i know that you won't notice me
so thank god for me, thank god for me
i can't lie if i don't know what's my truth
i can't try if i don't have something to prove
i'll win but i know i still have something to lose
so thank god for me, thank god for me
loosely inspired by this song i was listening to. i guess i looped back around to doing that.
M e l l o Sep 7
At 25,
you'll read old conversations
at night
while having coffee
you'll think about your life,
how you never get enough sleep
thinking ways how to survive
work days until weekend
it feels like kind of a routine
but that's okay,
you'll get out of it someday.
Adulting under construction.
We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

God is not on a distant planet
In heaven above the skies
The power within that makes our heartbeat
Is where God truly lies

When there is a problem that we cannot solve
We go to God and cry
Make me Happy, my dear Lord!
We beg as we question why

We know that God can do anything
He made Heaven and earth
He is the giver of Happiness
The one who gave us birth

But still, we look for Happiness
Desiring this and wanting that
Sometimes our wishes are fulfilled
Otherwise, we become sad

And so do we live until we die
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
We miss to discover a simple secret
God is the source of Joy

Instead of seeking God within
We are searching for Happiness!
Of course, we become happy at times
But the source of Joy we miss

If only we change our search for God
And look for Him within We will have
everlasting Joy and Peace And a
Blissful life will begin

But we don't know who God
truly is In fear, we bow our head
Instead of loving the Lord within
We suffer until we are dead

We don't discover this Truth That
GOD = Happiness We are looking
for joy in so many places
But within ourselves we miss

We are not body, we are not mind
This Truth we must realize
We are in fact God energy
To this Truth we must rise

Once we are conscious that God
lives within We will suffer no more
The giver of Happiness is part of us
This Truth will make us glow

Instead of seeking Happiness
It's God we must search and
And once we realize the Truth,
behold There will be joy and peace in our mind

But we don't know who God truly is
We all believe in the myth
We don't discover that God lives within
We fail to reach the zenith

'God = Happiness' is a secret
We must discern and know
Then we will discover true bliss and joy
As our bond with God will grow

If you want to be truly Happy
Then don't seek joy and bliss
Realize and God within
For that's where is Happiness
Paul Butters Aug 2
Running the gauntlet down Midchester Road,
A veritable suburb of Gleethorpes City,
You pass a line of house-castles
Of the well to do.

But don’t be fooled
By what you see,
For I know someone
Who lives there.

And he will tell you,
Of bountiful gardens
Stripped bare
And concreted over
So that families can park their fleets
Of expensive cars.

See those conservatory extensions
And widened pavements.
A lady poses,
Doing her best
To emulate the Kardashians.

Money attracts
No end of thugs
And dodgy dealers:
Swarming parasitic wasps
Around the honey ***.

Nights of drunken revellers
From the local pub:
Swaying from trees
And kicking cans about.
Boy racers tearing down the road,
Music systems booming
With a mindless
Moronic drumming.

“Where has reality gone?” asks
My despairing friend.
They have their money
Their riches,
Expensive toys
But few of them are Happy.

What happened to “Goodness” and virtue
And dreams of Utopia?
Where are the heroes
Inventors and creators?
Instead we have a world of celebrity,
In which true talent – even genius
Is ignored and undervalued.

“Where are we going?” my friend exclaims.
Things get worse and worse,
The world all in reverse.
For it’s “Unreal City”,
Far from pretty.

So have a think,
Don’t let yourself sink
Even further into the mire.
Just get real,
You know the deal,
It’s you I’m trying to inspire.

Paul Butters

© PB 2\8\2019

(with help from a bloke who lives in such a place. Same town as me).
Open, honest and raw methinks.
Paul Butters Jul 31
Since ancient times crowds of men have asked:
What is the purpose of life?
Me included.
Since my later teens and into my sixties
I have wrestled with this question.

To me, it was never about wealth or status.
People waste their time
With such things.

So what should we do
That is Really Good?
WHAT is “Good”?

For me, Life as such is Good.
What use is the Universe,
With its sprawling galaxies
Of fire, rock, dust, water:
Incredible vistas
Shock awe
Eternally Infinite
What use without
A Witness?

We are that Witness,
But should we be much more?
And all I can think
Is to cherish all that lives,
As life itself
Is the most wondrous thing
Of all.

Our purpose then is to nurture
Life at it’s best:
To make it better and better:
Stronger and brighter
More intelligent
With more Love and compassion.

Some will say
Why ask?
Extraterrestrials may have
Another View.
We may be but bacterial infestations
To be cleansed away.

Yet other “Aliens” may well agree
With every word I type.
And like many of us humans
They may be warning
That we must take
Much better care
Of this Paradise
We call Earth.

I call myself a “Lifist”
A believer in
Christianity at it’s best
(But Not it’s worst),
And other Religions too…

So let’s take the best
Of these Beliefs,
Nurture Nature,
Love Life
And just
Get on with it.

Paul Butters

© PB 31\7\2019.
Amen (a longer poem than my usual).
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 28
Sitting -A-thinking
Rolling quick-A-winking
Life's touching!

Stand and move onward that's how LIFE goes - A-ROLLING!

Life's full of emotions- keep moving
Allan Mzyece Jul 27
The Universe is tired of seeing people live basic lives!
We were all given innovative minds!
Don't you dare quit on what you truly want!
Ask why before you die
Seek answers don’t just cry  
Don’t just accept what people say
Resolve to nd out the Truth today

Who are you and why are you here?
Why this birth? Who got you here?
Are you just meant to live and die?
Is there a purpose? Find out why

What is death, what is the end?
The body dies, it is just a bend
I never die, I will live on
But where will I go, will I be reborn?

Where is God and who is He?
Is it he or is it she?  
I want to nd where is heaven and hell
I am seeking answers, who will tell!

Am I the body, mind or Soul?
What is it that makes me whole?  
Am I the ego, who says I?  
I want to nd out who am I  

What is this thing called life?
So much joy and so much strife
Is it real or just a show?
Where we come and then we go?

Who created this earth, who created the sky?
Was it just a bang, oh my!  
How could all this just come about?
There must be a Creator, there is no doubt!

Is there a law that keeps a track?  
Whatever we do, it will come back
Or will we escape from all our sins?
And have no rewards for all our wins

What causes us to be happy and to be sad?  
Is it true that desires are bad?
Can we be happy with joy and peace?  
Removing cravings, the big disease

Is our mind our friend or foe?
Will it help us cross the shore?  
Is it a monkey that makes us blink?  
And does it make us in ignorance sink?
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