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Slaughter your emotions and make magic potions of success that will keep you in motion,
Let us praise the dopamine and serotonin for atleast making some effort towards the process of motivation and activation!
Your story ain't over until you are born!
Hatch from your worldly shell,
Don't you see you have been living in ****?!
You are an architect by nature!
Design your own heaven with the positivity around you!
Your story ain't over until you have won!
jack Mar 8
Begging, pleading, wishing to see another day,
Harder and harder as i start to sway,
Blood rushing to my head,
The demon inside me craves to be fed.

But i won't let it win,
Head up shoulder back key to beating this sin,
I'll battle until my final night,
Because this is my dying fight.

Everyday is something new,
I feel stuck as if in queue,
Tired of the same routine,
Waiting for the day i'm eighteen.

To be free.
To be alive.
To be me.
Stay alive.
fight against yourself all you have to stay alive my friends someone is watching over you.
she is a river
     gorged of rushing rapids
     and tender streams

she cleanses the ******
     and quenches the heavenly
she drenches those unworthy of her power
     and caresses those desperate for touch

rivers know their majesty
     like she sees in her bathroom mirror
          every morning

she already recognizes her beauty
she doesn't need
to convince herself
of something
she already has

- katrina ******
in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, this month will be dedicated to sharing poems celebrating women. celebrating the love we deserve and the power we have. celebrating self love and self care. motivating and uplifting others. our strength and courage.

i’m proud of who i am. i’m proud of the woman i am and who i’m destined to become.

let us celebrate together.

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Fọlá Feb 22

You never know how precious, until it is taken away.
You always wish you had it, for all the days;
Someone else was deciding your fate.
You’re not saying you’re great,
But at least you’ll be the one responsible for your current state.

The one setting your life at the right pace.
Making sure you're always in the right 'headspace'.
Making sure that every step, is the one you want to take.
Making sure that in the end, you can look back with a smile on your face.

Knowing, that this was your life.
That it was yours, and not the plaything of others.
That you bared your cross, and because of it, you were stronger.
That you made your own choices, and in the end, there is indeed nothing sweeter.
Jordan Hudson Feb 16
I'm proud to say
This one is mine
I can make that claim
And that is fine
It took some time
And a mountain to climb
But I'm still not there
On  the peak of the hill
Soaring through the air
Not there still
Trying to find my way
Getting lost today
Stranded behind
But that is fine
Lots of street signs
Cars on the other side
I'll sit and think
What have I done
My life will sink
But this is fun
I'm not there still
Not even close
You know I will
Arrive with skill
Patience is key
While being me
Is the way to go
But I'm sure you know
New era
Not sure what to say
Mia Feb 15
I'm in love with a ghost .
His name is hope .
Whenever he's near i become enlightned.
My ex sometimes appears .
He gets in the way .
He stricks me with fear.
He goes by depression .
Messing with my love is his obssesion.
Just when i think he ruined a good thing.
Hope has lived in my soul and he  spoke
"for eternity"
In silence
You'll find true self

How long
You have been lost
Ultimately matters
You'll realize
To be grateful to
Night sky
Faithful pray
The air
The water

That very moment
You'll authenticate
Your falls
Your losses
Your hurts
All with a pride

You'll conclude
Why loosing is winning
At the end
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Self Exploration
(Yeah, I got something for ya, for someone, not for you, but for them, take a listen, yeah, here we go, drop that beat)
A diamond in the middle of the sea
My eyes are free as the diamond gleams
A goal I have, a goal I set
A goal that won't stop better yet
I will chase my dream, be set free
Mountains I climb, swim the sea
I am determined, confident
Wherever I been, wherever I went
Diamond will reside, as I decide
What to say, what to do
My brain explodes confused
I sit back and wait
In hopes of something to gain
A diamond gleaming
A diamond beaming
Stands out from the crowd
Shines in my face out loud
I hear what I'm seeing
But my heart doubts
(Yeah, this isn't, this isn't just any song, this one's special, not like any other one)
Do I have a chance?
Chance to be, to be free
The diamond of the sea
Shines out and above
Do I have a chance?
Chance to be, to be free
The diamond of the sea
Shines out and above
Well at least I was
But now the diamond does
Well at least I was
But now the diamond does
A diamond in the sea
A diamond set free
(That must be it, end of the show folks, sorry)
I have goals
Damian Murphy Jan 25
Life may knock me down yet
Keep me down it cannot!
Up I shall always get
For give up I will not!
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