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Paul Butters May 27
A tree to me:
A swaying palm, towering oak, a yew.
But what for you?
Some weeping willow,
Or a monkey puzzle tree?

My sweeping plains,
Lush meadows, in my mind's eye.
For you -
A dusty desert under a sun-seared sky?

My visions are reshaped
By every different viewer,
From paradise-landscapes,
To something from the sewer.

Paul Butters

© Paul Butters
After posting what is noe "Tree 2", I found This on the internet somewhere. Had no copy of it either!!!
Andy May 25
A spark. A flame.
The crackling of fire on wood, whispering your name.
The fire inside me calling out.
Leaving no room for any doubt.
I am sure of what I want.

I want the world to remember me.
I want to live on in people's memory.
This makes me happy.
My heart was set aflame.
This isn't just a hobby.

If you sense my fire about to die out,
Would you grab a candle
To help keep my light?
At least, for another night.
I may be bound to a life of darkness, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
I've been losing motivation to write, but the  people who support me always keep the fire in me alive.
Paul Butters May 23
What can I say about Queen?
A band who superseded The Beatles
And maybe even bettered them.
That Voice of Super Freddie
The Sun King indeed.
Brian May’s soaring guitar
Backed up by the typically quiet Bass Man
John Deacon
With Roger Taylor
Pounding those drums.

They were the complete package.
Even their lyrics were great.
Songs ranging from hard rock
To slow songs that ****** the soul.
Songs that will live forever.
Some that make me cry
And others that later make me
Get up and shadow-box
A heavier version of Freddie himself.

For Freddie Mercury was larger than life,
So cruelly taken from us
Too soon,
As John Lennon was.
And Elvis of course.
Too many bite the dust.

Bee dop bop bee dee bop
Bee bop, bee bop
Dee da day
With these immortal words
Freddie sends us
On our way.

Paul Butters

© PB 23\5\2020.
The Champions ?!!
Paul Butters May 11
Open your legs and show your class.
Sing like Elvis,
Freddie, Pavarotti
Or Shirley Bassey.
Belt out Lennon-McCartney tunes
With Beach Boys Harmonies
And Eric’s Slow Hand Guitar.

Be as Magical as Messi,
Supremely Shakespeare with your plays and poems,
Better still. Hopkins and Keats.
Show the genius of Brian Wilson
And Oscar Wilde.
Not forgetting the Table Tennis Kings
Waldner and Ma Long.  

Oh Yes
Be Champion
Be Real Madrid
Or Barca if you prefer.
1970 Brazil
Federer, Navratilova
Or Lewis Hamilton.

Be simply the best,
Like Ali,
Or better still,
Be better than yourself
Day after day.
Just keep improving,
That’s the way.

Let this poem be tagged
To get you off your backside.
There’s nothing like Achieving
To fill us full of Pride.

Paul Butters

© PB 11\5\2020. Hopkins, Keats and Ali added 14\5.
Sorry to whomever I left out!
Paul Butters Apr 25
Maybe there must be Existence
For Non-Existence to exist,
Life for Death,
Death for Life,
Finiteness for Infinity,
You can work out the rest.

Love and hate, pain and pleasure,
All a continuum,
All inevitable.

Existence cannot be denied
Even if we live in a virtual world:
A fantasy penned
By who knows who?
For thinking is being,
We all know that.

So enjoy while you can
Before you get written
Out of the script.
Spring turns to summer now
In a seemingly endless circle
Even a globe.
Make the most of it
And party on
As best you can
In your own unique way.

Paul Butters

© PB 25\4\2020.
I just took a break and...
-So what do you feel?

I just can’t get rid of this feeling lodged so deep inside of me, which tells me that:
“I need to be seen as someone in front of people’s eyes”
It’s unfathomable. It’s too difficult. It’s beyond me.
Like a black cloud it’s hovering on top of me.

-What are your thoughts right now?

Time is ticking away and all I seem to realize is that,
“Life is getting harder than what I have ever previously thought”.
You have to decide right now, whichever way you need to go.

-And, what are your options?

You either choose to stop whining, quit complaining,
Sit your *** down and get to work in order to,
Achieve your dreams, improve yourself, and actualize your potential
And fulfill your destiny or,


You get comfortable with who you are, what you have,
What you do and where you are and that’s it.
It’s your choice to make.

-Exactly. Thank you very much. That’ll do for today.
Like a therapy session.
Paul Butters Mar 29
Forget our inglorious isolation,
Hiding away from terrors unseen.
I see a golden Forsythia
Outside my window.
Sunny daffodils and little blue flowers
Of  unknown name.
Bushes are budding
And turning green.

Bluebottles and bees have been buzzing
As birds flock about
Flipper flapping everywhere.

A barren, frozen desert
Is being transformed
Little by little.
We still have biting winds
Just now
But in the fullness of time
Warmer climes will re-assert themselves.

For summer is coming
As it always does.
No worldly woes will stop it,
Nor they ever will.
Nature has endless patience
And determination.
Sudden Spring is but the start
Of better days.
Believe it.

Paul Butters

© PB 29\3\2020.
Some light relief in trying times.
Brent Mar 28
I saw you cry yourself to sleep last night
A tear-soaked pillow screams that nothing goes right
But I know you'll survive a fall no matter the height

Your thoughts- so vicious and wild
You'll see your hopes and dreams get defiled
You're in a war; you'll find yourself all riled

Monsters lurking in the shadows‘ll jump at you
Your darkest nightmares old and new
Wherever the battlefield, I know you'll make it through

This is not just a physical battle
Your mind, your heart, your soul will rattle
You’ll hear your inner demons prattle

Prepare for your life's longest night
Prepare for an unrelenting fight
The bitter-sweet end will soon be in sight

Breathe deep, firmly hold your ground
Do not give in; do not, in your sorrows, get drowned
As you will go to where you are truly bound
Something undesirable happened today and I wrote this one to cope with it
The more stable your mind is,the solider your bones pull through forward.she's been aware of that sentence.Attachment to non_exictance is like boiling with Ray of the whole recognition she denied having a great fun!
She fights to fly in spite of having that hunger for life,abundance for Grace &Will to impossibles.Before believing yourself,you have the resposibility to believe yourself;shut up all those tragic traditional voices that defy your movement.Break that glass cilieng sheltering your commitment.
Unless feeling dizzy,you can't get to be crazy.sounds like your mind remained in where you used to look after yourself;not on the mirror but in the harsh of torelance either sound of the single bud ,shouting in mud to make a slide to the rain cloud!
Define yourself in your own terms
Let triumph wash over you
Bask in the glow of your own definitions
Walk free surrounded in your own truth
One man walked on the moon
As one man learned to walk again
One woman sacrificed for a nation
As one woman became a citizen of her new home
A family of famous daredevils
And a family that got their son clean
Don't let others define your triumph
Be great
Act great
Revel in your accomplishments
And love your limits while breaking them
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