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Our road not marked on maps.
Fugitives of the centuries,
our origin is the breathing
and our destination is exhalation,
A thousand suns are flowing in our blood,
and the vision of infinity is always chasing us.
The form cannot tame us,
Our days are a fire and our nights a sea.
Blinded by the Sun.
My eyes scream in pain.
But then they ease
And as I soak up the scene
My spirit lifts.

All is brightly lit
In glorious sunshine.
Lush green foliage
Reflecting those golden rays
Provoking images
Of sunny beaches
Swaying palms
On remote tropical isles.

Under the dome of a hazy light-blue sky
Bedecked with fluffy fair-weather clouds
We bask in the sun, sun, sun.

What more can you ask for
On a balmy summer day?
Well, maybe a cool pint of ale.

Paul Butters

© PB 13\5\2021.
Love summer
Jammit Janet Apr 15
I've been gone,
Focusing on my goals,
Savoring every minute,
In the present,
Being whole,

Disconnecting from distractions,
Discovering new attractions,
That move me to the next level,
That make me feel confident,

I am stronger than the devil,
Or anyone who cares to defy me,
For I am the light,
That burns so bright,
To educate and revive thee,

From the pain,
Of the mundane,
Lack of wonder,
Abysmal plane,

That is life,
Without dreams,
Deepali Mar 17
Don't see,
it will make your tear drop soo liquid,
one day it will start melting inside your brain.
Then after, you will get caught by the
in your eyes which is soo warm;
but now
there are no more tears
its all gone.
So dont see.
Paul Butters Mar 10
Leeds United on the attack
No sign of holding back
No matter what the score
We keep knocking on that door

Slicing through opposing lines
Creating chances many times
We really should score many more
That would bring us to the fore

Bamford bangs them in of course
Making us a formidable force
Get those shooting boots on, one and all
Let’s get past that defensive wall

Raphinha brings Brazilian magic
His silky skills are so fantastic
Kalvin runs the midfield show
Gives our team a rapid flow

Bielsa’s brain and dedication
Provides us with a firm foundation
He has us marking man for man
Keeping to the pressing plan

People hated us in the past
Now they love us, no more typecast
Strange to be so often praised
Enjoying having our profile raised

So here’s to Leeds, our beloved team
Hoping soon to be the cream
Keep going you men in white
Aiming for a future bright

Paul Butters

© PB 10\3\2021.
Marching On Together
Ahmad Attr Mar 8
You are a golden filament in the dead city night
While I’m just a firework lost in the daylight
Your paltry splendour allures people
And my magnificence is a victim to space and time
You’re surrounded by folks who are weak
Who seek the gleam that you give
And my luster fades in the day
The sun outshines and outlives

Maybe the night will come, just maybe
Golden filament lost in the day,
as all eyes will be on me
but I can only dream
as I sit in your circle, entranced by your beam
I am a firework lost in the daylight
You are swimming in the void
gasping for air, surrounded by utter darkness.
You stop swimming, and you begin to float.
Waves of hopelessness slowly take you to the shore of your heart;
now you must face your fears
and slay the monsters in your head.
I know you think you can’t do it
but I'm telling you, you can.

Depression is like being at war within yourself:
It is a mental battle, a hard one to fight
but not an impossible one,
for you have been made in the image of God
and with God, the battle is already won.

I know you feel like you’re alone
but God has been here all along
patiently waiting for you to put your trust in Him, and swim out of that black hole.
He alone has the power to help you carry on.
God is your only way out:
He is the light in the darkness;
the life in your bones;
He is the reason you're still alive.
Call on Him now,
and watch how He so carefully and beautifully mends your broken soul
giving meaning to the pain you had to endure.

He saved me,
and He can save you too.
Spoken Word Poetry:
Paul Butters Feb 17
I inwardly weep to see
We experience existence but once
And not for very long.
But what can we do?
Only our Best
While we Can.

Paul Butters

© PB 17\2\2021.
Written between two little siestas on a February afternoon.
Aastha Bobby Feb 7
The last 2 months have made me a changed human being,
I have learnt new things and have improved my skills.
The time told me to stay motivated all the time,
If or if not the situation is under control of mine.
Tons of people are diagnosed,
No more warm hugs from the one's we love the most .
Still a Ray of hope Rises along with the brightness of the Sun,
After a dark night of gloom a chutzpah may come .

The last 2 months have made me a changed human being ,
A human who now have a different picture of Superheroes in its mind .
Not Marvel Avengers or Spider-Man,
But doctors and policemen .
A person who used to have many tantrums earlier,
Have become a person who learn to pay gratitude to everything smaller than smaller.

I have a lot of people to talk , thank god !!
Now I know how lucky I am ,
That I have a shelter a loving family and food to eat,
Yes , the last two months have made me a changed human being
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