Rise up with passion,
Rise up with joy.
Rise up with Love
That can never cloy.

Keep rising
Way beyond the stars:
Much further than Venus,
Well past Mars.

For Life is a Wonder,
Only lived once.
Don’t ever waste it,
Don’t be a dunce.

Let inspiration guide you
Way beyond this realm
From the shortest grass
To the tallest elm.

So Love all Life
Is What I Say
Be kind to everyone:
Try to make their day.

Show every mercy
Whenever you can
Respect all others
Woman or man.

Every Life is a freak of chance,
So play the music,
Begin the dance.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\5\2018.
Inspired by "How Great Thou Art" and other hymns.
Why are you running?
Pull down the sun,
Look in a mirror and see that it is you.

Why try to escape?
Wave away the clouds and fear no fear,

Why let your tears fly?
Dry them and step into the stars and you will see,
You are there.

Why chase the light?
When you are shining already.

You Are the Light.

~Robert van Lingen
Sam May 12
A mind unbound
The soul is free
A heart alive
Though it's fought through grief
Mountains to climb
Things to see
Live with intent
Dare to dream
The Journey May 1
People pull you down,
Hurt you,
Make you feel worthless.

Yet, they cheer you on,
Help you up,
Heal you.

Guard your heart,
But no too much,
Because you will scare people away,
And not to little because they will jump over the grate.
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The Journey May 1
Who I am,
Is who I am.
Do not try to change me,
I will stay the same.
I am a brick wall,
you are trying to scratch me with paper.

Who I am,
Is who I am.
I will not flow with the wind,
I will stick to my ground,
and not be persuaded by others.

Who I am,
Is who I am.
I am strong.
I am worthy.
I am worth it!

Who I am,
is who I am.
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Subrat Apr 20
If you fall,
You will definitely rise
Because its
Principle of life
A somber setting of a light gone by,
As I wipe away the tears that I've cried.

A past.
A lesson,
That won't be forgotten,

I've gotten these feelings before,
But never quite like this,

I insist,
That you leave.

And let me breathe,
For a moment.

All at once, the step that I sat upon shattered and scattered my heart,
Pick up the pieces, this is only the start.

Welcome to my mind,
Where passion is fleeting, while I walk through the halls of my losses and I learn.

Stand up.
You've gotten this far,
Press forward.
Keep writing.

This is my art.

~Robert van Lingen
Shrivastva MK Apr 14
प्यार देखने में सबको अधूरा लगता है,
पर इसे समझने में जीवन पूरा लगता है,
सच्चा प्यार हो तो ज़िन्दगी सवर जायेंगी,
और झूठा हो तो टूट कर बिखर जायेंगी,

ये ढाई अक्षर नही,ज्ञान का भंडार है,
ये सिर्फ शब्द नही,अमरता का वरदान है,
सच्चा प्यार तो ईश्वर को भी रास आती है,
यू ही नहीं गोपियाँ कभी मीरा तो कभी राधा कहलाती है,

आँखों से शुरू होता,पर तड़पना इस दिल को पड़ता है,
कभी उनकी याद में रोता, तो कभी अकेले में आहें भरता है,
कभी अश्क़ बन आंखों से टपक जाता है,
तो कभी सिसकियाँ बन दिल मे ही दब जाता है,

कोई प्यार को चाहत ,तो कोई इसे रोग कहता है,
पर दिल बिन कुछ कहे ही सबकुछ समझ लेता है,
इस ढाई अक्षर ने किसी को कवि तो किसी को शायर बना डाला,
जिसने इसको समझा उसने जग में अपना नाम कर डाला.........

लोग कहते है प्यार न करना क्योंकि ये अधूरा होता है,
पर हम कहते है सच्चे दिल से कर के देखो जरूर पूरा होता है....

मनीष श्रीवास्तव.........✍
Paul Butters Apr 7
We walk through a desert:
Bone dry and sterile,
For mile after mile.
Trudging endlessly
Through emptiness.

But then we see it!
A tiny stalk
Forcing through the claggy sand.
Nature so determined
To break through
Giving us Hope
Of better things.
And sure enough: we find there’s more and more
Until we are surrounded
By lush green trees.

Spring is just like this.
Hardy plants pushing through the soil.
Tight buds that slowly open
As Mother Nature wakens
From her icy slumbers.
Hope gives way to warmth
As Winter is banished
At last
For another year.

Spring is such a time of promise.
Looking forward to summer days,
Lounging in the sun.
We enjoy our Easter eggs
In the knowledge
That Whitsuntide is coming,
And then the “Summer Hols”.
It’s time to smile.

Paul Butters

© PB 7\4\2018.
Spring is here.
The stories,
The worries laid to bear,
Fade and pass,
Fade and pass.

At last I find my strength,
What am I meant to be?
We will see.

When I breathe I will move the Earth,
When I speak I will burn the fires that held me back,
I will turn cracks to canyons,
The Rockies will tremble at my march,
The cliffs of Dover will turn to sand.

Here I am.

Try to stop me.

~ Robert van Lingen
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