वादा किया तो निभाना सीखो,
गमो को बांटकर भुलाना सीखो,
कांटे न बोना किसी के भी राहों में,
खुद हंसो और दुसरो को भी हँसाना सीखो,

नफरत नही प्यार फैलाना सीखो,
झगड़े नही एकता बनाना सीखो,
अच्छाई अपने होठों पे नही दोस्तो,
अच्छाई अपने दिल मे जगाना सीखो,

दुसरो को हराना नही हौसला बढ़ाना सीखो,
माँ समान देवी को फिर से सम्मान दिलाना सीखो,
अरे क्या रखा है एक दूसरे से लड़ने में,
साथ मिलकर इस भारत को आगे बढ़ाना सीखो

I say again:
There may well be a Higher Power
Or Powers
Out there
Even a Higher Intelligence.

If there is,
I have a Message
For Him, Her, Them, You:


Paul Butters

Further thoughts...

A dying rose
Yes that's me.

A fragile little thing,
Miscolored and broken.

Just a Tap
can cause oh so much damage.

But somehow
You never get the memo.

Always plucking
My fragile petals.

Always clipping
At my thing little stem.

But it'll be alright
I promise.

But before you pluck my dear last petal.
I warn you,


My petal falls,
The pinky red color filling my eyes.

You didn't listen.
I rise.

No matter how small I seem to be.
You can never beat me.

Vines and thorns
Surround me.

They protect a newly found rose.
I, my dear friend,
I am the Black Rose.

You are simply red.

My new petals shine and glow.
I was hiding behind my walls
Yet I realize I needn't be hiding.

I'm myself, black.
And nothing less.
I won't hide to fit in.
I will shine and be myself.

Never ever hide who you are.

Dead and lifeless
Just like a tree
I'm talking about someone
That someone is me.
Without any dreams
For I've let them flee
And now I'm dead and lifeless
Like a cold winter tree
Though trees become green
In summer and spring
Their leaves eventually fall
And winter comes after all.
I wasn't born in the Summer, the Spring or the Fall.
I was born in the winter, lifeless and all
I'm so cold
So bare
And so plain
I never grow any blossom
Like the cherry tree down the lane
Tough I'm not perfect
And you may not see me as worth it
I've tried already to be like the rest
I really tried my best.
But I'm not the others, not full and green.
Yet I've decided to be myself, to bare and so clean.

Nobody is the same and even if you're feeling unappreciated, unimportant or unoriginal, you will always be the one person nobody else can be, so don't try to be anyone else.

If you don't think you have a purpose,
then make one for yourself,
don't give up on your dreams or put them on the shelf

This is super short but it's motivational and I decided to post it!

Chalo ! Chalo aaj kuch esa kiya jae,

Apne Sapno ko Haqeeqat se Joda jae,

Ye dono 1 dusre se bilkul alag hai,

par dono hi apni kabiliyat ke liye mashoor hai,

Sapne, Sapne to Aasman hai, Jinki koi seema hi nahi,

Par Haqeeeqat to Aag se Bhare angaare hai, Jin par chal pana itna aasan nahi.

Sapne to woh raah hai, Jo hume kuch karne k liye prerit karti hai,

par haqeeqat, haqeeqat to un sapno ko bhi tod deti hai.

To kya ab haqeeqat ko dekhkr, sapne dekhna chod de,

ya apni khwaisho ke rukh ko hi mod le,

Agar Nahi, To fir chalo haqeeqat ko swikarte hai,

Apne sapno ko haqeeqat banane me jutt jate hai,

Mehnat kar apni kabiliyat ke rang sajate hai,

Apne sapno ko apni Manjil tak lekar jate hai,

Apne khwabo ke pankho ko or feltate hai,

Thoda Haste hai, Thoda hasate hai,

Chalo na !!!

Apni zindagi ko thoda or kamyab banate hai !!!!..

Written By :

This poem describe the relationship between dreams and the reality
Damian Murphy Sep 11

To make the best of any mistake
The chance to learn one must not forsake;
No learning from a mistake to take
Is the worst mistake that one can make!

Who has time to make an excuse
Should put their time to better use!
It is the worst way time to use;
It is very hard to excuse!

Lyn-Purcell Sep 3

Some of your 'friends' will come to
see you on your knees,
broken. Be sure to
disappoint them.

Stand strong, ok?
Paul Butters Sep 3

Yell your head off
And shout, shout, shout.
Get in amongst them
And put it about.

We’re awake now, hear us cry!
Full of energy,
Watch us fly.

Out of our slumbers,
On the up.
Highly charged,
We’ll win The Cup.

We’re all full of motivation,
Hear our incantation.
Forward we go, bursting with pride.
Come with us, enjoy the ride.

We’re the greatest, we all know.
Ever ready to fight the foe.
We are winners through and through,
Even better than Doctor Who.

We will put the world to rights.
You will see incredible sights.
All together we unite,
So stay with us and
The future’s bright.

Paul Butters

Lyrical again.
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