If all the emotions and feelings I create
Can be represented by colours
When all the paint
Runs away from this A4 slate
I should be left with Gold
Because my mind has been set
And I don't plan to settle for anything less

1 nayi raah ko chunna chahta hoon,
sabse kuch hatkr kuch naya, kuch alag karna chahta hoon,

Ha tum sahi samjh rhe ho

mein udna chahta hoon!!!

Bhut kuch paane ki tadap hai abhi mujhme,
Us tadap ko hmesha zinda rkhna chahta hu,
Haan mein udna chahta hoon..

Apne dil me chupe jazbato ko bayyan karna chahta hu,
Apne hunar or kabiliyat se apni pehchan bnana chahta hu ,
Haan mein udna chahta hoon...

Dusro ko sabit krne ke liye nahi apne liye jeena chahta hu,
Apne hatho ki lakeero me mehnat aur kamyabi ke rang bhar dena chahta hun,
Haan mein udna chahta hoon..

Ye alag rasta shyd abhi logo ko samjh nhi aaega,
Kai baar shayd mera mzak bhi bnaya jaega,
Pr fir bhi usi kaam ko puri mehnat, shiddat aur dil ke sath karna chahta hoon,
Haan mein udna chahta hoon..

Aasman ki bulandiyo ko choona chahta hoon
Lakho zindagiyo ke liye 1 misaal Banna chahta hoon...

Haan mein udna chahta hoon
Haan mein udna chahta hoon !!!!

By : Shivam Porwal

Give wings to your dreams and get succeed in life

Breathe in and don't sigh
Be pertaining yet still shy
Look ahead don't die

A thought

You are suggesting my Soul to wait,
When time is ripe and future in shape.
But present in sight, which I may control,
This body may fight, and not my soul.

Water change its form, and Man his faith,
But sitting and waiting not changes the fate.
By itself the Water, not changes its nature.
When freezes, turn ice, when heated is Vapour,

Lord Rama killed Bali, Behind his Back,
Bhima picked  thigh, in war to Attack.
Krishna once broken his promise his word,
Pandava bet wife, lost pride and Sword.

When time hostile , situation more worse ,
Condition challenging and getting adverse .
Then character of a man examined indeed,
Standing on your feet or changing in need.

Things which eternal in world,  not I met.
It depends how handle , example you set.
Deed of a man earns name bad or earns fame,
This only decides, one's fortune, ones fate.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
Polka Jan 2

Everyone tells you this.
And if you haven't heard the phrase yet,
Well, I'm saying it to you now!

But, WHY is life precious?
It's not like life is rare.
Easy to create,
Easy to snuff out.
So why does it hold value?

WHY is life precious?
Well, let me tell you, friend!
Life is what you're experiencing right now.
And I mean more than just your consciousness!

I'm talking about that friend you see every once in a while.
The one who makes you laugh!
I'm talking about that family member who cares deeply
Even if you don't know it!
I'm talking about that stranger who smiles your way as you walk past
Even when you feel sad!
I'm talking about that spiraling, shifting, cloud that is an experience,
Equally complicated for you as it is for everyone else.

Sure, life is easy to begin,
And SUPER easy to end.
But when EACH and EVERY life is so complicated,
THATS where the value comes in.
Because one life is different from another
In just the SLIGHTEST way, enough to make it where you can't get that life anywhere else.

So, life is precious,
because it's just so damned COMPLICATED.
And when a life is removed from that web of connectivity,
it feels as if an entire balance is thrown off.
So, why would you end it?
You don't know what's going to happen next!
One day you could be down,
The next you meet someone beautiful,
or see something amazing.
You're never gonna know what happens next,
because with life, comes complicatedness,
comes preciousness.
Think of it this way:

YOU are:

Open minded
Unique, and

And there will never be another you!
So, don't take that away from us!

Polka Jan 2

Come look! Come see!
Look at this creature here,
It's trapped underneath it's tree!

This tree, you see,
Is a tree of magical properties.
HA! Not really.
It actually represents mockery.

See how it looms over this creature,
And see how sad it makes it!
This tree is the source of its discouragement,
This tree makes the creature think it's unfit.

Unfit to lift this tree off itself.
Look how strong the creature is!
Yet this tree makes fun of the beast to the point, where...
Well, it believes it's too weak. That's crazy, it is!

Someone needs to tell this animal,
"HEY! You can do this!"
But, well, I certainly can't.
This is just showbiz.

Akash Mandal Dec 2017

Be patient,
even the stars
have to wait
all day
to get justice.

A moment of clarity
A moment of peace
A moment of thankfulness
A moment of bliss
Internally and externally all is at rest
I take pride in my insecurities
For they are just as much me than the rest of me
And that makes me smile
Accepting them allows me to work with them
Creating something beautiful from the lump inside (me)
Some people see me as:
Unaware of anything and everything.
But we cannot solve problems unless we are at peace with ourselves
Remove the logs within us before we hunt the spec in society.
We have our whole lives to create, change and evolve
So why not get a headstart?

I'm a dreamer
and a lover
An aspiring achiever
seeking perfection in the imperfect
Anything can be done within the threshold of imagination
Imagination breaks the chains,
Creates and illuminates.
It can be the very thing to break you out of the mundane cycles of life.
What is imagination?
The best explanation
It's a thing,
A force?
All I can tell you is that it's unique to each of us.
It adds the flare to our character,
Inspires us to do things only we would do.
If you can think it,
You can do it.
So why limit what you can do,
When you can already think it?
You just have to act.
If you don't, you'll continue to suffer.
That thorn in your side,
That guilt in your heart,
That anxiousness on your mind.
You can dream of a world without them.
The thought is only the first step.
You must act to embrace the brighter future.

OnyxSea Dec 2017

Destiny has arrived,
My time has come.

Despite there being,
much more to be done.

Ideas such as this,
come and go as they please.
Just as this life,
prepares itself to cease.

It came all too fast,
there was no time to prepare.
Swept off my feet as the very winds declare

"You who have lived,
a life short as can be,
Now it is time,
to decide who you want to be.
For good or for ill,
for the better or worst.
What you do is in your hands,
whereas your life shall disperse."

Remembered for what,
having done what, for whom.
What is it I feel,
am I willing to kill?

My very own life,
precious as can be,
for this sole reason,
what will I die for with glee?

The answer is simple,
How could I forget?
To pass on my seeds,
to whomever shall have them.

Giving the world my most heartfelt contribution,
sharing with the world, a most wonderful creation.
The most subtle, archaic, truth lying within,
in these dying words, may all truly live.
The wish that I have, unfulfilled,
may all work towards, a future completely fulfilled.

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