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JKirin Feb 27
We chase wild dreams at the tip of our pens,
every word every stroke brings us closer.
But at times, our draft—it just doesn’t make sense…
We can’t help but believe us a poser.
Still, the dream, the pen, calls out to our hearts—
and we try, put it back to the paper.
Every word, every stroke is a wonder!
As our instincts kick in – full of hunger,
we’re hunters that chase, hunt down our prey!
We won’t let our doubts win, lead us astray—
we will howl for our pack, our dearest friends.
Dreams are waiting at the tip of our pens.
about writing, about doubts
Nigdaw Nov 2021
I take comfort
from the greasy food
on my plate
hunter gatherer instincts
sated, my eyes search
for campfire flickering flames
and settle on the fish tank
I am zoned
in the cavern
of my own space
my day over
I wait for the miracle
of sunrise
VanillinVillain May 2021
as one admires a waning moon's final phosphorescence,
the brightest burn before its departure,
so was I too, late,
chancing only a glimpse of your blinding luminance
as you passed us by, unto your next life phase.

how I wish I could have seen the whole magnificent show;
and to not have only chanced a friendship
my first, your final, semester.
I will miss her most
Anna Mink Feb 2021
The Daughter makes toothpicks from treebones while she waits. She uses them to pick hunger out from her mouth. Her week’s first real dinner will happen soon. From wildebeest migration to their awaiting dinner table, still undercooked meat sits in that aged iron skillet they tell nobody they own.

She waits. She’s accustomed to waiting, like her mother, the Hunter. Sometimes a day's worth of strength and calories came from a meal of dandelions and winter water while the Hunter is out waiting for her traps to ****** a life. So they wait.

Through the door comes Man. He's watercolorist emptied of mental flowers to create. His hands are bandaged and hold a toasted loaf of pumperknickle bread. The Hunter and Man kiss and wait and think in the quiet sizzle of meat.

Romanticism of rebellion they could do without, the couple. Survivorship comes in vulnerability of sweat-soaked underclothes from sleepterrors. But instead of wallowing in tears they make art of blackbirds and mockingbirds while waiting to **** them for survival.

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 21st of February 2021.
Written 21st of January 2021.
Isaac afunadhula Feb 2021
I woke up in the marshes,
All l could hear was the wolves hawl
through the frigid forest.
I was weak to walk but my soul grew stronger.
The winds made me cold even in my jacket.
Alone in the dark with a torch running out of batteries.
Walk like a hunter in the night,
like a soldier at war
looking for the beacon of hope
That my bad days are over.
Eli Za Jan 2021
Men hunt one of two things
Chasing your heart or carrying their mission
A trophy - only if she's worthy of his reputation
Or invade the longing She world like a caped superhero

Eyes rolling upon seeing her tag price
"Oh she's just worth a penny not a daylight robbery"
They don't build a kingdom just to impress a peasant
Shines their armor only for the most rewarding Catch

Men gather one of two things
Collecting to consolidate or winning as desired nobles
Pick the best chick to get rewards of capture
Fight or flight as every rooster crows for *******

As they achieve to get one of these two things
They make women compete with women of women
A battle of lipstick and dangerous charm
Or strip one's dignity, stepping on each other's gowns

Some managed to play well on both things
So I hated the ratio of chickens over roosters
Hunters can't count chickens of their numbers
But I reckon eight chicks cackle for one rooster

Your face appears in all these ladies' dreams
What they don't know is you're a hunter
"Don't write your name in his fiction"
Like heroes in masquerade, your power is a hoax

"I squeeze my hands every time a new girl arrives
She walks in and I watch how his eyes beam
Just the way they spark when I first saw him
I stand there vomiting all his treachery on me"

Is it just innocent fun, an inevitable road to love?
Driving dangerous wheels 'til you break more a broken heart
Play the field before finding someone to settle down
With valor to conquer only to flee when thrown a question

"So what are we?", if you have to ask an alpha hunter
How quick did he put his victim face?
That's hunter's coup and tactic card play
"Shame on her, blame on her", they say

All the ladies with a disposed and fragile heart
You better run, you better run, run, run
Hunters track your bones, throw their callous stones
Smiling and chasing with their neckties and swords

Don't make the lonely women's mistakes
Exposing their hearts like dartboards on the wall
Desperate to land a man until her fuel gets low
Real men climb just one tower with a closed door

When they stretch their arms in the shadow, take off and go
Walk with your head down, dodge their despicable arrows
Take a plane and get to a land called faraway
Save your heart in a town where hunters go astray

They thought we're just a pair of lips kissing their ego
Bragging marks on each other's cheeks yet they will never know
When we close our eyes each night, we chase a dream
Of ruling our own kingdom and not only foot-popping kiss scene

May your postponed expectations keep dejecting you
But never with the same superficial smile twice
May your heart keep bleeding and remain breakable  
But never with the same shake hands twice

Never be so innocent you make yourself a target
Nor look at his eyes you forget what you are
Keep your smite cold and never ever surrender
Watch as he gone stale and lure a new willing prey

Caught me up in a wild moment unexpectedly
But crumpled my paper of love with your glint of con
So I became a secret garden in an artificial island
Peculiar in the sea of sadness, a creep in your hoodwink eyes
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
If we are addicted to the chase
The rush received when we catch our prey
To a life of fetch I will resign
Bring back each time you run away

Then you are finished fleeing
Feelings will give a shove
And I will switch tired places
Will be your turn to go after my love

Thrown high
Cartwheeling midair
Heart is a toy for you to chew
No matter how distant I lay fallen
For some reason still pursue

You are the bone
Can't resist
Treat I never can earn
We make a boomerang
Without me have no way to return

But if I do not have you I have nowhere
No house to return to
Depend on me to continue flying
Like I depend on you

This game can be played with two
We go back and forth tossing *****
Obeying repeated commands loyally and prompt
Whether returning sticks or missed calls

It does not really matter who chucks
Who sprints after affection wanted
We're both addicted to the thrill
The hunter or the hunted
I am rather fond of this one
Hunter was happy
The rain was now done
He could go out in the yard
And have some real fun

Staying inside
when there was so much to do
He had to go hunting
For his alphabet zoo

Hunter like letters
And numbers and things
He also likes dreaming
and the joy that it brings

He pulled out his toy box
And he dragged it outside
I'm going to go hunting
He put his hat on with pride

An old hunting helmet
And one wellington boot
A runner, his jacket
And a toy gun to shoot

I'm off to go hunting
I'll will fill a whole zoo
Just call me for dinner
And with that...he was through

A boy's mind is special
They can imagine the world
Is a magical jungle
That to them is unfurled

A zoo from a toy box
All in'll see
He would fill up his zoo
From A back to Z

First came an aardvark
Then a ******, all stuffed
Then a cheetah, a donkey
All cuddly and puffed

E made him think earwig or two
It fit with the letters
And it would go in his zoo

F was a frog,
Made of rubber and green
G ...a gorilla
With a smile, not mean

H was a horse
with a cowboy as well
The zoo, it was growing
And to him, that was swell

I....had him thinking
It's my zoo after all
So, if I can't get a letter
It won't matter at all

J was a jacks game
Not an animal too
But, the jacks looked like spiders
And this was Hunters zoo

K...that was easy
A Kangaroo with a pouch
L was a llama
With three legs and a slouch

M was a monkey
A whole barrel he had
He played with these some
He wasn't doing half bad

In all of an hour
He had collected a herd
Of stuffed toys, ***** and jacks
And he still had no bird

N was a nerf ball
Or a dinosaur egg
It could be what he wanted
He'd now found that fourth leg

The llama assembled
O was easy for him
An octopus floaty
That taught him to swim

P was a parrot
With feathers all red
Q...that's a tough one
He thought to himself in his head

R was a rhino
With no horn, it was broke
S was a snake
His dad bought as a joke

T was a tough one
A terra-dac-til said he
Not knowing the spelling
And that it started with P

U ...under water
so he found a stuffed fish
This was not all that easy
V...well tosh tish

I'll catch two of another
If I can't think of one
Hunting out in the yard
Is really quite fun

W...a walrus
with a moustache and tusks
Like the gorilla before
made of coconut husks

X...was a tough one
Another dinosaur came
Made from his xylophone
And this dino was tame

Y was a yak
He didn't know what it was
But, he just liked the name
So, a yak ....just because

Z was a zebra
blue and black with no white
He'd colored it in with a marker
When he got bored one night

He'd been out for a while
When he heard his mum yell
Time to come in
Bring your toy box as well

All through his dinner
He told of what he had caught
Of the alphabetic adventures
And the creatures he'd got

He watched tv for a while
Then it was bath time and bed
Where Hunter the hunter
Now had a full head

Now, he was dreaming
Of all he must do
This was Hunter the hunter
And his alphabet zoo
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