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Nigdaw Aug 30
We will come to you in the end
On our hands and knees,
To worship at the altar of nature.
When money has become worthless
Cars are chunks of useless rusting metal,
And all the technology in the world
Hasn't saved our sorry ***.
Amazing and brilliant
Her sight is sharp and is interacted
My deeper heart calling, "I surrounded"
Her talk is low but is understood
Her hair as the waves once up other downward

She walked as the dear coming to hunt
Not is hunted by she will hunt
All are amused and surely asked
Who is that smart, we must engaged
Get fiancé act or marriage at fast

The crowds get in struggle that will begin
But she goes and evaporates as the vanish
That is the end and the finish
the beauty one comes and says no word. all wants to know and have a look
Peter B Aug 17
I won't be happy,
until I **** the hunter in me.
Hungry hunter, he's hunting
having no mercy on anything.

Nothing matters to him more than the prey,
blinded by instincts,
born to ****.

I won't be happy,
I will not be free,
until I **** him,
before he kills me.
Mackenzie Jan 15
You got it from your father
I know you did
The way you treat women
As if we are just objects
You are a hunter
I am the pray
You got it from your father
He made you believe it was okay
To keep hunting until you got your ****
I know it’s hard but swallow this pill
As a human you are a disgrace
To touch me in each and every place
When I was younger
You felt nothing but hunger
A hunter hunts
You got it from your father
Who let you believe
Women are just like a piece of meat
You took my purity
You haunt my sleep
I hope as your son grows old
Your father will not stay in memories
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hanging on the wall, next to my bed post,
A friend of the forest looks surprised, most.
Oh dear, she did not hear the gunshot near,
Nor tree nor hill nor her fawn shed a tear.

Over there, the finest hair of the hare,
Cute and fluffy hopping into my stew.
It's seat is sweet and hard to beat I swear,
Though his hide is gamey and tough to chew.

A sow, a cow is how I eat for now,
I feast on the beasts with the finest meats.
Fresh flesh on my breath, fresh blood on my brow,
Slaughtered, like their daughters; fair market treats.

I feel nothing for these creatures I hunt.
Would you rather feast on the yeast they shunt?
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