Mark Wanless May 27
Yes i Will

Don't know what your thinking any more
How come i see you in my bedroom yesterday
   at night
This mind is but a figment of the
   never more
The car drives by the camera
I was not here until so timeless
Why do i think i own the universe
Saw you in my bedroom twice again
   last night
You were not there i know a ghost in
   darkest light
If i could touch you one more time i would
   my love
The ecstasy the fantasy is but a dream
   my love    
My future is a bookmark on this page
   of life
Never been to heaven hell just seems
   so wrong
Called you by your name last night in bed
A life of happiness is just a life
   of strife
Knew eternity a time ago
   yes i did
Give it up for one more day with you
   yes i will
you laughed
and the tulips began to bloom
they didn’t care if it was june
or how the constellations moved
for i, the sun, had found my moon
and in my photographic mind
i’d see the timeless dance
we’d find
if you did stay
i’d find new ways
to tell you how much magic
can live within the space
of your warm hands
upon on my face
how every dream
of mine would drip
out from corners of your lips
how constellations in me grew
the moment my bare skin felt you
+Cosmic love songs synched to tunes
of my lost stars that sparked in you
but when you left i swear they
grew and now you
shine through
all i do
Danielle May 3
We bared our teeth.
Tight, mocking grins.
Your expectations ours to devour.

We hunt and haunt
These distorted roads.
We wait, timeless, to consume or free you.
Xaviera Allan Apr 17
Put me on a pedestal
A soft and buttery statue I will be
And crumble so-
Rock it back and forth til my speechless lips and spheres of sight unseeing are no longer stone
But dust
For monarchs to build concrete walls of loneliness and isolation
Lutvi Feb 19
The voices didn't stop as I expected and i tried to forget about yestrday or the day before but I couldn't.
I will not forget tomorow and I will remember today forever.
I wasn't all alone in the room i was surrounded by a lot of shadows and soft voices.
Every feeling that was touching the empty space was fading in the corners of the room and the uncolored walls seemed like a beautiful painting without a story fulfilled with unspoken thoughts and unknown desires

Me, myself and the forgotten presence of the forgotten dreams.
I feel empty feelings guided by guilt and fading memories.
I'm everywhere and and I'm nobody.

You belong to the world and i belong to the silence.
Verbal art
No verse
Keyless rhyme
O Breath, wonderer !
Dreams of delight
All paths close to mine
Freedom looks all right
The calm and endless
Movers and Shakers
With a more kinder Air

Calling out to that One
A child gave birth to the mother
Confused, what it sounds..!
A child gave birth to the mother
No voice, think twice
Seen in the dark pupil of the eyes
Folk song of soul,
Smell of Endorphins
Bells, Drums and Cymbals resound

Echoes Journey
In a timeless land
Years waiting in paradise
Genre: Inspirational
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Impasse is prompt of vision
In case, you thought of a mission…
In fact, call it conviction
Impress the court of diction
Impact the fraud and *fiction
Umi Feb 4
A world of distortion
Without time flowing anymore
With broken gravity which does not really keep you on the floor
There are no directions, up is down, left could be right
There is no moon, or sun to shine bright,
Just clouds, which seem to orbit this place,
In a beautiful blue they keep their little race,
It is a world with not much sense
Is it where dimensions are overleaping ?
No matter how bizzare it might be,
It is beautiful none the less to see,
How a bunch of chaos can end up so well,
But be careful, don't mistep, it would be a shame if you fell
After all I don't think this world has a bottom,
You might just land on an floating island and..
Never mind what I was about to say
Let us just enjoy this place and our stay,
Together as lovers

~ Umi
Abdullah Ayyash Dec 2017
Throwing happiness away
Became addicted to sadness
I climbed and still climbing
I fought all kind of madness
There is no point to keep going
If you just pretend you're careless
I know you have something to say
After all the years of silence
I know the river can smile again
And skies can rain rightness
I know the sun can warm my heart
But only you can make it timeless
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
December 26th, 2017
If I could meet you again for the first time,
I would.
10 times over
And every time,
I would choose you.

If we met at the park,
it would be autumn.
We would see each other there everyday, walking alone,
and one day,
we would look up,
a little nervous,
and say, hey there,
and then, some how, we would end up walking together
hardly saying a word,
as if we had known each other our entire lives.

If we met at work,
I would say hi,
and you would ask, how are you,
and that would be all.
Until one day you would offer to carry my bag and walk me to my car,
and I would unlock the door to get in,
but it would hang there open, long after I planned to leave.

If we met at in line at the book store,
I would ask you what you were buying,
and you would launch into a story, describing the movie or book or whatever you held in your hands,
and as you explained,
your eyes would get really big and your hands would move all around, trying to describe how much you love it.

If we met as kids,
we would race up the slide,
and play tag,
and I would pretend I didn't like to be caught,
but secretly I did,
and we would hide in the wooden castle,
and make up stories,
and miss each other after we went home.

If we met in class,
we would sit next to each other the first day by accident,
but we would become friends.
You would be early everyday and save my seat,
and I would come just in time,
and when I got sick, you would give me your notes,
and when the other wasn't there, the empty chair beside us would swallow the whole room.

If we met when we're old,
I would see you greet the receptionist in the doctor's office,
and watch you laugh about something she said and thank her, your eyes sparkling and kind.
And, at 70, I wouldn't care about subtlety anymore,
so I would go sit down next to you and ask why you aren't married
and you would say, because I've been waiting for you.
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