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Two women in a timeless love
Two broken hearts coming undone
Once upon a time they were little girls
Now they're full grown
Learning a script they've always known
Rehearsing till dawn
Lines forever drawn
Two women in a timeless love
Roles recorded on their hearts
Two healing hearts performing as one
timeless love
Karijinbba Apr 24
And my twin flame wrote;
"So, it's either too soon
or too late for love?"
Later realizing
who had sent that poem
I gave my true conscious reply
But it was too late
I missed my mark in poem
and sadly before
without meaning to do so.

An ancient script on stage
at the Hilton resurfaced from
that glorious Sunday.
Mother's Day missing the mark,
fame and great fortune!
I so adored you beloved.
You changed my world
Yes everything had meaning!

"True love is timeless
without beginning or end"
It's never too soon, nor too late.
In spirit in the beginning
and from that Hilton labby
Glued together twin flame lover
I wished with you to be.
My darling!
Timeless is true love.
By: karijinbba
All rights Reserved-74-95.
REVISED April 2021.
Zoe Mei Mar 22
The shadows move in circles
as the world does.
As we live
it spins

it moves through my fingers like water
leaving no trace except
                                          that evaporates.
Grey Jan 5
We sit at the cliff's edge
and skip rocks made of stardust
across the universe of time.
Happy 2021! I was moments away from falling asleep when this suddenly came to me and I just had to write it down.

Is having its time
The chance of a lifetime
Leaving all, timelessly uncertain

The only chance it got
Before being
By certainty

The essence of life
To be and not
And the timeless flow

Abner Ros Nov 2020
The muted sound echoed like cathedral bells,
Followed by a hurried crowd
Of youngsters and ladies
Donning timeless frocks and shirts of old.

The courtyard green enchanted all.
Halting passers in transit,
An invitation to thy abode
Enclosed by young stargazers and aged bark alike.

The tempting branch reaches out.
Pulls you in with a faceless grin.
The torn frock all that remains in your world.
Timeless no longer.  

The New World opens before you,
A thundering display of welcome.
In a Time unlike yours
You sit.
Just Grace Oct 2020
I’d like to think that your ways
are the air, the winds.
I am the water you can move, and carry mists of me with you,
though brief and fleeting
though you can’t see me there sometimes,
I am felt in you. I am breathed through you.
When you’re heavy with me, you are the fog.
When I’m heavy with you, I am the breaks of surf
smeared out on the sands.
we make a rip curl,
burrowing under me
by some unearthly gravitational force.
I swell and mix with you.
We fight for the top till
we must fall over the apex
and break over the earth,
crashing down
again and again.
Until there is no more moon
there is no separating us,
as much as they try.
The sea of our stories
will be played in by the ages
of Children and their children.
From our ritual they may find sanctuary
So long as our ritual exists
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020

Let me
Treat you
A piece of art

A living art
A moving art
A breathing art

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: forever
Author's Note: So mute, yet so loud.
Jeremie Aug 2020
“Why do you strip me of
what makes me beautiful?
I was tall, graceful and
my form was loved by All.
But now I am naked
clothed only by my longing to return
to that which I was.  
I was met by a flame that
promised me glory and immortality
How could I be such a fool
to believe in such a dream ... “

The Wind replied

“The initiating flames
that kissed your crown
and cleansed you of all form and name
launched you into my loving arms,
so that I may unveil your true essence.
I have not stripped you of your beauty
I have only invited your beauty to become
timeless and eternal.
Your sweet gentle fragrance is now
One with me,
no longer confined and
caged by time and space,
resting solely and fully in the
ancient present.
My child,
you are free just as I am
unbound, empty and
untethered from this world.. “
Death is the poem of the universe

The thing you lost at your birth , you will find at your death.
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