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Caitlin Oct 4
In an instant you send my body into a fiery spell that burns me alive, your hand between my thighs, gentle touches.

You caress my body, soul and mind, watching me quiver with each touch from start to linger. Watching my eyes looking into yours deeper. Our souls joining together dancing in a timeless cosmic whirlwind of letting our guards down.
W Sep 22
What don't you understand?
When I tell you not to worry about me
I am time
Time it's many things
Time will help you heal
Time will move
Time will remind you even help show you what to do
Time will even do it for you if you ask
Time will move on long after your gone

But time is like a mirror
It is in service of you
To assist you
But if you tell time to do nothing
Then time will just stop
I am time and you
Can be angry for it feels like I do nothing
But it's just what you asked for....
time is still
Time motionless
But ready

It is you for I'm a mirror
Without you... I'm just nothing...
Only to service you when you ask
Nothing more
Nothing less
Just time

From W
I wonder if anyone every actually reads these... Maybe leave a comment give me something to do
Allesha Eman Aug 28
I know you can see through me
I hope you can read my mind
Because I can’t seem to find words
To tell you that I feel alive
And you’ve slowed your presence
You let me wait for the summer
You showed me a silver lining

I’m afraid of losing you
But you’ve already passed
And now you have a new face
One coloured with kindness and the past
Your benevolent presence
Is starting to fade
now you’re just a moment
and I sit here forgetting you
Thinking about my regrets
Bewildered and dazed
In my second letter to time, I go down the alphabet from anticipation to bewilderment. This one holds the regrets I have for holding onto a past that’ll never be.
Allesha Eman Aug 17
I float in the wind,
Bask in the glowing sun
And hope to meet the sky
But time becomes reality
And my dreams disappear
But before then you’ll save me
You’ll bring me to the clear
And the future, uncertain
Waits at the corner
With a letter from a lost one
And a message from my fears
Telling me to climb the mountains
The ones I walked around
To feel the air sharpen
As I get higher from the ground
And channel my past
Wait for you there
So you can turn back time
And I can reappear
Joanna Jun 16
Riverboat moving down the line, seems you’ve stopped at my door just one too many times.

Take your package of anger and too much pain, so that I can make love and peace my only gain.

For this time, I know the beginning from the end, and I refuse the confusion you create within.

So riverboat of pressure and untamed blues, move on down and find someone else to woo.
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AmeriMav Jun 11
One bright sunny day, my lover did say
Please tell me the height of your love
Looked I to the sky, clouds don't fly as high
Nor mountains, or wings of a dove

One morn rain suppressed, my love did request
Can you tell me sweet is your love deep?
Thought I of a cave, obscure dark enclave
It's deeper than creature dare creep

One dark winter night, she asked in twilight
Your love dear, how far will it go?
My love's measured best, where east meets the west
Never ending in sun, rain, or snow
MJL May 11
Lovers peck wee initials deep in Tulare County bark
Letters grow more historic with each passing tick tick tick
Flitter-flutter tickles the breeze whispering beloved's anthem higher
Chestnut feathered flights of fancy pierce the sweetheart's crest
Juniper berries laced with honeysuckle and rosy sweetness
Will them to taste and savor each jittery moment
Heart beats syncopate with their May swoon and sway
Counter clockwise then clockwise, away then toward Yagura
Taking turns leading then following
They nock their dream
Every nestled embrace they etch deeper
Every page their timber tune ripples rings wider
Every ardent kiss with open eyes pounds louder
Their heart radiates a single fleeting verse
Two wee birds
One lovely voice
One timeless plunge
Begging their tango to last
Wishing their story to always be
Loves mark upon the ages

© 2019 MJL
Etching the largest tree in Tulare County represents creating our lives together. Sequoia is Cherokee for sparrow. The giant redwood is named for a Cherokee Indian of the early 19th century who created the Cherokee language. Yagura is a Japanese high wooden tower used in a May folk dance celebration of springs rebirth.
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