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Rin 1d
cast the spell. you are timeless

a beautiful soul bound in a superficial body
you are eternity dressed in flesh
an ageless personality etched in your heart yet the world is still lonely and ephemeral
you are a beast scavenging for love—an immortal being hungry for validation
deep wounds, hallow eyes, shattered soul—you are timeless.

cast the spell now.
a tome for healing
a deity fond of forgiving
bloodline of fools
vision of no tomorrow
cast the spell now.
unfading promise of beauty
hugs of memories
ghost of eternal pain
a facade of everything you are trying not to be
you are timeless

teleport in my arms
let’s fade together
cast the spell now...
and we will be timeless
I hope you realize
how beautiful
and timeless
is the now.

You shouldn't dwell
too much
on tomorrow
and yesterday.

I hope you know
that today
is eternal.
Live, gracefully so.

There is no
stopping to the
flow of time
inside you.
A May 19
Couldn't tell you what's on my mind
Don't know where its been
Every time I look up
It's 4:30AM
Dead end
Grey May 18
Paul Butters Apr 19
Welcome to the Timeless Zone,
Vast as space and timeless as infinity.
A surreal dimension
Located somewhere between
A normal New Year 2020
And the imagined end
Of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

A dimension of sight, sound and mind
Taking us from the pit of superstition and fear,
To the sunlight of scientific knowledge.

The days pass endlessly
As we look for something to do
Again and again.
No meetings to go to,
Our year-planners and diaries
Consigned to being buried in dust.

Here we sit
In twilight:
Idly watching TV
Or catching up on household chores.
We take a daily walk
Even jog
And occasionally pop to the shops.

Shops that is, where you have to follow the arrows
Keep in your own little zone
Do Not Pass Go
Go straight to Jail –
I mean The Counter:
Once you have followed the maze
Of often empty shelves
Ransacked by Panic Buyers.

And at the counter you are served
By workers in gloves and plastic visors.
You must stay behind that line!

But mainly we sit like zombies,
Passing away the time.
At least the pressure is off:
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do.

But look!
A sign up ahead.
Maybe a crossing.
I hope it says
“The End”.

Paul Butters

© PB 19\4\2020. With due credit to “The Twilight Zone” TV series.
As we endure the Covid-19 Pandemic...
keonah Apr 4
I love you more than you know,
More than you will ever know
I love you more than I will ever be able to understand
Because, your love was temporary
But mine is timeless.
I miss you eveyday.
Sometimes I just
think I should  
be the
not the
lost into
Maria Etre Mar 3
Someone told me you're still pretty
you still wear your 20's in your 30's
bite your nails when angsty
and stutter when jittery

Someone told me you still fly
making the earth your sky
falling out of being shy
into living a different reality

Someone told me you still cry
when you're feeling, everything really...
turning your cheeks red with salty tears
chafing childhood from baby cheeks

Someone told me you...still...
Celia Feb 25
I bring you my heart as you would a flower. Take it, put it to your nose, press it to your lips, pin it to your breast.

There is no end
Nor can there ever be
For we are bound
I recently discovered this poem which was written by my grandmother. She passed away almost a year ago and I miss her everyday. I wanted to share a piece of her heart with the world.
Aneesh H Jan 31
Be like the Ocean - majestic, serene, resilient;
Accepting all, rejecting none.

Calm, Vast, Ageless, Timeless, Guileless:
Unto that source where all rivers become One.
The majesty and calm of the ocean has had a humbling effect on me,  each time I witnessed the ocean.  

It is said that the ocean is the true source of all rivers.  All major human settlements right from Egyptian, Indus Valley Civilization were borne on river banks. Thus,  rivers have sustained humanity since forever.

The source of all rivers,  it is said by the learned, in reality,  is the ocean: the ocean might also be their destination.  

I dream of a day when our hearts become as large as that of the ocean,  free of discrimination and deceit,  full of acceptance with no exception.
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