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Mica Light Jan 27
The waves tickle the shore,
Kissing the earth, reminding her
That she is loved.

The sand lives between
The rocks, gently holding and
Keeping them safe.

The trees whisper
Sweet nothings, that ring the
Chimes in my old soul.

And the mountains hug what I cannot.

The sun brings life to the day, and
Comfort in the dusk...
When it melts into oranges, pinks & golds.

Beams of safety coat the ocean.
Golden light washes over me, and
Penetrates my body.

That is when I see you there,
Letting the light lift you;
Dissipate you.

Right now, we are 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝘆 energy.

We are timeless in our golden hour.

I never want to leave this daze.
Let's stay in this golden way.

'Cause it's pretty cool,
That we can stop time,
𝘐𝘴𝘯'𝘵 𝘪𝘵?

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
Isaac Aug 2021
my Achilles heel that I feel too much, I deal with so much, the waves too rough

my realism steals my happiness at mimosa littered brunch, a shot just for fun

talking behind the mall in your car, tongues tied in the dark

intertwining my love like ivy, growing into your fruitful mind

driving through the busy streets to your private oasis

return to your arms, return to the basics
Frankie Gestone Jul 2021
Life is ravishing for those who dare to open it
And I am walking this path alone
No disturbances in the frequencies
Everyone, product of imagination
Reflections of an alternative self
This is my testimony I say to you
Don’t hear, but listen
Lift the veil, enter behind the curtains
The mist dances, revolves around the waterfall
Reflects us
Like you, me the water both flows in calmness and forces in destructive impacts
And on the other side is another dream
Not just a new chapter, but an entirely new book
A new entity like never seen, heard, or felt before
The mind opens its eyes and the heart follows suit
Dreams, life, reflection, reality, water, time, timeless, love, peace, understanding, enlightenment
Frankie Gestone Jul 2021
Dark Magic, you got the best of me
I just keep coming back effortlessly
For what it’s worth it got me temporarily
Bystander, the product of imagination
Jungle of animals calling into existence
To speak to me and you and show us true essence
Peak my mind beyond the limited sky
Ride the bridge through all time
Fly away, butterfly
Angel with wings
Temp me into your majesty, Oh Lord
Highways and freeways of many realms slide into my mind
Penetrate me
Blue diamond, green emerald
Color me inside out
Shoot me into timeless territory
Magic, dreams, timeless, life, love
Sindi May 2021
I took time to tick
The broken tock clock

I hung it up and sat down
Then I turned to look
In amazement at the tick tock clock

It ticked and tocked
When it stuck half past one
The morning was gone

And I realised
I touched nothing but the tick tock clock
© Sindi Kalumba
Two women in a timeless love
Two broken hearts coming undone
Once upon a time they were little girls
Now they're full grown
Learning a script they've always known
Rehearsing till dawn
Lines forever drawn
Two women in a timeless love
Roles recorded on their hearts
Two healing hearts performing as one
timeless love
Karijinbba Apr 2021
And my twin flame wrote;
"So, it's either too soon
or too late for love?"
Later realizing
who had sent that poem
I gave my true conscious reply
But it was too late
I missed my mark in poem
and sadly before
without meaning to do so.

An ancient script on stage
at the Hilton resurfaced from
that glorious Sunday.
Mother's Day missing the mark,
fame and great fortune!
I so adored you beloved.
You changed my world
Yes everything had meaning!

"True love is timeless
without beginning or end"
It's never too soon, nor too late.
In spirit in the beginning
and from that Hilton labby
Glued together twin flame lover
I wished with you to be.
My darling!
Timeless is true love.
By: karijinbba
All rights Reserved-74-95.
REVISED April 2021.
Zoe Mei Mar 2021
The shadows move in circles
as the world does.
As we live
it spins

it moves through my fingers like water
leaving no trace except
                                          that evaporates.
Grey Jan 2021
We sit at the cliff's edge
and skip rocks made of stardust
across the universe of time.
Happy 2021! I was moments away from falling asleep when this suddenly came to me and I just had to write it down.

Is having its time
The chance of a lifetime
Leaving all, timelessly uncertain

The only chance it got
Before being
By certainty

The essence of life
To be and not
And the timeless flow

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