Tekan Jan 2
Being able to race through the maze
that makes up the human mind
Getting deeply entwined
slowly getting ****** in by the itnrest we find
The constant turnover
of topics you bring to our mind.

Helping me lose grip of reality
I start to feed the power of immortality
As the idea of time vanishes from my mind.

Creating some sort of cosmic vibration
that send shivers down my spine

I'm so lucky to call you mine.

You the definition of fine
Meaning, "of very high quality"
As stated in the dictionary of our time.

But, not everything can be defined
Somethings are simply indiscribable,
like the beauty you help people find
In all the cracks of their broken minds.
Helping us understand
The perfectness of imperfections.

You bring the sunshine in the day
and refelt on the moon at night
Forever spreading your light.

An inspiration to humanity
that you bring so naturally
Showing, some kind of meaning to life
Proving, that even a nihilist
can give meaning to life.

Leading by example
You break through the boundaries
of the impossiblities
That we so easily create in our heads.
Slowly giving life to a new generation.

So trust me when I say this
-because it's not just me-
That can forse
The legacy
You were born to be
Written for my lover
A peice inspired by his translation through his music
Jessica Dec 2018
As suddenly as he came into my life,
my days began to revolve around him.
But not just revolve,
be determined around him.

Each time I saw him during the day,
it seemed as if a new day had come.
See him three times in a day,
experience three days within one.

It made days last forever -
we had forever at our fingertips.
The together forever only lasted 5 days,
The separate forever would last the rest of our lifetimes.  

Forever with you passes like 5 days and feels like forever
Forever without you never passes and feels like nothing.
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
On this precious day
May your smile shine bright.
The best of gifts-
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Mounds upon mounds.
What ever the weather.
The best of gifts wrapped not in paper,
Fancy knots or bows.
But of skin.
These happy memories one of many.
Full of footsteps & voices.
Good cheer but a candle.
Flickering against the shadows,
This precious day but a wick,
Dwindling in bright red.
I find much comfort in every thought.
Each kiss.
Snuggled warm and tight in the many memories soon to come.
The best gift.
Taken out the box bright for all to see.
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Let it snow
n-khrennikov Dec 2018
A lot of things want to leave in her arms, but it is time for my waves to go to it is roots. Safe and sweetness ... That is too much to taste her kisses.
n-khrennikov ©
Irina BBota Dec 2018
Ask the sun why it's so yellow,
and drops gold through my bare arms,
among bunches of white clouds as a
powder of the blue sky above the farms.

Ask why the water had just been pumped
on the fields, thirsty for green, and then
it turns into an embroidered silk skirt
balancing the years of clover's petals again.

Ask my arms why they have opened
to embrace the wind blowing through my hair
and gives to the forests green, silent lungs,
to beat the time that shows us a truth that's rare.

I know, one day our skin will have wrinkles
like the bleached petals, spoiled and faded,
and our youth will disappear between the walls
towards the nightfall with a lot of love invaded.

I know, even our brain will erode one day
like caves sculpted by the water that's thin
and will wipe out the crucial parts of us
to make room for things that are about to begin.

But... although our bodies will decompose,
they will rot right next to each other,
surviving the apocalypse that will convince us:
that our life was not a lie... but a wonder.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You have reached the edge of the world.
You held my hand- my toes, they curled.
I shook down my hair, without a care.
Lost in time in that infinite stare.
I wouldn't dare look away-
I want this moment;
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I love the smell of the rain.
Love feeling the release of pain.
Love feeling creative- love creating.
Can’t explain.

Love breaks my heart,
The world falls apart.
Feeling alone, but not set in stone,
Deserving a fresh start.

I’m immaculate with words,
I’m not standing with the herds.
Standing on my own two feet.
Anything else would be absurd.

I wonder where I’ll be,
I wonder what I’ll see.
In a land of grand disappointment,
I’m playing make believe.
Seanathon Nov 2018
To love is to appreciate the other.

The complexities of mind and heart.

The fraying string stretched inbetween.

And the newness of each breath to start.
I'm with you. Always around you. Only love, only love.
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