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James Study Sep 6
Where do dreams go
        when held like a treasure
To memories
         and linger years ever
Lyn-Purcell Sep 1
Rich and warmingly sweet dough
spiced with cinnamon
wisps of nutmeg, buttery
rolls baked gold-and-brown
Icing sugar made
now drizzle
Twenty-fourth Epulaeryu! ^-^
My sweet tooth returns with a vengeance! ;)
Another classic that never lets me down!
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Aug 30

How tenderness lives in those gifted hands
that flutter, making keys of ebony and
ivory sing.

Currently listening to 'River Flows in You' by Yiruma.
A wonderful and timeless piano piece!
Lyn xxx
Falling, and falling, as I always have,
I will consider a final line,
The essence of my life will search,
In the last moments I have left,
That maybe I found the words,
To describe the infinite,
Until then,
Falling, and falling, as I always have,
MicMag Aug 24
when it's been so long
you can't even remember
the last time
you laughed together

you can't even recall
what the last words were

months have passed

but it feels like
just yesterday
just this morning
five minutes ago

when the smiles return
the laughter flows free
the jokes pick right back up
where they left off

that's a
rob kistner Aug 22

beyond presence
beyond eternal
beyond the vexing temporal fray

like unto you
there is no other
and would it be no other way

and so it is
until forever
beyond even still the dying day

even still
the lightless coming

even still
all timeless void

and when all spirals down to naught
shall you endure
yet undestroyed


rob kistner © 2018
This is a portrait, painted in words, of an ecstatic vision that came to me in the clarity found deep in the trance of meditation.
It is a complete mystery to me with regard to its significance, but perhaps to the one(s) that need to know, it will be a revealing.
The words came forth effortlessly, almost prayer-like, as I reflected on the vision in its aftermath, not long after the meditation that birthed it.
I move
through gently opening embraces
and find myself
firmly enveloped in your luscious warmth
that urges me to push on further
until we reach the moment
  out of time and space
that holds us close
forever and again
in a world of brilliant galaxies
in deep space
Lyn-Purcell Aug 11
They're a frozen sun;  a
light that lives in
Ever looked at someone's photo and felt their light, even though they are gone?
Maria Etre Jul 23
"Let's" she said
as she walked into
a play ground
of timeless
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