Sitting on an apple tree,
I glimpsed unto the bees,
'Twas scantier the yesterday
Upon the silent deeds.

Today, on afternoon break,
Behind an ample hill,
I met this young with wagon
Who gathered crumbs for me.

A 1d
You love like my cell phone camera trying to focus. I want it to focus on a certain apple in the tree but the camera always wants to focus on the Apple next to it. Annoying, it is. I’m not sad that my camera is focusing on the Apple next to the other Apple because this Apple is actually in better shape than the others. This Apple is perfectly colored red with a small, pale yellow patch on the side.
Mystic Ink Feb 14
Before Adam and Eve
I ate that apple

Never, you were taught. umm
Theme: Ask my contemporaries, they witness.
Will Feb 8
Scuffed case.
Paired and synced.
Simple, easy.
Simplistic beauty.
Music plays.
Audio flowing.
Eardrums tremble.
Heartbeat flowing.
Time slowing.
Soul escaping.
Joy replacing.
IPM Jan 13
I bite off rotten apples
just to have a taste,
of all the the waste
shoved down my throat.
wordvango Dec 2017
Stands for me!

Dressed up
All Pink and white
Glowing from tip to
Outspread reach


Both in sun in
A buzz

The chorus of nature
Majestic ingeniously
Being the freshest
Breath of

Of hope and
Deep Sangani Dec 2017
Let me narrate you A STORY
it began with a girl
watching an apple closely.
Watching how the caterpillar
crawled it way,
eating all day.
She cut the apple in front of his face,
and watched him run away
(W H Y D I D'NT  H E S T A Y?)
but there is a twist in the story-
the apple was her heart,
while the caterpillar was him- gone.
The story ended with a bloody knife,
lying next to her long LOST smile.
Was I not good enough?//
Bret Dec 2017
Hollow screams run like rivers through brick and mortar.
Rotting wood and a melting sun keep the apples from ripening.
I tried to love her clean
But the rain kept coming and I can't swim.
The cowards way out
But a part of me would rather never play
Than see my loss through. A staring match with my fingernails
But I hate losing so I don't.

We're all a bit sick, and I've come to terms with it but I've seen enough TV to make me think I'm a doctor when really I'm just trying to forget that nobody can love me like the act I put on.
too much lol? Happy holidays
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
The sun, also rises, I've heard that said, before
the joy of simply being alive, no-one could ask, for more

I've been down the road awhile, seen and done, some things
laughed and cried, sung, and died, all what feelings, bring

Ever in the memories, and committed too the vault, of mind
overjoyed, at the sweet thought of long remembered, times

When end of days, and all succumb, at last
I'll spend my whole eternity, wandering, in my past

I'll raise my chin, my head, will be held up high
and know beyond a shadow's doubt, she was
the apple, of my eye
More words, falling out of my head :D
Apple in my eye
I hope you're not into another guy
Life has made my eyes undry
But I'll be alright
Opinions take flight
This is not a safe time of night
Let's go somewhere safer
Too many scoundrels and vandals active in this spectrum.
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