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grace 2d
her smile tastes like apple juice
so crisp and colored in red
let's hope she survives another night
when she feels she's better off dead
Poetic T Feb 5
If we are the seed
      And the Apple our

Then why have we
      Not grown.

For all that falls
     From our branches

Is infertile notions.

It takes only one to flourish,
              Then all shall grow
               Reaching higher,

Than anything that falls.
Maaz Jan 30
Upon the tree of eternity a man laid his gaze,
A sight that caused his thoughts to haze.
The words of the devil he could not trust,
yet gazing at this tree his heart filled with ****.
He stepped forward and took from the damnable tree,
A mistake, he soon realised, to doom him eternally.

Alas, the forbidden fruit had been consumed,
the dissolute nature of man finally exhumed.
As the consequences began to loom overhead,
"Oh, forgive me for my sin", he said,
"I have taken a bite from the forbidden fruit,
yet still I wish to confute,
The idea that I am inherently bad,
For I cannot bear to lose all that I've had"

To go from a world so green and lush
to one where the ground was covered with dust,
was the price this credulous man had to pay,
banished to earth,
to live out the rest of his days.
Our story of origin
Justin Zheng Jan 11
i like to leave read receipts on
because i know they belong
in a world full of deceit
tell the truth
an imperfect audit
of truth
low poetry Jan 8
ones with whom we shared the story
it’s time to farewell
i’m sorry

i’ve decided to seek the truth
so i must cut the storytelling
we shared that amazing youth
that give birth of mine rebellion
showed me what is right and what is wrong
and the big picture where i belong

smart goals and networks are not for me
my desire is abstract and unknown freedom
the first step is to destroy the rotten family
while eating all the apples from that tree in edem
then goes years of accumulating the vitality
and breaking through the curtains of civilization mentality

my final destination is the state of self
where all **** sorted on the one shelf
where the body is a temple
and spirit is a whole
where nature is the teacher
and words are under control
where the only currency is energy
and time is absolute
where the only possession is awareness
and love is a root

so, guys, our story ends
now, the death is my only friend
character - is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed
Latifah Jan 8
You have to cut
a rotten love
from its roots
and leave no room
for it to grow again
and toxicate your heart
don’t let it bring death
upon your soul.
Katie Miller Jan 7
Twist the stem
And I was scared
As I got close to your name
It landed on just that one letter
That you write on every paper
And letter and note
Because you were the letter of my apple stem

I was told when I was younger
“Twist a stem, that person will love you”
But now I realize that if you plant a stem
Nothing will grow from it but hope
A twisted stem detached from the apple
Means nothing but the fact
That I love you

I thought that I could love you
If my red apple told me so
And I was right because I really do love you
I eat apples until I’m sick and can’t stomach the thought of anymore
But that means nothing with a twisted branch
And all that’s left
Is a broken apple stem
When I was younger, I was told that if you hold an apple and twist the stem while saying the alphabet, whichever letter the stem broke on would be your next true love. I was doing this with a friend today (even though we're almost 16) and I realized how silly it was for the thousandth time. I knew it was ****** and ridiculous, but I kept doing it, simply because of hope.
Julia Dec 2018
this Christmas
i will give my boo
an apple tattoo
on his heart

and we will start
to make a new life
through Winter’s strife
this New Year

everywhere i hear
all you need is love
i pray to God above
send some our way
i love you acorn honey
Sarah Berube Oct 2017
A single seed is buried beneath the soil.
Nurtured by its home.
It grows from a dot
To an arm reaching for the sky.

The apples dangle by a thread.
Some fall to the ground and serve as dinner to deer.
Some are ripped from their suspension by
Human hands for a snack.

Selflessness. To give gifts with
Receiving nothing in return.
Take opportunities
And make something out of them.
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