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The apple looks down from the treetop
Marvels at the beauty of the lake which flows beside its home, the apple tree.

‘Oh how wonderful it must be to take a dip in the pristine lake and come out sparkling clean’

The lake charmed by the red delicious  apple, wondered

‘How blessed the humans must be to eat and cherish every bite of the juicy apple, sweet!’

Thoughts of the pristine lake and the apple sweet
Unheard by the deer, prancing under the tree
Star BG : Apr 2
Looked at your picture and out this came. :)

Two apples sat on window cil. Both taking in the beautiful scenery. Both using their scent to attract nostril canals to wet an appetite. Both reminding of the concept to share and take in the scenery.
rach Sep 22
sun shines brightly,
leaves are dancing simultaneously
wind is blowing softly,
while drizzles are falling partly
everything's stately,
but all I see is my one and only

you're the epitome of an apple
that is shining, splendid on a table
a lot of alluring things behind
but you're stunning along the aisle
my eyes are only focusing on you
percieving how gorgeous you are

and now as you reach the altar,
I can't help but to pule
I'm glad to see you smile
standing next to his arm
I'm now letting you go
--please be happy with the man
you're holding right now
Amanda Sep 9
Autumn approaches.
Pumpkin spice, apple cider,
the flavors of fall.
Her body language
flirts, her smile reckons me.
****, she’s what I need.
quick one before my meeting
Adrian Aug 16
In my hand I hold an apple.
What a sweet delight.
In my hand I hold an apple.
I take a big bite.
In my hand I hold an apple.
I keep eating more and more.
In my hand I hold the core of an apple
It's not the same as before.
William Troup Jul 24
Time ... a thief of youth my friend,
   is swinging from a precipitous tree;
   hopeful is the apples glee!

   Now bright little apple, sing and be
      a gentian, rose, or something of a bee?
      The fallen clap from parapets ... see?
          be the free?
          be the dream?
          be the start ... with something of a heart!
Laokos Jul 23
days go
like cars
go by
like days
by like
cars go
like days
go by
cars go
by in fashion
in form in
unison in

awake to repeat
on time
today as skeletons
flame contagion
bright against
your ripe apple

again arranging
your pattern to
fit   /   feed
the mouth sloppy
below bit-beady
black holes
What's on your mind?
An apple to eat!
A love letter to send!
Or just singing!

What's on your mind?
Before or after diet!

What's on your mind?
The apple you have not eaten yet
The message you have not sent yet
The lyrics still waiting for singing
What's on your mind?

Dear Facebook,
Why you insist to share an answer?

Maybe the question always was
What's in your heart?

Maybe your question mislead me,
Someone and everyone!

Oh Dear,
Someone's heart talks more than mind!
Someone's heart writes the incomplete lyrics!

If in someone's mind a red apple,
It’s a red rose in someone's heart!!

If in someone's mind to be a bird,
A heart says fly with me!!

Dear FB,
You should have known that!
Empire Jun 10
Tech is a strange thing
I watch my caffeine levels
On a heart rate graph
I should probably drink some water
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