‘Had an apple, ended up here
Is this hell?
Can I now have more apples?’
Asked Adam.

Eating luscious forbidden apples in your garden,
was a pleasure not to be spoken in front of others.
I agreed in a silent conspiracy with you, nevertheless,
it remains an ache, in the tender muscles of my heart,
which I love to nurse with relish,whenever I get a chance

I grabbed at my chest,
Wanting to rip out my lungs
as they suffocated my heart.

I originally thought you
poisoned my heart but
Maybe your
Apple pie
Maple syrup
Corrupted my lungs and
Turned them evil.

They squeeze together and
Dis-form  themselves just to hurt
My heart.

I cant breath when I think of you,
No, not in a good way.

Cliff Green Oct 28

The close trimmed whiskers on these faces in the crowd;
ivy on Jay Gatsby's wall.

A parody arising from a trip to the Apple store.
Faan Oct 26

freshly squeezed from the fruit, your nectar so tasty.
one cup I have drank, and then another, and another.
perfect amount of sweetness, and not the sugar thats man-made,
yet, unlike raw apple, your flavour is so fine.
should I put you back in the fridge now, my beloved?
or keep you with me, in case I thirst later,
walking to the freezer is troublesome work, I do not want
to leave the chair I cherish so much.
ah, screw it, I'll finish you off, who cares if it's one big bottle?
you make me dry lips moist, my heart beats, and my dopamine release.
if I can go back a million years, only bringin one modern tech with me,
it would be you, my dear apple juice, as you are mankinds best invention.
I love you, marry me, I'll always be loyal to you.
who needs a girlfriend, or ntr? as long as you are with me.

just a joke poem I wrote
Svode Oct 24

An apple fell from a tree.
Did it want to fall from that tree?
Where it was so secure and cozy,
only to hit the ground of reality.

It will never come back to that tree,
it's stems have been cut off.
It'll fend for itself,
but that's hard for an apple to do.

I made this for fun :P

Listening to calm water pasting by taken old memoires with it.  Watching roses dancing in the summer breeze. Letting tears fall where they can not be seen.

Getting you out of my head and my life once and for all. Reviving a dying heart putting it back together piece by piece. I don't miss the fun we had.

Everything has change so fast nothing can ever be as it once was. Your love is like a poisoned apple one bite and your dead.

This is about that point in your life where there is that one person you want to forget and get out of your life and out of your head

I visit this tree each and every day.
From the steams, to the fruit to the leaves.
Each part is a different part of her.
She blossoms in spurts.
Her leaves lost in the wind.
Hiding how ticklish she really is.
She keeps the best part of her high up on the branches.
Inspiring me to reach higher.
Knowing that arms reach wouldn't satisfy either of us.
Old pieces of her falling off to wither.Rot.
The parts of her that weren't ready to share.
I love every bit of it.
To sit and reconcile under the shade of her leafy dress.

Beautiful and strong.

We rustle ourselves in the comfort of each others company.

Taking our time to climb the ladder of branches.

I am always happy to see her.

Taking the seeds that she gives.

Planting them all around her.

Until we reveal everything there is, about ourselves.

In beautiful coincidence.

Taking our time to climb her beautiful branches

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