Technology is a speck in my eye that I have to address
If I have one more thing to check I’m gonna get upset
This speck is growing - it’s causing me undue stress
My mind is swirling, but I’m still obsessed

I want to take a break from this mess
Social media porn addiction
Life is a mirror I’m just a reflection
The real I isn’t found in this prism

How many accounts do I need?
How many times should I tweet?
Why do people not like me or my posts when I post a selfie?
How come people don’t comment when I say help me?

Countless minds all kept at bay
Wrapped up like gifts on Christmas day
Follow me, says Steve – love Technology
Just don’t do like I do - because I don’t believe

Buy what I’m selling you, it’s called peace of mind
Here, take another hit, it will blow your mind!
Jobs is a dealer we’re all buyers
But damn it, I’m done feeling so dire!

Stuck in the mire, weird desires
I want my mind back - I want to re-acquire it
Psychological bullets rain their gunfire
I just want to be free – just want to be me

How do I get out of the tech penalty line?
Which course should I take which number is mine?
Never immune but I want to dance to a different tune
So, goodbye tech, goodbye world, goodbye “life”, hello soul!
Aa Harvey Apr 6
Apples in orchards

Apples in orchards crashing like snowflakes to the ground,
They fall into the baskets to be eaten now.
They have ripened and at last we can taste their juices;
This fruit of the loom brings pleasure to our mouths.

Vineyards drunk dry by drunken Mediterranean’s,
Create a wine so divine, you would swear it was a God send.
There is no end of pleasure to be found in this land of ours;
Sip the wine and spit it out and then while away the hours.

Summer shines upon us, as we are drunk in love;
We have tasted her, we are with her and she is the one.
The one who brings us happiness when all else is dark.
She brings us the warmth we crave; she is euphoria for the heart.

Dance for your lover and take off your clothes
And you will see the smile on their face.
Love each other truly and who knows,
You could grow apples in your orchard and savour the taste.

Love is your apple and your life is your orchard;
It takes two to grow an apple, so come on now don’t be a dullard.
Smother them in love and your orchard will grow
And at last you will have a place you can feel at home.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Steve Page Apr 3
I've just gone past my best before,
but I'm still before my sell by;
I may well suit a daring soul
who'll give a Russet a try.

I'm not as smooth as some of my brothers
and not easy to describe,
but if you like warm and spiced
I may be just your type.

You may detect the odd small wart,
but please - don't be put off;
you'll be surprised how good I look
after a thorough wash.

So take a chance, take me home
and take a slice with cheese;
you'll soon find from the taste that flows
I'm far more than what you see.
Don't judge a book by its colour or an apple by its skin.
He gave a gap-toothed grin
I watched it spread across a cute face, dappled
with lovely little angel kisses
and red red cheeks, my rosy apple
A sweet little boy. <3
Samantha Mar 13
There are some people out there,
Spreading lies to those unaware...
Listen, friends, to my words;
And hear the horrors they said, the curse!

"Price doesn't matter, and it never has,
We'll make a fortune on our own path!
Who even cares about the headphone jack?
It's a waste, nobody wants it back."

"Besides, we can market to those who are dumb.
Stupid enough to type with just a thumb;
They won't care about a closed system.
Nerds? Who could think that we missed 'em?"

This is why I decided to not
Buy from the company as messy as a knot.
I'd rather spill a whole glass of Snapple
Than own a device made by Apple.
This wasn't a very good poem, but I decided to finish it when I found out that it was lying around in my "DRAFT" section for over a month.
sunprincess Mar 11
A summer story told
the keeper of honesty
all things bright
holds the pretty red apple
into the light
of the midday sun
and then proceeds to
it to the core
this is the only way
she can decide
to devour this
or enjoy something else
trf Feb 25
MY build to suit mind is designed for disappointing,
a warehouse space of dim lights, taunted by an l.e.d. retrofit,
TREPIDATIOUS, unable to sign my life's lease to own,
YEARS spoiled like produce, a dumpster gratefully digests.
I was 7, a little league southpaw, my arm, accurate on the mound.
PRACTICE of carelessly skipping stones over invulnerable ponds.
that day, the equation was misaligned, numbers squared roots and
CAUSED the answer to spawn seismic ripples of infinite affects.
it was the split second that was carelessly skipped and
THIS boy's vulnerable retina, the invulnerable pond.
although I was the expert marksman, I begged William not to Tell,
SO he blindly obliged my apple-shot withdraw request,
NOW spoiled produce my dumpster won't gratefully digest.
WHAT i regret most is not saying, William. Tell.
my trepidatious years I practice caused this so now what

Sitting on an apple tree,
I glimpsed unto the bees,
'Twas scantier the yesterday
Upon the silent deeds.

Today, on afternoon break,
Behind an ample hill,
I met this young with wagon
Who gathered crumbs for me.

A Feb 24
You love like my cell phone camera trying to focus. I want it to focus on a certain apple in the tree but the camera always wants to focus on the Apple next to it. Annoying, it is. I’m not sad that my camera is focusing on the Apple next to the other Apple because this Apple is actually in better shape than the others. This Apple is perfectly colored red with a small, pale yellow patch on the side.
Mystic Ink Feb 14
Before Adam and Eve
I ate that apple

Never, you were taught. umm
Theme: Ask my contemporaries, they witness.
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