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Mar 2019 · 215
Brynn S Mar 2019
Tear my skin piece by peace
I see the bones leaking in feast
Emmergance of the palest formation
No more turns for degradation
Peal back lids and watch them fall
A shell of a mind once stood tall

Petals of birth
They fall to the ground
Each day another
None left to surround

Lonesome I may
Given with greed
Taken the chance
Most others would flee

Break my neck
My legs as well
Transform me into art
May all others go to hell
Mar 2019 · 316
Brynn S Mar 2019
The night has been soaked in gasoline
Light the match and set the scene
Drops of sun, and brim of dark
It tips it eyes to the cherished lark
Three years of time
Stolen in seconds, paid by dime

My forked tongue wished and whispered
As the light slithered and cut with scissor

Terror in the first degree
Set the stove to burn
Leave it on the timer
The one in which priorities urn

Paint them some smiles
Keep them coming for miles
They only stay around when you flip the bill
Take one chance and then will they spill

Alone, take it as a loan
Another debt to pay onces the moon rise again
Desert eyes with silk vein
Corrode in marrow, then she will be sane
Mar 2019 · 227
Brynn S Mar 2019
Become the young
Breathe the bitter air with vibrancies
Intake the lucid eye
Though you’ll never see it again
Once the juice runs out
Glide with hands spread on both sides
Scream death away
Kick the rain
Believe you can return it to the sky
Know that when you age
You’ll be there too
High as a kite
Mar 2019 · 237
Brynn S Mar 2019
Reflections of endless winter
The trees overhead are left unclothed
Their branches bend as if they were a wise elder
Pebbles covered in dew
Rusted signs follow the path of the beast
A silent engine to watch over the body
Water’s edge, solemn and soulful
As it is measured as low-leveled it reflects the sky
Reaching to it as if they were connected
The hum of birds in return of their journey
They are confused as time stood still in the place they once fled from
The return shows coldness yet comfort to the creatures building life
Light so dim yet vibrancy leaks through shadowed clouds
The darkness only intensified the light
Light that projected from the small droplets upon glass
Little specs of sun, brought from the heavens to give light to the dark world.
Mar 2019 · 212
Brynn S Mar 2019
Sometimes I watch the paper as it fills with words; much like an overflow of a cup
Pen ink spills onto the pages with words only to be read in a certain order
If read closely the true intentions are met
If not the words are incoherent and absolute *****
I do love writing with my face centimeters from the page
The words flow like waves and their radiance proves brilliance
Watching someone write shows their heart
Their true mindset
Watching their words curve is like following directions to a new world; one of which leads to the heart.
Feb 2019 · 310
Brynn S Feb 2019
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
Feb 2019 · 200
Brynn S Feb 2019
Feet under crystal green water
Fragments of debris float in circular motions
Tracing the minds pondering nature
World passes as if turning backwards
Return to the former place one of purity
The corruption brought forth a small death
One of little significance yet large impact
Only personal not important

The clocks are abused
Mistreatment of age delivers hell
Feb 2019 · 3.7k
Brynn S Feb 2019
Bloom from decay
Follow moss of black rain
Run towards shattered laughter
Pierce nightly noose as if to welcome him
Wait and stay patient
“Time will arrive soon enough
Though, only few understand”
The mystic in teardrop’s reflection whispers
She is a woman, creature, a not-yet-spirit
tallons reach to comfort
Iris torn, fragmented judgment
Those eyes melted off skin
They sunk towards the floor
Deep depths of pit, madness separated weeks
Fall, fall slow, invite the insanity
The lady with the crook smile and stolen wings
Feb 2019 · 197
Brynn S Feb 2019
The gun has been facing me for too long
The final thought and word from the poet
To be someone’s is to hurt self
To be no one’s is far better
Cracked eyes and tiger streams melt
Lashes collect at dripped edge
lept in multitudes, landed not once
Knees buckle under gravity
Chance has torn the light from eye’s view
Teeth scratch, the bite cruel and deep
But words, those words have lead wars without end
Have me listen to poison, falsities proved echos
In dark- clouded minds,  night delivers truth
Harsh truth of moments blind
The nightmare persists
One’s life is not yet to be theirs.
Jan 2019 · 184
Brynn S Jan 2019
We laid there
Untop of pitch
Wading in water’s sound
The spot surrounded by an absent crowd
They awaited our voices
We sang, we kissed
Never did the sun shadow us
Not for a second did we want to move
In the heart of the process
In the absence of home
We found something else
This is in inspiration from a moment from the past where I and another found a stage that, in prior, had a concert and had not been torn down yet. So we just climbed onto it and laid there listening to blowing breeze, Elvis, and the water.
Jan 2019 · 226
Brynn S Jan 2019
You’ll go blind darling;
Power to the top shelf
rush into will
Melt into minds pull
Silent drums and wonders vast
I twisted your hair and grabbed at cloth past
I wanted only a moment to stay forever
Jan 2019 · 422
Brynn S Jan 2019
Tall and dark
A handsome face
She walks amoungst the thorns
Pricking them first
Laughter in angst
Remorse in the joyous

Eyebrows flare, eyes rolled to white
She dulled the jewels on the beetles back
She convinced the bird to veer from flight
She crushed the soul of the earth’s core
Crunched it like a pit
And let bloom decay.
Jan 2019 · 175
Brynn S Jan 2019
Circles of chalk mend thy breakage
Follow the whisper to know end
Propose a query that might find no answer
Choose to follow that path of the madman send
Silent they wake with their ears tipped slight
Shake the feathers off your shoulders
Wrap tight in hand the skeletal kite
Flight is not with a heavy heart;
But with those who choose to jump first
Dec 2018 · 263
Brynn S Dec 2018
Thrown like a disk
I follow where I am led
Not where I wish
Flying through time
Walking through life
I’ve not found my end
Nor am I willing to die
Dec 2018 · 206
Brynn S Dec 2018
Pierce my spine
Bend me to look north
Words to the profits
Notes to the legacy
Grab my hands and pull
Directions of decent
Paralysis of the edge
Tipping and melting
I spill over sides
The platform shatters
The worlds collide

godly oppression
Insatiable recession
Pulled from one direction to the other there will be conflict. Finding truths in falsities, forming direction through questions.
Dec 2018 · 257
Brynn S Dec 2018
Mind these words
I’ve listened before
But what if the music falls short?
The latter isn’t as pretty as the start
Nor is it as tempting to follow
To entice is to be quite precise
Strategy is key, whilst motives are to see

wait for it
The silence
Live in it, fall deep
You’ll hear humming soon after
Like a songbird or wind
But nothing outlasts the the chords
Those notes to mend
A hodgepodge of words and ideas. Later they will be placed into the proper formatting.
Dec 2018 · 201
Brynn S Dec 2018
Have you ever followed the demons?
Asking with a gentle eye, bright and mad
The folly of my spouts, they leave without doubts
To love is to lust, and following shows passion
I’ve watch the heels, I’ve clicked stones
Passage ways of tender, placed highest unto thrones
Blessed be, blessed without
I will find another
Take note of her pout
Dec 2018 · 224
Brynn S Dec 2018
I reach for more
My grasp holds short
I slip further
Though I stand tall
With or without
The heads and eyes
They bend with me
Watching and wonder
They simply ask “why?”
I ask “why not?”
Dec 2018 · 202
Brynn S Dec 2018
Everyone wants a poem
Short and sweet; how they love it so
Artistry for some, pretentious to others
“Keep it short darling”
“Let those pretty lips speak of happiness”
I have a true mind, a true heart too
I will not wait to be able to share
I say them when I feel them
To write words is to tell a story
Maybe poetry is too short for me
I do not aim to please the masses, I aim to please myself. I want to feel content with what I write about.
Dec 2018 · 409
Brynn S Dec 2018
Shine against cool winter’s skin
Breath in place of crackling voice
The room has been awoken with footsteps
Behind a veil of black the eyes are left hushed
She felt him, electricity buzzed
The motions felt swift, though lingered on cress
Little glimpses, flashforwards to each motion
Electric candlelight burns at edge
The eye of the hurricane ascended
She felt him, his hands like silk
His touch greeted her, she fell
Into the skeleton of the room
Confined to their space of absolute
Stars outlined edges, moments left to soak
She could see without sight
Each spin of the record
Each hum of the base
Comforted by quilt, entangled in skin
Dec 2018 · 225
Brynn S Dec 2018
I keep it close
A lucky time
Tracing its roots
None to find
I search to reasons
Why I love
It all circles back
It fits like a glove
Entranced by reason
I fall faded to the wind
Past lives may clue
None to know
Stuck like glue
Dec 2018 · 290
Brynn S Dec 2018
I hear the scratching in my head
The plates shift and creek
Laying back against a pillow
The mind wonders and the hearts shriek
Dec 2018 · 924
Brynn S Dec 2018
Have you ever watched the stars fall from your eyes?
Not many have, it’s a terror that masks itself as blue
Once the stars fall they reveal the darkness beneath
The absolute
That’s what I call it, it’s an immenant force awoken by madness
It exhumes itself from a dusted space and collects the spare thoughts
It feeds on my lungs, it rips pieces of my soul
Dragging them down to the plunging tides to be washed and preserved into a formulation of unbridled torment
I have not the slightest to why my heart beats in two awful tones
Maybe it’s the excitement, maybe the moans
I need not worry for breath falls short
I always reconcile back to the night it made itself known
A dwelling creature beneath my stomach
Risen from the ashes and buried in self pity
The sad clown of desire without as much as a tear I stood there petrifical in glances
Watching the bottom of the glass come closer, it snuck up on me as it’s fragments plunged into my chest and brought with it the terror
Frozen in silence I heard only the wails of my lungs
Dec 2018 · 160
Brynn S Dec 2018
Chase me like sweet syrup
Running down my throat
Plunging into the swirling pools
Esentric flames, bursts of passion
Only in minutes do I hold your time
Clutches of eminent divine
Glory blossoms
Fawning over youth
Rise lover’s quill
Awake the beast
I’ve been having writers block, my mind has not yet been cleared.
Dec 2018 · 588
Brynn S Dec 2018
Like a small cigarette
Your touch wraps around me
The dream fever sets in and I awake
In a trance I lept from my skins
To fall is to never sink
Ease and tension simulataniously working as one
An emotion of heartache and peace
I fear I may never leave your side
Even in miles of distance there is the connection
The maps of stria
The leaflets of lonely-togetherness
All words fall short
Though those eyes have spoken
They imprint themselves onto my soul
Devotion in absolute
I will be yours once I am not
Dec 2018 · 318
Brynn S Dec 2018
The translucent glass
Small vines wrap around
It connects the inside to the outer shell
The bones of hollow
And the gloss of blues
Vivid to the eye
Reflections of light show themselves
The small mysteries of earthy heavens
The sounds of frigid winds carry
The small angels of earth
They blend and blind the blood ones
Those who stalk its lusterful beauty
To watch it float is like to watch a tear fall
Fall from the eyes of innocence
Glowing with flames of ice
Perpetual harmonious laughter
Ringing like small myths to the eyes
Glorious creature they are
Glorious they will be,
Those who fly
Inspiration from Dr. Faustus, giving light to darkness
Dec 2018 · 301
Brynn S Dec 2018
To feel alive is to have stars in my eyes
Unity for the sun and moon to arise
The times where I’ve lived until the night has died

Each line of words has a meaning to me
They are mine for you
I share them for that one day you understand me
One day you’ll know me
Until then these are left here
Dec 2018 · 305
Brynn S Dec 2018
What were words before us?
Inventions of man’s design
Truth lines with their meaning
The heartfelt nothing that is sounded just right
Dec 2018 · 145
Brynn S Dec 2018
Life after?
At the end of the line there’s peace
A small fragment in the unknown
to venture it is to walk a line
Telephone wires crosses
Small synopsis of chemistry
bodies we are
Bodies we will be
A short story of mine
One of fleeting time
Strung out on God’s
We are left to feel the mean time
Cruel it may seem
To those lived, now a dream
Dec 2018 · 222
Brynn S Dec 2018
Manufactured moans
My stomach turns to stones
I cannot feel, how I used to is a flare
Each second after I am left
Left to something odd; my mind
My mind can’t place or displace
Everything evaporates
Not much is left to salvage
The rubble vibrates
Turning into winged creatures
They escape through my mouth
It’s over
Nov 2018 · 352
Brynn S Nov 2018
I float
No longer swimming to suffice
I’ve met at minds edge
The peak of perception
Lies veiled and lay to rest
I no longer need a spark
Ends of tired knives
Too sick to hurt
Power from the depths
I emerge
Nov 2018 · 251
Brynn S Nov 2018
Mountains drip into devils pond
Broken wings float and fall
Clueless and reckless they fought
Angels of fallen
Angels of darkness
They fly around my mind
Whipping into kelidoscope frames
The outskirts of joy
The edges of pains
They rise and drift
Like summers breeze
Cold and stiff they no longer breathe
Harsh and irrational they plunge
Diving into the deep ends of thoughts
It pains me to see them leave
The give me strength
Whilst to others deceive
Nov 2018 · 310
Brynn S Nov 2018
Cigarette burnt skin
Rise from within
Marks of the mind
Memories unfold
Unraveled and intertwined
The moments were left short
Though all traces last
Falling to the sky
Racing lungs bite
Pinching and clutching breath
What is the punishment of lust?
Could their loves be condemned?
Nov 2018 · 147
Brynn S Nov 2018
Two small globes
Cover with view
Small and frail
See thy truth
Nov 2018 · 305
Brynn S Nov 2018
Open up your doors
The soul of the elder
Rusted keys chirp
Under prints small flutter
Fly into the heavens
Songbird of far
Death until morning
Follow knight’s star
Nov 2018 · 238
Brynn S Nov 2018
Warm tone
Leaves of fallen trees
The trees of distress
Nights that howl
Smoke writes letters
Ones to spell truth
Secrets kept before sleep
Oh what it it was to hold youth
Nov 2018 · 309
Brynn S Nov 2018
Dreams slip away
Fogged glasses
Wind chimes sound
Leaves start to crumble
Wind under feathers shriek
Thrills of the splinters
Each mask worn differently
Those who seek will never find
Nov 2018 · 261
Brynn S Nov 2018
Little boy blue
In love with his shoe
Polish and clean
So fondly you gleam
Smile in delight
Scuffs in spite
Return to anew
You and your laced shoe
Title is a play on words, as mending a shoe could represent training the ability to stand tall/ confidence. Cleaning the shoe, getting rid of the faults. Heel to heal.
Nov 2018 · 280
Brynn S Nov 2018
The bin
Silly little boy
You say such odd things
Small quips of a king
Tall steps they must seem
How far you have traveled
How tired you must be
Oh dear child
Save your soft gleam
Thank you for your words
Each little line
Ridicule shall fade
All in good time
Nov 2018 · 574
Brynn S Nov 2018
A small note attached to the small toe of the not yet dead woman
It read of sorrow and peace as she lay there still breathing
To why was she spread upon the iron table with eyes the color of coins
Displayed, surrounded by mirrors and windows ***** and unbreakable
Not a whimper slipped from her mouth as the small knife slit into her
Tearing the silk gown with precision of an artist,
the butcher masqueraded itself as husband
Emerald eyes shed no tears, reflexes halt to an end, an acceptance was reached
In her hands held a relic, one of the past and future. The piece was a watch
Ticking, counting down each second of breath. Belief in release the ******* death
Feeling of pleasure with each cut, the teasing texture of blood cascading downwards
How tantalizingly horrific the scene of sacrifice; a modern day alter
Rested upon rusted roses and sweet thorns the alive child laid
Silence for she has given voice to the goddess and the body to the God
Nov 2018 · 183
Brynn S Nov 2018
As the time drags on you can absorb all that surrounds you in a time much different than all others.
You look at the clock and it may choose to go forwards or even backwards, strange.
It is absolute madness I know; but it is also something to make you think. If time is straight forward then why can we feel it bend so easily?
The rules are twisted and manipulated, something as concrete as time is then changed.
It drags on though, like that last drop of syrup from the glass bottle. So sweet and decadent you must indulge in it before it is gone; time that is.
Nov 2018 · 258
Brynn S Nov 2018
Surrounded by light
You are darker
Follow the peace
But you are darker
Standing out
Knowing own grounds
You are special
Different and new
Nov 2018 · 413
Autumn pt.2
Brynn S Nov 2018
Burnt leaves
Colors of decay
How slowly they fall
Skeletal trees sway
Each cobbled stone promise
Coated with glass
Rain spots and reflections
Eyes watch in love
For the new birth of season
Nov 2018 · 350
Brynn S Nov 2018
When the writer stopped
The clicks disappeared
Paper lay silent
Words melted into floor
Candle wax measured time
Each drop a new hour
Pens of neglect
The dagger of mighty men
It laid there
Dusted and calm
Nothing was left
There was nothing to right
“Right” is a play on the word “write”, as the direct focus is on a writer without any words left. Or is he to “right”his wrongs/ confess? Ponder this
Nov 2018 · 318
Brynn S Nov 2018
I thank you
Swallow my mind whole
Leave not a crumb
Consume my words
Know my grief
Watch as I sink
Each cry for help
Every bit was for you
Oh sweet audience
How I do love the spotlight
Little candles burn at stages edge
Let me not sear at flame
Nov 2018 · 312
Brynn S Nov 2018
Deep green
Withered screen
Soft skin
Rotting thin
Blessed boy
Restless joy
I cover it
Each heartache
Each pain
To feel you again
To understand touch
To remember such
Love me once more
Barriers will fall
We shall collide
Extremeties dissapate
Crooked smiles will align once again
Nov 2018 · 169
Brynn S Nov 2018
Burning hole
Creator of flesh
Burn into me
Miss sweet sleep
Follow broken glass
Perpetual numbness
The numbers add
Armies formed
The night of blood
Creeks of clear
Walks so silent
Two feet
Attack pavement
Sit for awhile
Rest your head
No not hurt
Swallow those dead.
Nov 2018 · 185
Brynn S Nov 2018
Follow sparrows
Each one a mark
Crackles of pennies
Change of dark
Form new silhouettes
Show them a brush
Per chance you’ll fall
Swiped by the rush
Nov 2018 · 236
Brynn S Nov 2018
Breath to chance
Each silent dance
Flesh of moment
The bones of time
Parades of crimson
Blankets of coal
Ivory mothers
Nothing but soul
Touch the night
Caress warm velvet
I’ll see you again
Do not ask when
Nov 2018 · 262
Brynn S Nov 2018
Burst of nothingness
Fallen into mind
They scream
They bleat
Falling silently
Nothing to fleat
The flies swarm
They fleat
The tombs hide
Continue to eat
Gasp and cry
Buried inside
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