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Other days,
I put my
in the fridge.
Or is it just me?
Brynn S Nov 2018
Warm tone
Leaves of fallen trees
The trees of distress
Nights that howl
Smoke writes letters
Ones to spell truth
Secrets kept before sleep
Oh what it it was to hold youth
She talks

She talks, she talks

All listen, no one has an object

I sit far away and amaze

She talks, no one has an object

Why? I ask my self

I try to be near

I try to approach

When I reach

I find what I find?

I can't ever tell

She is very brilliant

Her smart is not smart

Like every that

Woman may talk

She talks and I look

What does she say?

What does she tell?

I forget everything

Except that face

And I still see her in front

Of my eyes and in the inner heart

Still in my ears ,she talks
love is the traveller between hearts.
love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

there will be joy
in every part of your heart
as Cupid fires
his loving dart
you'll be awash
with a gleeful delight
all the affection having
a feeling so right

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

so walk about
the neighbourhood block
you'll see a partner
ambling toward your dock
those long held dreams
of love becoming real
all this and more
will so appeal

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you  

don't hesitate
nor procrastinate
finding love's many
surprises will satiate
twill be the makings
of a splendid ambience
as love kindles
its sparkling magnificence

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you
Karisa Brown May 2018
Her hair blossomed
Orange lilacs
Underneath her
Firey stare

She performed magic
In another's eyes
And made them

She held tight to
The rhythm that night
Then too let it
Slip away

Why the grasp she was
So hungerly needing
Why the long face

My bravest
Youre in love
With a ghost
You must erase
Anggita Apr 2018
"This country is getting so much sickening." said you, while kept holding my body tight.

I told you that our country was not a peaceful place to spend the rest of our lives in. The moral panic and all those prejudices towards marginalized people were beyond words to describe.

"We're not running out of tolerance, we're having lack of literacy, our nation is." said you.

You told me that people should maintain their interest to read books as well as to publicly share their own point of views.

I murmured quietly that it just what it usually was, since the year of Our Prophet was born into this ****** kind of hell aka world.

You closed your eyes gently. I always love seeing your eyes closed. I felt peace in me. It was quiet great to know this kind of feeling exist.

And after all we spent the rest of our times talking about our worries about the future of our country, and the fear of our own future. Yet, some quiet time also spent to tease me talking about my favorite lipstick shades. You said I was a fool for collecting all those stupid make-up kits, so was I. You were right.

We discussed anything except our own certainty. Because the uncertainty we possessed is what keeps us alive.

"Let me hug you."

I said nothing but hugged you even more.

At least I could feel your heartbeat. The life in you, was what amazed me, and still amazes a little soul inside of me.

You should know, with no word to say, all in me murmurs quietly, how mesmerizing it is knowing you are here.
the certain fact is now he's gone.
Dainty Bones Jul 2017
As you caress me
as your soul consumes mine
as our bodies intertwine
I am in awe
As you blink
and as you breathe
as you sleep
I am in awe
as you smile
as you speak
as you kiss me
I am in awe
and as you simply exist
every second
of every day
I am in awe
He leaves me speechless...
Kasey Wheeler Jan 2017
One wisp of auburn hair
I know who I hold dear
Eyes of fire
That never cease
To amaze the ones
Who do not see
How is it?
You say
How do they ever see the fire
And the answer will be:
My dear
It is better to ask
How do they not?
Liz Humphrey May 2016
You ask me one day, who do they say,
I am, what names are whispered when I pass,

some say you’re a prophet from the past,
and often others claim you’re John the Baptist
whose head Herod took, now alive again
making way for the Messiah to reign,

You follow with another question,
but who am to you, my friend,
I answer, not prophet, not John,
but the Son of the living God,
sudden joy on Your face, intense,
you proclaim to me, Peter, you’re a blessed
man, for my Father has shown you what
flesh and blood cannot, so on you, this rock,
I will build a church that hell’s assault will not
defeat, you’ll hold the keys to my Kingdom’s gates,
power to bind and loose all on heaven and earth
in my name,
in the moment, I am
amazed, mind racing, unbelieving you would
hand me, a fisherman from Galilee, the right
to reign at your side but at the same time,
knowing you’d never lie to me, for I
believe you’re all you say and more,
my Savior Christ, the coming Lord.
Part Six in my Lenten journey with Peter
Whatever you do always say a little prayer,
read poetry - read between the lines
and watch the stars in the night sky
you'll be amazed how many friends
will find their way into your heart
friends who'll never leave you for the world;
friends like love-joy and quiet-laughters
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