The wind that blows
Clouds grow
Trees sway
The sound that they make,
the sound that's peculiar,
the sound is also an indication,
rains are here to stay.

It's a lull before the storm
The storm arrives,
followed by rain
Rains are here to stay.

As of now it's raining since a long time now
Just before a few minutes reached home sound and safe
In nick of time everything changed
Rains are here to stay.

Sound and fury
Sound of silence
Silence is golden
Silence is silver
Silver needs polished
Silver makes coins
Coins that jingle
Coins that spend
Spend your paycheck
Spend your time
Time passes slowly
Time passes fast
Fast and furious
Fast for Lent
Lent before Easter
Lent him my car
Car is broke down
Car won’t start
Start your engines
Start out right
Right makes might
Right hand man
Man nor beast
Man woman and child
Child of heaven
Child of earth
Earth rotates
Earth is round
Round ‘em up cowboy
Round the bend
Bend an ear
Bend a knee
Knee jerk reaction
Knee length socks
Socks in a drawer
Socks in the wash
Wash your hands
Wash your face
Face your demons
Face the wall  
Wall of sorrows
Wall of rain
Rain is dreary
Rain from clouds
Clouds are forming
Clouds gray and black
Black tie optional
Black is my mood

For a poetry group I had everyone bring a poetry form on a slip of paper and we drew from them. I got Blitz which has some strange "rules" but it was fun.

Embraced by this shape-shifter word,
to relive the birth of sounds,
your voice is the ever anacrusis.

Floortje 5d

It's like the silence, but like the sound.
It's like missing you, while you're there.
It's like everything, and nothing at all.
It's like us, but without you.

It's like us, but without you.
Lady Ace Apr 19

A trumpet blares
Throughout the night
Its sound, a nature call
Its tone is bright and vibrant
And it calls to one and all
It speaks not of the death and loss
We all must one day face
But of the life and joy we feel
When in our rightful place
Yes, sounds may laugh
And sounds may cry
And trumpets do their best
To play a melancholy tune
When one is laid to rest

alyas 'Ana' Apr 17

Splash! The ocean goes.
Hitting that big, old stone.
That create such beauty
in a form of a sound
that is more likely a melody.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The waves call for me.
How thrilling it is to hear it shout my name,
for what calls me now
is what thrills me.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The wind starts to whistle,
making me dance alongside the water.
My toes are being embraced by the sand
from which I am tracing on.
I am loved.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I move closer
to hear each whisper.

The vast emptiness of this large body of water
may kill me,
but why do I choose to let thee?

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I am scared but hell, do I want to know?
For what purpose does it murmur my existence?
I am scared
yet it embraces my name.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I conquer my fear.
I learned to love
what loves me
but hell, do I really know?
When it could actually kill me?

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The vast emptiness of this large body of water
may kill me
but now I choose to let it be.
For I am loved
by the sound that the ocean makes.
I learned to love
what loves me
that will only eventually kill me.

Scarlet Keiller Apr 13

The echoing sound of shattering
which you heard
so softly in the distance
was the sound of me
trying to break myself.

~~ Stop fixing me. ~~~
Jack Ritter Apr 8

there's singing at
the bottom of the lake!
i plunge down
with ringing ears

through algae membranes
wobbly chasms of sound
at the bottom is
a singing bubble
filled with hearts

i pop my face inside
the ringing stops

a thousand tiny faces turn and smile
they are the saddest pocket orchestra
they've sung away their lives
in fragile bodies shaking

now their glass viola hearts
are breaking

a thousand throats trill out
the final verse:
we are dying
please don't look away
Marco Jimenez Apr 7

I can hear your voice saying my name,
it feels good that you know it,
it sounds nice coming from your lips,
it looks sweet when you write it,
say it again,
tell me you smile when you think of it,
that you love saying it,
and the vibrations you feel
as each syllable rolls off your tongue
sends tingles through your body,
I hope you never forget it.

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