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The pulse of all the universe is the vibration of Om
the primal sound of the Creator it manifested from.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Note: Om = Amen
Who said
sound is a vibration
that travels at a bizarre speed?

I saw it softly floating
ensconced in bubbles
to a celestial gravity
that pulls them up
to the realm of idyllic bliss.

Bubbles exude the
brilliant hues of my yearnings;
wrap me inside
their merino fleece warmth;
hold me to their bosom
with the tenderness
I ever cherish in my soul.

Sound nestles in its heart
a mesmeric glow of music
ordained to play
the salute note
to augur the birth of a
new hankering.

The woeful flute
of the gypsy maiden
soulfully sings
a melancholy melody
for her lost love
to get a phoenix’s wings
under the silver mist of the
new moon’s splendour.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Shining upon the rose,
lovely the sun rises
over the midday sky.

Without a second thought
the brightest one steps up
bends the ear on the ground.

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH)
wife was waiting.
He was walking his way home.

Maybe or maybe not
one can revive from the
death sleeping at the night.
Hearing the sound
of the homecoming
beloved's foot though
one can't die.

The blessed lady heard
the sound of the foot
and was sure it was his.
This is it, it's the man, it's his!
He is coming home.

The sun is walking on the way.
It will show up
upon the rose in no time.

Ah, only to discover,
it was Fathima walking
father's home!

She, a woman had
her foot sounds the same as
the man's, the greatest of all!
The very one cannot be copied
because he is the masculine original.

Because from the one
same circle came
the man and the woman.
Maybe with a little gap
spilling infinite pi decimals
new days and new nights.

Still, these are a show of
the one Moon and the one Sun!
Steve Page Sep 13
Let there be colour
Let there be shape
Let the air be filled
with sound and scent

Let colours and shapes
Let sounds and scents
be blended together
with roaring intent

Go soak in the sights
and relish the shapes
go embrace the new
come and escape
Inspired by a young designer. https://www.ellamaestatham.com
Lyn-Purcell Sep 11

I will listen
I will tend to
I will ensure
that I only dance to
the tune of a very
sound mind

Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health.
So do take time to take care of it, something I needed to do.
Take a break, let your emotions out and stand up again.
I feel so much better for it, too!
Thank you so so much for 220 followers!
That's crazy! I never thought my page would grow!
Thank you so much, I'm grateful! ^^
Lyn xxx
Seanathon Sep 7
Inches away from you
        Never there but ever present
        As your breath is lifted up unto the heavens

Elevated is the air upon your words
        Escalated, the anticipation of your voice
        Among the noise

Where the only scene to see is peace
        Held quietly in reverie
        And respect for your mere presence

Find with ease
        The smile of the self-reveals
        A quietness of hearts appeal

Not to be seen
        But to seek the conversation speak
        And to peak the words of interesting

Mere inches now away from me
        With no voice let to find the time
        Or threnodic melody

Don’t let me down
        My inward voice
My articulation often fails me because I secretly want it to fail (so as not to try again). But still, when she walks by, this is what I often hear. Inspired by Goldmunds - Threnody | https://youtu.be/mdEuCRiW2l0
I've got a handful plate of time,
no need to find everything that rhymes,
just a little sound of human silence,
so i can get myself in balance.

I tasted my own tears,
as they were dripping on my lips,
maybe they'll scare away my restless fears,
and i'll finally fall asleep.

Water from my eyes ruined what i was building,
it felt like i was hanging of the ceiling.
I opened up my eyes to find i was only dreaming,
so i layed back, close my eyes and went with the feeling.

Slightest Sound
Aa Harvey Sep 3
Slave to damnation

I am a slave to the sound of Audioslave;
I am simply here to say they are great!
Chilled out, rocking loud, slam those drums!
Motherfucker hit a bong and just dance a little more.

Slide it on down to the lowest decibel possible.
It’s time to rock, so come on now people!
Let all slowly bang our motherfucking heads!
It’s time to rock!  We are the living dead!

So every single one of you out there in Wonderland;
It’s time to get down with this funky ass band.
I am a slave to damnation;
I am a slave to Audioslave.
I’m a one way, last ever, concert ticket;
The last show on Earth, the end of days.

Speeding down the freeway with the cops behind us;
They cannot keep up and they know we just don’t give a fuck!
150 on the speedometer, it’s time to die in flames!
Welcome to your Hell my friend;
Wave goodbye to your broken life, broken heart
And broken early grave.

Slave to audio…Audioslave.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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