Billie 23h
Sometimes I like to sit in absolute quiet.
There’s always that
mild mild mild
static noise from between my ears,
small small small
creaks from the bed underneath me as I breathe,
and the
soft soft soft
movements of the pen on paper.

I can hear the wind.
It’s like gutless thunder,
cloud that envelops you and moves the trees in a single breath.
If I took this piece of paper outside and let it go,
it’d be lost to the street;
spiralling down the road like a car spinning out of control,
my words lost to the night.
We all have different imaginations.
As I picture my paper flying out of my hands,
I picture my street right now,
in the black.
One orange streetlight and a car parked to the right,
closest to the school,
the road slick after rain,
but you were imagining somewhere completely different.
A different path for the paper to travel.
You hear something else when it’s completely quiet.
Maybe you focus in on the sound of your own breath until you can’t breathe normally anymore.
Maybe you hear the slight hum of a computer,
even though there’s nothing around.
Maybe you’ve never been able to listen to the quiet,
mind going at a million miles an hour,
full of ideas and thoughts and questions,
maybe you never can.

And maybe you were never supposed to.
don't try and listen to the quiet. it listens back.
It is because of you that I am fully attentive
Soundwaves that wash over me from start to end
Music, my only friend

Now, we ride the waves of wifi to get what we need
But our gaze upon an artist is lost
Once our playlists consist of only a few of their songs
Handpicked amongst others, so our entertainment isn't lost

I understand the desire of variety
But I value the intimacy of a record I can hold
Knowing that for a while, it's just me and this music alone
manipulates emotions.
indices emotions.
forms expectations.
creates utopia.
inspires lives.
sets the tone.
promotes calm.
excites individuals.
establishes a whole new form of communication through common enjoyment.

Music is powerful.
Stay quiet so he doesn’t know you’re here.
Be quiet so you disappear.
Take light steps.
Don’t step there!
If you stay quiet enough you can hear it all, but only if you dare.
The squeaks,
The whispers,
The words.
Everything will become clear if you just choose to not make a sound.
Pinning my hand against my mouth in a violent last defensive.
I promised I wouldn’t speak again.
If you’re quiet enough you can hear their breathing
If you’re quiet enough you can tell they’re watching.
there's that charm in obscure music that you can't deny

there's that charm in obscure music that makes you want to hear it again

that one note, voice or sound that keeps pulling you back

that feeling that it gives off that makes you want to feel it again

the feeling you want to experience in an another city far from here at night

the sound that gives you goosebumps each time you hear it

the art and meaning, or the lack of it, that intrigues your senses

there's just something special about it
III Jul 9
I'm still straining
     To see the vibrancy
Of colors painting reality,

But at least I've
     Caught my breath
And found my sound.
BabeRuth Jul 9
The sound of silence has always been deafening
The quietness being a song of one’s reckoning

Confusing eardrums and hurting our brains
A weird pain it is, one impossible to explain

The sound of silence has always lived inside us
A quiet power we all refuse to discuss

Escaping the locks and walls we built
Mirroring our mistakes and reminding us our guilt

The sound of silence will always make itself heard
A call of danger, one never to be ignored
Amanda Jul 3
Caught a few tears before they hit the ground
I sit and let them fall from my eyes
Soon face will be red, lids puffy like clouds
They remain that way after each drop dries.

I am attached to the habits that hurt me
Falling in love, sight of blood, and drugs to name a few
Darkness regardless of outside forces constantly stalks
Got caught in its mystery, it knocked my life askew.

I do not think it will leave my side
It follows, a second shadow
Growing used to this presence filling days
I no longer fight or resist my unyielding foe.

Even in empty misery
I find comfort in knowing whatever the amount
It is the only constant I can rely on in this bitter world
Lived with lonely despair too long to count.

Words are pouring out of my eyes
No life, no sound, can reach voice
Love and pain keep trickling down my face
Anguish I'm feeling didn't come by choice.
Why would I want to be unhappy?
awknight Jun 29
My mind skates across reality
finding home in nervous habits
a past of unfolding tragedy
diving into water that is too deep
I search for your warmth
in the back of my mind

I grasp into the air and helplessly,
relentlessly my mind pulls me down

Save me. Take me back to the coolness
of early summer nights
blissfully watching the movement
of your lips
you sing only to me
and my soul is found in the center of your universe
your hands wrap around the back of my neck
glide my sorrows away
with the tips of your fingers —
a breeze I crave to live in.  

Fall with me into the warm fields we know
golden light and velvet sound
endlessly and hopelessly wrap me
into you as my soul breathes
a hopeful breath of hopelessness
Miles of open and I feel stuck in place
No noise, not a word spoken, nor heard
Mind drifts, as the wind carry’s, it like the birds
With one step in front the other, you let it float
Until there is nothing but slince
..... true peace.
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