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Angela Rose Oct 1
Of course you found out you love me now
Of course you want me when someone else has me

Of course you realize you want to be with me now
Of course you promise you will prove you're true and real

Of course the timing is off
Of course fate threw us another out of reach curve ball

Because, what do we have together anyway besides bad timing?
i am stuck
to many people
too big too much too loud
a stray elbow, a well intended touch
too much
too MUCH
don't see me break down
don't touch me
don't hear me
don't feel me
don't feel
don't touch me don't touch me
don't touch dont touch DONT TOUCH ME
we've all been here. been crammed in a car for too long or at a party that you're tired of. thought it needed a poem. i'm plenty social but when i've had enough i've had enough y'know
At twenty years old
I feel like I have lived more lives
Then anyone should ever be permitted too.
Shadow Aug 23
Too often do we dance and fool our youth away, too often do we attempt to love without knowing how, too often do we write letters that end up in the hearth, too often do we get agitated by the song of the simple bird, too often do we hate and forget to pity those whom we despise, too often do we cage the blue bird in our heart, too often do we lie, not to the world but to ourselves, too often we ponder, speak, and forget action behind, too often do we ignore ourselves, too often do we ignore each other.  

Too often do the authors try to paint the world with colours of big words and elegant sentences, yet as beautiful it may seem to the eye, the world they paint is far too artificial, far too unnatural, far too normal.

We do it all too often; we hate without reason, we believe without proof, we forget that hate is the work of the unloved, we live our lives as if they’re shows for everyone else, we become bitter wolves with venomous fangs and poisonous tongues, we rip at each other, with words, with thoughts, with deeds of every kind.  

Too often we forget our humanity behind.
Maria Mitea Aug 21
It is Friday morning,
I feel like a robot lubricating its joints
with peanut  batter and jelly cookies,
repeating its movements over again;
jumping, running and extending into
the big robotic world with the hope of
reaching out to humans.

Driving to pick up Hilda, a soul
that needs a ride to heaven,
her husband a former mafia driver, in his homeland, lost his car and driving license,
as the virus came and switched  his brain on shootings and killings he witnessed,
in his youth days, when worrying more for money then life.

I hope for no shootings today,
Friday morning, and
The sun didn’t show up on the sky,
It can be too much even for him shining everyday, not an easy job warming up
earth’s feet when striving for a happy day.

It is early Friday morning,
The dog had no time for barking,
I feel like a robot that has been overused,

Waiting in the car,
I succumb to dreaming and export myself into a passed homeland life, were on Fridays evenings I laugh and wear cherries 🍒 behind my friendly years, when Apollon comes with his sweet kisses.

My client arrived , she moves like a robot too ... I drive ... we reach in heaven as we start talking and crying, ...

Hilda opens like a flower to the sunset, while she is telling her life story,
and how much pain she carries in her feet and arms, cut off at every sunrise by her mother denial, shootings hit her heart,
I pray and hope for her husband to be well,
and forgiven by Gods.

Hilda’s story wakes me up to being a human, ... between tears and pains we find our laughs, ... After we cry, laugh and feel  the pain, me and Hilda we feel like two humans on Friday morning.
Thank you Hilda!🙏✨
ShadowSpy Jul 20
Stands on the porch.
His gaze set on a lock.
He peers through the keyhole.
Sets off to find it.
What will open her?
What will free her?
Will he?
It will.
But what is it?
He looks.
He searches.
He cannot find it.
He will not give up.
The house is crumbling.
She is crumbling.
He won’t let her fall.
Not now.
He is close.
He can feel it.

He has found it.
So close yet so far.
Because she has it.
She doesn’t understand.
She will not give the key up.
She doesn’t know what will happen.
The house will crumble.
It will fall.
Not only will it break her, but it will break him too.
-df Aug 4
i stand with arms wide open, ready to welcome you home.

and there you are
running, running, running,

to the one that has no arms for you.
may you have the greatest love. even though that doesn't include me.
Spooks Jun 18
I could tell you everything about that day
From my hair down to my shoes
But I’ll never know the right words to say
Skinny jeans and a band T
I was at a concert
Did you even realize I was only 13?
My friend asked you for a ride home
You took us both, but she was the first to go
That’s when my mind started to roam
I could’ve sworn I lived closer
You kissed me and then you started to touch me
At first I didn’t mind, I did think you were cute
That’s when I realized what was about to be
You started to take my pants off
I said I had my period which I really did
You didn’t care, you just wanted to get one-off
I said no so many times
You didn’t care
How could you not see all the crossed lines?
Did you know I was a ******?
You took everything from me
My pride, my courage.
Mrs Robota Jun 15
Why does it seem like
people go from "Lost in life"
to "Too late to start"
Andrew Rueter Jun 11
Two lanes
two lines
two trains
two times
two blunts
too much
to lunch
too rough.

Two taxis
two cabs
two backseats
to dad
to dinner
two grinners
too inner.

Two hours
too long
to cower
to home
to something
too nothing.
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