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Brynn S 1d
Feet under crystal green water
Fragments of debris float in circular motions
Tracing the minds pondering nature
World passes as if turning backwards
Return to the former place one of purity
The corruption brought forth a small death
One of little significance yet large impact
Only personal not important

The clocks are abused
Mistreatment of age delivers ****
If a needle was to be put in my capillaries to forget you
I'd been a walking void.
If each time I thought about you could grow my hair by an inch,
I'd been the Tangle you read about.
If changing wrappers of my skin had not worked,
Could change my skin and bones.
If you were on the moon
I cloud study turning all upside down to be an astronaut.
Had my heart not recited your name,
My sleeves hadn't been upto this stretch.
If I could have a job of making you happy,
You would been immortal by now
If I were the Leonardo,
I had painted you smiling
Till eternity.
That went unseen ,yet prepared for your birthday ;just as silly as it sounds.
just maybe,
if I was a tiny bit quicker,
he could have
made it.
If only,
if only...
but I was too late.
Blaming myself in the death of a loved one
exist Feb 10
life is too short to wish you were living someone else’s
Skywlkr Feb 8
I May be Stranded but......
I Feel Better than I had been.......
Stuck on a Train I Begin to Feel The Pain Causing my Heart Plenty of Strain the Reason for my Issue is Too hard to Explain.
But now off the Train and Standing in the Rain,,  <^><^><^><^><^><^><^><^>
Can't Remember what my Mind was Sayin, it Must have just been Playin,,,
But how to get Home "I Dont Know" so I just Start Prayin,,,,,,,,,,
Yep ****** travelling but at same time it leads to some random adventures being stranded hahahhaha aw what!
Britni Ann Feb 5
I didn’t want this.
I didn’t want him to leave but he did.
I didn’t want her to break me but she did.
I didn’t want him to take advantage of me but he did.

What I wanted was a dad who would stay.
What I wanted was a friend who would be there for me no matter what.
What I wanted was a man I could trust to keep his hands away from me.  

I am afraid of getting my hopes up.
And yet I still feel saddened when people don’t come through.
I’m so tired of living in fear.
But my mind revolves around what ifs,
And memories,
And brokenness.
And what if, when I try to think differently, and I get my hopes up, it’s all for nothing? And I am left alone again?
I feel empty again
Sky Yang Feb 3
even if you were to meet a
bitter fate i would sputter a short
loaded laugh and say you
deserved it

but first lemme meet you face to face
get to **** with your ***** habits xan cigarettes plastic hoes and all that ****
all you front and all you back

cant say i'd love you even after all this
cant say i still love you even as i write this
cant say i loved you.

but lemme be there with you at the last curtain call

lemme be there with you when you take the fall

that is, if you
hope ya learn to be a better human at 20, cutie
its weird im attached in a way that even if u meet ur demise im okay as long as im there close enough to feel your warm blood splattering all over my skin. feel your last gasping breath next to my ear feel the hair rise on my neck so close that they poke you in the eye and im the one to close your eyes cross ur arms over ur chest when youre gone when the lights behind ur eyes flicker out for the last time id have usen it to light a cigarette. plant it between your cold lips. if thats gonna be me im okay even if you die. because youre kind if evil. even though i love you. kind of evil. nasty.
katie Jan 31
Please don't tell him when I die
It will be too much to handle

We have had the same questions
But he won't get the answers

Please don't tell him when I die
He will think it's his fault

Like I'm his lone snail
And he is my salt

Though his actions were cruel
And rough to the touch

I care most for his wellbeing
I am not asking too much

Please don't tell him when I die
It is the secret to keep

You can take it to my grave
So I know he won't weep
a poem about about a former best friend who sexually assaulted me. This is about continuing to put their needs above your own when they never did the same. Also this was a very long time ago, I have since healed and moved on. I am not suicidal so please do not report.
joren's Jan 27
I'm gonna crash
I'm switching lanes
Like a spinning fan
I osalate
And I'm in danger
I'm testing fate
My life in peril
There's no debate
My chance of survival
My chance is slim
And I am on
My last whim
I'm hanging by
A single limb
I'm bleeding out
I need a stim
Like a med pack
I need a chopper
For an evac
I need to run
And not look back
life in peril is about recognizing and identifying a negative state of mind and making a concious decision to escape it asap
Rowan S Jan 27
It's been long enough now
And enough has been said
Apologies and forgiveness passed back and forth
Like folded middle school notes
Yet here I am

"Ouch, I just bit my cheek."

As I let my rods and cones
Intercept the
Lies and smoke
The electrons radiating from my
Squared, glowing palm

I sigh
And attempt to release stagnant regret
As my mouth fills with the taste
"Whoops, I just hurt my own feelings."
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