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Krizhe Ming Oct 22
Hugged by cozy feels
Sitting by the fireplace, I
Dream of you once more
Oct. 6, 2020 - Made this for my fireplace art prompt
Noa Adler Sep 18
I smile to myself
As sleep caresses your spine.
You fall under, covered in blankets,
Sheltered by thunderous peace.
I want to touch you,
To run my hands through your ebony locks,
To put my palm against your cheek,
And have your warmth
Melt my cold, cold soul,
Until all that's left of me
Is a puddle of liquid light.

You rest soundly,
With the confidence of a thousand lying politicians,
Your subtle grin defying the darkness outside our shelter.
I yearn to crawl between your arms,
To make your very being a haven,
To rest my head on your chest,
And listen to your heart beat,
Loud enough to drown out my troubled mind.

Oh, the effortlessness of it all.
How easily we tangle between the sheets.
How cozy, and breezy, and light we feel
On this cloud of a mattress.

And as minutes pass,
And months,
And years and decades,
Millennia upon Millennia,
Until we are covered by dust, and rust, and ivy,
We will stay here, alone together, in this bed.
Kitten Yvad Aug 17
so much
i don't no, no
I don't need to know

i come home, im gathered
&swept into a warmly
spiced domestic clearing
Irery May 15
Pink dream, cotton candy
Like a warm-hearted cancer
Snugged in my palm tightly
hushing my nightly distress with an answer.

Gently tuck you in my pillow case
Wish for calming waves to drift me away

Time after time, night after night
Second after second

Heavy-lids say farewell to
Non-existent slumber

Rose Quartz
Fleur Feb 20
I hope you may,
I wish you might
Smile today;
A silly sprite.

I’ll be here when,
I’ll be there for
To say hello;
A simple chore!

I want to see,
I want to hear
To enjoy;
Spring’s premiere.

So thanks for this,
And thanks for that
You’re a pal
Like my favorite hat.
A little 'thank you' to friends. A mindful mantra on what it means to be there for them―just like they look out for me.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
Reverberating off the kitchen walls
Little children scream and laugh and play.
They prance and pace in circles through the halls
And chase the dreary drip of tears away.

Their tiny hands created works of art
Hung proudly on the fridge for all to see.
A stick figure with pigtails and a little scarlet dress:
“That’s you, Mama!” she said, “And look, here’s me!”

Her whispered words would tickle Daddy’s ear.
“Your Majesty!” She bowed, with sweet doe eyes.
He melted at her feet as she drew near;
He scooped her up, and kissed his sweetest prize.

A sleepy fire flickers, soft and mild.
She yawns and lays to rest her tousled head.
Her mother smiles and hums a lullaby to seal the spell;
She's sleeping by the fire, but awakes snug in her bed.
I felt like posting something positive for once
hiraeth Nov 2019
crisp pages of a new book
crushed leaves
coffee and cream
cookies fresh from the oven
cement, damp after rain
Donna May 2019
Snuggled on seatee
Wrapped in blanket watching films
These are the best days
Lazy day today for me and Dean we watching films , it’s well Cloudy outside and looks like rain is on it way ** ❤️
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