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Man Dec 2023
Autumn bid goodbye,
To new winter's approach.
At a wink of Jack's eye;
Leaves littered tucked,
In cozy blankets snow.
All the rabbits in their hutch,
Chipmunks lodged in logs' hole,
By stag's stern, lest tiny fawns stumble
Catch, on mother doe-
Nary a cardinal ruffled &
Bears rest in slumber;
Till wane of mistletoe
Sean Feb 2023
dark hair, darker nights
the winter solstice draws us
together again
my first haiku (did i do it right?!) written for a winter crush.
Literatim Oct 2022
A leaf
In the gentle autumn breeze
Softly falls to Earth,
Together with its siblings
It lines the woodland path.

The ground below is cold but soft,
Still sensing the September sun,
Not yet has winter’s icy breath
Been felt, not yet its reign begun.

The creatures of the forest
Patter to and fro,
Their feet and wings stirring the leaves
On the ground below.

By comes a fox, takes careful watch,
Then vanishes from sight,
By comes a robin, plucking berries
And then, once more, takes flight,
By comes a squirrel, in its search
For nuts it takes delight,
And finally, by comes the owl,
Waiting for the cloak of night.

The leaf, still lying on the ground,
Is eager for another day
But then, by comes a gust of wind
And carries it away.
the white moon and all the bright stars,
the bitter espresso and all the cold nights,
the unclear intimacy and all the prolonged talks,
the cozy sheet and all the free glimpses,
the hardest fall and all the vague hugs,
the heartfelt love and all the bad kisses,
the wild heart and all the improbable dreams,
the sacred trust and all the naked thoughts,
the correct intuition and all the wrong decisions,
the lost soul and all the hidden scars,
the slow poison and all the forgotten memories.
- Aishwarya Kulkarni
BrookandherBook Jan 2021
An escape is a desk
harry Potter, Shakespeare,
a quaint, cozy, spot
music in my ear
an escape is a pen
moving along a blue tier
running for your life is an escape
but the world is quiet here.
Devereaux Dec 2020
I can feel you
The possibility of you
Curled at my back
Fingers running through the short hair at the nape of my neck that I know needs to be cut
Nails scratching
Your wrist brushes my spine right where it meets my shoulders
A sweet pressure that I embrace, lean into
I cannot smell you or taste you but I hear your slow breath, muffled by my pillow.
Feeling the warmth you provide even in the cold
Even without you
I close my eyes, it’s all I can do, and breathe as you breathe
I wait, hold myself, knowing that one day I will turn, rolling over in the dark
And bump shoulders with you
And will smell your scent
Taste the sweat of your skin
That I will not be alone with the thought of you forever
This is not a taunt or a torture
Simply a foretelling of something that will be
Krizhe Ming Oct 2020
Hugged by cozy feels
Sitting by the fireplace, I
Dream of you once more
Oct. 6, 2020 - Made this for my fireplace art prompt
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