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A Jan 15
Yet again, we sat on a bench, this time without dark, grey clouds. And we erased away each other from our phones, we took away all that was us. And we said how much we loved each other and we cried. And when we once again walked away, I cried because I had gotten my ending, at last, the one I had wanted for so long. I was finally free from you in my life and I just kept crying. And that was the last time it was us. The lest time we met when it was real. Afterwards, you have been in my mind more than I thought was possible and we have seen each other less that I believed we would, without really looking and never letting each other even a meter close to our hearts, never wanting to risk ever again to destroy everything we have so carefully rebuilt.
Thomas C Sep 2019
Heel to sole.
Closer and warmer.
Tongue against palate.
Tongue against teeth.
Air slips in between lips...
word for word.
Mumbling and muttering…
Hands are shaken.
Heads are nodding.
Backs are bending.
Sole to heel.
Distant and cold.
Darryl M May 2019
******* butterfly kisses.
Let’s hope this time they make it.

I’m not right for you.
Get away.
Far away.
But come closer.
Darryl M May 2019
You said you wanted to take a break.
In other words, what I feel for you doesn’t matter.
And here I was, thinking our love couldn’t get any better.
I guess my perfect was your worst.
And my worst, is your amusement.

You’re the love of my dreams.
I should’ve kept you as just a dream.

I vowed never to fall for you.
You tricked me.
You’re magical.
You gave me the good life.
Because you were the good in my life.

Puppy-kitten love gone bad.
The bad became worse.
The worse couldn’t get better.
The better, made you the worst.
Even little things took on the evil form.

Why do good things turn sour, yet the sour becomes tasty?

I guess you were always in disguise.
A perfect unlike replica of mine.
Completed: 31st December 2017 [22:09 PM]
K Balachandran Mar 2019
To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Deep green
Withered screen
Soft skin
Rotting thin
Blessed boy
Restless joy
I cover it
Each heartache
Each pain
To feel you again
To understand touch
To remember such
Love me once more
Barriers will fall
We shall collide
Extremeties dissapate
Crooked smiles will align once again
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Building a wall could be
The only choice

Whoever built
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Wall doesn't just stand tall, it is made to that height for a reason. First line of defence
Sister .. I'm so sorry ,
Didn't mean to cut the relationship..
Sister .. Forgive me,
I just don't want to be sad anymore..

There's a new girl who fall for your brother,
A girl who is so beautiful and wealthy.
Person who capable to meet him everyday.

I don't enjoy any competition if I am about to lose,
I don't think I can continue being a fighter for a man who can go through his day without thinking of me.
I don't think you would care either.

I'm glad that I've met you I hope you know that.
But now thing are so complicated, I can't effort living in sorrow forever.

Thank you for your kindness,
Thank you for the wedding day,
Thank you for appreciate the gift,
Thank you .. Thank you
Kira Aug 2018
I can’t keep denying these feelings
When my heart keeps screaming
I love you

I told myself that when I saw you again
I wouldn’t fall back
In love with you

It doesn’t make sense, the way that I feel
Our worlds are too separate for
Me to love you

Every time I walk away
I’d come back if
You told me you loved me.
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