You erode my thoughts like
battery acid to an engine.
Thinking about is like
oxygen deprivation,
I'm suffocating on my desire
to be with you.

You play traffic in my mind--
at green I go
at yellow I slow down
at red my heart stops,
come to a complete halt.

If madness drove Vincent van Gogh
to cut off his ear
I wonder what extreme infatuation
will cause me to do?
Nika J 1h
Addicted to the sorcery, the spells that they preach.
Runs sirens of brewing storms in the air that they reach.
They're haunting like needles, told whisper of tall shame.
Every spell is like knives stabbing one wound over and over again.
Dripping insides of poisoned blood and sending angels insane.
Driven by foolish boisterous noises as if horns became train.

Trained keys talk aimlessly and stumble to pick up mass amounts.
As shells die young and old people force to sing so long they've lost count.
The magic pounds liquid, spewing authority in the veins.
The people must listen to the loud throbbing voices to gain.
As if the earth is felt between dying and living and breathing brings pain.
Silent records of the same old dusty tune sends even the most strongest...

(Wait... I'll refrain...)

As the mist spits out constant dreams, but nightmares stomps through reality.
Focus of hard inhales become prominent to sick hosts, in which brains remember tragedy.
Like bells of cute ringing fills the air in cheer...
Sadly though, everyone knows when curtain calls
The truth lies in dispair
Ashes.... ashes... the truth starts to tear
And images of what's beneath become visual...
Take a bow
Know the true meaning of

As I listen to the beats of another wild song
My feet tapping on the cold hard ground
In the darkness I ascend the stairs
Sharp eyes and all spread out hairs
Under the moonlight I let my sorrows out
Drenched in loneliness
I roam around and round
I know my heart is in ruins
The ruin is fun
It gives me pleasure
To be fallen apart
I leave those pieces behind me
And dance on and on
Till those pieces cut me deep
And I frown and I laugh
I'm happy to know I've thrown away a part of me
that will never come back
Shards of memories in my vicinity
I smile I cry
Till I let it all out
And I'm all in ruins,
My body is one,
My mind's out of control
But I think I'm alright,
I'm beginning to blossom
in this silent night
I dance on and on
Till those pieces cut me deep
And I cry and I laugh
Till I transform into light
Something I've always wanted to be
I feel a void
But that's alright
Because I'm no longer in ruins
But I still remember those times...
Words help me feel things I've never felt before..
Sleepless, high on caffeine as it writes
Hours, Days, Even months may have passed
An old scented candle, with a snap it lights
And the scent of papers burning in the room amassed

Though written text may be gone forever
A memory of its essence still fresh in the mind
Time put into it will be gone never
But seek it and ye shall find

Live on, He told it
Live on for more than eternity
Settle never even if opinions are split
This is your unwritten destiny
The doubt is with the night
forever hanging in the head
it sips all the fire
the flickering stars, the
bickering meteors
the maelstrom spews hate
over the pinned madness
the magnetic field emits hate
over the pinned sadness
if it sincerely wants
to be accepted
look no further than
how life has been enacted.
Opening your soul to the public
is to swim naked in the sewer
with scores of salivating rats.
The poseurs spill their low-calorie
compliments. The haters,
they drop the most sincere insults.
Depressed, angry, mad,
I walked into the kitchen.
Standing barefoot on the cracked tiles,
Hemingway finally made sense.
A bottle of cheap whiskey
next to the coffee maker,
it had a mouthful left to go.
I figured it would see me through
and that's what it did.

-Ron Gavalik
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Chris Neilson Jul 13
It's said a definition of madness
is doing the same thing
again and again and again
expecting a different outcome
those dealing with Donald Trump
believing he isn't a narcissist
thinking it's not all Trump first
must be certified insane by now
A day of protest in the UK.
chloe fleming Jul 12
i’ve come to realize
i can only blame myself
for the madness i exude
there are creatures behind this face
and everyday,
they look a little more like
i’m so sorry
i'm dark
and white

i'm sun
and rain

everyday so

one madness
and terror

i'm black
and gray

i'm hero
and fiend

everyday so

one madness
and terror

Devin Ortiz Jul 6
Dawn breaks,
Wind rages,
The crow caws thrice.

Marvel at the poet's sin,
Bardic Rule of Law,
Inspiration at Death's Maw.

Deep pockets of space-time,
Treasured energies and auras.
Always looking outward, never within.

Universe, overture of divine sadness.
Humanity, limerick of contained madness.
Bound infinitely in harmonic chaos.

Rivers run rampant.
Time tinkers tides.
Vengeful voids vie.
Worlds wither woefully.

And yet, endless and forever,
The iridescence of written word,
Bends all things against discord.
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