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Safana Mar 6
My beloved!
I feel in me, my beloved
Every day and night, you
are the Savior of my feelings
My beloved!
My wife my everything♥️
Imagine a box
In shadow
Of utter regalia
Iris, dressed as a waterfall
She comes scattered

Imagine an eyelid illusionist
Praying for more palettes
Enters steelbook cathedrals
To a ministry of colour

For the street outside
Cannot offer as
Interesting a hue
As those fascinating within
The pigment of her imagination

It's compelling artistry
Like oil on canvas
A slight of hand
Smoke and mirrors

Her skilled fingers
Kohl mining
For soft medley
And the new liminality
Above the spectator's eye

For Mrs. Timetable
Donna Bella May 26
Wish I could tell him
The thoughts that take up my mind
The level of confusion that I feel
The harsh reality of a loveless girl
It’s not the same anymore
My strings has been played
Unsure that they can be renewed
Unsure if I can be that person for him
I wish I could tell him
Donna Bella May 22
How can I say sorry?
A million of tears
For just one forgiveness
Broken heart?
Can I mend it?
Donna Bella May 20
When I hear his voice I can see visions
Visions of promises he hasn’t given me yet
It’s more of visions of ecstasy
Never felt at home with anyone else
But just speaking to him calms me in ways others can’t
He strengthens me, always
It confuses me because he’s the only one
I would offer my hand but will the tragedies I’ve dealt with be the tumbling building
Can he break the shell that was given to me to protect me
Can he protect my heart
I wonder if he could hold me when I’m alone
Hold me as tears tumble down my eyes
Will he take me to heights that I have never seen
I’m willing to take the journey
How can I tell him
I’ll walk with him
Donna Bella May 19
Let me say this
Familiar feeling
Kindred Spirit
Soul lost
Soul gained
Blushed Cheeks
Warm heart
Donna Bella May 19
I forgot this feeling
I forgot how he made me feel
I don't know how to express myself in a way I would like to
I really don't want to open up
Because all that brings is sadness and empty promises
But in a way, I feel like a butterfly when it comes to him
I guess I never knew what I really was missing
Maybe I am scared to take the next step because it feels all new to me once again
I'm scared to step into newness because it always ends up being another hell instead of the heaven I deserve
Donna Bella May 9
He reads me like a book
Every page he writes
I’m astonished every time
I hide in a maze
Confused of my time
Confused of details I have shown
And what I’ve shown not
Those of hidden disguise
He finds
And so I question what he knows
I treat it as fools gold
Because knowing me is not that easy
But yet still today
It’s easy to him…
Donna Bella May 9
I think the hardest struggle I deal with on a daily is wanting to be loved, wanting someone to take the time to show me I am loved. And it’s difficult for me to understand why my entire life why it’s been so hard for people to show me the love I desire. I hate false promises, I hate “I will get better” because lies don’t do anything but run in a circle and I get so tired of being in a 360 field with people I hate turning back, I’m tired of not getting 180, I’m tired of giving my all and being everything when everybody can’t give me an ounce of themselves, I hate it, and as I go day through day it gets harder, as I grow older and want to lay down in the bed with my husband every night and be a wife and be protected, I grow knowing that visions don’t fulfill my womanhood, love does, men gives sometime love and think it’s enough and I deserve so much more. I’m more important than i midday nap, I’m more important than ounce of snore, I want to be put on someone’s pedestal as I always try to hold men to highest degree but yet I am always left crying bending down at my altar talking to mother asking her when is the pain going to end, when will a man hold me higher than hisself, a man that makes sure I’m okay and can feel how I feel from Miles away, seems so untouchable and when I get it it seems so temporary because with a blink of an eye I feel that love comes and goes when it comes to a man loving me…. It’s the truth that write with the tears that I shed and the blood that seeps down my fingertips as I write words with thorns from my pain that has risen.
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