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Lack confidence all my life
till meeting my girl my wife this girl came to be, for I had known her from her school girl
But fate showed It's hand at the time together we not to be so she married a guy although she loved him he didn't love her, he used her and made her
Then he had affairs for he had no respect for her eventually after making her so sick he then divorced her but despite her illness, she won rights to keep her  
It was years after this I finally met her again fell love with her from that day on, I never looked
back for I loved my sweetheart
Now matter how ill you can still fight It through and come out a much stronger person
Amazing how we all are gifted sometimes we have dig deep In our Innermost thoughts or might be triggered by a loss or special event In our
Then suddenly we discover we have a talent that we had never recognised but
we have new goals In life
to want to succeed or find
Yes the new found talent to pay tribute as myself to a loved one lost, you have again a purpose In life as In my case carry me through grief for my loss of Helen
My beloved wife and mother to our son, to write
keep her memories alive
through poetry writing  which one day I discovered I had
Releasing a tallent one never they had and putting It to a really good purpose In life
Nothing but sleep I've done
today really travelled my
dreams outside wet windy and cold no reason or need to go out
Drift from dream to dream, even go back to a dream after waking I dream of my girl still feel the sweetness of her kiss upon my lips
Her arms that once held me so tight the softness of her breast brushing the hairs on my
Her hands caressing my body, so wonderful these dreams
I'll never let go, hang on to the dreams I hear her say, love Is not just for yesterday
Love not just for yesterdays love forever I can relive my life with my wife through my dreams
Red Brush Dec 7
Your tears, love, I'll trade you
For my smiles, if you permit.
I'll now and forever let you
Break my heart, if you keep it.
Days now drawing to end slowly darkness Is descending within my dreams, deep sleep Is to where I'll fall to now
at night
But sometimes during the day I drift to my deepest sleep but as I travel through my dreams so dark, but then suddenly from amidst the
Appears a beam of light that cast a shadow upon my dream, that of a young and pretty girl who then becomes my future
A dream whilst fast asleep and as I travel through the ever-darkening dream a beam of light appears that cast a shadow on a pretty girl who becomes my wife
dream there appears ***
Danny Dec 2
Your eyes, much like magic, put me under your spell
They see to my soul. They puncture my shell
Truth's all they know. Their never deceiving
They give me the answers that I'm often seeking
And whisper the words that I need to be well
Johnny walker Nov 28
If I given a wish, not be
for money would I ask
neither the world and
all that In It
One simple wish I'd ask that of my Helen to come back, for us to live again
as man and
If given just one wish simple to have my wife back as we once were together
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