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I will cling closely to your breast;
on which my wearied head will rest.
I will lie gently on your thighs,
from whence I'll fly to distant skies.
I'll seek refuge in your warm arms,
it always my thunderous head calms.
I will to your heart find entrance,
the moment I'm given a chance.
I will in your smiles take delight,
when from looming trials I take flight.
I will from your voice get comfort,
in times of utmost discomfort.
I will at your heart's doorway wait,
even if your consent comes late.
A poem for my loving wife, Chizoba
You sprout like a flower in my heart,
You erode my frowns with laughter.
My mind is struck by many darts,
each time I view your ****** art.
You always my desires water,
as loving petals from them sprout.
In my loving heart's deepest south,
I feel just you entrenched therein.
None else could my emotions win,
but you, the goddess of men's hearts.
To Lilian, my beloved wife
Alex McQuate Jun 1
Strum out to me,
Oh music man,
That sweet mandolin tune,
Tell me the secrets of this world,
I'll keep it just between you and me.

I'll take my snippets of unfinished poetry,
And you take your unfinished book,
We'll mash them together into a chunk of clay,
And what results I think will do.

Let me take you in my arms,
And swing about the room,
To some merry little jig,
Only heard between us three.

Let's laugh to loud like *******,
And banter like buffoons,
Rant and rave like jabbering macaws,
And croon until we're blue.

Take care of me when I drink too heavy,
And nod along to my song,
Even though my guitar may be out of tune,
Carry my traumas when they become too crushing,
And say you love me too.
Zach Bryan- Corinthians
Life is boring, Born to super starring.

Illuminate. Thangs gotta  turn around. Really can't wait.

Miracle happens every tym. Culd be our turn.

Better life screaming, where it's **** hard to find a gud wife.

All we lead, life in nigh. Fortune denial.

What culd we do but stay true. Staying more true, saying more truths.

Wish the youth truthful, fruitful. Beautiful the  future đź”® looks.

Journey in time, on the treak of time. Doing time.

Searching for fortune and fame.
Tame, who do you blame.

Mama called him Cloudnine, among all name's.

Elation, superb emotions of extremely happiness destination in the sky. on high.
Agony of life
Joanna Alexandre Nov 2022
I love him
For five days out of a fortnight
Sometimes less
We spend more time talking
About how much we miss each other
Than we do making up for the lost time
Our five days every fortnight
Are split between his family and friends
And my work
So we end up with weekends
I love him for two days out of a fortnight
And I miss him for 261 days a year
We spend time more time fighting
About how to spend our time
Than we do spending it together
Our bank accounts are more connected
Than sometimes it feels like we are
I get to love him two days out of a fortnight
The same amount of time spent on that plane
Sitting next to strangers
Working for those two days just the same
I love him for one third of the year
The rest I deal with the pain
Patiently waiting for him to come home
And say that was my last day
Robert Ronnow Sep 2022
Come May. Come what may.
The most significant thing today
first Monday in May
my wife six months pregnant with twins
says she’s scared what we’re getting ourselves into.
Like the time I moved into an apartment uptown
I mean way uptown, Bronx uptown, uptown
where I’d never been
bomba echoing in the airshaft
painted the walls banana yellow and moved out the next day.
Lost the deposit.
A few months later moved right back to the same neighborhood,
stayed a decade.
I’m not—scared, that is—but they’re not kicking my insides out, either.
Ryan Long Apr 29
To what can I compare her to?
To what could I describe and ring true?

A kiss like the morning rain
Refreshing and life giving
A smile brighter than the sun
That enables all to continue living

Perhaps it's a voice that sings
Like the most glorious of birds
The beauty of it captures me
Resonates to my heart where it rings

Eyes like rubies, no sapphires!
They shine so bright
And fill me with desire

If only I had more than words
Only those given to mere mortals
To describe this angel so lovely
Who must have come to us
Through another worlds portal

Baby, I won't die for you but I'd live for you, and to be with you forever, and till eternal. I just wanna live for you and to live the rest of my live with you forever. If I can be your man, I wish for your parents to see. I  need you more than life. I need some more than  wife. If  you can be next to me. Your memory is eternal. I need you more than life. I need some more than wife. Keep the flame a  blazing!"

This poem was inspired by a song by Justin Bieber.  A song tittled Die For You
Odd Odyssey Poet Aug 2022
To him,
she's the calm in the blustering of his mother,
a goddess against the devilish charms of the libertine father,
a dry land away from the wettest inequities of coitus,
a blue violet in the skies of her affection—love and compassion
grows of her red lotus,
far apart from peers; they shunned her from their groupings,
a series of events makes her love home; so unlike, amongst
many few, to seem fictional as movies.

A queen; diamonded on the silk of her skin,
maturity read in her eyes, and red as her passionate lips,
fetching to behold—spirit, looks, and within.
"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor
from the Lord" (Prov 18:22 NIV)
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