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I am a Romeo or a lucky one,
I have both,
A wife and a girlfriend.
My wife is my T.V.,
Stable, always there,homely,
No extra cost,
Only pay for maintenance.
Enjoy it when home,
With popcorn,hot coffee or tubs of icecream.
Even has a remote for you to control it,
But no talking,
Keep quiet and listen.
My girlfriend is my mobile,
Lovely, slim and sexy.
Turns people's heads when you go out with it,
It's portable,
Take her everywhere with you,
Talk and listen,
Play with it without getting tired.
No remote to control it,
Expensive to maintain,
Pay or get disconnected.
Can be hacked or stolen easily,
Have to be careful of viruses,
Easily replaceable.
Logan Robertson Apr 2017
my wife went to town
       on a dark
    cold and windy
       she drove
      slow at first
      then faster
   as the wheels
      as she came
to a bend in the road
      and another
and another
   she kept her foot
      on the pedal
     and eyes ahead
      as a tall oak
         into view
        basking like
under an entranced moon
   as a torrent of rain
      squaws danced
  wheels squeaking louder
    she reached town
  somewhat exhilarated
     and looking back
          the entranced moon smiled
          and cooed

Ali Ashraf Oct 4
Dear future wife
have you lost your mind?
cause if you have lost it
I have lost it too.

In that case
there is no trouble
don’t you worry
we’ll make a great couple

but if you are sane
and still want to be mine
then my love you are
losing your mind.

© Ali Ashraf
taking things on a lighter note.
Nava Um Oct 4
Lets build something
That weathers storms
Something that storms beaches
  Transcends form
Touches the furthest reaches

Build it up so high it will kill us to fall
The clouds are so comforting anyhow

We've got it all in a rental now
But give us time to settle down
   To a home that rescues us
From the mess outside

The wind takes the breath from me
Vent to me, be my truster
I hear the world
Working you Unequally

You're not equal, love
I attest to that for the rest of life
You are far above
Nivine Nahli Sep 29
I want to liberate myself
From the pain you have caused me.
Although, I don’t want to blame you
It’s the sad truth of what you have done.

You left behind a woman
Who would have given you life.
You left behind a woman
Who would have given you a family.

Maybe that woman
Wasn’t what you wanted
At that very exact moment,
But she’s exactly what you’ll need

When you’re growing old and alone.
A woman to hold you, mend you
Love you and care for you.
That woman was me.

Now I’m gone and I no longer exist.

You lost me, the woman who would have given you everything.
MrsFootePoems Sep 22
You tell me you love me
And I want to believe
But how could this be
When everything I do to help you
Seems to punish me?
I'll never be good enough.
I've known this my whole life.
But I thought maybe at changed
The day you made me your wife.
But I'm still alone.
Sitting in an empty house
Waiting for you to come home.
Let's see what we shout about now.

Our love has been broken
And I want to mend it
But every time I try
We just both get defensive.
I'm at a loss
I really don't know what to do.
How can I show you my love
When you don't even want me to?
My heart hurts daily
And I dont share it anymore.
I see the light in your eyes die
As soon as you walk through the door.

If it's me that's stolen your shine
Please tell me
You are the brightest of all the stars
And no one deserves to take that.
Have I been trying too hard?
And I've just made it worse.
I dont want to watch our love fade
Or roll away in a hearse.
I need us to be us again,
For the sake of being in love.
But how do we do that
When we fight so hard to be unloved?
I'm going through a tough time, emotionally.
Outside Words Sep 21
On a gusty autumn night
Another husband was swept,
Somber under the porch light,
Abigail watched and wept.

No men were happy,
As they dealt with poor Abby –
Day in and day out,
So miserable and naggy.

Nine is such a tender age
For a father to leave his daughter,
In horror, Abby waved,
Her mind underwater.

Crimes of parents, what a shame
Those with good ones count your blessings,
Lest we forget little Abby’s pain
And teach our children similar lessons.
Randy Johnson Sep 16
You broke my heart when you stole and used my bride.
She ran off with you and I'm going to take it out of your hide.
I'm going to knock out your teeth when I give you a beating.
You will have to gum your food to be able to continue eating.
You soon dumped my wife because to you, she was just a booty call.
I just punched you in the face and it gives me pleasure to see you fall.
You just got up off the floor but I just knocked you down again.
My wife meant nothing to you, you give a bad name to men.
You told her that you loved her but you lied.
She was so upset that she committed suicide.
Convincing her to leave me was mean but using her was meaner.
I just pulled out my 44 Magnum pistol and blew off your wiener.
I can't let you continue to be a jerk, I can't allow that at all.
I have made sure that my late wife will be your last booty call.
I wait to see you again,
for my heart goes with you,
you are the star of my life,
the dream that I will always wish for it to be true,
Is to marry you.

Please don’t forget,
I love you,
I stand because I love you.
never give up,
never give in,
and wait for me,
baby love.

For every heart bit
of my heart,
I hear your name,
my love for you is strong,
And I will never forget the test of your lips
and your smooth skin.

Your words,
that always tell me ,
I can,
and never to give up.
Baby love
you are the diesel of my life,
You are the wonderful part of my life,
You are the flowers
that makes my life meaning full.
without you am dry,
and better dead,
for I can’t live
without you,

Without you
I will have to give up
all my dreams
for you are the roots of everything.
I can’t sleep without a thought of you,
I can’t smile
without knowing you are safe,
I may be a man
but I need you more than a man needing a woman.

Like a bird
I whisper a melody into your heart, “wait for me”
like a baby
looking into your eye
I find happiness, “smile with me”
like a pillow
I wait for you to sleep on my chest, “am waiting”
like a cloud
I wish to go
Where you go, “till the end”
like a star in the night
I hope you see me. “for I see you”

My love,
My angel,
My sweet heart,
The waves of the ocean
will never stop me from loving you,
The storm and thunder of the day
will never make me
give up waiting for you.

Loneliness burns me like magma in the core,
Missing you freezes me like sleeping in snow,
My voice and my tears
are thunder and rain.

I know the day
will come when
I will sleep beside you,
When I call you my wife,
Baby love.
Terry Collett Sep 13
Close the door,
Netanya said,
keep other ears
from hearing,
and don't stand there
with a face like death.

I closed the door
with a gentle click
and stood behind her
at the dressing table.

What is it?

Who was she
who gave you
a lift home from work?

Just a girl
from soft furnishings.

She began
to apply lipstick
gazing at me
in the mirror.

Why you?

Why me what?

Why did she
give you a lift?

I sat on the bed behind
and watched her.

She said she was
going my way.

How does she
know your way?

She put down
her lipstick
and began to pluck
her brows.

Must have seen me
I guess.

What do you
do with her
in soft furnishings?

I watched her pluck
and saw how curved
her body was.

Nothing except walk
through it now and then.

Bet she has you
try out those beds.

She glanced at me
behind her on the bed.

Of course not
she's too busy for that.

She finished plucking.

Brush my hair for me.

I stood up
and she handed me
the brush and I began.

Bet she fancies you.

Her hair was brown
and fine.

She's pregnant.

She frowns.
Yours, is it?

I steady her head
and brush.

No if course not.

Bet you had her
after work.

She gazed at me
in the mirror
as I brushed.

the TV blared.

You know I wouldn't.

Do I?

I finished brushing
and handed her
the brush.

She said no more.

Just her look
and deadly hush.
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