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sara Mar 28
I’ve been on this earth
at least once before;
so I just spend my time searching
for the keys to my own soul.
And after all
You deserve
That close
Where everything
With a whisper
And ends
With a whisper

No excuse
A gift of life
The right one
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Oneness
Note: Know your worth
Luiz Jan 10
I need you to be a bit closer to me
so to touch the curtains and open the blinds
of two windows hewing an emerald sea
do not mind me falling so blind

into the spellbind of your eyes, just unwind
as destiny entwines and stars then plan our design
so don't freight or fight the curtains and blinds
let the stars and destiny for us align

just a bit closer to me....
ohellobeautiful Sep 2019
your bones
they glow
with galaxies
you have yet to
come to know

and when you sink
the ocean floor
becomes your home

the water finds
a way to seep
out of the corners
of your eyes

to wash away
all of their lies

salt that dances
in your wounds
will carry you
up to the sky

and you will feel
much more alive

so you can breathe
in the sunshine
and realize that
those falls arrived
just so you could
find ways to rise
waves to ride
ways to shine
and realign
hannah in spring Aug 2019
I see you sometimes
In between
Rays of sunlight

You're not unfamiliar
With the shadows
Of things

I don't expect you
To wait for me
I could never ask that

I don't want you
To wait for me
I'll catch up

In time
I'll find you
On the edge of things
btp May 2019
There's a huge gap between
What people say & do
What people think & feel
I have love for whom are aligned.
I will always remember
the time it felt like the stars
Took their time to align
For the both of us...

I will always remember you.
Khoi-San Jan 2019
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
Why do you follow me
Bringing cold air unto
my night sky
Hopping upon my eyelids
Fluttering starkless
After the taste leaves
Sour and pure
Yet rotten and decitful
Traits upon trays
Served to the next one
In line

Why have you
Come for me

You already tried
To **** me once
And that was enough sir
Thank you but
No thank you
I think I'll wait for
Another ride
This time

Love unburden me
I want to come home
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