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I will always remember
the time it felt like the stars
Took their time to align
For the both of us...

I will always remember you.
Khoi-San Jan 18
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
Why do you follow me
Bringing cold air unto
my night sky
Hopping upon my eyelids
Fluttering starkless
After the taste leaves
Sour and pure
Yet rotten and decitful
Traits upon trays
Served to the next one
In line

Why have you
Come for me

You already tried
To **** me once
And that was enough sir
Thank you but
No thank you
I think I'll wait for
Another ride
This time

Love unburden me
I want to come home
Brynn S Nov 2018
Deep green
Withered screen
Soft skin
Rotting thin
Blessed boy
Restless joy
I cover it
Each heartache
Each pain
To feel you again
To understand touch
To remember such
Love me once more
Barriers will fall
We shall collide
Extremeties dissapate
Crooked smiles will align once again
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
The stars will all align for you.
Fly to them in a red balloon.
You can end up there.
I do so dare.

For you to fly to the farthest star.
Found in a red balloon you are.
Dare you to live in the stars.
In a red balloon you are.

This is more than an obsession.
Make it your life time mission.
Throw me a kiss from the farthest star.
It could be here or far.

The stars are our gift to you.
This is whether you feel, sad, happy, or blue.
In the sky there is a star named just for you.
If only we could all travel to the sky in a red balloon.

Up here you have a better view.
All your dreams will shape around you.
Whether you are going across country or the whole world.
Can I grab a kiss from you girl.

So, as we travel to the stars;
Remember who you are.
Whether you are here or far.
Ride to the farthest star.
For someone special
Kris Balubar Jan 2018
I want you close,
Actually closer.
Where our skins are
Touching one another.
Then after, our hands
Will align with each other.
Maybe now we're close,
Too close to let go.
But I don't want to let go,
Because I want you more closer.
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Every night I’ve just wanted her perfect body up close to mine.
Perfectly aligned.
Her warm body is wine.

Every night I dream
Every night I’ve seen
It’s just you and me.
Baby girl twist away
When you're talking to me
I can't breathe
Set some time aside to say
Why don't you stay
Ten years later I still feel like a child
You're the one
I know you are
She’s so lovely
She’s so lovely
She still loves me...
- Anthony Green
Scarlet Keiller Jan 2018
Where is my language
and why can't I speak it?
It's being replaced
with a haze of Spanish eyes
and olive skin
casting shadows across itself
in the mid-morning sun.
I would be one
to remember the days
of what I could say,
words integrate,
binding my tongue to the roof of my mouth.
Colder, colder, migrating south,
hold my hand and tell me
it will be alright.
I wanted to know how the bird in flight
felt to have its feathers washed from its body,
how the decaying leaf
felt to be buried in snow.
And now all I want to know
is how it would feel
to be the world's smallest organism.
How it would feel to divide, divide,
roots so shallow I can't find my feet,
swept away by the smallest rush
of pins pushing against my body.  
How it would feel to be torn apart
in the name of science -
would I still be beautiful
if my ribs were inside out?
Would I still be beautiful
if my heart bloomed like the winter flower?
Would you love me if I could be anything,
a wasteland with a clear surface,
water being poured down the drain?
If I was a sequence,
the number of steps before the next system over,
would my DNA align just enough
to make me reflect you?
I'm hapless,
entirely theoretical,
and I'm counting the number
of substitutions I can make
before I no longer exist.
What will it take to wipe me away?
How many cells do you have to remove from my spine
before it is no longer my own?
I used to want to feel
the air breathing with me,
to know what it is
that makes the water love the earth so dearly.
Now all I want to feel
is soft skin on my hands,
the curve of my waist as I sleep,
the skin pale under the sheets,
beauty sighing from between my blue lips.
~~ Still going strong. ~~
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
do not forget
the cosmic creatures we befit
our choice to get what we emit
as magic Souls in full orbit
a kaleidoscope of sun and hope
we shine a special kind of glow
we light the world all on our own
we rise with every fall we home
if You feel lost, you’re not alone
these troubles are your way to roam
to higher peaks with your moonlit
attire to conspire in
this human-like acquired trip
where, lucidly, desire drips
You flow in ways the Sun has missed
your hopes & dreams are our sky’s kiss
for every ounce of Love and loss
You feel the world and its chaos
although it hurts at times, I know
your tale here is not one of woe
arrived divine to shine your glow
this chance at life to learn and grow
gives strength to You, it’s your escrow
so don't defy when walls do *****
you’re never lost; You are the path
the holes expose old hidden tracks
for You to see your Light shine back
Star BG Nov 2017
Are you ready to embrace our neighbors.
The ones who come from the galaxy.

Release old mind programing
about religion, the news media, corporate jargon.

Release whats taught in school, vaccines
space travel.

Release your own judgmental mind
to align with heart.

Align with your higher self and guides.

The angels and arch angels
and other beings.

The aliens of light, and Mother Natures allies.

Align in your heart soul
and the energy God
not what was taught in altered text.

THERE you will know freedom
as we haven't had it for centuries.
It is really time for Humanity to wake up to love. To shed the old beliefs that have kept us hostage. It is time to align to the powers of Love. We all have gifts lets use them to feel oneness and be love to all.
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