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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

What stirs within me
is no great welling
straining to flood forth,
but an emptiness
waiting to be filled.

I am not an orchard
ready to be harvested,
but a field
rough and barren
waiting to be tilled.

Keywords/Tags: tillage, raw, potential, barren, field, tabula rasa, blank slate, palimpsest
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
A little

Too reserved

Cooking her own world

Black and white

Her slate

Strayed away

Any admirer

Swayed her way

Too shy

Reciprocating claim

Of what love proclaim
Toni Jun 2019
I know I should be sad at the thought of what we had being washed away,
But a clean slate doesn’t sound too bad
And I brought my umbrella anyway.

What do you say?
This year has been very transitional, and mindfulness has been a constant theme.
nightdew Feb 2019
thousands of words race through my mind,
yet i still draw blanks.

the paper is still clean,
like the clean slate i dreaded for.

what can i say,
to embed those words from you.

i suppose that's why i can't come up with anything.
Brynn S Nov 2018
A small note attached to the small toe of the not yet dead woman
It read of sorrow and peace as she lay there still breathing
To why was she spread upon the iron table with eyes the color of coins
Displayed, surrounded by mirrors and windows ***** and unbreakable
Not a whimper slipped from her mouth as the small knife slit into her
Tearing the silk gown with precision of an artist,
the butcher masqueraded itself as husband
Emerald eyes shed no tears, reflexes halt to an end, an acceptance was reached
In her hands held a relic, one of the past and future. The piece was a watch
Ticking, counting down each second of breath. Belief in release the ******* death
Feeling of pleasure with each cut, the teasing texture of blood cascading downwards
How tantalizingly horrific the scene of sacrifice; a modern day alter
Rested upon rusted roses and sweet thorns the alive child laid
Silence for she has given voice to the goddess and the body to the God
Anne Oct 2018
My faith and heart
Were bold and brazen
When your hand
Enfolded my hand

As the floating slate wool up
our skies
Cried and you
And I
Were unplanned

And faith was watered
With bittersweet tears
My heart did not

When you hesitated
And pulled eme in
Your arms
My faith
Had silenced
just another poem of the day
Maria Etre Sep 2018
"Permanently delete"

No one ever
wants to
look through

"New document"
faeri Sep 2018
The way the surface of the water is frozen
calling for you to break its perfect state.
Crystal slate
easily fractured with the slightest touch.
Slowly ripples of different sizes make their way
across the liquid diamond
ending the tranquility it had.
Life's temporary stillness can be compared to that of a pool at midnight.
Abigail Hobbs Apr 2018
And the crisp air
caressing her face
at the start of each new day
reminds her of the clean slate
she has
The fall begins,
the rejuvenation,
the fresh start.
triztessa Oct 2017
This is a cry of a person dissatisfied
the faint feeling of a blank stare stating:

Here I look upon the world,
to which I am dreadfully attached
I regret to love it so much
as I cling on harshly, gaping;
it is full of distaste and resentment.
I tried to see everything in it,
I have lived and saw life without grace
and sin devours envy controls hate
and men die holding their pride
and selfishness corrupted the soul.

It is without a doubt that I -
who swore to be free of the earth
withheld of freedom and deemed memory
a clean slate again.
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