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A slender white cloud,
tells wind its tale, dissolves!
The sky's smile vanishes.
Brynn S Jan 9
Tall and dark
A handsome face
She walks amoungst the thorns
Pricking them first
Laughter in angst
Remorse in the joyous

Eyebrows flare, eyes rolled to white
She dulled the jewels on the beetles back
She convinced the bird to veer from flight
She crushed the soul of the earth’s core
Crunched it like a pit
And let bloom decay.
Neeloo Neelpari Sep 2018
Twenty four hours
stretching to a century
Engulfing the four walls
Of the lonely abode
haunting the soul
Of the grief stricken me

An enstranged tear
restless to roll down,
My gloomy, rosy cheek
Steps down from their abode
Leaving behind a trail of
Tell-tale blackest kohl

Memoires of you,
Haunting, transending..
And Oh! this taunting moon
Hiding behind the moving clouds
Peeping out, mocking at
My vunerable, lonely state

Brushing back my wet locks
I softly murmur your name
Against my powerless slender palm
When will you help me out
from this pitiable state
O my Eloquer....!!

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
The glorious power of Christ’s
crucifixion transcends… all
thoughts of Human reasoning;
for the slender portion of one
drop of His blood provides Life

Everlasting to any man, willing
to humble himself, to ask for
forgiveness and to confess his
dependence on Yahweh. We’re not
worthy of the continual flowing

of His Mercy and Grace, without
a relationship with Him! Selah!
Everyday, each born-again child,
that is filled with gratitude
and thankfulness, should shout:

Thank You, Lord, for my redemption
and the wondrous gift of Salvation!
Author notes

Dedicated to: Pastor Ken Davidson
Inspired by:
John 3:16; Lam 3:22-23  and

The most slender portion of Christ
is more than sufficient to meet the
greatest need of any man.
-Pastor Ken Davidson  
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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2018, All rights reserved.
Kon Grin Jun 2017
Fix me, so I wouldn't lose.
Fix my brain so I would crave
For blessings that my mother chooses.

Hurt's not me, for giving up
Is same as letting sand and dust
Slip languidly through slender arms.

Fix me, since these poems do
Appear of lines without a rhyme.
Fix me so I knew who I am writing too.
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Maturing to become
Grains that will feed us

WIth the sweat of the farmer
WIth the tears of the widows and daughters
WIth the sorrow of the indebted ..
WIth the curse of the deprived and downtrodden..

We don't see the stories behind the scene
We relish the fancy recipes of the Master Chefs
Of fragrant rice, golden rice and the slim and slender grains
We forget the dark, thin, slender bodies who make it for us...
Ezra Nov 2014
How many gallons
Of rain did you drink?

When you stood outside the gates,
Waving, "Hey!"

You stood still, jumping
As the rain showered
Your slender body
And boggèd it down;

And that, dear friend, is what I love you for.
JayceeJellies Nov 2014
I put my head down on my pillow at night,
I smile as I close my eyes.
Because I know that I don't have to feel frightened.
Because Slendy's peeping, keeping close eyes on me all the time.

Slendy knows, I'm only five.
Just like he knows my brother Johnny is nine.
But Johnny doesn't like Slendy too much.
He says he's scarey and frightens him to the touch.

But I like Slendy.
I've told him every time.
Slendy means no harm!
That's why I don't hide.

"Come now child"
I hear Slendy call,
He's waving his arms,
So flimsy and long..

They don't scare me though.
Because I know that Slendy's my friend.
Not a ******.


Slendy starts to move away,
I move towards him in such a sudden daze,
But I hear my mommy keep calling my name.


I look away from Slendy to see her running to me.
"What are you doing?" I asked her as she picked me up,
As she held me Slendy vanished.
He was gone.

That was the last time I saw him.
But I know he's watching me,
Slendy always talks to me.
So, I felt like writing a story and a poem at the same time. This sort of just came out. Feel free to tell me your opinions.
Scarlet Woods Oct 2014
A large, bony hand comes out of the darkness
And ruffled my hair
I looked up and saw a tall man
He seemed to lack a face
He said, "Do not fear, child. I only want to play."
He took me to his manor and said
"Now, you are here to stay."
I've recently taken on my Slenderman liking again and...well this happened in German.....during school.....This is my first poem so go easy on meh

— The End —