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Brynn S Mar 2019
Tear my skin piece by peace
I see the bones leaking in feast
Emmergance of the palest formation
No more turns for degradation
Peal back lids and watch them fall
A shell of a mind once stood tall

Petals of birth
They fall to the ground
Each day another
None left to surround

Lonesome I may
Given with greed
Taken the chance
Most others would flee

Break my neck
My legs as well
Transform me into art
May all others go to hell
Brynn S Mar 2019
The night has been soaked in gasoline
Light the match and set the scene
Drops of sun, and brim of dark
It tips it eyes to the cherished lark
Three years of time
Stolen in seconds, paid by dime

My forked tongue wished and whispered
As the light slithered and cut with scissor

Terror in the first degree
Set the stove to burn
Leave it on the timer
The one in which priorities urn

Paint them some smiles
Keep them coming for miles
They only stay around when you flip the bill
Take one chance and then will they spill

Alone, take it as a loan
Another debt to pay onces the moon rise again
Desert eyes with silk vein
Corrode in marrow, then she will be sane
Brynn S Mar 2019
Become the young
Breathe the bitter air with vibrancies
Intake the lucid eye
Though you’ll never see it again
Once the juice runs out
Glide with hands spread on both sides
Scream death away
Kick the rain
Believe you can return it to the sky
Know that when you age
You’ll be there too
High as a kite
Brynn S Mar 2019
Reflections of endless winter
The trees overhead are left unclothed
Their branches bend as if they were a wise elder
Pebbles covered in dew
Rusted signs follow the path of the beast
A silent engine to watch over the body
Water’s edge, solemn and soulful
As it is measured as low-leveled it reflects the sky
Reaching to it as if they were connected
The hum of birds in return of their journey
They are confused as time stood still in the place they once fled from
The return shows coldness yet comfort to the creatures building life
Light so dim yet vibrancy leaks through shadowed clouds
The darkness only intensified the light
Light that projected from the small droplets upon glass
Little specs of sun, brought from the heavens to give light to the dark world.
Brynn S Mar 2019
Sometimes I watch the paper as it fills with words; much like an overflow of a cup
Pen ink spills onto the pages with words only to be read in a certain order
If read closely the true intentions are met
If not the words are incoherent and absolute *****
I do love writing with my face centimeters from the page
The words flow like waves and their radiance proves brilliance
Watching someone write shows their heart
Their true mindset
Watching their words curve is like following directions to a new world; one of which leads to the heart.
Brynn S Feb 2019
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
Brynn S Feb 2019
Feet under crystal green water
Fragments of debris float in circular motions
Tracing the minds pondering nature
World passes as if turning backwards
Return to the former place one of purity
The corruption brought forth a small death
One of little significance yet large impact
Only personal not important

The clocks are abused
Mistreatment of age delivers hell
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