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Brynn S 5d
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
Brynn S 5d
Feet under crystal green water
Fragments of debris float in circular motions
Tracing the minds pondering nature
World passes as if turning backwards
Return to the former place one of purity
The corruption brought forth a small death
One of little significance yet large impact
Only personal not important

The clocks are abused
Mistreatment of age delivers ****
Brynn S Feb 2
Bloom from decay
Follow moss of black rain
Run towards shattered laughter
Pierce nightly noose as if to welcome him
Wait and stay patient
“Time will arrive soon enough
Though, only few understand”
The mystic in teardrop’s reflection whispers
She is a woman, creature, a not-yet-spirit
tallons reach to comfort
Iris torn, fragmented judgment
Those eyes melted off skin
They sunk towards the floor
Deep depths of pit, madness separated weeks
Fall, fall slow, invite the insanity
The lady with the crook smile and stolen wings
Brynn S Feb 2
The gun has been facing me for too long
The final thought and word from the poet
To be someone’s is to hurt self
To be no one’s is far better
Cracked eyes and tiger streams melt
Lashes collect at dripped edge
lept in multitudes, landed not once
Knees buckle under gravity
Chance has torn the light from eye’s view
Teeth scratch, the bite cruel and deep
But words, those words have lead wars without end
Have me listen to poison, falsities proved echos
In dark- clouded minds,  night delivers truth
Harsh truth of moments blind
The nightmare persists
One’s life is not yet to be theirs.
Brynn S Jan 21
We laid there
Untop of pitch
Wading in water’s sound
The spot surrounded by an absent crowd
They awaited our voices
We sang, we kissed
Never did the sun shadow us
Not for a second did we want to move
In the heart of the process
In the absence of home
We found something else
This is in inspiration from a moment from the past where I and another found a stage that, in prior, had a concert and had not been torn down yet. So we just climbed onto it and laid there listening to blowing breeze, Elvis, and the water.
Brynn S Jan 21
You’ll go blind darling;
Power to the top shelf
rush into will
Melt into minds pull
Silent drums and wonders vast
I twisted your hair and grabbed at cloth past
I wanted only a moment to stay forever
Brynn S Jan 9
Tall and dark
A handsome face
She walks amoungst the thorns
Pricking them first
Laughter in angst
Remorse in the joyous

Eyebrows flare, eyes rolled to white
She dulled the jewels on the beetles back
She convinced the bird to veer from flight
She crushed the soul of the earth’s core
Crunched it like a pit
And let bloom decay.
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