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The essence of affection
A virtuous condition
Factors in certain traits
and affirms who we make
Descriptions of conduct
are attributed properly

Spot of tea
Cuddle please
Come with me
Long journey
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Mark Toney Oct 2019
**** and Jane phenomenon
Baby Sally - See Spot Run!  
Think-and-Do Book  leads the way
We Look and See
We Come and Go
We Work and Play

Until Dr. Seuss's smash-hit breakaway...
6/13/2019 - Poetry form: Light Verse - "DR. SEUSS BRAGGED ABOUT HELPING TO **** OFF **** AND JANE.  William Spaulding—who headed the educational division at Houghton Mifflin publishing—challenged Theodore Seuss Geisel to write "a story that first-graders can't put  down. Geisel responded with The Cat in the Hat—his first smash-hit. Children's literature hasn't looked back since. "I have great pride in taking **** and Jane out of most school libraries," he subsequently said. "That is my greatest satisfaction." - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Arcassin B Jun 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

A Passion to,
learn what you're saying, let your actions
More if you're the right you,
don't tell me to,
Do anything I don't wanna do,
Learn what you say is true,
A Passion to,
Serve future Sons and daughters,
Terms and conditions , they slaughter,
Poisoning millions with lies we swallow
up proper,
That sounded wrong , made it through the
Saw the truth when I was born,Put me in some empathy,
Looking for the trouble,
Searching for my soul as it had drift away
Could not find me, if you tried,
You lied , about your intention.
You couldn't tell the truth ,if you tell,
A mistake , it's a spell,
Beyond your fight there's a hell,
Thats loops over and over,
Here it comes you better take cover lover,
The lingo you misspell,
Never give up on myself.
See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me,
Didn't know what we were facing in a world
Our souls are torn in this realm but now I got things to fight for,
I'm using both of my hands in this war.
This quest don't need a sword or trinkets,
I'm just trying to unlock what's in store,
You have the keys , unlock the door,
Its not too late , its not too late,
You have the keys , unlock the door,
Its not too late , its not too late...
Don't make it , ******* yourself to put stress
on your lil' soul,
Don't make it , seem like a reason you do
everything you're told,
I hope they don't give into the ignorance
those demons have sold,
Don't let your, bad intentions get in the way
of your love go,
Men they just wanna, men they just wanna,
be tough,
Women they just wanna , women they
just wanna, compete,
But what inside makes you complete ?
And what makes your whole world taste
Y'all don't understand this,
But to find peace in the world is out-
Literally, why in the **** would there be
conspiracy theories,
California fires exploding the fury,
This might be just words but y'all don't
hear me,
Find people to be fake everyday , they just
But look inside yourself and realize yourself that you could never really lie
to yourself,
But look inside yourself and realize yourself that you could never really lie
to yourself.

a sweet
little french
fry to
dip in
her basket
when 'tis
Spokane in
a thrill
nearby to
enjoy the
river of
nesting pine
in this
spectacular  view
of spring
with ours
in design
a place to vacation
laurynas-dyma Mar 2019
our spot.
been there,
many times.
alone and
with you.
it is special,
like us.
St Paul's.
Onomatopiyya Feb 2019
I'll never force you to stay
And the last thing I'll do
Is to force my heart
To leave you there

Even when the truth is
It's so very heavy
To move away from you
From our dreams and memories

There's always a special spot
For you
In me
Maybe you'll never know that

Yuki Jan 2019
I still wait for you
in that spot in which
we would have escaped
when we needed
each other.
Did you forget
the way?
Mackenzie Dec 2018
This time last year
It was you
who filled me with Christmas cheer
even though loving you isolated me like
Rudolf the rednose reindeer
Slipping on ice
I only saw you but
Isn't it ironic
How love is so blind
Never once did I see that
You would be my demise
Your love was like a drug
Increasing my dose
Never afraid of getting too close
This Christmas
my heart is empty and
the weather is still cold
I prayed for you last night but the devil grabbed my soul
The love that we had
turned to coal
Snow settled in my heart
In the spot you used to hold
The holidays are so full of cheer
This year
I opened a box of our memories
No love lies here
M. D.
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