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Tess M 20h
don't know what to feel
hate you; love you
lost in the confusion

I get what I want
yet I'm left
when you leave

dynamic is changing
you no longer chase me,
was it only ever a hope
for More?

you hurt me
but I hurt me too
for trusting so
Dereaux Nov 23
It was last night
that the white monster
sneaked unseen
across the quiet country.

Silently hovering
above the fields
swallowing all
what came on it's path

Over the vast fields
I noticed that he silently
but surely did his job
covering all in mist

Only the tallest trees
were lucky enough
to tower above his
growing power.

Early morning sun
already warming up
trying to contain evil

Through the shreds
she evaporated the mist
with pale golden rays

The idyllic picture
brought melancholy
to my heart.

If only everything
was so easy too
Amanda Hawk Nov 12
I wear autumn
Upon my shoulders
Some say I hold fire
My paws dark as coal
And when I run
I am the fog
Early morning mist
Disappearing into the trees
I laugh haunting the shadows
To be mistaken for ghosts
That is autumn--those spirits
And they run their fingers
Through my coat
Favorites poem... this one is my favorite animal
Alexander Nov 10
Clouded vision by these things that haunt me,
Still waking up from yesterday’s fog
While stressing over tomorrows possibilities.
I feel like I'm seeing everything
Through foggy windows.
The details they blur
And I can't tell who's friend or foe.
If there's danger
I can't see it.
I'm blind to the reality
That I know haunts me silently.
Bhill Nov 8
is it too soon, to hope this is true
can I say it now, and share my new view
fogs are lifting and hope is back
the sun will come out and get us on track
if all goes well and unity returns
democracy will follow around the next turn
arguments and yelling will soon be replaced
kindness and friendship should return in great haste
looking forward to the change in the world we all know
go out there and help this new message to grow.....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 307
Brian Turner Nov 7
Morning fog
Morning slog
Car light bright
Door lock tight

Fog clears
Bike steers
Sun out
More about

Dusk came
Night fame
End of slog
Prepare for fog
Bhill Nov 5
the spirits of our forefathers are turning in their grave
our land has been home to freedom and liberty for years
why would we allow the orange fog to control and suppress that right
our founders fought for and gained that right for us
why would some question, and want that privilege squashed
is it a reality that has come to stay?
NO, is the only answer here
let our ancestors know that democracy is not in hiding....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 304
Allesha Eman Oct 16
A cloud rests on the surface of the earth
and my heart, like a paperweight,  
tethers me to the stormy waters.  
I can’t foresee where I’m heading.  
But there’s something in the heavy air
compelling my lungs conform to the feeling
of letting go
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