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I wander through
I trudge ahead
I just keep going
Through the mud
Up the hills
Over the bumps
I fall I stand back up
I get knocked back
I roll down the hill
I brush myself off
I cry I scream
I begin again
I strut on by
I don't stop
I just keep on rolling on
I refuse to stop
I just stand tall and walk
I know there's something
I can't stop
I wander through
Till my rest is given
I then will stop
Till then
Wander , I do.
©Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 1/5/2023
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2022
As big as heaven
              size ways.
But to preserve
      it took no space
did it in a few words.
          So tiny that was
didn't notice how or where                      
       I lost my password
now the giant heaven
       I can't see nowhere!
Kara Shirlene Feb 2021
Mother Earth
No sacrifice She makes
Is small
At the hands of many
Who do not honor
Her at all.

And yet each Spring
New life is born
Flowers bloom
And the animals play
Hope made new
From Winter's gloom.

But the hands of men
Need to understand
Her resilience
Will not last.
And that all humans
Have a responsibility
To preserve Her brilliance-

Mother Earth
Her weight on our shoulders now
Yet She continues to give.
From Her roots & soils; harvest is plenty
Into our bellies
So that all may live.

May we set aside
Our pride and ego
And all our selfish industrial waste
Get back to nature; honoring Her lands
Great care we need to take
Of Mother Earth for all our days.

©KSS 2/18/2021
Written in honor of #UULENT day 2. Word of reflection: Earth
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Her neck was adorned by a neckpiece of unique memories trapped in ancient amber...!

For aren't some moments too worthwhile to be forgotten by the mind....

Yet too heavy a price to lose from the heart?
Just something random!
Thank you for reading! ❣
Heavy Hearted May 2020
The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on, and forward

Satisfaction, it never comes!
the only direction left to go,
We stumble.
We're pushed.

The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on,
Pushing us further, pushing us forward...

the tolling of angers tide-
the unrelenting force.
Dear God,
Preserve my sanity,
Preserve my identity,
Preserve my family,
Preserve my health,
Preserve my well being,
Preserve my relationships,
Preserve my soul,
Preserve my mind,

Preserve me for your goodness,
Preserve me for your plans,
Preserve me for my purpose.
Preserve me for a brighter tomorrow.

For it is only in you that I can be safely kept.
winter Jun 2019
I am fully prepared
to lose everything
I've devoted my whole life
to preserve
Elizabeth Zenk May 2019
when the hands of a chosen,
gentle lover
are not the first you have felt.
you flinch at the signs of intimacy.

because we are animals
with broken bones
mended with welded thoughts
and who cower at the idea of fracture.

because we are flowers
with plucked petals
striking with jagged thorns
and whose blossoms are choked by thistles.

because we are butterflies
with shredded wings
hesitantly fluttering with fear
and who are bodied by the terrible wind.

and alas
we wander
we grow
and we fly.
we may be broken, plucked, and shredded,
but we live on.
Brynn S Feb 2019
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
dadens Jan 2019
I wrote about you for the same reason I photographed you

Because even though we aren't the same people now

You're the same person I fell in love with on the old pages of my journal

But instead of being wrapped in your arms, the words on my pages hold me close and bring warmth to my heart, much like you used to

The photographs of you pull up the corners of my lips to create a soft nostalgic smile, though my eyes start to pool in the corners

Not tears of sadness, but of melancholy remembrance for how much has changed since the ink dried on my pages

Tears that remind me why I write and capture

So that I can relive the moments I held dearest and preserve those who walked down my path with me, no matter where they veered off on their own, they'll always remain the same in my story.
© d.a.dens
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