There was a theatrical fellow
Who played most bizarrely the cello:
   His sound supersonic,
   His air histrionic,
He jiggled vibratos like jello.


Knit Personality Sep 2016

This pretty little triolet
  In orange, red, and grey:
It hath a dainty style, it,
This pretty little triolet
With just a touch of violet
   Which drippeth down all day,
This pretty little triolet
   In orange, red, and grey.


Dot Jan 10

Polished and serene;
your vocal tones,
they soothe my stereocilia.

Crimsyy Jan 10


You're my hopeful undertone
and that is where
all this love is
vulnerable like acetone,
because if one day
this all ends,
where will hope go?
I must place my hope
in the stars,
because even if all else crumbles,
they will still be there,
shining, burning,
reminding me dead
things in your heart
get lighter the more it gets dark,
reminding me that a star lit sky
is capable of fixing
a person's broken parts.

JR Rhine Dec 2016

you make me want to listen to Alkaline Trio
for their morosity
is no longer my own. and maybe

they'd be happy for me. happily
singing their songs
with a different

Knit Personality Aug 2016

He moves like a deranged madman,
A sick-in-the-head sadman.
The theremin virtuoso
Plays molto doloroso
Screeches and banshee screams
And mournful moans and groans
And other-worldly tones
To chill you down to your bones
And haunt forever your dreams.


Jane Most Jul 2016

I love you
And you love me
Sounds like the perfect mix
But you do not
Love my skin tone
Or crippling anxiety
Or tears down my face
You love
My laughter
And smile
And attention
While I love every piece of you
You find problems I keep trying to resolve
And change
Just for you
I love you
And you love me
Just not all of me

If I could change these flaws about myself, god I would in a heartbeat for you
Lady Bird Jul 2016

I finally got the chance
To change the tone
It was just right
A brand new one too 

...Days past...
...No calls...
...No text...

I sat in my quiet room
In front of my desk
With no sound  around
A good time to think
A good time to write
Yep all alone
In my own world

Always before I begin
I take in a deep breath
Just to get things flowing

...WOW !!! ...

At that very moment
I heard it
Loud as day
It Echoed
Through the room
With good acoustics
Because of all the
wood floors

flipping out my chair
I flew just sliding
Across the room
I hit the floor hard
I was punched off guard
Choaking on my enhale
Laughing with my exhale

Yep! no scratches
No bumps or bruises
Up off the floor I jumped
Just fine I am

Oh yeah
That's right
I just remembered
What tone it was
I set
My own high pitched voice

"Someone's Texting You"

LOL...LOL... LOL...

This has really happened
Yet it is all so very true
I'm still laughing on the inside
And yes if you were there
You'd be laughing too...

Hanes Apr 2016

Singing octaves down the alley

From my heart

Deep down from my diaphragm

Through the throat

Coming out of my dry lips

Messages clattered within the tunes

Resonating with the sounds of my feelings

From my empty shell

Loud and clear

You still can’t hear me

As I’m a pathetic chooser

But I decided that you can’t hear

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