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The song never dies
He can silence your laughter, make still your movement
And extinguish the physical
Air may fade until only a beat is left in your conscious mind
Lyrics taken from your lungs
But the song plays
It plays behind shut eyes
Triumphant sound the deaf can hear
Shaken from the depths of your memory by a turbulent bed
The song never dies
Seanathon Jul 29
If my name was more unique
   My cadence more strong
   My words more angry
   Or my roving eye of justice
   — More outstretched and long
Maybe then I would stand out to you
Maybe then I would start to sing anew
But probably not
As you cannot sing what is not meant to be your song
Words are words. Tone is Tone. All voices are meant to be themselves, no exceptions.
Yanamari Jul 12
I see you again.
A gaze that I process but
Do not comprehend,
Do not want to comprehend

Good bye
If only that was the end.

Not too close and
Not too far
Your shadow looms
Through my mind
A scar;
Not yet embedded however
Amplifying what it can be
Through a simple
Caress to my spine.

Careful and yet
Your counterpart less of the former
And more of the latter
And yet currently,
My trust lays more in your
Parallel counter.
I wanted to trust you
But your one slip
Was enough.
I trust no person, a mirror of my ambiguous brevity in my words. All present juxtapositions, but not all juxtapositions are worth bearing. (Pers Ref: 4YS1A1,2)

The Aura Series: V
Maria Nieves Jun 27
How do you do that?
You could just be sitting there breathing and I would still think that you’re incredible
You could be looking at your phone while I am trying to read your mind
Yet you don’t realize that I see you
How can you not see me back?
I get it, you see me
But not the way I see you
I hope that’s wrong because the way you look at me
It makes me curious on what’s going on in your mind
What do you think about when you see me?
Am I just there?
Was I meant to be more?
To be less?
Or was I just nothing?
Then again, nothing matters if you can’t talk to me
Like why are you scared to talk to me?
Please don’t say you’re not because like I said, I see you
I see the way you change tones when we change topics
Seeing you change always makes me question why
But I rarely ask, because that is your own reason
One thing you do that you don’t realize
When you are talking with me and we actually make eye contact
You stay locked into my eyes until I stop the eye contact
But how can I?
Your eyes are just as beautiful as you
Dylan Jones Apr 26
Chipper and choking
Jess will lead the way 'cause she can mimic the motions
Off axis
Sprightly and spastic
She said, "Jeopardy is fake, my love."
"Live life like it's practice."

You're my favorite fish
You're my favorite
I don't usually fall in love
I'm not used to fa-la-la-la
Life is a natural  painting,
Make it lively and stimulating.
Use strokes of hope,
Tone it with varied patience,
Texture it with kindness,
Brush it with confidence,
Use exotic colours of love and care,
Happiness and laughter.
Jenna Mar 6
Everyone wears white shoes
What's wrong with black?
With black, nothing stains
Strong in color, fierce in stride

While white is too easily
Stained by whatever touches it
Treading, becoming ***** who
swore they were pure to heart

Some people do care
to step into the dark
puddle, the puddle that
ripples in concealed rage
Jenna Mar 3
Only sounds of complicated feelings
come from the tone of our voice
in complex patterns of uncertainty
it may sound beautiful, but all it does
is vocalize our practiced perfectionism

There are lovelier sounds
in sync with a beat so strong
sometimes it can be heard
all it depends on is the person
and heart's tethered bond
then they shall get along

Here lies what they call,
A Little Love Song.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Warm tone
Leaves of fallen trees
The trees of distress
Nights that howl
Smoke writes letters
Ones to spell truth
Secrets kept before sleep
Oh what it it was to hold youth
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