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Kushal 1d
Feel the rush of endorphins
As her body presses up against yours.
The warmth of another
Enveloping you as you embrace their embrace.

Smell the scent that lingers on her hair.
Breath in deep,
Not just the scent of her hair,
But her.

Tighten your grip,
Holding tighter,
Trying not to let this moment slip...
Right through your fingers.

It's only a hug,
But it's so much more intimate than the world sees.
The beauty of it lies in that only you...
Only you know how magical this moment feels.
Dear you,
I want you to come closer
Although I try to push you away
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only keeps growing

The more I have, the more you loose
But the more you have, the more I get
The equation is complicated
I don’t expect you to understand
After all
You never understood me either.

I am there
Beside you and behind you
All you have to do is turn
turn stealthily enough
So I don’t have time to run
I told you
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

I slouch, I cripple, I squeak
just like your bedroom door I creak
unopened for centuries
Unheard for decades
Unseen for years
Not because I’m weak but because
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

i live in a pineapple under the sea
or you could say I hide
Hide from you, hide from me
Hide from the rest of the  reality
but I am always there
I always will
For I have to be

Don’t acknowledge me
Validation is not my need
But don’t forget me either
For I have this hidden greed

Never leave your own side
I need to follow
Never  leave my side either
But know
To me,
Ignorance is a bliss
For I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows
Stood in a room, screaming at the walls
A moment of reasonance
And the walls scream back.
simple like rain
on a window pane--
it all sounds the same
drip drops
turn to hurricanes.

simple like rain
the tree branches sway--
wind passes through
whispers secrets to me and you
as the sun sets in the afternoon.

simple like rain.
written 10.08.18//revised 10.09.18
Niket 6d
Small smile
Simple dress
Single thought
A simple life that’s all I want.

Small fingers
That hold onto you
Small family
A simple life that’s all I want.

A simple life which is not simple to have.
Mary Frances Oct 5
It's amazing how your words,
simple they may seem,
make me speechless.

It's amazing how your words,
common they may seem,
make me feel very special.

It's amazing how your words,
true they may seem,
make me want to stay in a dream.

It's just amazing that even your words
make me feel so loved.
Levottomuus Oct 5
Scorched earth, the scent of charred evergreens
Thick, black smoke, the veil of death
Blazing embers and soot carried by the autumnal breeze
Asphyxiating every desperate breath
The fury of flames but a passionate wildfire
Spreading 'cross the flourishing land
The flowerbeds are charcoal, the tall trees expire
A trail of destruction written in the sand

Unfazed and curious, a slender silhouette watches
A forlorn watchman of the nature's will
Admiring the tango of the infernal clutches
The eyes of an eagle, a stranger on the hill
A chuckle, a smirk, a pair of matches at his feet
Thick, black smoke filling up his maw
Exhales the poison calmly, a swift step to leave
The cigarette butt descends from his claw

Alas, the conflagration not caused by fate
But a crime of man, an arson most vile
The price for indifference, an outbreak of hate
Demise of pure beauty in a mantle of fire
First 'real' poem that I'm posting and also first that I've ever written. I don't think there's much to be said about this one, it's rather clear...
to all the worlds inside of me I've tried to hide
for the sake of infatuation
boys like simplicity
so simple I will be
but who am I without my thoughts
who am I without metaphors for love
you want to trace the maps of my skin
without hearing of the places I've been
I refuse to soften myself
for your own indulgement
In the clear, calm stillness
of a chilly winter night,
where the stars twinkle
like icy diamonds in a
dark sapphire blue sky,
I feel the crisp, cold breeze
ruffling my hair and brushing
my cheeks,
hear the soft crunches of
freshly fallen snow beneath my shoes,
I look up to see twirling snowflakes
falling softly down upon the earth,
each one's intricate design
shimmering in the pale moonlight,
I catch them and peer at their
delicately crafted beauty,
but then suddenly they vanish,
leaving me alone, and wishing
that I too could vanish
along with them
and leave my presence to be mourned.
DeepPoet45 Sep 27
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