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Time melts away like
a Dali painting,
and my mind flies north;
a Canadian goose against the
loose gray sky,
freer than any man's ever been.
Yesterday, I was a
melancholic little one, feeling all of
Seasons in the Sun, on the radio.
5 years old, in the
backseat of my mom's black Plymouth.

Mom's gone.
Dad is too.
I'm getting old, but I will
never stop searching for that
gold in the heart.
I'm finally the simple prairie man that I
always longed to be.
I smell the autumnal night, and it's
nothing but cattails and bass from here until
that big orange fire paints the
west end of the lake.
Man Aug 10
The apparitions cackle-
At last, exasperated crackles
That boon expiration
I dreamt
You brought me
My favorite
That's all
Good enough
Its the simple kind of happy
Tomorrow will be worse than yesterday,
and I surely don't care for today.
so, I'll spend my time just wasting
my precious life away.
Short and sweet I suppose
xavier thomas Jul 13
You’re first, not last, simply everything
And the peace to all of my dreams
You’re my light, my boo, my North Star
You’re so desirable, that’s how you are.

I know it’s only, only one like you
There’s no copy that could ever replace you
Love, you’re what I’ve been waiting on
Keep your heart lifted forevermore
You’re first, not the last, simply everything

From you, I’ve learned so many things
A partner so wise, knowledge you bring
A joy so new it’s carries a pursuit of happiness this way.
You’re voice sings to me every brand new day

I crave your ways that I
Will stay by your side till I die
This is my reality, however, can’t believe it’s not a dream
You’re first, not last, simply everything

I know it’s only, only one like you
There’s no copy that could ever replace you
Love, it’s a real reality
But feels like a deep dream
You’re first, not the last, just simply everything
My Dear Poet Jun 6
“Why is your flute so tiny
and all?”,
said the Willow to the little boy
“Maybe cos my song
is low and light
and my fingers
are so small”

“Why’s your arms
so stretched up high”
asked the boy looking up
“Maybe to send your tune,
past clouds and sky,
that resonates from my stump”

So together it dawned
the day they joined
spreading  the sweetest sound
The one who sits small,
with one standing tall
Together, reached heaven
from the ground
Sometimes all you need is just some simple support
Mark Wanless May 5
the simple folk surround me

the terribles astound me

i wonder which i am some times

and walk among the free
Michael Ryan Mar 27
I would have really liked
just doing laundry and taxes with you.

We're near the avocados
and I can't help but tease you
"when are you going to make the avocado dish"
it's with a sly smile I ask this.

I can't resist,
seeing your little dance
your face scrunched
and you're flustered -
"we'll get them right now, so I can make it this time"

"No, no."
"We'll get them next time"
but really I don't like avocados
it's just part of the fun.

You drop some blueberries into the cart
"they're good for the heart".
Loving someone and being loved can be easier and more difficult than anything else in life.  One month past breakup and in a complicated space of will it come back or is it gone forever.
A M Ryder Jul 11
Hurt people
Hurt people
And the majesty
Of this tragedy
Is the precious
Knowledge of
Our own
Self Destruction
Monet Echo Nov 2022
"You're so sweet!" "What a cutie!"
Is that the best you can do?
Those are defaults and fillers
I don't want to hear that from you
I want you to point out the things
That the general public don't see
The sides to me that surprise you
Normally cloaked by timidity
You get to see my lion
But still recognize my lamb
Tell me I'm so much more
Than strangers might think I am
There is a fervid spirit in me
But it's cloaked in a subtle attire
While the entire world calls me simple and sweet,
I need you to call me
A wildfire.
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