Sleepy, rest your head
Shh, don't regret
All that you met
Along a rocky road
I know right now there's a lump in your throat
a sea full of tears, you stuck on a boat
This boat will keep you safe, I promise
Close your tired eyes, there's nothing to miss
the arms to hold you were never supposed to be his
Don't worry now, sleep off your yesterdays
Lie silently in comfort and dream of simpler ways
Dream of softness and love that stays
As time moves forward
             It makes
                It takes
                   Breaks apart
When torn asunder
             It shatters
                   Seeds new starts
The living Scars
                    Shine like stars
Thier consequence illuminates
              The world at large
A beautiful display
              As if divine art
Oh to woe
              To err
                  To know
                       To hold
The Human Heart
First one in a long long while. Still a wip.
I guess that 'love' isn't always flawless and simple but, nonetheless, it is pure

The 'love' was there and ultimately she's made me happier than before
Butterfly Effect ha ha
(Started this in 2017, finished it in 2018)
Blessings come and go
But don’t you ever let your ego
determine when they go
Vrinda 6d
Clear days feels so good and free.
So light as a feather can be.
Seeing flowers, river, trees and birds
Watching plays, music, singing a verse!

Another day with bright sunlight.
Everyone woke up, dealing with their personal fights.
Concreted world, grey and white.
Darkness everyhwere, whether it's a day or a night.
Throwback to when I was an 12 years old.
Her Aug 7
his skin like the pale
white hospital room walls
my soul like the
patient they're dying to save
lotusflower5 Jul 28
slowly they walked,
with flushed-red cheeks

perfection in simplicity,
her hand in his.
Let's talk about the things we normally wouldnt
And let's act upon those thoughts that we probably shouldn't
If I had it my way..well actually I couldn't
I'd rather not
I'm afraid things might not work
And  the thought of possibly ruining another good thing
I guess it might be worth it
But are the signs there or do I just miss interpret
maybe a silver toungued devil but never a serpent
feel free to run around the grass
it's been well kept
Remember that feeling because when you get back to your side it might feel dead
just want to show you the finer things nothing big
nothing fancy
no designer mink
just a simple talk
A laugh
Not even a drink
Drunk words speak sober thoughts
might spill things well that I rather not.
Antonia Jul 27
You're so simple
A boy with no ambitions
But a hope for the future
You have all I could ask for
Morality, integrity, a kind heart
But you are so fragile
So weak, and so so simple.
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