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You are beautiful in every imaginable way.

It is not your outer appearance, I speak on.

If two people can love everything in themselves and each other

ideologies, intelligence, personalities and talents combined

resulting in your exisistence

You are unique and indispensable!

There is enough ugliness in the world of now.

Remember to be considerate and generous to one another.

Beauty does not have a face.

A loving heart, and compassionate mind.

All parts of myself, are grateful to be included in yours!
Descovia Jul 14
You do not have to walk a thousand miles  

To validate your love for me.

You do not have to fight a million heartless, for stability to prove you are the key.

Our love speaks for all near and far.

I'll always be there no matter where you are.

I love you and this my simple truth.
Sanjali May 28
Spring has brought
flowers to you
it cares not who you are
it cares not what you do
the flowers bloom simply
and the spring
brings them to you
Alicia Moore May 20
Loving you is my greatest achievement.
Who knew that a task so demanding
could be maintained so effortlessly?

My greatest achievement is loving you.
Who would have guessed that emotions so powerful
would eventually be so simple to convey?

Loving you isn’t easy,
loving anyone never is,
but it is my greatest achievement of all.
TTagain May 1
I'm not even strong enough
To tell myself
How weak I am
Norman Crane Apr 26
every day is a second chance
as the first is already lost,
every love is a second dance
as the first still plays in your thoughts,
every life: a second glance
at a past at present not worth its cost.
sahra Apr 26
strip your layers back carefully
like old paintings
your gold is revealed
simpler times
Ahmad Attr Apr 22
Soft as the Spring breeze
Soft as the cashmere wool
My dreams were too good to be true
I never had the voice,
To sing my songs to you
Never had the pretty face as you
But only if you were a little bit nicer
So I could look for someone new
My existence is still seeking your approval
But you are always just so rude

But in my dreams, and only there
I see us two,
perfect for each other
And you love like I want you to
And when you open your mouth
The fibers stretch and thin
‘’I do, I do, I do’’
Then string breaks, ripped seams
And I’m awake from soft cashmere dreams

Now I lay in my bed, trying to sleep again
To the sounds of the breaths
coming from you sleeping next to me

so close yet so far away
Ahmad Attr Apr 19
Stroke, stroke
Charcoal on the paper
I grip my pencil by her neck
Stroke, stroke
Darling on the paper

I gaze at the face for hours
Imprint every single pore of the skin
In my eyes

I cannot draw well,
But I do try, to mirror
darling on the paper
stroke, stroke

I bend my wrist,
To draw the scarlet of the lips
And I fill in, black for the cherry
the eyes, magnificent as ocean
Two celestial bodies
I fill in the miniscule details
The minute galaxy in the iris

And the smooth nose
Casting a shadow over the left side
I press my pencil to add the dark
Stroke, stroke
The tip broke,
How dare she!
Come between us
Becoming a barricade
Run her head on the blades!
Stroke, stroke

The hair next
countless wisps
and at the end
I rub my finger tip on the grainy paper
Blend, blend
I finish my masterpiece,

How foolish of me
Thinking I could replicate, imitate
My darling’s beauty
This is a sheer mockery of God’s creation
It’s full of my sins, and devoid of any feeling
I must rip it, get rid of it

And I must try again
Stroke, stroke
Charcoal on paper…
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