Poems are so fine.
I do them all the time,
sell 'em for a dime.
Such pretty, pretty rhymes.
A writer's block exercise.
Casey 2d
She contemplated waking up before the rain
In the hopes of feeling something--
Something other than dreary dreadful dread.
Maybe that sounds childish
And maybe, just maybe, that's okay.
It's been nine months.
Nine is such a beautiful number.
It's been nine months.
My heart grew even fonder.
It's been nine months.
And it feels like just yesterday.
It's been nine months.
And I'm so happy today.

Being a poet,
I know how to use big words;
How to form big sentences;
How to create metaphors.
But today,
I'll just be a girl,
Writing in her journal,
Pouring out feelings she can never;
Truly understand;
The depths of;
The heights of.

I love you.
Three simple words.
I have no explaining to do.
They explain themselves to you.
After being together nine months;
After all we've been through;
There's a beauty to those words;
When I hear them from you.

It's been nine months.
I've not seen you for three.
It's been nine months.
I won't see you for another twenty-three.
It's been nine months.
I'm still in love with you.
Happy nine months anniversary.
I love you.
It's our nine months anniversary today. I can't get my thoughts together well enough to write a badass poem but this is coming from my heart and he'll probably never see this one lol.
Sven 4d
A Simple Shoe
He yells
And she nags.

It's pointless
To argue.

But they don't see what I see.

I see them go over the top
Like if someone had just murdered someone
But in reality someone just stole a simple shoe.

And that simple shoe was mine,
Yes I know
It's just a shoe
But do they know?


They don't hear what I hear.

All this screaming for the same outcome,
The same results.

They are just blinded by there true selfs.
Wind through my hair
Cotton patches paint the sky
Dancing little lights
A view so common
Yet has its own charms
Mesmerise and bedazzle
A night like this
Though simple
Precious and remembered
He's there every morn at four thirty
doing his daily routine
pushing the carts in a circle
only he understands what that means

Watching him do his cart dance
they roll so fluid and clean
it's his true love and romance
no wonky wheels, to be seen

He'll do it again after closing
rounding up all of the strays
his chaps and hat fairly flying
doing it all his own way

His humor and candor refreshing
you get close you might hear him exclaim
"somebodies got to do it
someone may remember
my name"
Saw a kid riding the carts at HEB (Southern Grocery chain store) yesterday, he looked so happy in the simplicity of the task. :)
Amanda May 1
Do you remember those nights
We laughed and talked until sleep?
With you laying by my side
I had no need for medication or sheep.

Remember the inside jokes?
The dishonest promises we made?
I do not see how you could forget,
For me the memories will not fade.

Remember all the puddles?
With bare, cold, feet our bikes we rode,
Down your drowned driveway,
At the end we slowed.

We shared our simple secrets,
Things no one else knew,
I thought you would be there for me,
Because I am always there for you.
Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.
Nuna May 1
I'm an unfinished letter
a poem you would never read out loud
the cup of coffee you never finish
and the sweater you keep in your closet
unworn, brand new
the book you're forced to read
and the color that ruins the painting

everything that I say is far from who I am
don't believe my words
I know no trust
no such thing as simple or easy

there is no home in my body
run away before you're next I
will welcome you with arms open
you will be forced to stay
the emptiness will suffocate you
like it did me
Kaylee H May 1
life's simplicities
can be full
of the most deepest complexities
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