My writing is not like the others',
The pin-pricked prowess of principal in
another author's cite is indifferent to mine:
The spice in soliciting that salivating bite,
the singe that would make Tobasco sauce cry-
My words have no such gripe.
Instead, I write
A mellow slumber that is my words,
Carefully thought of, written, or typed.

It explains itself... I suppose this is what you have to look forward to.
strong>the knights in shining armor,
fighting the outlaws in the far lands,
i wonder where they been,
i wonder if they will take me,
yet i don't mind,
while i sit in my reality,
i can always read my fantasy~
it is actually not sad wow
Anatomy of Spirit,

Full of half, perfectly,









Chakras. Furthermore,

Encased in shells of light.

& your chakras tell the truth.
Light. Balancing chakra. Quick reminders.
How do I tell a lily
it is perfect where it lives
and to pluck it from its birthright
would wither what it gives.

How do I tell a mirror
its worth is what it shows
the truth it holds is infinite
its depth nobody knows

How do I tell a mountain
Where it might begin
A determined defiant monalith
its strength is deep within

How do I show a sunset
The colors we all see
giving happiness to the mighty sky
and the relentless iron sea

How do I tell a butterfly
its beauty is not its wings
but in the natural way it always has
brought life to many things
Perspective is sometimes the only medicine
Bottom of spiral
Shine like a marble
Amethyst, silver, and gold.

Grave of the mind
Soothing and kind
Pulling you down to its core.

Sinking in silence
Away from all violence
Gladly you leave with a bell.

Whenever the morning
For you there's no warning
Eternity holding your hand.
Truth Will Out

If you’ve got a thing to say
A real thing, the words will play
Through synapses old/new,
The new unused, creating unconditionally unsaid
Phrases you alone invent unaided.

If you’ve something pregnant there
Inside the cerebellum,
You’ll be inclined to share
And tell ‘em.
Truth will out
Not shouted, but with clout
Deliberately aimed or not.

Then we come to something there
Called instinct’s intuition
To transport you far and near - everywhere
You need to go
To every place you need to know.

You must, gosh darn it, trust it!

Because all truths
Are there in places ‘neath the scalp
Beneath your hair, sculpted by the roots of roots,
By nerves that serve you night and day
Which tell you things that may,
Have what we call, the truth.
(Not every thought’s idea is true
Though it’s all you.)
A tricky thing this ‘God hath wrought’
Just always call to mind this thought:
Truth will always, in the end, want out.

Truth Will Out 2.20.2018 Circling Round Reality, Nature Of & In Reality; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Corwin
First, and mostly I want to thank all of you who read my stuff and who have 'trended' me as often as you have!  What can I say, other than you push me forward in thought and action.  What could be nobler.
clara 4d
How soft a kiss that you gifted to me
in the hotel elevator on the second floor.
How tender a hand on the small of my back
as we waltz through the halls together.

You sound like April showers when you talk -
soft rainfall on my sun-warmed sidewalks.
I am the smell after the rain, proof of your falling.
I gather you in cupped hands, savoring each drop.

I am all blush - skin flushing red under your lips,
and goosebumps follow where you drag your fingertips.
Every touch is poetry - you write it between my thighs.
I beg you not to stop, not to leave - don’t go, don’t go.

Don't go, lover - don't let me fall asleep lonely.
Don't forget how I kissed your temple so gently -
so thankful to have felt your skin on mine -
that I lulled you right to sleep that night.

Lover, I am a poet at the worst of times.
My words find me days later, still pining for you.
You moved in me like April showers, soft rainfall.
I bloom for you like tulip flowers.
Re-post because it didn't feel finished! And I really wanted to "finish" it, if ya know what I mean xD
sorry love
can't keep it
simple and sweet
if all i am
is complicated and salty
Lin Feb 16
pizza for breakfast
wearing a shirt 3 times before washing it

doing dishes by hand
reading old birthday cards  
stayin up til 2 even though i have to be up at 8

bonfires backroads
gettin lost on the way to a bonfire
because i took a backroad

a kiss between two strangers
at a bar on a tuesday night
not knowing a thing about each other


i'm drunk
and lonely
and through the years i've aquired a taste
for whiskey on lips and


isn't that the only reason
we're here

realizing there might not be a god
or rules
or a plan
or a meaning to anything in life at all


continuing on
being kind
being fair
and falling in love with everything that'll let me


isn't that the only reason
we're here
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