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Mose 5d
I’ve never known how to appease in being simple.
Never could roll off their tongues so easily.
Even with the bow I couldn’t be wrapped as a present.
The way I spoke loudly.
Said **** so defining the four-letter word had syllables.
Couldn’t preach faith.
But could have told you about uncertainty, as if that was my religion.
The only thing I could spill faster was the words I couldn’t pack back in.
Couldn’t find connection without tragedy.
Can’t speak of my love without my grief.
My puzzle piece just never seems to fit.
I speak of happiness and it comes off as a sad parody.
Try to be poise and pleasant.
A cool glass of water.
Appeasing in being that simple.
Edgar Allen Poe in a Rupi Kaur Era.
Carol Rose Oct 20
Simple elegance is inborn
An exquisite way of life that doesn’t have to be questioned
Whatever is done is simplicity in its purest form
Beauty just naturally surrounds by an ionic composer for perfection

As it naturally flows the peace and harmony of the home take on her eloquence
Comfort forms from simplicity with soft tones that mingle together
When clutter starts to invade and the noise of it just drives away the restful atmosphere your heart needs to relax
Simplify back to the beginning in soft tones pleasing to the eye as it sets the mood for closeness as your primary palette conforms to each other
tinhearts ~©️
“I know my God that thou provest hearts, and lovest simplicity, wherefore I also in the simplicity of my heart, have joyfully offered all these things: and I have seen with great joy thy people, which are here present”
Andy Chunn Jul 7
Overgrowths of arm-post life
Lift upward as my steam-breath
Vanishes thinly into the sky.

Cool sweat drips deliberately
As the stacks grow larger
And the sawdust smells and sticks.

The wagon-load will wallow obediently
As the frost bites cleanly
Through the still winter dusk.

Ash white smoke curls softly
From the cut-stone chimney
Where a portrait of simplicity
Sleeps eternally in my mind.
Greatness isn't for those,
Who gets satisfied merely by seeing their old work
And think 'This is it!'
But instead for those who observe their own work,
And think 'I wonder how I can top this'.
Being a born genius would have been great, life would have been somewhat simpler - maybe, who knows?

But since it is not, we might as well learn and improve ourselves on this journey - the payoff would be much better. Maybe, who knows?
Julie S K Oct 14
One a rainy day you appear just to say
the rain will pass the sun will shine
and everything will be just fine.
your colours so bright light up the sky
but too soon its time to say goodbye
Where do you come from?
and where do you go?
I look forward to seeing you again
a lovely surprise after the rain.
joy in the simple things....
Khoi Oct 13
Ink spilt on a page
gut feelings love and doubt
butterfly effect
The greater space
One allows to
The stronger base
They hold

Life will be
Much simpler
If only we know
Whom to keep distance
Whom to get close
Whom to allow 1 sec
Whom to hear more
Whom to release free
Whom to hold on
Whom to welcome
Whom to bid silence
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Journey
Author's Note:

Objective of every journey you start is not just where to reach, your journey will be worthwhile to recall if it adds value to your well being. When it comes to trust, have trust in yourself first then the alley. Trust the intuition and the rest thing doesn't matter at all. For this you need to be aware what you feed your soul.

Greet thanks to all those who left you in the mid-way, appreciate those who were there to hold when you are about to fall, who were there to guide where to be, who were there to advice you to rest when you are tired, who were there to lift when you are about to quit. Those people are your tribe. Connect your heart to the present moment and step ahead. Your journey is where you want to be, your journey is to be happy at the end.
Opening and softening of the heart
Warming the smile and the upward palm
On compassion and wisdom the phoenix soars

A feather's drift
A breeze's kiss
Grace's gift

A righteous path
Creative Nature
A mirror
A reflection

A prayer
Om shanti, shanti om
Atma ki prashanti
Peacefulness of the Self



Is it simple enough yet?
Norman Crane Oct 1
by brightness
you are my second sun
though your gravity is such
you are
my only one
prim' Sep 27
There was a witch
In the meadow near the forest
Living in a tiny house
With walls of woods
And roof of grass

There was a witch
Dressed in black
Picking Chamomile,
Sage and Thyme,
Rosemary, and Mint and Chives

There was a witch
Dancing in the night
When the moon was high
And the stars all out
Singing a song that no one knew

And I couldn’t help to wish to be that witch
For she lived happy and simple
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