Shocked as I was walking by
walking not far but also not too nigh

I have stopped at the greatest heap of garbage
No, sir, I haven´t dragged that from your garage

what I have seen with mine own eyes
is worth to tell but it´s not so nice

first, in this poetry, I have returned to my basic, my glee
the simple grammar and the tenses, just for me

they keep awake my tender senses
what I wanna tell ye was about that poverty

that had crept into nowadays poetry
lack of  green herbs lack of own precious proverbs

the green color of the herbs
can produce in the body and mind long life verbs

that may excel in all our words
so that awful mental poverty in poetry may not read as absurds

just keep it simple and keep it in its own realm
based upon good grammar and be not overwhelmed

Spring 2017 - 21th May at 11.25 hrs.AM W.E.Time
DblNickel May 13

I'll meet you at the perigee

Where the moon meets the earth

Infinite, that moment will be

Priceless, in its worth

FW Poem
Wanderer Apr 30

you said
lets keep it simple
so we did
we loved
we worried
we cared

something changed
and it wasn't
so simple

and we may be
great at simple
but terrible
at complex

can we
go again
my love
to simple
simple love

four thousand thoughts
trying to make sense of
four thousand thoughts

one simple meaning
trying to become
one simple meaning

constant chaos
trying to organize
constant chaos

thoughts thinking thoughts
thinking thoughts about
the thinking thoughts

but don't.

Unicorn sprinkles,
Daffodils jam,
A little star's twinkle
And some dragon ham.

Some emerald clovers,
A pint of fairy dust,
A handful of stover
And some canned gust.

Teardrops of a Selkie,
Well shaken, not stirred,
The horseshoe of a kelpie,
Late Iron Age sherds.

Some fizzy witchcraft,
One bottle or two,
And maybe a draught
Of love potion too.

Someone challenged me to add my shopping list in here and to have it called a poem. I think they had no idea what they were asking of me, so... here is my shopping list. Enjoy!

You've got me hypnotized
With your joyous awesome self.
Can't find a reason not to smile
As we slide across the kitchen floor
In our pouffy winter socks.

No chumming up today,
No working shifts today,
Just me and you
You and me
Hanging out in Calvin Klein.
Or in your case- lingerie.

Can't help but laugh aloud-
Can't help but hold you close-
Can't help but fall in love again-

Its not too bad a fate,
When I just can't help it.

I can't help how easily I fall in love, some say its a curse, I call it a blessing to be able to feel this much.

Revised Training Poem 1  - Darkness & Doom
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

When vampires awaken in their dark crypts
When true friends are nowhere to be found
When dread Cthulhu has that proper eclipse
That’s when we've great Evil soon unbound

When precious science failed us one more time
When even consequence becomes an evil fiend
When no police prevents the next bloody crime
That’s when we know we must die unredeemed

When darkest revelations are becoming so true
When the Devil spills blood in our holy meadows
When all of us no longer know what we shall do
That’s when we are spell-bound by the shadows

When vile witches ride lusting for mortal blood
When the ghoulish indulge their unholy gluttony
When all holy guidance remains misunderstood
That’s when we see it's our own damned mutiny

I've had this feeling lately, a feeling of not knowing what I'm doing, but no longer caring. Feels like the wild, full of danger and fear. Stupidity and stumbling.
Feel as though I'm a child all over again.
So much to be afraid of, but oh, so much to see.

To explore.
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