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WaterSheep Jul 29
A sanctuary.
Where flowers,
In bloom gathers.
So grow with me,
And I’ll keep you safe.
The meaning of my name can be described as “the place where flower gathers”. Thus became my inspiration of today’s poem. Hope you like it.
Kassan Jahmal Jul 23
Brush of grass,
the emptying winds of a clearing sky
I sit on my feet crossed under new Sun,
—a beautiful scene. Darling as you and I.

The first love,
best remembered that was found in youth
I covered you under the rest of my Love,
—a pillow covering. A trade of tooth.

Questing heroism,
searching for a knight of a tale of fairy
Dragons flaming voice he fights for a Princess,
—an expressive word. Impressions do vary.

So many ways to portray my love,
that of which strait tongue is narrow broken in two.
But in these complex feelings towards,
—I'll say it in simple. Darling I love you.
Ogo Uche Jul 18
She lived as she could
Like a human should
Love, trust, care
Was given, also received
Her strength like no other
My precious intense bolder
Your grace was unbounding
Your peace was almost sickening
Her living inspired
All that was near and far
Your food the greatest
Your love the best
Though she fell on death’s bed
She fought for life’s shed
The pain she could no longer withstand
She saw the hand stretched
For the sake of our love
She followed the one from heaven above
A many tears given
From the me that was left behind
My love. Missing you everyday
Has made me live in my yesterday
I will relinquish these feelings
To us, that is most appealing
So for now we will part
For us to meet in time at God’s path
Be forever remembered
In lightened embers
From all memories rendered
Thank you, for loving me
As I did you.
remembering is painful.
Mrs Timetable Jun 16
I may be simple words
But if you
Write me some music
And let me translate them
With my voice
Then I will show you
They are simply
Not just
Artistry of song writing and singing is such a gift. At least I can enjoy listening.
Io May 15
The sweet smell of churned earth after the rain,
A summer sun on a cold winter's day,
An icy breeze in the early morning and
A sip of bitter coffee under the dawn rays.
arCamm Apr 21
You are complicated…
but you’re also simple…

which makes you complicated.

— a.r. Camm
Panda Boy Apr 7
The universe
Flows, an overwhelming
Humility is sure to follow,
And when all earthly worries are cast away,
Simplicity becomes pure bliss.
mariella Mar 30
the interactions,
messages and conversations,

i appreciate it a lot.
i appreciate you.
i appreciate,
the simple things.
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